Are Thai people cool? by Jeezo

I moved to Thailand from the USA 3 years ago for two reasons: to work out here and live with my fiancée for a year before getting married- highly recommended, by the way.

Thailand is an interesting country and from the first visit I had a feeling I wouldn’t mind living here, a feeling I didn’t get when visiting the likes of Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka & India.  Well after living here for a while you inevitably start to see the cracks behind the façade start to appear and yes, they were there all along.  This happens whether you stay as a long term tourist and certainly happens when you work here.

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Going from Experienced to Jaded by John Brown

Every day you wake up and look into the mirror.  And, every day you see the same face you went to bed with the night before.  But, then a thought crosses your mind…. ‒I look a little older”.  So you slap a little cold water on your face, brush your teeth, take a shower and apply all the usual deodorants and gels and somehow convince yourself that time is standing still… just for you.  ‒I’m the same guy I was yesterday”, you think to yourself.

It isn’t and you’re not.  Time is marching on.  The human experience is marching on…  the world is still spinning.

You are now one day older and one more day jaded.  Everyone else is too.

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1 Way to ‘Achieve the Dream’, Relocate to Thailand & Train for a New Career

Based on the surprising amount of e-mail feedback I’ve gotten from my one little comment on LMW’s post, there seems to be a more than a few of you out there looking to ‒achieve the dream” of living – and working – in Thailand. With much gratitude to the Mango Boyz, I’m here to explain one way a whole bunch of guys of all ages have done just that.

If you missed it, my brief advice to LMW was that if he wanted to relocate to Thailand, he should continue to work. It’s very apparent after about two minutes in Pattaya that guys who come here with nothing to do but party quickly lose whatever tenuous hold they had on reality to begin with. What I offered was for him to e-mail me and I’d refer him to a program that would offer an end-to-end solution to get him set up in Thailand and provide him professional training in a new career so he could work in Thailand or anywhere else.

I woke up this morning to more than a half-dozen e-mails from guys just like LMW (but, oddly, not from LMW) asking how to do just that. Thinking these guys were just a few of many with similar ambitions (and to save myself writing a bunch of individual e-mails), I persuaded SideshowBob to allow me a brief – and hopefully not painfully annoying – infomercial about what The Ghost actually does to pay the rent. (God knows blogging doesn’t.) Continue reading “1 Way to ‘Achieve the Dream’, Relocate to Thailand & Train for a New Career”

Response to LMW by Antonio

I almost exactly matched your situation 5 years ago when I was also 30. I quit my job in Los Angeles, broke up with my farang gf, sold all my possessions, took my savings and moved to Bangkok. I also worked as a software consultant for a customer in the US when I was in BKK, although I never told my customer. They didn’t find out for awhile, when they did, they didn’t really care, but one of the other consultants was always needlessly complaining, he was just an asshole…anyway…

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Achieving the dream? by LMW

So I’m a 30 year old guy in the UK. I have a good but boring job. I work as a software consultant and I’m on 64k a year with a decent pension on top. I kind of hate my job.

I date in the UK and get my fair share of poon. Either through meeting girls in nightclubs or more and more often, as I get older, internet dating. Got laid the last three weekends and I’m emailing four girls at the moment looking to set things up for the coming weekends.

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A plethora of puss…

Some of you may know what this photo is of if you spend a lot of time in lower suk – this is the soi 8 coffee shop. Seems it burnt down last night. The buildings next to it seem okay but not sure about smoke or water damage. The coffee shop is totally destroyed all the way up.

I am not sure what happened but I hope everyone is okay. This used to be my daily hangout joint until they started to systematically rid the place of customers who would hang out with their laptops.

Big crowd on soi 8 today checking the place out but I was not able to get any more info. If someone knows any details be sure to put them in the comments.

Once again I just hope no one was hurt.

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Reception Party Thing Reminder

We will be celebrating the nuptials of one of the Mango staff this Saturday night the 22nd. Free food from 7 until it runs out and 100 Pints of Heineken or Tiger for 50 baht/each. It’s not required that you know the lovely couple for you to enjoy this deal, nor do you have to know the Thai for any kind of transport vehicle. Just a chill event for some good people.


Helicopter Man by Debt Star

Editor’s note: My guess is you have your definitions somewhat off – but let’s let the commenters have their say.

The terms you tend to hear are butterfly, helicopter, and airport. Some significance given to the order.

Earlier today I was sitting on the back deck at Cathouse overlooking the Nana Hotel parking lot and talking to one of the bar girls. The conversation went something like this.

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Ode to the Wingman

As I mentioned before I have been trying to play things a little different in Thailand. Forcing myself to work on pulling outside the bar scene. Low hanging fruit avoidance tactics. So given this I decided to slip on my best threads – shorts, flip-flops and a used tee whilst making my way to Victory Monument. I was told to look for the SJ Pub sign and then follow it to the street below and find the vans going to Bang Saen. I did. Ticket 110 baht – costs more than my t-shirt. I popped over to the 7/11 to load up on my pseudo breakfast/lunch – george foreman grill ham cheesy, bag of chips and some water. Twix for dessert.

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Bangkok Turning Off Pattaya’s Lights at 3 a.m. for 10 Days

An admittedly blurry (sorry) view of the scene outside Insomnia around 3 a.m. Aug. 15.
An admittedly blurry view of the scene outside Insomnia early Aug. 15.

Before you get too inspired by pmmp’s Pattaya trip report and jump in a cab, here’s a word of warning: For the next nine days Interior Ministry officials and Banglamung District police are turning off Fun Town at 3 a.m. sharp.

For as-yet-unknown reasons, the Office of Local Administration, the Interior Ministry department that oversees the operations of all of Thailand’s provinces, has ordered Banglamung authorities to shut down all Walking Street bars and clubs at 3 a.m. Continue reading “Bangkok Turning Off Pattaya’s Lights at 3 a.m. for 10 Days”