One week in Bangkok by Salty

In case you need the history

One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain’t free
You’ll find a god in every golden cloister
And if you’re lucky then the god’s a she
I can feel an angel sliding up to me

Maybe I have been here too long now but every once in a while something crops up that makes me realise that there will always be some new experience available here for everyone.

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Straight Ball’N by Canadian Boy

Our Korean friend has 5 days left in LOS and we decide to hit Pattaya for 3 days then straight back to BKK for 2 nights. He’s accepted the fact that on the final night he will not sleep and will go straight from the short-time room to Suvarnabhum.

Getting to the city limits or rather the gates of Hell, a sign reads…






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Trending down…

No. Not the economy but of course it is way down and probably will stay there for some time. I think everyone knows that already. Tourist numbers – way down. Pretty easy to see how many less people there are. I noticed it first on the plane inbound to Bangkok. United is so desperate they are actually selling upgrades to Economy Plus while in flight. I think if they lowered the costs as soon as the plane pushed back from the gate that it might actually work. Airport – was like a ghost town. Exports. Keep falling. About the only number going up is the closures of businesses. From bars, restaurants, go-gos, clubs and factories to whole industrial parks. Maybe Ghost will chime in to let you know how many places closed just this last week in Pattaya.

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Shirt Voting!

Okay folks. We are still on the drawing board with the shirts and figured we would put the options to a vote.

Granted in a perfect world we could accommodate multiple versions but it makes getting them made more expensive and well – simple is better.

Keep in mind that if you want to be on the list for the shirts you have to email. Comments won’t do. If you have already emailed you DO NOT need to email again. We are ordering a limited quantity so those who have emailed get first dibs and after that folks at the party can pick one up as well.

Here are the choices –







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That’s it folks. That is the only thing I can honestly say that I am missing when it comes to life in Thailand. I have been to England, France, Monaco and now the US. I live a pretty simple life and I am always on the search for new things and wonder about things that I don’t have or can’t live without. Like I have tried to explain here before but some people don’t agree – sex in Asia is a simpler thing. Even if you are not paying for it one cannot deny that it is easier to get laid in Asia than in the States or England. Sure – if you are rich, a model or a serious PUA then maybe not but for the mere mortals out there – getting laid in Asia is not rocket science. So that means you spend less time wining and dining, begging for it, falling in love and or spending time and money in the spots hoping to pick up. All in all I believe it allows me the time to enjoy my life more.

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The Slums Are So Quaint by The Cowboy Kid

I have spent time looking at the blogs and webpages of those who want to label me a sexpat and I have found that their patronizing take on living in Thailand cannot be any more beneficial to the common good than my philanthropic endeavors. At least I make an attempt to view Thailand from the street level. Granted, my street is often neon lit, but does that somehow make me the bad expat to their halcyon daydreaming? At least my presence here benefits people. Argue that the money I put into the pockets of street vendors and street girls is somehow less beneficial than theirs. When did they ever give money to a street girl?

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Pattaya Low Season ’09 in Photos

As a follow-on to Banglamung’s recent diatribe, I obtained a 24-hour pass from the missus and ventured out to Walking Street Tuesday. It wasn’t my intention to be a documentarian of the woes and lows and Pattaya in the Age of Piggy Flu, but the sights were pretty shocking. So, as I stumbled my way from north to south, I snapped a few photos between 10 p.m. and midnight with my trusty N82 so definitively answer the question, “Just how slow is Pattaya.” The answer lies below. Continue reading “Pattaya Low Season ’09 in Photos”

Confessions of a 20 year old sex tourist – Part 3 by Hansum Boy

Part 1
Part 2

First of all I apologize on the lateness of this final entry to my story. I never got around to do it. It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that an MSN conversation with an ‒old friend” I hadn´t heard from in over a year inspired me to finish this article, I´ll let you guess who that was…

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