Some More on Vientiane Night Life by Salty

I have just returned from a Visa run to Laos, the usual 1 night in Vientiane and the overnight bus trips to and fro to get a new tourist visa to extend the time I can reside in LOS.

There has not been much posted here about the nightlife in Vientiane so here is what I did for amusement while I was there.

I started off in the late afternoon at a place called Tex Mex which is located on the road running along the river.  Quai Fa Ngum I think it is called.  This is a good place to sit outside and watch the passing parade of expats and tourists and locals.  I made the acquaintance of 2 local girls while I consumed a couple of large bottles of my favourite Beer Lao and was invited to join them at another bar nearby. The three of us motored off very unsteadily on a motorbike to a place called Red Mekong.

Red Mekong is more upmarket than Tex Mex but being early evening there was not much action there. Had some more Beer Lao with them and played a little pool with the locals who do not have the skills of the average BKK Bar girl at this game.  Maybe it heats up later. I had not eaten so left promising to return and continue with the 2 of them.

Dinner was quite reasonable and provided as part of the Visa run cost as was the accommodation in the Hotel Laos.  This is not a new place but the rooms were clean and comfortable with even a large bath and hot water to fill it.

After dinner a group of us went to another place we had all heard about independently called Bor Pennyang which is on the 4th floor of a building again on the riverfront road between Rou Chao Anou and Boulevard Khounboulom.

This place has a great view over the Mekong river and drinks are not unreasonably priced.  5 of us drank all night for about 2800 baht including quite a few shots of various liquids.

There seemed to be little there in the way of suitable companions until about 9:30 pm when it started to fill up with a good selection of locals and tourists.  Think of a place which is a cross between BKK Gullivers and Soi 7 Beer Garden and take out all the Cougars and that is what this place reminded me of.  Care needs to be taken here as there were a few katoeys there that were really very convincing and had some of our group confused until right at the end of the night. Even then I am not so sure that one of them did not slip away with one of them later.

The action was all freelance with selection of P4P and Non P4P available.  P4P seemed to be about 1500 to 2000 baht long time.  Care needs to be taken in Laos as it is greatly frowned upon to take a girl back to your hotel and pay for her services.  The hotel I stayed at seemed to turn a blind eye to this so it seems to be a visitor friendly place.

Quality wise there was a good selection ranging from ‒need beer goggles” to ‒would like to wake up next to her in the morning”.  Lots of the usual eye contact and all the girls seemed to be there looking for company either to go on to a disco in a large hotel later or for some sort of other horizontal action.

There was good easy to listen to music that was not intrusive and did not inhibit talking and listening. Food is available and the Nachos ordered were very good. Overall it is a good place to either chill out or pick up and I would rate it a 5 stars for value and enjoyment.

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  1. I visited all those spots you mentioned. Red Mekong never heated up later in the night. Bor Pennyang is about the only bar that has any sort of puss in the main part of the city. My friend grabbed a girl and rolled back to his hotel with her. 10 minutes later 4 guys were banging on the door yelling something in Lao he couldn’t understand. The girl was scared and she said they were was her bosses. They both climbed out the window and down to the ground and scurried across the street to wait for the men to leave the hotel. It’s techincally against the law to have sex with a Laos woman if you are not her wife so going to the cops would never fly. Cavet Emptor.

  2. The Lonely Planeteer hungry for female companionship and an evening of wining, dining, dancing and pleasant conversation while in Vyengchang should seek out the Hotel Damniforgetwhatit’scalled. It’s on the main drag, a good-sized “respectable”-looking hotel, and you breeze confidently through reception into the club area at the back, where there’s normally a house band playing David Lynch-style nightmare lounge music. There’s a Mamasan who’ll look after you and send girls to your table, and it’s actually pretty damn civilised. The girls are nice-looking, nicely-dressed, and some can speak English enough to make a few drinks more – well, nicerer. There were also NO other farang conversation-enthusiasts when I was there – just a few suited-up Lao business guys/made guys. If I could remember the name of this place I’d tell you, but there aren’t that many reasonably-sized “business” hotels along that main street, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. the trick is to have the confidence to walk right through the lobby as if you knew what you were doing. So I hope you find the right hotel, or you’ll probably stride confidently into the kitchens.
    (This place is no use at all for Penfolds into men with breasts, though.)

  3. “It’s techincally against the law to have sex with a Laos woman if you are not her wife so going to the cops would never fly.”

    Fucking kommies!

  4. Talking about men with breasts-and this was a ugly one-i woke up at 430 in need of any kind of painkiller last night,due to an infected root cannal(no it wasnt a pleasent day at the dentist today)so i jumped in my car in search of some precription drugs in lamai,koh samui,now most people know driving your car slow very late at night ,looking out the window-either drunk or in pain,attracts certain road side species,after saying mai aw khrap several times as they would pounce on my open drivers side window,i made it in to a 7-11 the only place available,noticing a moterbike next to my car ,i knew trouble was ahead,sure enough a 6ft 38dd silicone injected horror appeared,the moment i sat down and blocked me from closing the car door,its voice was lower than mine,its hands which went straight to my crotch,were bigger than mine,her red panties were brighter than mine and she looked hungry for white meat.
    Now during her numerous invitations for kinky sex ,i was trying to swallow several pain killers,drink water,say no,and tell her i have a thai GF that would kill her,ha and me.
    This one was not taking no for an answer,so i resorted to desparate tactics-i ended up squeezing one of her nipples-hard,then started the car and closed the door as she stood there surprised(maybe she thought she had won me over)but then ..i ended up slamming her fingers in my door-hard,whereby she not yelped as before but screamed full bore-it sounded like a cat in a blender,but deeper.
    I think that was my cue to leave exit stage righr,so fellow punters ,if you are in Lamai the next few days and you get mollested by a huge ladyboy with black and blue fingers/nails,go gentle on her,she is harmless,trust me..

  5. “It’s techincally against the law to have sex with a Laos woman if you are not her wife…”

    Jeez, that’s *really* tough! Not only do you have to marry her, you have to be her ‘wife’?

  6. Pants Elk, did you bang any girls from that secret club? No. The reason is not your pulling ability but because those girls do not do anything but sit at your table. They cost a drink and 100THB per hour or something like that. If you want a girl to bang you need to talk to the dudes in the dark suits that are standing in the back of the club by that pathetic fishbowl room. The dudes will arrange a girl to go to your hotel room if you have a girl-friendly hotel. They are not the girls in that club and you do not get to see the girl before you buy her services. You just tell him if you want a light skinned or dark skinned and big tits or small. Just like ordering at a McDonalds. You go back to your hotel room alone and eventually a girl will knock on your door. Prices are 1500THB short time and 2500 long time. Not worth the hassle and all the cloak and dagger bullshit when you figure in all the risks. Better to hit a relaxing soapie in Thailand.

    That secret club closes at 23:30 and you can see all the girls calling their Lao boyfriends on their mobile phones to come get them as they wait in the lobby. The boyfriends then show up and escort them out of the lobby. I guess they are protecting the reputations of their ladies. The whole thing is a waste of effort if you are looking to bang those girls.

  7. Yep,

    some questions on topic, but somewhat tedious, as they are in relation to logistics. I am thinking where to go for my visa run. I guess i favour Vientienne because I assume it is the cheapest option (am I right on this?). I was thinking – get the overnite train there, spend day there, get overnite train back.

    So, from this trip report I conclude that Vientienne IS giving tourist visas out ok (this is news because I have heard this is not always the case).

    If have all the bumph from an employer – is Vientienne ok for getting non-immigrant B visas, anyone know?

  8. Sam, I was booked through Good Tour & Travel here in Pattaya. Phone 085-2874588 or 085-5408075. They run trips both to Cambodia and Laos. The service was very good and the trip to Laos in a minibus was ok. Plenty of stops to stretch the legs and get refreshment or food. I got a double entry tourist visa which I am told is good for 6 months with a border run after 3 months and there was no charge for the visa.

  9. @Fango Manboy: I didn’t have any of the problems you mention. I wonder if we’re talking about the same place? I don’t remember a fishbowl room. Go in, talk to mamasan, order drink at table, girls come to table, you choose, have drinks, arrange price for takeaway, pretty much samesame BKK, but no floor show. And cheaper. I was only there once (my last night) – previously I’d picked up from the street (I was lucky – most of the girls weren’t too hot).

    Anyway, what I like most about Vyengchang was the food, in all honesty. Great restaurants, bakeries, and the best coffee in the world.

  10. @pants elk – I’m sure it’s the same place as I remember the deceptive kitchen entrance you mentioned. The fishbowl is a tiny room at the back of the club more like a wooden closet. It’s difficult to see as is so dark back there. Normally the mamasan pulls the girls out of the fishbowl and brings them to the table, but I walked right into the fishbowl to see them up close under the better lighting. Lots of thick makeup and pouty attitudes. I was there 1 year ago and a fellow monger I met earlier at the embassy said there was a crack down by the police in the city so it was especially dead. Maybe that’s why there was no direct take out when I was there. I agree the food is the best part that city.

    @faldo – I did the train visa run. It was around 750THB each way for 2nd class sleeper train fare from BKK. You drop your passport off at the embassy in the morning and then pick it up with your double entry tourist visa the next afternoon. Then take the evening train back to BKK. More relaxing and safer than taking a bus or van. Plus I banged a vixen on my 2nd class bunk. Made the whole trip worth it.

    Don’t fall for the thai tuktuk scammers at the Nong Khai train station that offer to take you to the border but really they stop at a fake visa shop and rape your wallet. Get your Laos visa at the border itself. You can actually walk from the train station to the border as it’s very close (500 meters). If you take tuktuk (20thb) just say you already have a Lao visa so they don’t target you for the scam.

  11. @ Faldo: Did you get my California Wow membership card I left for you at TBM? Are you done with it now?


  12. Some other suggestions on nightlife include “Marina” nightclub, “Nightfever” and the Penguin club. They are all on Luang Prabang road going towards the Wattay Airport.

    I always avoided going to Kop Chai Deux (across from Yoma) or Bor Penyang. Both are very tourist oriented and the girls frequenting those places are hardcore money grabbers.

    Above mentioned clubs and Wind West (a live music bar in the center, looks like a barn) have local girls and guys as visitors. They love spending time with farangs. Taking the normal local girls to a club like Marina or Nightfever is a sure way of having a nice night. They all love dancing and partying.

    Marina is also frequented by alot of Thai guys from across the border with their rented girls. Great atmosphere and cheap booze.

    I suggest steering clear from the bars near the Mekong or near the center. Luang Prabang road, which runs from the center of Vientiana, passed Novotel, to the airport has good clubs on both sides. The lack of tourists there and the abbundance of local girls makes for a great night out.

    For great dinner a suggestion is Saylom Jen. Starting from the Morning Market you can see Lane Xang hotel accros the street. Cross the street and walk passed the hotel. On that road after about 200 meters you see a sign for Saylom Jen. It is smack in the middle of a housing area. For the locals it is THE best Lao BBQ restaurant in Vientiane. A full meal for 4 with spastic amounts of alcohol will set you back around 500k.

    If you prefer being near the Mekong then Moon the Night is a great BBQ restaurant. Any tuktuk driver can bring your there, and as an added bonus it is only a few minutes from the Marine Nightclub.

    Huang Chaleung is a Chinese owned hotel a few hundred meters from the new swimming pool in the center. It is girl friendly so no need to worry about cops showing up. And no extra payment needed. I have spend in total 3 months in this hotel, 2 weeks of which with a western friend. We have both have taken numerous girls to the hotel and no hassle what so ever.

    If you are looking for fun then avoid the tourist areas. The girls there are far from safe. Enough of them are into the scams where suddenly the cops show up.
    Your best chance for a fun night out is one of the nightclubs, befriend some locals and within no time you will have fun with a local girl. Saves money and saves the shame of walking along the street with a whore next to you. No objection to it in BKK, but in Vientiane it is slightly asking for trouble.

    P.S. I do believe the whole issue with girls and no sex is exxagerated. I have been stopped several times by the police with a girl on the back of my motorbike. Never needed to pay and never any problems. It does help to look presentable, Lao society is very status based and wearing good clothes makes you important in their eyes.

  13. Just read this and find it interesting. I lived and worked in Vientiane for several years. I loved it and had wonderful times. Bo PenYar is the best bar in town. Met very many young ladies, most were very good looking, sexy and open minded. Go back to visit as often as I can. It’s true about the law of being with Lao women, but most are discreet and turn if you are low key, no one will bother you. Highly advise going to Laos

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