Beer & Curry Night

Daywalker is heading back out of town and if you’re like me, you’re really glad to see him go. To celebrate, we will be sending him off with a Beer & Curry Night at the Mango this Thursday Night, the 30th.

A Beer & Curry 150 Baht Special will be available for those that come down (while supplies last) which includes the following:

Beer – Bottle (Heineken, Chang, Tiger Reg. or Light, San Miguel Reg or Light, Beerlao, or Singha) or Pint (Heineken or Tiger)


Curry – Plate of Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice, Fries, or Chips (well, it’s what the Brits think Curry is anyway)

So, if you want to see him off and like Beer & Curry for a decent price, c’mon down anytime after 6pm. If you have no idea who Daywalker is and could really give a rats arse whether he comes or goes, but you like the Beer & Curry deal, then also c’mon down.


Gulf News, tourists in Bkk and stuff…

Took a gander through Cowboy last night to meet up with Playskool Pete at the Queen Vic for his birthday. Congrats to Pete for throwing an awesome bash with one of the biggest free buffet spreads I have seen outside of a hotel meeting. Some serious grub was laid out and we all over indulged. Then we headed over to Cactus since it was also Cactus John’s birthday. John was putting out some awesome homemade chili and cornbread. We were totally stuff though but I managed to get down an amazing piece of chocolate cake. Tasty. If you have not been to Cactus for a meal yet you are missing something. This Tuesday is BBQ brisket night. Stop in and grub and get John a beer. I had to peel off early but I think the PP party train made it to the go-gos with some live music and lots of drinking!

Happy Bday folks.

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Professor of mongering by On Nutter

‒It’s like the law of diminishing returns. You enjoy your first Haagen-Dazs ice cream so much that you want more, but if you have too many they make you sick. It’s the same with women.”

That’s a very apt philosophy for a former economics professor at an American university. The Prof is one of the more interesting characters I have met in my time in Bangkok. He applies his very sharp mind almost full-time to the pursuit of the women of Southeast Asia, flitting between Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. At 67, he is growing old disgracefully.

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The Peking Duck Gets Its Revenge & Ruins My Chances with Another Bird (Part 2) by Canadian Boy

Part 1

Back at ‒Diaper A Go Go” the party is in full swing. My girl asks how I’m doing and I try to act composed. ‒What took you so long she asks…” I make up a story. Its not like I’m gonna tell her I had to make an emergency ‘shit-stop’ along the way, it might kinda ruin the romance.

My brother mentions to me to hold off on drinking and with his expertise in the medical field advises me to keep away from diary products such as milk. Then he adds, ‒No milk, means you can’t be suckin’ on her tits.”

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More bad news about Thailand & is PP clamping down?

Well – I still cannot get a sense of how real this Airport scam is. Now the BBC, always the leader in Bad News about Thailand, is making the issue their front page news. Obviously, no matter what the truth is, this is not a good picture of Thailand. Earlier reports had said that the couple dumped the bag in the garbage cans – since in the video it shows them taking a bag. So, in my opinion, I assumed they had taken the bag but they were trying to pay to get out of trouble.

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The Peking Duck Gets Its Revenge & Ruins My Chances with Another Bird (Part 1) by Canadian Boy

We’re staggering drunk down the hallway of my condo towards my suite. Her imbecilic laughing and the sound of her heels clunking like a horse are echoing off the tiled floors and walls. Its doesn’t help that she’s banging on each door with a number above it. The staff, who thought of me, ‘to be a nice, polite Canadian’ at first impression will be reviewed on the security tapes come sunrise due to the complaints that will be trickling into the office.

She’s hot. 5’2, long, blonde hair, micro skirt, silicone tits. A sultry face with eyes that would put the ‘black hole’ to shame. I bought her one to many tequila shots and now I’m really paying for it… at the hands of ’embarrassment’. I’ll deal with that come morning.

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Three Nipples, A Bargirl named “Chernobyl”, A Missing Finger, I Win The Jackpot & Guns a’ Blaze’N in Pattaya (PART 2) – By Canadian Boy

The controversial Part 1


This place is ‒Happy”. Lot’s of nice girl’s and a steady flow of FL’s roaming in and out. From what I can tell, this shithole who let the interior designer go crazy with a glow in the dark marker, is doing well for itself. The staff totally gets in on the fun and is extremely polite and hospitable. When they know your face they surely take care of ya’. I have to give them credit for that. Props to’em. The girl’s are bubbly and ready to jump on your lap an’ let you suck on their tits for kicks. I still remember my 1st time walking into this place a month ago and seeing the girl at the door make direct eye contact with me an pull out her tit for me to nurse. She grabbed me by the back of the head and rammed my face right in there.

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Post Party Liver Regeneration

Yes – it has been a few days since the party finished but things are just getting back to normal. It was another monster night, although we did not break the DW party record – no one went to jail. Given it is slow season and a overall downer of a year it feels good to know we have so many supporters helping to ensure that the Big Mango does more than survive. Appreciation to all of our customers who made it it and we hope the ones who did not will be around some time soon.

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