New Year’s Eve Bash 2010

Well, 2009 is almost over and what a year it’s been. To celebrate the close of 2009 and the beginning of a new decade, we will be having a year end blowout at the Mango. Party specials include:

  • 20 baht pints of Heineken or Tiger from 7:00pm-9:00pm
  • 20 baht New Year’s Mango Nipple Shots All Night
  • Free Snacks from 7:00pm-9:00pm

There is no closing time enforced for any of the bars on New Year’s Eve, so we will be open until the last customer drops.

A safe and happy new year’s eve to everyone and best of luck in 2010!

Team Mango


Mango Christmas 2009 Dinner

A quick hiatus-breaking mention, we will be serving Christmas Dinner at the Mango on the 25th from 1:00pm onwards. The Christmas Plate will consist of the following:

Baby Carrots
Brussel Sprouts
Roast Potatoes
Apple Pie

420 baht

Happy Holidays To All!


Mango Hiatus

Hi folks,

It’s been quite a year for the blog. Thank you to everyone for contributing and making this a fun and informative website. The year ended with a beauty as well, thanks to the ralfy.

We have decided to take a break for the next few weeks now and enjoy the holidays. The high season has been pretty good and there are still a few more parties to close the year out. We have our upcoming Christmas Dinner on the 25th, and then the big New Year’s Eve Bash. My liver will continue to take a beating, but it’s all for a good cause, well, not really but it’s good fun anyway.

Over the next few weeks, although we will be taking a break from publishing content and reviews, we will be working on a new direction for our websites. These new changes will be rolled out early January when we come back from Hiatus.

In the meantime, since we are taking a break from managing content, we will essentially be turning off the blog and reviews during this time. Thanks for the patience in advance and we will return with the new websites after the break.

A safe and happy holiday season to all and we’ll see you in 2010.



Team Mango

P.S. The bar websites here and here, will still be updated as usual. Also, we’ve turned off Comments for this Post since a hiatus is a hiatus. Just save em for next year if you have em. Thanks.

8’s Company by MrDreamTransport

[Editor’s Note: I (pmmp) met MrDreamTransport at a recent Mango Party. He sent in the submission a week ago but I haven’t heard from him recently (probably on holiday). However, wanted to publish as it’s a different kind of post that hopefully folks will enjoy. He may not be too responsive to comments though if you have any.]

“8’s Company” The Thai version of 3’s company, starring myself and the family.

I guess an introduction is in order first, to give you a little bit of background about me, so you can follow my stories a bit easier. I’m a 30yo semi-retired American, who owns a taxi company in Bangkok with my Thai wife. (shameless plug time) We do airport and hotel pick ups, custom tours, and transportation around all of Thailand, as well as Sak Yant tattoo tours, and trips into Cambodia and Laos for visa runs.

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Oh! That’s where it is! by Monkey Kreme

I can’t say that Pattaya ranks high on my list of places to spend time here in Thailand.  Normally when one of my mates suggests getting out of the ‘Kok for a weekend in Pattaya the resulting look on my face is enough of an indicator that I’m not bothered again.  Maybe it was the booze that we had already consumed that loosened my inhibitions (earlier in the day I had been helping a buddy re-arrange his shophouse office and we had installed a shot dispenser on the wall above the main desk and promptly inserted a bottle of vodka…seemed like a great idea at the time).  Maybe it was because it was Mother’s Day Eve and we could feel the energy of hordes of whores building on the distant horizon.  Or maybe it was because we were half-way there already, and suffering a 30 minute jaunt down the motorway didn’t seem enough of a reason not to go.  Whatever the case, ingredients were mixed in the pot and a foul brew was stewing.  We clambered into my buddy’s ride and shot off at a speed that not only made me fear for my life but also caused every other motorist to veer to the shoulder, thus making it even easier to reach our destination.

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UFC 107 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC106 is in the record books and was another mixed night for my picks. Griffin, Koscheck, Grove and Saunders handed me some noteable losses, but Sadollah, Nogueira, Sotiropoulos and Foster stopped the rot (knob-rot) and I came out at 4-4 (AGAIN) and with a total record of 25-11. Any more shocking performances, and I might be shown my walking papers

UFC 107 is taking place in Elvis’s homeland of Memphis, Tennessee. This is how its going down…..

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Some More on Vientiane Night Life by Salty

I have just returned from a Visa run to Laos, the usual 1 night in Vientiane and the overnight bus trips to and fro to get a new tourist visa to extend the time I can reside in LOS.

There has not been much posted here about the nightlife in Vientiane so here is what I did for amusement while I was there.

I started off in the late afternoon at a place called Tex Mex which is located on the road running along the river.  Quai Fa Ngum I think it is called.  This is a good place to sit outside and watch the passing parade of expats and tourists and locals.  I made the acquaintance of 2 local girls while I consumed a couple of large bottles of my favourite Beer Lao and was invited to join them at another bar nearby. The three of us motored off very unsteadily on a motorbike to a place called Red Mekong.

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Vietnam Revisited – Part Three by WFTM

Sunday was the last day and I figured I would walk around and explore some more. The streets are full of hair salons and grooming places. For all of you trolls walking suk soi 4 with more ear hair than YP has pubes – might I suggest a little personal grooming. Even your p4p lovers will enjoy the fact that you had a shave. One of the cool places for this in HCMC is the HIS salon on Le Thanh Ton street – number 29 to be exact. Place is done up like an old shop and is full of charming little service girls. I had a shave but whilst they are shaving you get a little 2 person rub down. They kept encouraging me to go with the full body rub but I did not have time. My guess is some sort of rubbing and tugging happens upstairs but I doubt the full meal deal.

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Vietnam Revisited – Part Two by WFTM

After HCMC city I had to do some days in Hanoi. Hanoi has very little to offer the monger but is a fun town for eating and hanging out. I did manage to try Boss at the Fortuna Hotel – the one KTV place that everyone seems to talk about. My suggestion is to stay at the hotel if you want to try this place since it would save you some coin. I went in at 7:30pm or so and the place was full of girls. Tons of lookers and lots of sexy outfits. The place is hardcore about charging for things though and it not good value for the money but seems to offer the most available girls in town.

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