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Phnom PenhI just got back from a few days of biz in the Cambodian capital. I have always done Cambodia on a budget – cheap flights, cheap hotels and cheap eats. This time it was 5star hotels, drivers and nice dinners. Not saying it made a huge difference but it can make life a little easier. There has been a lot written about the hostess bar crackdown, the lack of the viets and so on. I can’t really tell the difference and I am not the hardcore monger always searching for the cheapest beer or the cheapest shag. My rule of thumb is you get what you pay for and if you want VN girls why not just go to VN?

Cambodia does offer a certain freshness in the service. The service people smile, the girls are happy to see you and the food is good value. I wanted to punch most of the motosai guys in the face and I was tiring of being asked if I needed a tour guide but apart from that the place actually irritated me a little less than previous trips. Could I live there? No way.

Some of the lowlife guys hanging there are worse than the pattaya scum, the traffic is getting appallingly bad (no transit options either), and absolutely no one knows where they are going. I don’t know how many times the motosai guy would stop and ask me if I have seen where I was going yet? I guess the assumption was if he drove around long enough I would see my destination and tell him to stop. I fixed this by keeping the hotel driver who seemed to know his way around. Nothing like pulling up to the bars/restaurants in a car.

A couple of things I noticed about PP. There are some seriously good looking white skinned girls. Not Chinese white but cambo looking with white skin. I went to get my hair cut at some joint and had one on my feet and one on my hands – working my nails. Gorgeous and chatty but my Khmer is non existent and their English was marginal. My driver says these girls, some in Uni, hang at places like the Rock and the Rose. Upper scale Cambodian discos.  I did not get a chance to check it out but maybe the next trip.

You also see the prototype dark skin, Isaan looking, Cambo girls but the look that killed me was what I call the temple dancer style girls. Very Cambodian looking faces without the flat nose, dark or light skin but with very curvy bodies. Plump ass, a little bit of a belly and big boobs. I was in love more than a few times. This look I am after now and you just don’t see it in Thailand or Vietnam but I have before in Indonesia as well as Cambodia. Wow.

One night I am walking home and run into a freelancer and she fit this look perfectly. Mocha colored, huge tits and a visible pert ass. I was not in the pulling mode cause I had to be up early but I made a date to meet her the next night at the HOD. By the way the Heart was kicking every night with a mix of locals, FGs, p4p and non p4p. Goes late, music was kicking and ordering a bottle makes for an affordable night out. HOD – the place to be at night for pulling.

Another notable mention for the Pontoon. Same type of thing as HOD but on a big boat type of thing tethered to land. I think the HOD is better but Pontoon not bad.

Funny thing about being with a bunch of business people at a conference is during dinner watching people sort out who around the table wants to party. Party I mean going out and pulling – p4p or not. The hunt, the prowl – looking for puss. It is a delicate dance sorting out who among your colleagues or newly met industry friends are into going out or not. You start by asking guys around you and find a small group and then make an exit. Turns out  a few of the guys I was mostly hanging with were on the same page.

One of them happened to mention he was looking to find this hottie he had met some months back. I mentioned I was looking for someone as well and we decided to head out. So there we were sitting on a few bar stools when I saw the girl I was looking for and she saw – my friend. The guy she was with a few months back. You should have seen the look on her face – was too funny. She was feeling pretty awkward about it all. Small world indeed – so there went my hookup for the night. A few guys mentioned to me that the p4p scene for FLs is small and this happens a bunch. Not my thing so I think I need to sort out how to find the normal girls looking for the great white hope.

We checked out some places one night:

Martinis sucked ass. It was dead as a doornail. For me that place is depressing and feels like a monger only pit stop.

Sharky’s was busy but did not see anything worth approaching.

Heart of Darkness was kicking – with decent music and a great mix. We got a bottle of Vodka and some cranberry juice. Awesome.

I don’t remember all the names or the streets but mostly 104,110 and 136 for hostess bars. IMO I did not notice a difference. Seemed to be plenty of girls and lots of places open. For me I just pop in and look to see if there are any hotties or a good vibe. On each street I found 2-3 fun places. Candy was probably my fav for the vibe and the playfulness of the girls.

I mostly enjoyed places like the HOD except for one issue. As everyone knows PP is plagued with NGOs – just too many of them in town pushing up the prices of apartments, clogging the streets with big gas guzzling cars and filling the bars with overweight white women looking for action. I  was amazed how many times I was approached in HOD and was thinking about taking a fly swatter with me to fend them off.

Cambodia is fun though. The decent places offer great service without that edge that Thailand has given it is overrun with tourists. I love hanging at places like the FCC enjoying the views, the food and the awesome service. This became HQ for hosting business lunches.

Being a Metrosexual I also found the spas quite nice. Good value and also rammed with gorgeous Cambo girls who spoke awesome English. No extras on offer but still a fun place – maybe a spot to try and pick up for an evening date?

Just need to find out if any of these girls are on tagged so I can pre-arrange some hookups with the non p4p girls…

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  1. @gs: Some very nice hotels in PP these days. Not that I’d know much about them – my last expedition was conducted from the confines of one of the less salubrious riverside establishments, in which a room could be had for $18 a night. I upgraded to the $23 “deluxe” room, because it had a window.

    There is certainly more to PP than just the Buriram-alikes (although these are plentiful) – the paler Cambodians do have a different, dare I say exotic look.

    Although “exotic” is of course defined as “anyone who doesn’t look like the girl I’m shagging this week”.

    Nice write-up, although it kind of confirms my opinion that perhaps PP’s best days from a simple P4P perspective are long gone. Martini’s was awful earlier this year, and Sharky’s not much better. Didn’t see anyone worth a second look at either place.

    The proliferation of hostess bars means that the talent’s kind of diluted (I think I’m quoting gavinmac there, so props for calling it), but that can make for a fun time popping in and out along the strips (104 and 136 for me – I missed 110), trying to match your spec before you get too drunk to find your hotel…

  2. My last trip to PP was not what I would call OK. The honey I pulled from 136 wanted, ………Wait for it!………$100.00, after I had BF her, by the time I had her down to $40.00 I had lost interest. I mean after all, I live in Bangkok!
    The only great looking woman I saw in the whole town was working at Swensons. The rest were nothing I wanted to wake up with after a few hours of fun and games. I did see one Vietnamese at Martinis that I should have pulled, been kicking myself in the ass for not doing that.

  3. I think I’ve said this before, but the best hotel in Phnom Penh is the Nagaworld Casino and Hotel. Big rooms, comfortable beds, flat screen TVs, huge walk-in showers, no judgmental white chicks.

  4. @ THE MAN: Why didn’t you just write…. I am the ugliest, stingiest, stupidest ice cream fat cunt… wannabe self mutilater in the world…?

    That’s what I read anyway…

  5. I always love The Phnom: such a great mix of ongoing gentrification and utter chaos. Of course there are posh hotels: where else are people with more-euros-than-brains gonna stay for that oh-so-colonial experience? Try the Cambodiana. Also, there are high-rise hopes springing up here and there, in a town where few buildings are more than 4-5 stories and few hotels even have lifts, it’s a novelty. There’s a project that’s supposed to top out at 42 stories…if it’s ever built. If you’re a cheap charlie like me, go to the top of Sorya Mall (some decent cheap enclosed/air-con food stalls up there and walk around outside. You can take great photos, including a killer view of the Central Market, but if the cheese-patrol security-drones spot you, they’ll yell at you.

    PP *is* dangerous, residents report a return to the in-yr-face (their gun, yr face) robberies of years past. I would not recommend it as a locale to la-di-da down the street with a gutful of booze. Use common sense and you won’t have any tales of “how BIG the hole in the end of that thing was!!”…and we’re not talking katoey SNAFU here, gents.

    If you are going to be out and about at night, rent a car/driver. But if yr a bit of an adrenaline-junkie, like me, the motodup (moto or “loco” as I like to call ’em) is the way to go. Your mileage may vary, but here’s what I do:

    1) KNOW where I’m going, or a nearby landmark (they all know Sorya, for example). Because the locos don’t.

    2) Check the rear footpegs. Bare metal is OK, no footpeg is (usually) not.

    3) Don’t take the guys who hang out outside yr hotel, in fact, don’t take a moto that’s not in motion. They love to park on the sidewalk and harangue you, I don’t want to disturb yr rest, is my answer. Smile. Always.

    4) OK, it’s good to tell the guy where yr going, and establish a price. I usually skip ALL of that, i get on the back and off we go. Ignore all traffic but be aware that people in SUVs have the right of way at ALL times, or people with special license plates, or whatever. When i want a turn, i tap him on the shoulder and point. When i want to stop i point towards the ground, they usually stop right away but if not, just say stop.

    5) Payment: i hand the guy the riel and walk away. If i DON’T hear a lot of loud complaining, i know i overpaid a bit. but i pay 1200-2000 riel for trips in town. US dollars only come out for trips to Martini (for those, it is best to bargain, and if yr with a pal u can get a Cambo tuk-tuk, which are comfier than the locos). it’s $1 to Martini, if they don’t agree, find another tuk-tuk. a proper car ride with yr date back to yr hotel from Martini will be $2-3.

    All this begs the question: what about the talent? I tend to stick to the VNs, less attitude, better service. Khmer dames can be stunners, but get ’em in yr hotel room and you may wish you’d gone Viet. PP is no longer the playground it was years ago, fewer VNs and as the author noted, it’s a small scene. If it’s not your thing, there’s always Pattaya!


  6. @JTB “3) Don’t take the guys who hang out outside yr hotel, in fact, don’t take a moto that’s not in motion. They love to park on the sidewalk and harangue you, I don’t want to disturb yr rest, is my answer. Smile. Always.”

    I was there last month picking up my visa and I found that the motodop guys in front of the hotel always knew where to go. Of course the locations were all the well known ones…Martini, Heart, Sharkys, St 104, St 136. The one motodop I grabbed off the street was going around in circles trying to find Heart.

    One hostess bar I went to a lot was Shanghai, across the street from Flamingo hotel. Had a good time in there playing pool with the ladies.

  7. WTFM, your use of ‘awesome’ reminded me of this Eddie Izzard bit: 😉

    Rather you than me with the Khmer girls. I find there’s something very lacking in them… Not enough girls for a start. What does that tell you about attitude?

    “you get what you pay for and if you want VN girls why not just go to VN?”

    Because, years ago, when they actually had VN girls in Phnom Penh, they priced themselves more cheaply than in Vietnam and things were a whole lot easier too.

    I’ve been to Phnom Penh three times. The last time there were hardly Viets and it wasn’t any fun.

    I heard Sophie’s has closed too now. Is that true?

  8. @gavinmac: thanks for the info! i only checked out the lobby of the Cambodiana, didn’t check any rooms. their nightly rates are pretty close to what yr average Khmer makes annually, so i never considered staying there.

    those who remember the whole VN-in-PP scene recall what fun it was and the best value-for-money in P4P ever, anywhere.

    and yes, the expats can be exceptionally twisted.


  9. Sophies got shut down.
    Shame really, along with Le Cyrcee was my favourite place in PP.
    Anyone know if the owner of Cheerleaders is still banged up?

  10. I do think the reason the hotels are only3-4 stories high in cambodia is because they will fall down in a short time from the shitey construction and the comment about the low class skum not as the low class in pattaya wow. Nice to be number one in the 3rd world

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