A Week in Angeles City – Part One

My pal On Nutter and I were recently booked on a Cebu Pacific flight to Angeles City. And, in a dramatic break from tradition, actually made it.

Here begins an account of what transpired – the first of five (count ’em!) parts, because I figured people probably hate overly-long individual pieces even more than they hate serial pieces of readable length…

Day One – Outbound Flight


Miraculously, when we arrived at the airport, the flight was not only listed, but was actually running on schedule. We checked in, and went to change our fistfuls of bahts into a more appropriate currency.

Philippine Pesos are the order of the day, but a glance at the rates quoted at the change bureau at Suvarnabhumi suggested that this wasn’t such a good idea – Pesos were offered at ฿0.49 to buy, and ฿0.90 to sell. The actual rate was around ฿0.7, which is almost a 30% markup – in either direction. Caveat emptor.

We bought US dollars instead, which we could easily trade for Philippine Pesos at the countless money changers around Angeles City – as a rough guide, 1 US dollar is a smidgen under 50 pesos. Sure, we paid two lots of commision (baht to dollars, then dollars to pesos), but they added up to a hell of a lot less than 30%.

After the three-hour flight, the highlight of which was undoubtably not the “fun” games our flight crew attempted to get us to join in on (eg. “Hey everybody, first passenger to wave a pen over their head gets a free toy” – fuck off, I am watching Star Wars), we touched down for a welcome respite from the end of Bangkok’s rainy season in the typhoon-addled, yet remarkably dry, Philippines.

Down the steps and onto the tarmac, I took my first glimpse of our destination: aside from our aeroplane and the tiny terminal building, there was nothing else to be seen. There wasn’t a single other aeroplane at the airport.

One of the things that always bugs me about Pattaya is the farangs that I meet there. There are a few honourable exceptions, of course, but most of them are a pretty unpleasant bunch. It’s always riled me that by far the worst of the lot are inevitably Brits. I have long wondered where the trashy American whoremongers were, if not Pattaya. Surely the USA has its own unappealing scumbags, too?

In Angeles City, I found the answer. In the immigration queue, which moved swiftly enough, I counted four hick mullets, plus an elderly bearded gent wearing one of those tattoo sleeves. I could see the seam. Classy.

Although this was my first visit to the Philippines, it wouldn’t be my first dalliance with a Filipina. The initial dubious honour goes to the best of a bad bunch in the Dragon Club bar in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district, who blew me in the bar in exchange for far too much money.

And recently, quite by accident, I ended up on a fun, boozy date with a Filipina living in Bangkok, who works at a local school as an English teacher. Dinner, drinks, and back to my place. In the morning, I reflected on the fact that I was surely now a member of a fairly elite club who can boast at having been sucked off by a Bangkok English teacher, without all the associated unpleasantness of having to join the gays…

We even had a tour guide. On Nutter has a pal who moved from Bangkok to Angeles City earlier this year. Some readers may even know of him – lately of Bangkok, Baron Bonk is a British gent who seems to be channeling the spirit of dearly departed bon viveur Keith Floyd. His appetite for the finer foods and wines of the world is matched only by his lust for women.

And so we checked into our hotel and met The Baron for dinner – a cold cuts and cheese platter to start, then a nice steak in peppercorn sauce with spätzli, rounded off with a slice of black forest gateau, inevitably accompanied by three bottles of wine. In between mouthfuls, The Baron explained how things work.

Firstly, as at the gogo bars of Saphan Kwai (Sutthisan), the barfine is all-inclusive. Barfines ranged from about P1,300 (฿910) to P1,500 (฿1,050) pesos, which is split between the bar and the girl, and covers not only the girl’s departure from the bar, but also her fee for services rendered – Long Time is apparently the standard.

That said, The Baron also advised me that “If you’re a gentleman, you’ll tip the young lady an extra P500 (฿350).”

Tipsy on wine and amply stuffed, I was almost ready for bed. But no – it was time to explore the bars.

Fields Avenue

We began in Rhapsody, which was decent enough fun, but none of the girls particularly jumped out at me.

“Is that your Dad?” asked one of them – pointing at On Nutter.

“No”, I said.

We were going to leave after a single beer (San Miguel Lite is less than P100 (฿70) in gogo bars, and closer to P50 (฿35) or less in beer bars), but the Mamasan wouldn’t hear of it, and bought us another round.

On Nutter said he had never been bought a beer by a mamasan in four years of living in Bangkok. I’d only ever been bought one myself, years ago, in a tired beer bar in Queen’s Park Plaza – and never in a gogo. Yet we were bought beers by the mamasan – hired staff, not the owner – within twenty minutes of entering our first bar in Angeles. A little customer service goes a long way, and I made a mental note to return to Rhapsody out of principle, regardless of the quality of the women.

We moved on from there to Gecko’s, where I was rather taken by a pretty girl with bleached blonde hair, but she was already in street clothes – presumably she’d already been out for a short-time. I figured I was bound to find something more attractive later on – ideally bikini-clad, so that I could inspect the goods more closely…

La Pasha bar was up next – by now we were getting the hang of it. The Angeles gogo model is not a million miles from the Bangkok version, with the main difference being the prices.

That said, bikinis are ubiquitous. The closest Angeles gets to nudity, I was told, was at a few bars where the bikini top is replaced by body paint – knickers stay on regardless.

Those bastard ping pong balls were present too, albeit again at a discounted price. Bell rings, interestingly, are set-price – the fee ranged from about P3,000 (฿2,100) to about P6,000 (฿4,200) depending on the size of the bar and the number of employees. The walls of many bars were inscribed with lists of the names, dates and times of previous bell-ringers, which is I suppose more recognition than it earns a punter in the average Bangkok bar… I still wasn’t tempted though.

On the upside, the standard of English is streets ahead. English is an official language of the Philippines, so one can have a perfectly pleasant time in the bars without having to utter a single word of Tagalog. I encountered absolutely no communication problems whatsoever.


From La Pasha we headed up Fields Avenue – the main bar strip – to Brown Sugar, in whose toilets I came across a caricature of Mick Jagger in which his index finger had sprouted a bell-end. Which was nice.

Something else I found in Brown Sugar was Cherry Girls. Definitely not something available in the gogo bars of Bangkok, Cherry Girls are, apparently, virgins. I was sceptical too, but am reliably informed that they are the real deal. Their status is indicated by a red “V” on their licence – every dancer or bargirl in Angeles has to wear a laminated licence card bearing their photograph, date of birth, place of birth and other assorted details. It does not indicate how many kids they’ve had, but it does indicate whether they’re a virgin.

Deflowering Cherry Girls was not on my list of things to do, so I didn’t even bother asking the price, but if that kind of thing floats your boat, they’re all over the place. Virgins are terrible shags, and I don’t think one really gains any bragging rights if the defloration comes at a hefty price – further online investigation suggests that the price might be somewhere in the P30,000 (฿21,000) range….

I should point out that they’re all 18 and over, of course – that’s the minimum age in Angeles, and the licence system means that it seems to be fairly rigidly adhered to. There are freelancers working the streets in Angeles, but they’re viewed with suspicion – generally assumed to be diseased, thieves or underage (or all three). Sticking to the licensed girls seems the safe approach. There’s no good reason for a girl to work on the streets when she can easily work in the bars – so if she is on the street, it’s probably for a bad reason…

Then onto Angelwitch – no relation to the heftily overpriced Bangkok and Pattaya show bars of the same name, this was more like a rock pub that happened to have dancing girls. A couple of decent lookers – both of whom asked On Nutter whether I was his son – but nothing irresistible, and we stayed in here for another couple of beers, after which I was very drunk indeed.

After the equivalent of a bottle of wine each, followed by at least seven beers, coupled with crippling jet lag (Angeles is a whole hour ahead of Bangkok), I had little gas left in the tank.

On first impressions, Bangkok spoils us. The average Bangkok gogo girl is several orders of magnitude more attractive than the average Angeles gogo girl, and I don’t even particularly rate average Bangkok gogo girls very highly.

Angeles City is a town in dire need of a good orthodontist, for a start – and this is coming from a Brit! Those girls fortunate enough not to have a grin like a smashed piano were often either overweight, had skin that would benefit from a good sandblasting, or had a big wobbly facial mole – or even several.

To be fair, midnight had long passed before we’d really even started, so the cream of the crop could safely be assumed to have long been harvested, but the paucity of talent was disappointing. Perhaps I should have taken the blonde from Gecko’s, but I wasn’t quite feeling it, and hadn’t seen anything truly tempting since. There just wasn’t a single girl who I really wanted to sleep with.

Blowjobs, however, are another matter, and needs must. And so to Blow Row. An area of Santos St, just off the main strip of Fields Avenue, is Angeles City’s answer to Pattaya’s Soi Six. There are dingy rooms in the back of these run-down beer bars, and short-time is billed at a balloon-chaser-friendly P700 (฿490) – all inclusive. I staggered into the first bar with an acceptable girl in front, and was blown away. Ha ha. No, seriously – one of the best BJs I have ever had in my life, which is not an accolade I award frivolously. I could have shagged her too, for no extra money, but really couldn’t be bothered.

After finishing my beer, and buying the young lady an orange juice for her troubles, I waddled contently to the hotel, and to bed.

As I began the slow drift into unconsciousness, I consoled myself in the facts that it had been Saturday night, that we’d hit the bars far too late, and that we’d only explored a fraction of the area.

Sure, I’d slept with more girls during my recent week in England (1) than I’d managed so far in Angeles (0), but that ratio couldn’t possibly last – could it?

56 thoughts on “A Week in Angeles City – Part One

  1. Filipinas (maids, teachers, nurses, shopgirls) are ubiquitous in the more developed ASEAN countries, so it’s very easy to score freebies. In several years of living in the region I have perhaps seen 3 or 4 whom I found attractive – there is something about the particular race that just does not appeal to me, so I wouldn’t expect Angeles to have too many offerings to make the trip worth one’s time.

  2. Regarding the Mick Jagger picture, is that bell-end or is it the skin peeled down? Bizarre. You, Pops, and The Baron? Talk about your professional mongers.

  3. Looking forward to the rest of the report.

    I think there is a direct link between lack of looks and the skills a girl has at sucking cock. Many pretty girls cant be bothered. As Kid Creole sang, “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.” I’m assuming the only reason you could be happy with a woman for a life time is if she gave good head.

    How much was the wine?

  4. Phillipines is pretty good fun…and the prices are hard to beat. One of the only drawbacks being Flips are far less attractive than Thais and the proclivity of Flips to have moles somewhere on their face that just makes the whole package all the worse.

    As to why you dont see many Yanks in Thailand..I can only guess that the distance is just too great. Although, you see a lot more of them in PI, so that may not hold water.

  5. Dragon Bar in Wanchai…I can only imagine what a hummer in that place must have set you back. It would have been cheaper to go next door to Laguna…and just drag one outta there.

  6. agree Julian always found and abundance of NON P4P filipinas in Manila. In fact most days spent there had multiple freebies each day.

    But differ with him as known many absolutley stunning filipinas who when are beautiful are the most beautiful of all Asian women

  7. I am going to check with my astrologer – we seem to be on the same cycles. We were both on the same cancelled Cebu flight and I was just in AC at the same time as you, but we have never met. If I show up in your pictures, there will be a photo credit to be paid.

    That is where the commonality ends, however, as Angeles is on my calendar at least once a year and it makes a great change of pace from Thailand. Sure, you need to sort through the girls to find one you like, and yes, there are virgins all over the place.

    The big change for me is the naiive Filipina is a refreshing change from the calculating Thai bar girl. Scammers are everywhere but romance left Thailand long ago and the Filipinas are natural romantics looking for a love connection. Sort of like returning to junior high school, but getting laid at the same time.

    Look forward to the rest of the segments.

  8. It would have been better to have withdrawn pesos from an ATM in the Philippines.

    Certainly if you have pounds in England and probably if you have baht in Thailand. The electroninc rate trumps the notes every time…

  9. Wow! – spoiled! two great posts in a row – first pmmps hallucinogenic tale and now this….. such a nice change from posts about downloaded freestyle knitting contests..

  10. Doctor Bond,

    Different people like different things. Clearly the UFC threads were very popular despite efforts by you and a few others to ruin them with your incessant whining.

    The Big Mango seemed to do a great business and made many customers happy showing UFC. They will do it again.

    Now can you just get used to it and please stop acting like a baby whenever tfs2m publishes something you don’t like.


  11. Having been to AC more times than I like to remember, I still don’t like the place. The women, for the most part are short and dumpy, the only plus is that they speak English. Another plus about the place is the one price takes all, no bar fines per say. Having said that, after a trip to Saigon and other parts of Vietnam, I find the women of Thailand sort of dumpy and they don’t speak English, much. We won’t talk about Cambodia. Of course I’m not knocking those wonderful Thai ladies, they have served me well.

  12. hh – I promise to do that as soon as you develop a sense of humour and learn to recognise a bit of ribbing when you see it.

  13. that on nutter due must look old cos farangs look old anyways, so that on nutter must be 63 years plus if the Op is mistaken for his son.

  14. Hi folks, thanks for your comments…

    @Julian, yeah I was dubious too – but had heard so many conflicting tales. Half the guys I spoke to raved about it, the other half said it was awful. Figured I had to see it for myself.

    @Poodle, you definitely have a point. Does it follow that one should therefore seek out unfeasibly unattractive service providers, perhaps in smut cinemas, in search of the perfect BJ? Hmm… I do know that the wine was far cheaper than in BKK (the import duty is far lower), but I don’t remember the exact price – or even what we were drinking. Sorry.

    @PG: Yes – I thought I’d already mentioned it. I aim to sleep with an English girl every time I go to England – reverse sex tourism, or something…

    @JB: The problem with the ATMs was that I couldn’t reliably predict which of my cards would work over there. My spending money lives in a Thai bank account, and I didn’t even know whether the card would work outside Thailand.

    I also didn’t know whether the Philippines ATMs would work with foreign cards.

    And finally, I didn’t know what the foreign transaction fees would be – perhaps I’d get charged by both the issuing and receiving bank, which would probably outweigh the rate benefit.

    I could have asked all these questions at a branch of my Thai bank, of course. Anyone think I’d have got a reliable and true set of answers? Me neither. Cash is just easier.

    @hh: UFC is okay, but it was never the same after The Ultimate Warrior retired.

    @Indo man: 63 is an oddly precise guess – which I doubt On Nutter would thank you for! – and would make him more than double my age. He’s not.

    Cheers chaps, more soon…

  15. On the subject of mamasans buying drinks,I can still remember being bought a beer by the big mamasan at Angelwitch on my first night out in Nana. At the time I figured it was normal but looking back I’m wondering if it was just a dream.

  16. Thanks for the write up, I was planning on heading to the AC early next year with some friends to check it out. Might skip it and just hit the island instead. I personally dig the fat asses and massive jugs you find on many of the flip chicks. Facial moles are considered beautiful over there, I guess if it’s a big deal to you then you’re buggered.

    Speaking of incredible BJs – I short timed a phat bottomed gogo girl from Mandarin in nana plaza when I was there last month. She could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. I forget her number… but she was a solid, Chinese looking girl with a round ass you could bounce a quarter off. My toes literally curled while she was working her subtle magic. I can’t wait to go back to LOS.

  17. Now that I got my piss-take out of the way, my real comment…

    I like Angeles. I wish I could go more often. The flight is cheap and short, but I spen waaaaay too much damn money while I’m there.

    Girls — Attractiveness is a subjective subject. I, too, prefer the look of Thai girls. My business partner, who hits AC 2-3 times a year, prefers Filipinas. I’ve never had trouble finding girls I find attractive enough to shag… usually 2 or 3 a day (although my first visit I set a personal records and had sex 9 times in 24 hours… and followed that with LOTS of sleep.)

    But it does take some looking to find that one (or two and three). And, INVARIABLY, the girl I want to bang turns out to be a Cherry Girl. I have 100% perfectly accurate Cherry Girl Radar. I know any one I’m very interested in will be a no-go. Pisses me off to no end.

    Cost — Girls are cheap. DOMESTIC mixed drinks are cheap (but deadlly). Hotels are expensive. So is food. And it’s crap, to boot.

    Let me repeat, there’s NO decent food in A.C. WOuld it kill them to put in a Burger King or McDonald’s? Even that would be an improvement. (Actually, there are those in the mall not far from the strip, I was gleeful to discover my last trip there.)

    What gets expensive is the overindulgence that AC inspires. I have spent 3 Songkrans there. The first I did 33 Hours in Angeles (which sounds like a hell of a good title for a post).

    The second time I did 4 days.

    The last time — Songkran 2008 — I spent TEN days there. NEVER again. That’s waaaay too long.

    My routine is pretty much the same each day, starting with the arrival day. Sleep, stay in the aircon room, watch DVDs and hit the pool during the day. Then…

    *** Aside, sorry: There is NOTHING to do in the daytime there. It’s worse than Pattaya ****

    Then, after dark, get some crap food somewhere and hit the bars around 7. Drink really cheap Flip Vodka (I gave up on Rum after the worst hangovers of my life 4 years ago) and hit as many bars as possible. Short time or two, then stumble back to the room with a second or third for an LT around 3 a.m. or later.

    Getting really stupid and nasty in the bars seems to be the defualt behavior. I’d be embarassed to go back mroe than once a year for fear they’d remember me. …. Although my last trip a couple girls did.

    Morning.. nurse cheap flip alcohol hangover, Repeat.

    Was hoping to go back in January. Not having a lottery-winning kind of month, however, so that looks pretty unlikely.

    Good post BBB. But, for God’s sake, FIVE parts? What? You think you’re me writing about Cambodia or something?

  18. The only bar in Thailand where I’ve ever been given free drinks (I’m not counting farang-owned bars like Bully’s and The Big Mango) is Afterskool, and I’m given them there regularly (pretty much every visit). Granted, I drop a fair amount of cash in there…though that doesn’t get me free drinks in any place where I do it, haha!

  19. Pinays? Blecch. Probably dead last on my list of AILFs. 2nd to last if Aborigines are included.

    That said, turn out the lights and I can pretend she’s Thai. Or Chinese. Or white!

    Pinoys wear a mean fedora, though. Do they give one to all baby boys when they leave the hosptial?

  20. I must have gotten a three standard deviation from the mean experience with Filipinas. From a pure looks standpoint, two of the hottest women I’ve ever hooked up with have been (Americanized, never visited the country) from that oh so catholic island. One was arguably my hottest ever, but she was ruling class Ivy League educated (the relative hung out and stole with the Marcos family themselves) so probably not an accurate sample. Also, annoying as all hell, which explains how anyone could ever break up with her.

    Anyway, always a good read, Mr. BBB. Keep ’em coming.

  21. Ii guess i have to chime in on this…. You have to kinda get into the AC scene and get to know some of the girls, then you get into meeting “Cousins” these are the girls that work in offices or are attractive enough to have “Cam Sponsors” they dont work the bar scene… I have met some of the hottest Filps this way… the best of both worlds Flat stomachs with big Susus (Tits) and nice asses…

    The sad part is that once they get to their mid to late 20’s then they get “JolliBee” tummies… for those of you that have been to AC or anywhere else in PI know that fat bee chicken franchise.

    Also many of the Cherry Girls are really not Cherry they just dont want to sleep with you…. but they will give a good blow job. The whole Cherry Girl thing is a bit of a scam for the most part, its a way for some bars (not all) to get a guy to pay premium for a piece of ass.

    The negatives for me when it comes to AC is that there is no After Hours… No Clubs unless you travel outside the city then thats where you can find some fun times. Although some clubs are open 24/7 so you can always find a piece if you want some but its not the best piece… ha ha

    If you want to see beautiful Pinoys you need to go to a metro city like Manila, Makati has some clubs that can rival Thai girls.. Service wise there is less attitude in AC than LoS.

    AC is like Pattaya.. (many girls in a small area but you have to search for a diamond in the rough)
    Manila is like Bangkok (many girls in many venues, you have to have coin to get the cream of the crop)

    just my 3.9999 cents.

  22. Good summary of the AC bar scene and prices.

    I was also recently in AC. A day or 2 before Halloween, my friend and I are chatting up a cute door girl. She met my friend’s criteria for a size S with a cute face, so he immediately asked her about barfining that night.

    She told my friend that she has menustration, so he dejectedly moved inside the bar with me.

    About 30 minutes later she has changed clothes and we see her leaving with a reputed ‘bad boy’. No doubt her ‘menustration excuse’ was a ruse to avoid going with my friend, who is a well-known expat living in the Philippines.

  23. Hey, get a country with 90 million people and you’re going to find enough hotties to fill up a pick-up truck or two. I’d certainly have no problem banging any of the 3 girls singing the national anthem before the Pacquiao fight…

    From the looks of it, neither would Michael Buffer.

  24. I’ve been given free drinks in the old X-Zone, although we usually are so pissed that I’m sure they just throw the freebies on the bill anyway. I wouldn’t expect anything less…

  25. Indo Man: I am told on a daily basis that I look younger than my age and that I am very handsome. And bargirls never lie.

    Ghost: Nothing to do in the day? There are daytime gogos and short-time bars. With the help of The Baron, BBB and I found some decent grub, but you are right that it is in short supply.
    I like Angeles and I like Flippers, especially their cute accents, even though it is possible to go into gogos and not see one you would want to take home. The search is part of the fun.

    Ratchada: A few years ago, the owner of Afterskool (Dutch, I think) bought me and every other customer five drinks when the electricity went out. Class.

  26. @ht: I wouldn’t skip it – wait for the last part before you make your mind up.

    @Ghost: There’s a new McDonalds at the end of Fields Ave now. We didn’t eat there though. Also, I haven’t finished part 5 yet. Pray that I can squeeze it all in, and that there isn’t a part 6…

    @DJ: I had to make a tiny cut to your comment – hopefully you’ll understand why. All will become clear, anyway…

  27. I like AC and Manila in a sleazy kind of way… For the most part the girls are not as attractive as Thais and they all seem to have a bit of baby fat due to their diet, but you can find a few diamonds in the rough…

    #Ghost: There’s a McDonald’s at the end of Fields Ave, some decent pizza places, there’s always KoKomoz and if you get really hard up you can hit Jollibees!!!

  28. Good to hear about the close-in MkckyDs. Koko’s food is “OK”. I often ate lunch at that sub/cheesesteak place near the bridge. Also I hear Tequila Reef has opened a place just off Fields. Gotta be better than Margarita Station. Obvioulsy, I need a trip back.

    On the oside-subject of free drinks, you folks obviously don’t hang with me. I get them in pretty much every gogo I visit, even Peppermint. Its the free Jaegerbombs in Roxy and free frozen B52 shots in Catz that kill me in the mroning, though.

  29. Yipee! My favorite writer is back!! Part 1 of 5 (maybe 6). I think I just came…and sorry pmmp I wasn’t thinking of you at the time.

  30. There’s plenty of hot flips in California. The ones with money, connections, and/or looks (which usually go hand in hand) get the fuck out of the Philippines at their first opportunity.

    I once met a girl in the LA cafe in Manila who said “it’s not about what you know, but who you blow”.

  31. Has OnNutter and one of his younger sidekicks ever taken advantage of this false father/son identity? It would be a perfect ruse to bag a mother/daughter combo.

  32. TJ the mamasan at angelwich nana bought me a drink once. I remember the conversation. I told her one of the girls there JOJO thai/khmer girl who was the main girl in the show there about 2 years ago, (gone now). had kept me up all night last night and I was beat! and she said dont complain to me thats what you wanted, thats what you got…

  33. The chick with short hair over at What’s up Play Girl is always buy’n people in the crowd shooters. Every time i ventured in there she was always making people welcome an’ trying to show them a good time.

    Great report btw.

  34. I wonder if there is a connection between bad teeth and good blow jobs, just a thought. Presumably if a young lady has taken a lot of trouble to straighten and polish her pearly whites, she may be a little less enthusiastic about clamping them round all manner of members. I sense a field research project in AC is in order. Good write up, looking forward to the next installments (all 4 of them).

  35. @WPD: I once met a girl in the LA cafe in Manila who said “it’s not about what you know, but who you blow”.

    LA Cafe is my favorite hunting grounds in Manila, along with Robinson’s Midtown Mall!!!

  36. Mango Fanboy: I am feeling like Old Father Time. Honestly, I am not that old! No, I have never used any of my various ‘sons’ for such devious purposes, but it’s not a bad idea. I will work on it.

  37. What are you blokes doing wrong? I get a free drink, or more, from several bars in Pattaya. Mind you I ensure mama and staff are looked after. My name would appear on several AC bell lists.

  38. Why are the comments closed for part 2? Delicate BBB doesn’t like it when we discuss on his occasionally non-depraved activities?

  39. On being bought drinks, the comparison was with Bangkok – and they were bought by a member of staff, not an owner of the bar. That was what surprised me.

    Pattaya is a different beast, of course, and the Dutch guy who used to own Afterskool (Hank?) was famously generous – but was not hired staff.

    Sounds like a couple of you have had the equivalent experience in Angelwitch though, for which props.

  40. @BBB, @ON: I’ve never been bought drinks in Afterskool by any owner (wouldn’t know what he/they looked like if I saw him), only the girls. They all apparently have the power to give a certain amount of free drinks to customers when they want to; when one asks for a drink for me they always have to indicate their server number/name. On the nights when I get a lot, it requires several of them giving up their quota in order to keep them flowing, haha.

  41. Maybe all the good looking go-go girls work Manila and they send the leftovers to AC because I have been to Manila 2 times and thought the go-go girls were knock-outs – better than the average Thai bar girl by a lot. But I hated Manila so much that both times I just had to cut my trip short and get out. I had an unknowing Cherry Girl experience in Manila. Was in a go-go bar and had never heard of the whole very odd Cherry Girl concept. Saw a total cutie pie who must have weighed about 80 pounds and was 18 – beyond adorable. We chatted and at some point she asks what I want to do back in the room and I thought she was being coy so I sarcastically reply “just watch TV”. She then agreed to go back with me. Can’t recall the cost but I think it was just the normal cost. Once back in the room I discover upon my hands doing some attempted wandering that in fact all we are going to do is watch TV! She explains that she is a virgin. No BJ I ask? Nope. No hj? Nope. Watch TV? Yes! I said a merry goodnight and told her she didn’t have to stay after all. Watching TV on my own was something I am pretty good at.

  42. Nice post. I made similar experience at my last visit in AC, about 2007. The number of pretty girls is very low in AC and most of the cases the good looking girls are not easy available. Bar staff will tell you they are cherry girls, since they don’t want lose the pretty ones too early in the night. In one particular case, I found a girl in Dollhouse very attractive. Mamasan told me she is a cherry girl. Later the night I saw her at a 7 Eleven after her shift. I spoke with her and she agreed for LT in my Hotel. The reason was that in that case she get the whole money and not only a percentage of the relatively low barfine.
    A average or ugly girl is very happy with the percentage of barfine, the pretty ones can claim usually higher prices.

    In general I would agree that average Filippina in AC is less attractive than the average Thai in Pattaya. Filippinas in AC are often short and chubby. Buuut, I guess it depends from what Island or region of the Philippines they come from.
    In average Bargirl in Makati is way more attractive than the average GoGo in Nana or Cowboy, imho.
    Of course prices are ridiculous high in Makati. Only the Barfine range from 2000-7000 Pesos and there is not even the money for the girl included. But, there are really very attractive, tall and curvy girls in those Makati Clubs, even some with mixed blood, whose often look fabulous.

  43. AC is truly a third world hellhole.

    In the Philippines, ATMs are few and far between, and tend to be located in far-off, dark places. Once you get there, if you’re lucky that your card works, you can often withdraw about 4000 pesos ($80) max… after 3000 for the hotel, good luck being a tourist with that.

    Hotels are complete crap, and far overpriced compared to Thailand. While in Th 500-1000 baht generally gets you and OK place (except in central BKK or Phuket), in PI, the dumps start at 2000+… and we’re talking *scary*.

    The whole place is dirty and depressing, people are sullen. Guns everywhere, and you sense real danger (can almost see crimes in progress).

    The girls look on average like bottom 10% of Thai girls, and don’t seem to have a nicer attitude (does it matter that I speak Thai and no Tagalog?)

    In summary, PI (especially Angeles) is like being dropped in a Mexican slum populated by ugly Asians… It’s a must-see, exactly once.

  44. The ATMs were at the mall. Well-lit. I’m pretty sure the withdrawal limit was more than 4,000.

    [Edit: I’ve looked into this. Some ATMs do have a 4,000 per-transaction limit – in which case you’d just need to put your card in a second time to withdraw a second 4,000. Other ATMs have limits of 10,000, 20,000 or more].

    Our hotel was fine, and cost less than 1,000 baht a night.

    Only saw one gun – holstered, and carried by a policeman.

    With you on the girls appearances, but attitudes were mostly fine.

  45. Thanks for an informative and amusing report. I was amused at your Gay English Teacher comment. I am going to Angeles for Sonkrhan so your report is apposite. Thanks

  46. I’ve enjoyed pattaya too. But I never had to even pay for sex there. I Just had a girl who worked in a laundry across my hotel show me a little interest by trying to have a laugh and next thing you know I’m behind her ass on HER Motorbike being shown around. Ok I bought her dinner and cinema ticket. But somehow I know I would have pounded her just the same without even bothering with that.

    No place like AC though. Not as much talent there in the looks department but certainly no shortage of it either. It’s never taken me that long to find a cute hottie there that would bang my brains out even on her off day. Maybe I’m lucky…..But the last 2 I had in AC where gorgeous. I guess you’ll have to catch’em early in the day and swap numbers when you are done. That way they’ll be happy to spend their day off with you if you treat them well. a generous tip = to bar fine always helps too. Only u don’t have to bother with the Bar fine on their off days. 80)

  47. What’s wrong with the world? How can anybody say Thai girls are prettier than Filipina girls? In Thailand I saw many a bar with hardly any girl pretty enough to fuck. In Angeles, there were several attractive girls in, I think, every bar I went into.
    And I wouldn’t know when romance left Thailand, but it was definitely still there in 2002. In the Philippines, however, I had hardly any GFE of the kind I had in Thailand. “Natural romantics looking for a love connection”?? Definitely my experience of Thai bargirls but the ones in Angeles weren’t anything like that.

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