The Land of the Morning Calm Part 2 by DebtStar

Part 1

The Upper Gauntlet is home to some large theme bars like Grand Ol’ Opry (Country and Western music) and Liberty Club (Rap and Hip-Hop).  East and West Club is a dance/techno bar that has been claimed by the Homosexual Community as one of their bars.  There are also some regular bars here to just hang out and people watch while sipping a cold one, like Bar 52 and a couple of other bars that my alcohol-soaked brain has trouble remembering the names of.  These bars tend to be at the top of the alley and/or upstairs.  Stompers, a club owned by a civilian expat, used to be one of the most popular party spots for the GIs and teachers for its lack of P4P girls.  Just good music and high quality drinks.  They have pulled up stakes and, from what I hear, set up shop across town in a university district.  One More Try is another bar at the top of the Upper Gauntlet, and is known for staying open later than the other bars.  It is also locally famous for RAISING prices on P4P the later it gets.

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The contract… by Daywalker

I’ve so far managed to stay out of relationships whilst in Bangers. I may have looked favourable on a certain girl every now and then… but in general, I keep changing them out.

The majority of people I know in BKK have all had their hearts and wallets ripped out, used and abused and cheated on more times than WW has lost his cell phone. It always gives people something to talk about in the bar, so I thought I’d have a go myself. I’ll not bore you with all the details on how I met my little monkey looking girl, but I will say I met her through a friend and we just ended up hanging out. Just to clarify.. When I say we hung out… that’s all we did. We’d have a drink and shoot some pool. Nothing more.

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Songkran Escape: Phnom Penh, Part 1

If you’ve ever experienced Songkran in Pattaya, you’ll know why I can’t stay there during the Thai New Year any longer. I did parts of all of three Songkrans and that was enough.

For the past two years, I spent Songkran in The Philippines, splitting time between scuba diving on various islands and drinking myself into oblivion in Angeles City. But spending that week in Angeles is like being in Pattaya: The bottom of Fun Town’s sexpat barrel seeps into A.C. like a sewer backing up. I don’t want to spend time with them here, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to hang with them there.

So this year I thought I’d try something new, and less expensive: Cambodia. I’d never been anywhere except the border so, inspired by Bangkok Bad Boy’s three-part opus on Phnom Penh, I decided to spend a few days in the Khmer capital and then relax for a week in Sihanoukville, a place few have been but many say is good. This is a multi-part tale of my 2009 Songkran Escape. Continue reading “Songkran Escape: Phnom Penh, Part 1”

The Land of the Morning Calm Part 1 by DebtStar


Hey guys.  Debt Star here.  This submission is about the nightlife scene in Korea.  It is a combination of personal experiences from my days in the mid-90’s when I was stationed there in the military, my days in the late 90’s to early 2000’s when I just plain lived there as a civilian, and some updated info I gleaned off the internet recently.  It is not really comprehensive or completely up to date, but the data you glean out of it would set you up with enough info to have a good time on the town in Korea should you ever find yourself in that part of the world.  This is a multi-part submission, and is as much a rambling recollection of personal experience as it is a guide for fellow punters.  Enjoy!

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Can’t win them all…by bkk22

Last week there was a post about not being able to get a ST on Soi Cowboy during Songkran.  I posted a comment that it was possible to get a ‒reverse” ST during Songkran. What exactly is a reverse ST? Well, I really just made it up, but I guess the best explanation would be the girl offers to take you home, rather than you offer to take the girl home.  I can already hear the sighs and the rolling of the eyes and I don’t blame you, because it was the last thing I expected when I went to SC for SK.  I had just arrived at SC with my friend and was walking down the soi looking for a good place to set up shop.  We ran into SSB and started shooting the shit. We had just loaded my backpack with some beer Leo’s (yummy…not) bought from some old hag who shooed us off as soon as she had money in hand and I thought the Thai’s loved us ‒farang” (hah…yeah right..LOS my ass).

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Heart Break Hotel – By The Notorious BMG

I’ve been in Bangkok a number of years now. I’ve done the Eden Club, the G Club, the English Pub and the Soapie Rub. I’ve done the Long time, Party time and seen the YP slime. I’ve done a lot. But what I haven’t done is the ‘Short Time Hotel’. Yeah, I know, that’s text book 1st few days stuff. I’ve done the deed in the odd S.T room up the stairs of a Pattaya bar, but never the Short Time hotel. Continue reading “Heart Break Hotel – By The Notorious BMG”

Zero Nights In Angeles City

And now, some light reading. From yellow shirts, to red shirts, to blue shirts, to the home of the permanently shirtless…

Fields Avenue, Angeles City

Fields Avenue, Angeles City

“Oh, you’d definitely like Angeles”, said On Nutter, as we supped beers in the Mango one night. “Right up your street”.

“All I know,” I replied, “is that half the people I mention it to tell me that it’s amazing and that I must go, and the other half tell me it’s the biggest shit-hole on earth, and never to go within a hundred miles of the place”.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?
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Big Birthday Boy J (BBBJ) Birthday Bash

Tonight: Birthday Boy J will be sponsoring a party at the Mango to celebrate, well, his birthday. Festivities begin around 8. Details:

  • Happy Hour ALL NIGHT!
  • 20 baht Pints of Tiger and Heineken until 2 kegs run out
  • California Burger w Chips/Fries all night for 150 baht
  • Imported Eye Candy (just a few this time and it won’t be as “revealing” or as wild as last time, sorry)
  • The occasional round of free Mango Nipple Shots
  • The Mango Hat Giveaway. At around 10pm we will be giving away (5) brand spankme new Big Mango Hats. Raffle tickets will be given to everyone in the bar.


Team Mango