Making Plans – Part 1 by Young Penfold

You know your emotionally fucked when you cry during the anthem at the Thai cinema. To happen twice in a week is pretty shocking. I’d been through a messy split with my GF, and decided to take a Sangsom bottle and a packet of blue tablets to my liver and willy.

It was hard waving goodbye to a year long relationship, but even harder when I found out she had fallen into the arms of a fucking German. This was the final straw. Enough to send any Englishman into a booze fueled storm. Time to take a breather and get out of BKK…… Time to call home. Time to call Mother

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Grey Area by On Nutter

While this site’s followers can disagree about pretty much anything, there is one undisputed truth: even Quasimodo could get laid in Bangkok if in possession of a well-stocked wallet and a pulse.

Talking about ‒pulling” from gogo bars is ridiculous and self-deluding. Yes, the quality of entertainment provider and her service can all be influenced by the punter’s demeanour, age and dress sense, but ultimately the girls follow the money. If you doubt that, sit in Big Dogs at the entrance to Nana Plaza and compare the quality of the girls leaving with the Japanese with those hooking up with farangs. ‒Mai chop Yeepun” must be the most barefaced lie in the bargirls’ lexicon.

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