Thailand Visa Roundup! by The Soi Lawyer

Well it is that time of year again, the high season is getting ready to start and many readers currently in their cubicles overseas are thinking of their time soon to be spent among the beautiful women and tropical beaches that Thailand is famous for. However, much like Shangri-La there seem to be impediments to returning to this paradise. Most notable among these obstacles is the plethora of competing visa regulations being promulgated from the ordinance drafting machine that is Thai Immigration. To add confusion to complexity, many of the regional Consulates and Embassies are running things according to their own rules in a similar manner to the way a local chieftain runs his own fiefdom.

The rules get more complicated, but the game continues. Hopefully this will provide some insight for those looking to stay in the Kingdom for a long (or short) period of time.

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UFC 104 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 104 is this Saturday from the Staples Centre in LA, 7:00pm – In the last 2 UFC events, I’ve gone 11-1 with my predictions, so am sticking my balls out of the bath, and laying down some predictions. Pmmp thinks Machida is gonna run through Shogun, and has promised to treat me to a soapie WHEN I prove him wrong, as a way of an apology for questioning me on such matters. A fool and their money are easily parted. This’ll be like taking candy from a baby. Or in my case, money from a ladyboy

So here we go……………………….

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Bottom Feeders by On Nutter

The longer you stay in Thailand, the cheaper you get. It’s just one of those things that happen. When I arrived here four years, three months and 27 days ago (not that I’m counting), I had zero income but spent money like Imelda Marcos in a shoe shop. Now that I earn a UK-level salary in a developing nation, my wallet gets less action than a Bangladeshi tourist visiting Rainbow 4.

This transformation happens, I believe, because after a while one realises just how little most Thais earn and spend. In a nation where the average monthly salary is about 10,000 baht and where many people work long hours in factories for half that sum, it just seems morally wrong to spend as much as a Thai’s weekly food bill on, for example, a barfine.

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Aab namron ma gon – shut up and listen!!!! Part 1 by maximus

Hi All, well this is being written with an intent to send to most blogs, forums, try and get a consensus, or maybe not. But all in all to put my perspective on things to all you guys some of whom have experienced the thai way of life manifold more than I have but somehow I felt has also become the undoing of the original Thai dream.

This was a shortish 2 week trip, the agenda was to revisit the places, the soapies, some of the women, most of the bars, try and find all and any connections from the past. Try and find out which parts have gone sour and which have stayed otherwise smiling as always. Well along the way I met many guys with many more opinions, all I can say is: Guys are like roses, watch out for the pricks.

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‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ Creator Admits J.J. Gun Scene Audio ‘Faked’; Claims Editors Regularly Bending Truth

Six weeks after the first episode of ‒Big Trouble in Thailand” set off a firestorm around Thailand’s jet-ski rental industry, the show’s creator has finally admitted that a scene during the televised scam of British Marines by a jet-ski vendor nicknamed ‒J.J.” was fabricated.

‒In the program that was broadcast, the audio over the scene where J.J. produces a gun is different to the audio on the raw footage from that day,” said Gavin Hill, who produced and directed the eight (now) six (uh, now) seven eight-part mini-series. ‒When it comes to that particular scene the audio was, in my opinion, faked.” Continue reading “‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ Creator Admits J.J. Gun Scene Audio ‘Faked’; Claims Editors Regularly Bending Truth”