Accosted by a Spinner by Arthur

editor’s note  – Since the subject is out there on the table I have been noticing how much busier the lower suk corridor is becoming. More and more beggars and working girls plying there bods at all hours of the day. The girls of the African variety seem to be leaving the confines of soi 3 and working the street between soi 3 and soi 5 on Suk. I have never seen that before.

Word is the Eastern Euro scene is getting pretty big over there in the Rajah Hotel. Seems the girls are managed by a faction of the BIB and that there are a few floors of them now. Anyone checked it out and can do a write-up on it? I have noticed them walking around or going to the 7-11 but they are not allowed to talk to anyone and supposedly their services are rendered in the Raja only.

Seems the cracks in the economy are starting to show a bit – my guess is increasing amounts of girls working the street is a leading economic indicator.

I enjoy taking long walks around Bangkok and now the weather is cool it’s especially pleasurable. There’s always something new to see and photograph. On Sunday I took a long walk round Rattanakosin avoiding the touts and tuk-tuk drivers but enjoying the street scene.

I was walking past the old Royal Hotel on Ratchadamnoen Avenue when I saw a girl who would have been completely at home on Beach Road, Pattaya. Small, even a spinner, happy smile and oozing sexuality in a tight t-shirt and tiny denim shorts. I thought she was with a Thai man, but then she left him and talked to a farang who was eating at a kerbside stall.

IMG_6534-small.jpgI took a photo of her and just as I did she looked up, pointed and gave me a big “gotcha!” smile. She came running over to check the photo. It wasn’t great as I was shooting almost into the sun but it caught her character. With hardly a pause she asked me: “you want to go short-time? 500B”.

I seriously considered it, but my often over-active warning system kicked in. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” …  So I said no thanks. At that she disappeared almost at a run and I couldn’t get any more photos of her.

As a walked off I saw two Thai men standing by a bank watching me. Probably tuk-tuk drivers on the lookout for someone to take to a jeweler’s shop. But I wondered – was Miss Spinner bait for some scam or worse? Get the farang into a seedy short-time hotel and relieve him of his wallet and camera?

IMG_6538-small.jpgAs I walked up the avenue I saw two more girls who tried to get my attention. I took a candid shot of one that she didn’t see.

There’s plenty of action of that sort on lower Sukhumvit but this is the first time I have seen it in that neighbourhood. I’d think the police would crack down on hustling on the royal avenue.

What do you think?

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  1. Like Arthur, I also like to take long walks and live near that same area. While I have not been here for long, I have noticed that there are many p4p ladies in that general area all the time. They even venture into Khao San road in the evenings. Mostly they are older and much larger than the one pictured. I wonder if some are homeless or just desperate as I was accosted by an Indian lady in a sari yesterday. I was talking to one who seemed to be quite talkative and find that there are at least 2 short time hotels within 5 minutes walk of there. Price quoted was 1000 for short time plus the 100 baht for the room. Not interested in any of them, they would need to be much more attractive for me to even look at then a second time.
    The least the police could do is to get rid of the less attractive ones.

  2. It’s funny you mention both these places. Last week there was a very detailed article about the uzbeks invading lower suk with plenty on quotes from the girls themselves.

    A few months ago the Daily Express had a full page spread on the “royal area”. It mentioned girls getting shuttled around on motorbikes. It made it seem like a low rent pick up area or motorcycle taxi guys and the such so your B500 offer was probably legit.

  3. She sees you are interested (hence you take a picture) and then offers you a deal. Don’t see what’s wrong here.
    Plus, re-the 2 Thai men, if you pay attention, in Thailand there is always someone around, doing nothing and looking at you. Where ever you are…

  4. How disappointing. There was I thinking you’d run into Cliff Hall or Hughie Jones in Nana Plaza.

    Gotta say, I wouldn’t generally be concerned about saying yes to offers like that in Bangkok. I’ve often made potentially reckless decisions over the years but have rarely had a problem and never been robbed.

  5. Judging from the pictures, they are both rough-as-arseholes, and 500baht is overcharging

    Girl 1. has baby teeth and chewed bubble-gum gums, and the 2nd looks like a smackhead.
    Harsh but true

  6. The Thai guys were probably just pimps (as you seen on beach road) and the 500 seems standard fare for the likes of them. Thought the first is a great photo and smile.

    I think had you taken the offer, things would have been fine. But then again, that’s bangkok, so maybe not?

  7. I think the issue here is that girls are not normally seen working this part of town. so it is not like beach road or lower suk where one knows how it works and is used to it.

    So it could appear all normal like a typical p4p scene or is there something more to it since although p4p is the norm – this is not a normal area for it.

    my guess is the economy is worsening and girls are popping up in more places but who knows.

    yp – u act like being a smackhead is a problem or something?

  8. I may simply be totally oblivious, but I often work in this area of town (though I haven’t been there since November) and I’ve never seen a hint of P4P girls.

    Personally I thought the picture of the ‘gotcha’ girl looked kinda cute. Me? I’d have said yes.

    Maybe I need to get back over to ‘royal avenue’….

  9. crackheads – i remember being sympathetic to some drunken dude in a photo from a 7 in pattaya, i forgive you now ssb. yp – the truth hurts, but you dont know her story, so cut her some slack…

  10. mr c – crackheads have no reason for living – kind of like short people but crackwhores – CWs – that is something different entirely…

  11. sidesaladBob…. “kind of like short people” ??

    You’ve gone too far now.

    Be afraid…. be VERY afraid. (said in a scary voice)


  12. Rajah’s has about 15 working girls, they make the CM2 circuit sometimes, but they mostly sit around looking sullen, playing games on their cell phones.

    Surprisingly they are much better when being taken out,being treated nicely brings out their best, which is still kind of demanding and not exactly sweet. I don’t get their lack of sales skills, after all isn’t that what they are trying to do?

    They seem to think that by not really trying to be a whore, they aren’t really doing it. I asked one why she doesn’t say “hello, hansum man” and try to get me interested or at least engaged in a conversation, she responded “I am not cheap”

    Anything to get the old self esteem up, eh?

    They are mostly from Uzbekistan, and a few are quite pretty. Taking out all night was 8,000 and short time I think was 3,000. I kind of like them, being Western I have always lusted after girls that I knew, I never really thought about what a Thai girls boobs looked like under that sweater, but that is an everyday thought back in the real world. So white women appeal to me.

  13. Talked with a Russian girl good looking blond offering p4p soi 5 sukhumvit just before the passage price around 7000 long time (ouch) and around soi 3 and 5 have seen many girls of african / arab descent loitering by themselves and been asked by one or two if I want to go with them short time as Im walking home.

    Not really my scene but its sure out there.

  14. “As a walked off I saw two Thai men standing by a bank watching me.”

    in a city of 15 million, how scary is that ?

  15. Exactly as Arthur describes it: directly up Rajadamnoern about 500 metres past Dem Monument. Middle of the day. A scene not untypical of U.S. west coast. Skank and D’s and boyfriend/pimps.

  16. I did a 2 year posting in Tashkent. Some nice Asian looking Uzbeks (lots of Korean influence) were good fun. We used to pay em $50 for the night.

  17. Late last year I was staying at the Rajah and noticed some very hot Russian or East European girls staying there. I’ve always found these working girl’s attitudes are terrible, so I don’t even bother to chat them up anymore.

  18. ‘I did a 2 year posting in Tashkent. Some nice Asian looking Uzbeks (lots of Korean influence) were good fun. We used to pay em $50 for the night’

    If we’re playing ‘topper’, it’s my turn.

    In Tanzania in 1989, we got em for styrofoam packing peanuts.

  19. On the opposite side of Ratchadamnoen to Khao Sarn is a small street which is famous for street walkers catering to Thai guys curb crawling. Can’t remember the name of the street tho.

    Then you also have the sanam luang area nearby which is also another famous pick up area.

    Then factor in that you were close to Khao Sarn, which also has some girls freelancing in the bars and clubs there and its no surprise that you came across some working girls where you did.

  20. I woulda hit it faster than that Jamaican dude! But, as some cat previously mentioned, gotta trust ‘dem instincts. However, he was finer than cherry blossoms on a spring pussywillow tree. Bring back BBK.

  21. Simply thought she was a cute girl, and in desparate need of your man machine (or mine) but maybe your insticts were correct in passing her by, as a previous poster had already pointed out.

  22. I noticed more African hookers around starbucks near soi 5 when I was last there 3 weeks ago.
    A few of them actually made physical contact. They usually just stand around.
    And there were a fair few East Europeans around.

    Not interested in either. If I wanted African or East European, what the fuck would I travel to Thailand for.
    And I refuse to pay the amounts the East Europeans want to have a starfish experience in bed.

    At least when Dick Turpin robbed you, he wore a mask.

  23. @ Bud –

    Agree with your points. The quote of 8000 baht LT seems to be the standard opening gambit for an Uzbek / Russian hooker in my experience although the last couple I had negotiated down to 5000 Baht. CM2 also is the fave haunt in the back bar by the stage.

    Often see the Uzbeks around Soi 3 but as you point out most are ‘ropey’ but there are definately one or two exceptions.
    The Russians that I have known are resident at Omni Tower soi 4 and there are some real crackers around the pool in the afternoon and you can get into conversations without too much trouble.

    Tend to go for one as a change from the Asian options and have not been disappointed. However, the valuation that they place on themselves often sees them leaving CM2 clientless.

  24. Yeah, the Russians seem to lack the fun expeience that the home grown talent offers.

    Why pay money for shitty attitude especially with the opening gambit so high?

    There are some lookers in the Russian / Uzbek crown but my god dont they know it.

    Better to meet these girls in the discos late and get a price more in line with where you are.

    Long time should mean girl friend experience and its not with the Russians or Uzbeks.

  25. Seen many young and attractive street walkers on Ratchadamnoen opposite Thammasat at night. Their ‘boyfriends’ sit on their motorbikes on the other side of the road. Kind of Royal beach road. The Thai friend I was with told me they’ve been here for as long as she can remember and cater to Thai men, especially taxi drivers.

  26. …until TFS2M reveals their best pick-up spots to the world.
    Talking about street walkers, anyone tried Kamphaengphet 7 by the way?

  27. @mart: Yup, first mentioned here, I think, couple of years back now. Despite the demolition of the Siam Hotel, the girls are still there. Haven’t picked up in a while, so I dunno if prices have gone up…

  28. BBB – not sure if it’s the same place. I remember the Siam Hotel to be located directly on Petburi Road between Petchaburi MRT and Pathumwan, not sure though. And indeed, I have seen a meat market at this place too while driving by in a taxi. The one I was talking about is on Kamphaeng Phet soi 7 between RCA and Petchaburi MRT.

  29. BBB – a map does help. It is the place I was talking about. I live just 20 bahts away by motosai and drive almost daily by but have never indulged, although there are some real hotties to be found.

  30. I don’t care about tuk tuk drivers. I find many of them to be way less disgusting than the typical sex tourist.

  31. The area immediately south of Rajadamnoen Klang (close to KSR) is a known hangout for low-class Thai working girls, and has been like that forever. If you walk Rajadamnoen itself anytime at night, and look like you’re looking, you’ll be approached by a few rather unseemly girls. I bet they’d go for less than 500 offered to you — Yaowarat specials run at 300 (+90 for room) and look better. This just for research, wouldn’t do it in either place, way too filthy.

    As for Rajah, ST is negotiable down to 2.5k ST, room included. It *could* be a decent value — $70 USD, or 55 EUR for a shot with an OK looking Euro girl (*not* the wasted Grace looks). Usual crappy Euro attitude, one shot, no GFE, no BBBJ, just take what you can. Tip: vitamin-V and a previous visit to SOL helps. Few more available (same deal) at Mike’s hotel up Soi 3 (ask the bellboy). Of course, considering this is Th, it a comparatively very crappy deal. Long time? With the 5-8k price and attitudes as they are, nobody in their right mind would try…

  32. Kamphaeng Phet soi 7, i take it this is a pure pickup street?
    No danger of me accosting a non working bitch and getting an axe in the spine for asking if i can tear into her ‘snapper’ (quote SJW)

  33. Chalake – I swear I’ve seen some really young and good looking working gals on Ratchadamnoen.

    YP – no risk at all, there is absolutely nothing else than P4P on this soi.

  34. There are tens (if not hundreds) of working girls in the area south of Rachadamnoen (Khao San) and east of Sanam Luang. It’s a well-known zone for Thais for low-cost, low-quality shags, 300-500 is the going rate.

    While the big Rachadamnoen road itself is not in the center of the zone, there’s always *some* overflow opposite the Khao San Road. The only way not to see it is not to look.

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