The Golden Mile

No. Not that one. The one in Singapore. Needed to work on some visa stuff and since my friends have a super sick pad in Singapore with a spare room, I thought I would swoop in for a visit. Casa de Chaos we call it. HK was the old HQ but now they live in Sing. Air Asia and away I went. Love discount travel.

First up was the Saturday house party. 30 or so folks from around town and the region. First thing one notices in Singapore, as compared to Thailand, is the variety. Just like HK these is the smorgabobs of ying. Sing girls, Chinese girls, Viet, Flip, Indian, white girls, African girls and so on and so forth. Its great. Variety is the spice of life.

House party was as you would suspect. Tons of corp like folks, tons of booze and good fun. I got hammered and my glass turned to kryptonite. I did get a number from a nice local girl who has a bf in a far away location. I think she is lonely. Need follow up. As always in chasing normal tail it takes a few calls or dates but there is plenty of action to be had.

Sunday was spent cruising town a bit. I like checking out all the tech gadgets that are in SimLim that you don’t see in Bangkok or have too much tax layered upon there prices. Android phones are looking promising but nothing I would grab yet. All the new Apple stuff has not hit Sing yet but the overall atmosphere suffers from the lack of edge that Pantip has. Where Pantip has porn and coyote videos – SiLim has PDA’s with a pre-installed version of the Qur’an in 134 languages. No thanks.

Sunday afternoon it was time to head out. I don’t know Sing well but I know it has the same bennie as HK – domestic helpers coming out of the drains like cockroaches during the first rain in bkk. So I met up with supermonger at Orchard Towers. We hit a few places but since it is Ramadan there were not many Indos out. I am not into flips. Too many belly rolls and love of all things Americana. As they say – no going down until after the sundown. Indos were not going to happen since I was not staying out late.

However before we get to the girls please note that anyone who bitches about pricing in Bkk needs to be tarred and feathered. Going rate for a standard drink in OT is 350 baht. Yeah. That buys me like 3 drinks in Bkk at a go-go. Sing is pricey. Anyway u cut it. Yes – before everyone chimes in. I know the pay is better here. Moving on.

So we ended up in one of the first floor flip bars. Place was heaving but nothing like the Laguna vibe on a Sunday where the girls come to you, unzip and grab the trouser snake just as a way of getting your attention. HK rules in that regard. The Indos crave dick. But anyway. The buzz was setting in and the place was fun. For me though – this was just not my scene. All I could think of was how many donuts the flips eat before breakfast. If I wanted jelly rolls I would stop off at Dunkin. Anyway – I would have killed for the flat stomach of a thai girl to rub up on but hey – that’s me.

I am always looking for the odd monger, the slapper on acid or you guessed it – the errant fat farang woman in the moo-moo dress casting a wary eye on all the slaves of p4p. Great. We had 2 of them. Mother/daughter team right next to us. The daughter was with BF and the mother was with – well contempt. Supermonger was on a roll. Girls were only granted drinks if they showed tit. This behavior was so disgusting to her. I was figuring at any moment she might burst into flames. Anything to get her out of that dress. What is up with fat women wearing things that make them look 10 times fatter than they really are?

She leaned over to me -“Does your friend always act like that?”

“Actually tonight he is being tamer than most nights.”

“Disgusting. The poor girls.”

“Poor girls. I feel sorry for him since it is hard for him to make up his mind”.

She gasped and took another chunk of her swill.

Supermonger kept on knowing it was irritating the shit out of moomoo mom.

She cracked. The daughter and moomoo mom decided to go and leave BF with his buddies. I am sure he was dying to cut loose know that his handlers would be leaving. As moomoo mom squeezed by me she whispered in my ear -“I can’t stand the behavior of your morally diminished friend so we are leaving.”

If she only knew about morally diminished.

Thank god. We celebrated with another drink.

I needed out and decided that I would hunt for some grub in Thai town. This is the area around the Golden Mile complex. On my way over I asked uncle if I had the right spot. He said no one should go over there on Sundays since the Thais are all off and drinking themselves silly. I figured there was some truth to it but that he may have been exaggerating a bit. Turns out he was not far off. The place resembled a Thai pub just after closing. Drunk guys holding each other up, people drinking on the sidewalks, guys arguing with girls and girls carrying each other to taxis. Was surreal. I felt like I was home.

I hit a salon to get the noggin shaved, had some grub and watched the scene. Awesome. There is some big club there but it seems to not open on Sundays – maybe the staff is too smashed to work?

Monday night I hit Orchard again just to do some more research. The busiest place was Ipanema and seemed to be full of all the variety. Viet, Thai, Chinese, Sing, Indo and so on. Met some cutie from Cebu, a tiny little white girl with huge tits from Hanoi (got the number in case I hit Hanoi so I can pay market rates) and a stable of Thai girls. Easiest way to repel the Thais is to speak to them in Thai. They run for the hills. Love it.

These places are rammed and the quality is not too bad but the pricing is sick. I did not even ask. My MO in HK was to get to know girls, get numbers and deal with them at other times. Usually paying much less or next to nothing at times. Sing though is just way more expensive(like HK) – both booze and women that I just don’t even find the notion of P4P interesting given that all the girls there would go for a 1/4 of their sing price in their home country. I understand the market but choose not to partake.

Sing is fun though when it comes to the variety in the puss – normal and p4p. The place is clean, easy to navigate and civil but that is what I don’t like about it. I need the edge – Bkk has it in droves.

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  1. LOL jelly rolls in the belly rolls. My other issue with flips is Tagalog. When I lived in HK walking through Central on a Sunday was like walking through the Ewok forest in Star Wars. “Makalabakalmakalabingbong” everywhere, all. day. long.

  2. Spot on. The trick is to always get numbers and follow up later, most of the time chicks will bang you for free if you have a swinging pad. Personally I like the Singapore scene better because of the variety and the no-bullshit approach (there’s no shades of gray – a hooker is a hooker), just my preference though.

    • d – bahasa is no different but any of it better than the twang of cantonese 🙂

      ht – sure. but I like gray. 🙂 swinging pads are the panty removers of the Hk/sing scene

  3. If you want the edge you should try People’s Park Complex after 9ish PM, it’s a bit raw (mostly locals) but you see the occasional gem, and the rates are low by SG standards.

    Deals in SG are best done online… many of the flips you mention have accounts at different sites and are very easy to connect with. I had a girl come to my place at midnight and leave before 5 (non P4P), so I never actually got to see her in daytime! All done via web. Gotta love it.

  4. Last year I was in Singapore and I had a ST deal with a Viet FL that was very good. The damage was 150 SGD or aprox. 3,600 Baht. It wasn’t that bad deal if you consider that a gal in Baccara to just give some example will be almost the same, 2,000 Baht ST + 700 Baht fine + 2 drinks (Baht 280), so this is already 3,000, see, not that far.

    But you did the right thing, no point to get company when you stay there for just few days and you were going back to Bkk.

  5. Most of the above is pretty much spot on IMHO. A few points to endorse/add…

    – Sundays in OT are not a patch on Wan Chai.

    – Not many Indos hit the bars, even outside Ramadan. Crazy Horse did/does (?) have some Indo dancers though.

    – The quality of Filipinas in SG is very poor. Much worse than HK for sure. Duxton Road is an alternative, though there you’re buying S$30 lady drinks for a kiss and a grope, and the quality is still variable.

    – Golden Mile is indeed rough as a badger’s arse on Sundays. Thai construction workers on their day off drinking from 8am or so, so by late afternoon you can hear the bottles smashing 50 yards own the street.

    – There’s plenty of “edge” in Club Romeo.

    – Some regular joints (like Attica for example) are decent haunts for non P4P girls and quite a few hookers.

    – I’ve generaly paid S$150 or so for P4P, though of course this could be a lot more if you hang out somewhere like Brix (Hyatt basement).

    – Drinks prices are ridiculous. Even on SG wages, it annoys the beejesus out of me.

    – Batam is just a ferry ride away.

  6. @ssb – I too was in Singapore last week and was in OT on both Monday and Tuesday nights. I like Ipanema for the sheer volume and variety of girls. I go there about once a month, which means there is an almost complete turnover of talent as the girls go home when their 30 day visas expire. I stand at my fav spot at the bar where the circulation is greatest and let them approach me. To counter the high (Sing$15 for a beer) drinks prices I just drink Coke Light ($9 – cheap, lah) and insist on the can.

    The girls rarely ask for a drink, there is no barfine, and the negotiable rate for s/t is around Sing$150, so the all in cost is almost comparable to Cowboy or Nana as Dragon Leo pointed out.

    I was in the mood for Indo as well, so I put on a batik shirt and looked around OT… upon entering Crazy Horse I was immediately approached by one of the dancers who asked about the shirt…. soon we were chatting in Bahasa Indo and she was rubbing her nicely rounded Javanese butt, encased in a pair of skimpy shorts the color of newly sprouted rice fields, against my also sprouting unit. However, when I found out the lady drink I agreed to buy for her was $30, the mood was destroyed and I simply got her number for a rendezvous later in Jakarta.

    Back at Ipanema there were no Indos, plenty of jellyroll Flips, a few Cambodians, Thais, the odd Chinese, a couple of skanky russians, and a huge number of Vietnamese. Many of he Vietnamese are feline and sexy looking, but most speak no english. I ended up with a white skinned Hanoi sweetie who did speak some english, has a tight, thin body and a beautiful face, and who delivered a warm GFE for $150 l/t.

    Yes Singapore can be expensive, but the variety as pointed out makes an interesting change from Bangkok.

  7. @human tsunami: if you’re currently in SG we should get together sometime for some research and exploration. Any other locals welcome, maybe we can start a local chapter of the Big Mango fans and OT enthusiasts.

  8. @Combover: during the day it’s a (tired) mall. At night, it’s a gathering place for older locals and working girls (mostly fil). You get quite a few sailors too. Drinks are cheap ($6 for a large bottle), and so are the girls – some of whom make it to OT later in the night actually. It’s a mixed bag, but you will see a few pretty ones on any given night, and if you manage to befriend them, it’s quite easy to go non-P4P.

  9. Since we are travelling around SE Asia,did an overnighter in Ho Chi Minh city on the weekend. The bar scene is not as obvious as BKK but anything was available if youn ask. Drink prices were incredibly cheap. Visited one bar, didn’t get the name in Hai Ba Trung at about 1.00 am and the ratio was girls 15 customers 1 (me). This 21yo 39kg white skinned honey with size C cups hit me up for a drink and game of pool straight up. Not going to get caught out with a Patpong drink bill I asked “How much” Beer for me (San Mig )15000 dong (about 85C US) girls rum and coke 20000 dong ( $1.10). Now that’s cheap.

    The prize winner of the game of pool was if she wins I give her 100,000 dong if I win she stips naked in the bar and I can touch, suck, poke, squeeze or lick whatever I want. Now I never played such a great game of pool in my life, (or she never played such a poor game) Anyway soon as I win she drops the cue, goes to the back of the bar and exposes the greatest set I have seen in a long long time. If she was working at R4 she would be straight into the A team. The other girls in the bar gave her looks that obviously didn’t approve. Anyway I demand the full exposure so down goes the shorts and G. Great sales pitch I must say. Price $US 50 ST $80Us L/T. Bar fine $25.

    Now aside from the happens later in the evening, here’s the best bit. The Papasan collects the $25 and then says the 2 girls drinks and my beer are free. Part of the bar fine. Now that’s service. At $US 70 one way from BKK with Air Asia and 1 hr 30 minutes flying time HCM is as good an option as Pattaya for a long week end and a refreshing attitude from the girls.

  10. Sounds like I should check it out, though will have to be careful. The last thing I need here is to be accosted by Filipinas (or sailors) when I’m in the supermarket with the wife & kids.

  11. Singpore…the value proposition just doesnt work for me there. The Return on Party Investment (or, ROPI as WPD likes to call it) is very low in Singapore when compared to Thailand or even HK, although, HK’s isnt great due to the high prices. If a person is stuck in Singapore..or there on business, by all means it can be fun, but it costs. While it costs in Thailand, PI, HK, even China, I think the return on the party investment is much, much greater in those places.

    In thinking about it, I would think Thailand has the best ROPI in Asia…

  12. good update on Singapore, thanks!

    I’ll be in Singapore next month after 2 weeks in Thailand, will be hitting Crazy Horse for indo, i wonder how much is LT?

  13. Doc Smith — I think you just nominated yourself for a “First-timer’s Guide” to HMC. I’ve heard so many stories of rip-offs, two- and even three-tier pricing, touts, police, COmmunist manifestos against taking girls away, etc. that it’s put me off. WHy not write up something like BBB did so helpfully for Phnom Penh. Specifically how not to get ripped off/gest best deal on:

    * Visa?
    * Airport transport
    * Hotel
    * Area to stay in
    * Bar area
    * Rules (police, taking girls, hotel policies, etc.)

    C’mon man, get crackin’!

  14. Was in Brix last week. Hooked up with a Viet/Chinese chick with an unbelievable rack. She started negotiations at $500sg LT, ended up at half that for ST, she stayed LT anyway.

    Brix is pricey, I think $25sg to get in. I guess iw is similar to Soi 33 in that they are the same girls as down the road just dressed better thus arguably hotter but that is just my opinion. Saying that the variety was awesome, something you don’t get in TH or even HK fl bars in my experience.

  15. Wangzi I thought ROPI was return on pussy investment…I guess it’s not much difference anyway…But I agree, I think Singapore has a very low return. It’s a clean and comfortable place but just so damn stale.

  16. While you guys are giving the info about SEA, thought I would ask… About to get stuck with a 4 week stint in Doha (Qatar) FFS. Anyone been, any p4p? I imagine thin, if non-existent given the strictness of it all.

    I cant even take one with me from here. Apparently cant co-habit in a hotel (or anywhere) with a woman not your wife.

  17. @LTD: Doha just recently had a crackdown on bars/pubs selling alcohol, etc. Only place I know with P4P action is the Waterhole pub at the Sheraton Doha. Quite awful chines hookers and a Fili-Liveband. Pub itself quite expensive, P4P selection was that bad that I did not bother to ask.

  18. I’ve been checking out the Geylang scene lately (I work in SG) and no, it ain’t Bangers, but not bad all the same. Geylang’s actually quite a happening place and not a badspot to pull up a plastic chair at an eating house and order up a few $6 Heineken longknecks and just for people watching. There’s something like 200 brothels within about a 1km radius along the even numbered side streets on Geylang. They have fishbowls (well minature versions) with pricing depending on nationality. The Thai girl houses I looked in are around Lorong (soi) 6 & 8 and generally there’s around 6 – 7 girls to choose from. Going rate for a farang is SGD$100 for short time (about 35 mins – yes, the chinese pimp will start buzzing the room if you go overtime!). Sing locals will only pay half that. And no amount of haggling will get the pimps in charge to drop their price if you are a westerner – except maybe if a local brings you there. The quality of the Thai girls is probably what you’d get in an ordinary oily in BKK. Say,Tulip quality – although they won’t do the same shit the do in Tulip! From a looks perspective the best talent I spotted around here were the PRC streetwalkers in the alley between Lorong 6 & 8 – hot! I took one for a romp in one of the myriad short time hotels – Hotel 81. The streets used to be loaded with literaly hundreds of these girls but the government here is seriously cracking down at present. Stories abound of anti-vice cops dragging girls out of short time hotels by their hair – not good – but certainly making the legal brothel owners happy.

    To Golden Mile. I often eat at the Nong Khai eating house as it’s the only place in Singers that does a half decent somtam. Everywhere else everything is toned down and sweetened excessively to appease Singaporean palates. I’ve opened bottles a few times in some of the Thai disco’s here – usually Thai Disco 2. Band and girl quality certainly not BKK quality but better than what’s on offer back in my home country. Going rate is about $160 for black label with all free mixers. They’ll hold your bottle for a month if you don’t finish it – and it’ll still be free mixers when you come back.
    Tawandang Singapore – yes, now open over in Dempsey Hill area. Staff told me they’ll be opening another outlet on the East Coast shortly. Foodand beverage same as BKK (pork knuckle, average beer, etc) – but quite a nice set-up, although obvously a lot more expensive than BKK.

    Lastly, OT. Forget the Indo chicks up in Crazy Horse. Most of them seem to be “buy me drink” girls only. I asked a staff member what the bar fine was and they told me “10 tequilas”!! (about $250). They can leave for free when they finish at 3am.

    You can talk the chicks down to 100 bucks. Just tell them you aren’t a tourist and you’ve been working in Singapore for ages.

  19. “supermonger” here, glad you had a good time
    please note that I expect the no drink unless you get you tits out to be strictly enforced by all!
    Although I am not reg in sing anymore be aware guys that the going short time rate is 3 for $200 for viets if you grab them outside near the taxi rank
    have fun out there!

  20. I first hit the infamous Orchid Towers back in 2001 and even then it was expensive comparably to Bangkok. And the hottest girl I met there was….Thai. I’ve met a few Cowboy girls who have done the Singapore Run, but I don’t know how cost effective it really is to them. I took my mate on a Orchid Towers trip in 07 as a “your in Singapore dude, your gotta check this out” experience during a stop over on the way to Vietnam, and we ended up spending over $800 AS in a night. These days I won’t hit Singapore even as a stop over unless I’m being paid, Bangkok just has got everything I want and cheaper.

    @Docsmith: The Ho Chi Minh option sounds pretty solid as a alternative to to a Pattaya/Visa run. Saigon is a great town to get crazy in if you know the right people and places. If you put together a guide, I would be all over that like white on rice.

  21. In the Vietnam section there is a post called Mango Weekly – 28 May 2006 (Vietnam) that contains some info. It’s a bit dated but still has some p4p info. that remains the same. A couple of friends visited recently and said much of the info. is still useful. The hotel I stayed out doesn’t seem to be there anymore but worth checking to see if they are since they didn’t have a restrictive guest policy.

    A recent trip report would of course be welcome.

  22. My bro said the same thing about HK being $$ for the girls.

    “in HK was to get to know girls, get numbers and deal with them at other times.”

    His exact words when I asked him what it was like.

  23. I’m not a big fan of flips usually, but I know (in SG) 3 who are absolutely stunning, but not in the P4P scene. All of them are drop dead gorgeous, the kind who would stop the traffic anywhere in the West. Slim, tall, and simply beautiful. And I actually do appreciate that they work long hours for comparatively low wages when they could make a lot more @ OT or elsewhere. These are girls with uni degrees, they are reasonably worldly and informed, and they work jobs that locals wouldn’t do for a fraction of the average local salary.

    You can meet girls such as these if you go to the Sunday ‘tea dances’ that are held in various parts of town (I would not start with OT – try various karaoke lounges on Orchard Rd first; you need to be plugged into the scene, even locals aren’t aware of what and where). You can meet a better class of girls there than the maids you usually run into at OT, but they will be a bit of work. If you are looking for a gf though, they would be hard to beat.

  24. pmmp
    Used your 2006 post as a guide of where to go, and yes it was useful. Your correct about the Allasia Hotel, it doesn’t see to be there but there are literally hundreds in it’s place. I was only in HCM for 20 hour stopover but I have a mate who is doing 2 weeks there in the P4P market with a Viet born friend, so we will get together and submit something in the next couple of weeks.

    As Rick suggested a cost effective alternative for a visa run.

  25. If you’re in Singapore but find the choice limited or too expensive take a short 30 minute boat ride across the bay to Batam in Indonesia. Grab a taxi into the town (Nagoya) and find a cheap hotel or room above a bar. It’s dusty and basic but perfect for a one night stay. There are loads of bars, massage, friendly girls and p4p is cheaper than Thailand.

    • sukdog – chill.


      my whole world is acronyms. that is how I survive. there is no offense in it. i am not calling it to their faces and well – its affectionate

  26. I lived in the building next door to Golden Mile for nearly a year in 2007, shopped there and visited the Thai Discos fairly often.

    While there are loads of drunk Thais there on Sundays and public holidays I never once saw any trouble with westerners or people waiting for their coaches to Malaysia.

    Golden Mile is safe as houses IMHO.

    My regular drinking spot used to be a bar on Circular Road. The entire road is just food places and hostess bars catering to Indians, local Singaporean, Chinese and everyone else. Most nights there would be brawls of 10+ people rolling down the street often between the various ethnic groups.

    • f – I am sure it is safe but for those used to the thais. someone not used to it might find the place pretty weird on a sunday but probably safe

      can u give us a run down on the thai discos there? I thought there was only one?

  27. “but to use the term “flip” for Filipino is like the N-word for our African brothers”

    Thanks for the heads up. The next Filipino girl i do I will not be using the standard phrase. “OK babe, now flip over and I’ll do you from behind”

  28. I cant remember ever hearing anyone using terms like flip or indo in a malicious way. It’s like my mate in HK who doesn’t like the term “tree monkey”. Instead he uses “branch manager”.

  29. Had a stopover in Sing last month with a takeaway double from Ipanema. Great value at 200 Sing$. But then I love Filipinas, particularly the accent which others seems to hate. I think it is even sexier than when a gorgeous Thai girl says “ka”.

  30. @ssb – there are at least 4-5 Thai discos that I know of. One is across the street from OT, on the 7th floor of the greenish building near Hard Rock Cafe. The problem is, it doesn’t really get going until 3 AM, and then it’s really loud inside. The crowd is 99% local. There’s a band blaring Thai songs and various (girl) singers take turns singing; some are hot, some less so. The singers stop by to ask for drinks (SG$13 a tequila shot), or you can sit with a hostess and have her help you drink your beer mug while you’re pawing her. Some of these girls (especially the hostesses) can be met in more private circumstances; with the singers it will take a bit of effort as they’re already making a lot of money from old drunk Chinese guys who buy them garlands (each paying $25-100 or more) hand over fist. Some of these singers do have star attitudes actually. I managed to score some BKK phone numbers, for later encounters, but I never seem to remember to call them when I’m in BKK.

    Other Thai discos – there are 3 I think at Golden Mile, one at CHIJMES (The Discovery Bar downstairs), and one on Boat Quay. There are more, I’m pretty sure. Ironically, on my visits the Thai discos at Golden Mile had the least attractive girls compared to the other discos I mentioned here.

    A useful source of info re SG’s scene, including the Thai discos, is Sammy Boy Forum (google it), if you can put up with the Singlish and the occasional anti-ang moh posting.

  31. Looks like half of us were in Singapore at the same time. I was too – for the first time.

    To add to the comments already here:
    1. The Golden Mile sucks. I had better and cheaper Thai food in a small food court place in Bencoolen.
    2. I’ve never been to the Phillipines and what I saw in Orchard Rd on Sunday afternoon didn’t encourage me to go. Thousands of them and not a looker in sight!
    3. Best lookers I saw were Viets – at the airport. Sadly they were being dragged out of the immigration lines…
    4. Singapore – very clean, very polite and trustworthy people (taxi drivers especially!). Great for the number of food places around wherever you are. Convenient for English speakers. But.. dull, dull, dull.
    5. Drinks are expensive. And if you buy any drink with spirits in it, it always seems to be ‘baby strength’. They don’t put enough in.
    6. If you’re getting a visa, the Thai embassy there isn’t as bad as legend has it. I’ve got a passport full of tourist visas and they didn’t give me any problems. (Penang doesn’t give them out anymore if you’re a serial tourist visa fiend).

    Overall, not a bad place for a couple of days. But no more.

    Docsmith – I’ve been to HCM a few times. While I like Viet girls, the usual standard of service from girls in those numbered bars isn’t great. A lot of the girls are whiners, right from the start. Yep, the girls on average are much cuter than in Thai equivalent bars and you can get sucked off in the toilets or upstairs sections of some but so many of them give you hassle that it puts me off. Start asking when you’re going to come after about 2 minutes, etc. In fact, I love the looks of the Viets. But the girls in the numbered bars have me longing to get back to Thailand after a while because it’s so much less hassle. You don’t get Lolita’s girls harrying you after a minute!

  32. On the subject of Thai tourist visas, I just got a two month visa for free in Shanghai. Dropped off my passport at 11am and picked it up the next day at around the same time.

    On HCM – there are some great sleazy bars there. I got blown upstairs on a pool table a few years back. She didn’t whine about me taking too long, but then it only took about 3 minutes for me to blow after I moved from the couch to the pool table

  33. Back in LOS soon, gagging for it…

    Just did a HK run

    Costs $$$ for ale unless you get on it early doors to catch happy hours. About 70HK$ a pint!! Ouch…

    Always a good variety of talent though… already mention of the site on this site before, its the bible for HK P4P.

    If you prefer something a bit older and dirtier go for or = these do filters for the mucky stuff, in Chinese but not rocket science to work out (for fans of the back door 後花園 (back garden) is what your looking for…)

    Speaking of which, the Chocky advises going to 371 or 373 Ki Lung St in Sham Shui Po. (Red MTR line) About 3/4 girls in each block most of who take it in the fudge tunnel followed by a mouth full of yoghurt.

    Before arrival, hang around Mongkok for a while and check out the hotties, all dressed up in J-pop fashion etc… Wash down the V with ale from 7-11, saves costs, then once stiff proceed to target.

    On my visit I did 371 Ki Lung 1st floor flat A. Kind of cute (in a skinny crack whore stylee) speaks no english, doesn’t matter, did everything required for 35 mins $350HK plus tip.

    Westerner friendly brothels are 8 Mongkok Road and 38 Dundas St (I’ve only tried Dundas – $588HK 45 mins unlimited (rooms with mirrors all over a bit like Sabai in Pattaya) . Heard 8 MK has younger prettier girls though. If you don’t like what they bring in, you can reject until they bring in something you do like… don’t be timid.

    One word of caution – some people report ‘Bait and Switch’ where the fit slender young honey you booked off the 141 site to meet you in the short time palace gets switched with a troll…

    SSB – Apologies if this should be in the HK section – feel free to move it over….

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