An Encounter by Hunch644

So you surface the right or wrong side of noon, (Hitler, apparently, never rose until the meridian) ingest an amount of carbs that would be considered reckless for anything other than a Death Row Breakfast, washed down with god-awful hangover-busting fizz. So now what? My usual travel companion/wingman holds the opinion that I’m some kind of lace-curtain Nancy-Boy and instructs that, when in BKK, I don’t contact him before 6pm, and certainly not with invites to partake in ‘any of that temple and palace shit’.

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Big Trouble in Thailand – Thoughts from a video editor

Having just returned home, people are criticizing me for having traveled to Thailand, mainly because they’ve watched “Big Trouble in Thailand” on YouTube.

To me, the show was certainly one-sided. They edited it with an intent to make the viewer fear Thailand. It didn’t help they storyline was entirely negative, but it’s pointless to debate the show with North Americans. But the one thing that upset me the most is how everyone is looking at Thailand as some outlaw nation based only on what they’ve seen in BTIT. Because the show is only the spawn of film editors and editors are evil.

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The Fallout Over ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’: Blunders, Recriminations & Naiveté


In a darkened editing suite in London, the final six episodes of ‒Big Trouble in Thailand” are slowly being pieced together. But the remainder of the reality miniseries that finally airs on the U.K.’s Bravo cable channel likely won’t be what creator Gavin Hill expected. Some might argue it never has been.

In truth, nothing about the eight-part series about Thai police and badly behaving Brits has gone according to plans, not Hill’s and certainly not those of the Thai bigwigs who months ago happily mugged with him for snapshots. The edited product is not the ‒Thai Cops” Hill claims he wanted to make and now Thai officials have gone into full witch-hunt mode, demonizing him, downplaying their involvement and doing all they can go discredit the show and bury the problems it highlighted.

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The Golden Mile

No. Not that one. The one in Singapore. Needed to work on some visa stuff and since my friends have a super sick pad in Singapore with a spare room, I thought I would swoop in for a visit. Casa de Chaos we call it. HK was the old HQ but now they live in Sing. Air Asia and away I went. Love discount travel.

First up was the Saturday house party. 30 or so folks from around town and the region. First thing one notices in Singapore, as compared to Thailand, is the variety. Just like HK these is the smorgabobs of ying. Sing girls, Chinese girls, Viet, Flip, Indian, white girls, African girls and so on and so forth. Its great. Variety is the spice of life.

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From the Producer/Director of Big Trouble in Thailand

editor’s note – thought this deserved to be seen as a post.

This was a comment from this post.

I’m the Producer/Director of ‘Big Trouble In Thailand’ or ‘Thai Cops’ as it was known during production. I came up with the idea and shot it mostly myself, with the help of a Thai cameraman. And with the full co-operation of the authorities concerned in Thailand whom I cannot thank enough for their kind co-operation and trust.

Thanks for the write-up, by the way – a solid summary.

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Big Debate Over ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ (+ the Producer Responds)

Face off in Phuket between British Royal Marine Police Sgt. Tim Wright and jet ski vendor J.J. (Photo: Andrew Chant)
Face off in Phuket between British Royal Marine Police Sgt. Tim Wright and jet ski vendor J.J. (Photo: Andrew Chant)

It nearly derailed Banglamung’s epic yesterday and is basically all that people with an interest in Thailand want to talk about. SideshowBob thinks it’s crap. Others claim it’s staged, I personally think it’s pretty precise, but, no matter how you see it, Big Trouble in Thailand is definitely sparking a lot of discussion and debate. Continue reading “Big Debate Over ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ (+ the Producer Responds)”

Banglamung’s Pattaya Circus #4: Dumb Farangs & Crooked Thai Guys

What would Pattaya be withour Eurotrash in Speedos?
What would Pattaya be withour Eurotrash in Speedos?

I’m baaaaak! Yes, returned from the “Land of the Lost” to the “Land of Smiles,” Banglamung is here to make fun of Pattaya once again. A lot sure has happened since I took off in June, so this post is a bit long, but there’s lots of good gossip and amazing news, including bits on farang drug dealers, animal acts, Thai thiefs masquerading as bar managers, coyotes and Coyotee’s, and one scary account of a farang getting the crap kicked out of him. Continue reading “Banglamung’s Pattaya Circus #4: Dumb Farangs & Crooked Thai Guys”

A Fraction of a Second by Hunch644

It had never occurred to me that P4P in the Land of Smiles was a game of tiny margins – like a forehand slice that hits the rim of the racket and grazes the merest whisp of baseline, or the climax of an F1 grand-prix race – only decided by half-a-car length at the finish-line. Not until my most recent trip did I realize how fractions of a second can make a difference that could affect the outcome of a holiday, a resident stay or arguably a whole lifetime! Okay, this exact same notion serves as the main plot for the movie Sliding Doors, but it was amusing to note on my last trip to the Kingdom how well this phenomenon rings true in real life!.

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“The View” — Not Barbara Walters & The Other 4 Bitches. — By Canadian Boy

Knock… knock…

‒Who’s there?”

‒The construction guy using a jack hammer.”

One negative thing about staying in View Tally is that there is lots of construction going on, but It depends on what floor and who’s decided to put a fucking cathedral ceiling in 48 square meter condo. Its a nice place to stay, if you don’t mind hearing a Jack Hammer at 8am, and that’s usually when I’m walking in the door from a night of partying. Then my dick becomes the Jack Hammer. The noise doesn’t happen all the time though. I’m exaggerating a bit, but when it does happen its a bitch to put up with. That’s my only complaint. Other than that Its great. Besides, being forced out of bed early can have you enjoying your day instead of living like a Vampire.

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