My Friend In Jakarta Needs Advice


I have a buddy currently in Jakarta looking for advice on the latest places to go. P4P, partying, clubs, whatever. If you have information to share, please leave a Reply below.


13 thoughts on “My Friend In Jakarta Needs Advice

  1. Jakarta? Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

    1. BATS @ ShangriLa Hotel
    2. CJ’s @ Mulia Hotel
    3. the motherlode, Stadium nightclub – go with a friend though
    4. Red Square (vodka bar)

    Avoid Blok M.

  2. Seems to be the same list I read years ago?

    Nothing new?

    Why avoid block m?

    Funny about mulia – lots of companies use it as an event and meeting hotel

    Where is red square?

  3. Yes Stadium Nightclub is good for a Short Time. The 3rd floor. It’s a clean and modern version of Thermae in Bangkok, with pretty indo girls and ST rooms on the same floor. You buy a package.

    Delta Massage is the right place for a good massage with happy ending but no more.

    Google the names for the location

  4. Thanks

    Did stadium before but was not aware of the “package”

    Seems to be a fair amount of the heal spas – I assume that is what delta is?

    Happy ending places…

  5. @wftm: Basically still an OK list, though as with Sing, Julian’s list shows his vintage. Mine also btw. That said, Jakarta is not the most fast changing of cities, at least for us.

  6. For mongers things haven’t changed a lot in the last 5 years.
    Block M has seen it’s best days.
    CJ’s and Bats are for guys paying too much for too little.
    Stadium can be interesting if you don’t mind the drug vibe.
    The best short time experience is Hotel Travel massage.
    The Jakarta girls are great fun without any of the hustling nonsense that can come with the Thai working ladies.

  7. Actually, if you have some time and a little bit of game, any mall will do. Mainstream indo’s are very approachable.

    Red Square tends to get uncomfortably packed on weekends. But it’s worth checking out, girls dancing on tables, etc.

  8. STAD-E-UM as the locals say it…. Go Thursday night, get out Monday monring. Take plenty of pills….

    But it can be too hard core for some. BATS an easier, and probably safer option.

  9. What ever happened to the Tanamor, Jaya Pub and K-Bar?

    There were some others Green Pub, Faces, Pink Panther, Stardust, Music Room, Pit Stop, etc…

    All long gone?

  10. I recall getting some short time relief at Stadium for 300,000 Rupiah. The girls are pretty hot, but try to do that early and save the partying for later. Also party pills can be had at each corner of the floor with the techno music. Insane!

    I went to a place in Nov 08 with a huge dancefloor, that reminded me of the new Lucky in BKK (not sure if Lucky is still open). The place was called Mille’s (pronounced Mee – Layz; at Lokasari Plaza, Jl.Mangga Besa). Not far from Stadium. They have private kareoke rooms that you can rent out that have two way mirrors to look out on the dancefloor (sort of like a skybox in a US bball arena). Girls were definitely hot. Pills available onsite.

    Also went to a place called Embassy (Jl. Gatot Subroto). It sort of reminded me of Nang Len, Indo-style: plenty of rich, Chinese-Indo types. They had this show with girls in bodypaint dancing behind a backlit white sheet.

    I’d agree with the Blok M naysayers. That place was terrible: old warhorses who will harass you incessantly, all of which I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

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