UFC 107 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC106 is in the record books and was another mixed night for my picks. Griffin, Koscheck, Grove and Saunders handed me some noteable losses, but Sadollah, Nogueira, Sotiropoulos and Foster stopped the rot (knob-rot) and I came out at 4-4 (AGAIN) and with a total record of 25-11. Any more shocking performances, and I might be shown my walking papers

UFC 107 is taking place in Elvis’s homeland of Memphis, Tennessee. This is how its going down…..

BJ ‘The Prodigy’ Penn vs Diego ‘Nightmare’ Sanchez (Light Heavyweight Title)

This is the main event, and promises plenty of action. BJ Penn is undoubtedly one of the most naturally talented fighters in MMA today. His Brazliaina Jiu-Jitsu is amongst the best in MMA. He was the first ever non-Brazilian to win the black-belt division of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship after just 3 years of training and holding a purple belt (it usually takes a decade plus to earn a black belt) and Floyd Mayweather boxing coach cites Penn as having the best boxing in MMA.

Penn has had mixed success with moving up to Welterweight (and actually held the WW title), but this is a Lightweight fight, and where he is at his best. His list of victories is a whos-who of MMA. Matt Hughes, GSP, Jens Pulver, Caol Uno, Takanori Gomi, Renzo & Rodrigo Gracie, Joe Stevenson, Sean Sherk & Kenny Florian amongst others. Pretty sick list of victims

Diego Sanchez is arguably gonna be Penns toughest test at Lightweight so far. He has a very impressive record of 21-2 (10-2 UFC) and like Penn has dabbled at Welterweight, but now has found his home at 155lbs, and was the winner of the first Ultimate Fighter series. He has really strong wrestling, good submissions and some great submissions too.

Its worth noting that Sanchez has never been submitted/knocked out, and both of his losses in the UFC (Koscheck & Fitch) were both by decision.

Despite never being stopped in The UFC, Sanchez hasnt fought anyone near Penns level yet. BJ Penn is just far better at everything that Sanchez is good at, although I would give Sanchez the edge on the wrestling

I don’t see this being a cake-walk for Penn at all, but if the fight stays standing, or goes to the ground, BJ has his number. BJ has a history of having poor cardio, which he seems to of addressed, so providing he comes in fully fit, this is his fight. I’m not writing off Sanchez at all, but BJ Penn @ 100% cannot be tested at Lightweight

BJ Penn – TKO in the 4th

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Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo

I fucking hate Frank Mir, marginally more than I fucking despise Tito Ortiz. Hes a smug and arrogant twat, and watching Brock Lesnar wipe that smirk look off his arrogant mug at UFC100, after all his shit-talking, was a wet-dream for me.

After beating Tim Syvlia for the vacant Heavyweight belt in 2004, he had to relinquish his title, when he crashed his motorbike, breaking his femur, and fucking all his knee ligaments in the process. Was a real shame the smug-fuck didn’t crash into a lamp post covered in spikes, hot acid, land mines, cancer and angry cannibals. He came back in 2006 and got TKO’d by Marcio Cruz, limped past Dan Christison and got crushed by Brandon Vera.

He came back to submit Anhthoni Hardonk (who couldn’t, lets be fair) and submitted Brock Lesnar in Brocks first UFC fight. He then beat a Minotauro Nogueira who was hospitalized with staph infection 2 weeks before fight-time to claim the Interim Heavyweight belt. He was then rematched with Brock Lesnar, who smacked him silly and pounded his smug face into the mat, and took his belt

Cheick Kongo has some really brutal Muay Thai and some very crisp striking, but he is a dork on the floor. He has zero ground skills, and for such a mountain of a man, has hideous take-down defense. His ground and pound is some of the best in the heavyweight division too, and his leg kicks are savage.

This fight is pretty black n white for me (that wasn’t a racial slur at all). If the fight stays standing, Kongo will kick Mir to pieces, however the moment Mir can take Kongo down, the fight is all but over. Mir wont want anything to do with Kongo when it comes to striking, so will shoot for the takedown. Hopefully Kongo will have a nice knee to the nose waiting for him, but I cant see it. As much as I hate Mir, he does have awesome Jiu-jitsu, and whether or not he gets to use it, will be the deciding factor

I hope Kongo keeps this on the feet. Even if he gets Mir in a ground and pound situation, he is still gonna be in Mir’s guard, which is somewhere he doesn’t really want to be

I KNOW Frank Mir will win this, but I just cant bring myself to pick him. I just cant. Hes a cunt, I hope he dies, and it would make my Xmas, if Kongo were to kill him

Kongo by TKO/Death/Murder with a deadly weapon

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Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida

This fight has Fight of The Night written all over it. Both these guys are elite lightweights, and whoever wins this goes right to the top of the pile in the LW division.

Kenny Florian does look like an accountant, but is the real threat. He has come on leaps and bounds since his days on the original Ultimate Fighter series and his Muay Thai and ground game is some of the best in the division. His last outing was for the LW belt, but got toyed with by Penn for 3 rounds, before being taken to the mat, and submitted swiftly by Penn in the 4th

Clay Guida, despite a less than groundbreaking 5-4 UFC record, is a tough test for anyone in the UFC. He has a granite chin, awesome wrestling, limitless cardio, but a fucking unforgivable haircut. With the 3 Fight of The Night bonuses he has won, you’d think the dude would spend 5 dollars on a haircut?

The one thing that works against Guida, is he can bit a bit gung-ho, and leaves himself open for submissions, which play into Florians game. Florian has zero knockout power, but great technical boxing, so will wanna keep the distance, and work his kicks. He doesn’t want to wrestle with Guida, but letting Guida take him down, allowing him to work his jiu-jitsu, wouldn’t be a bad idea

I see this one going the distance, and I see plenty of blood, guts and smashed teeth along the way

Florian by decision

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Jon Fitch vs. Mike Pierce

I can never ever get excited for a Jon Fitch fight, and this fight promises to be a snoozer. Fitches last 5 fights have gone to decision, and Mike Pierce has 5 decisions in his 10 fights.

Even just writing I’m predicting this fight will be as effective as putting you to sleep, as that mystical drug that crackwhore ladyboys rub on their tits to knock you out, before they steal your wallet, and sodomize you into a bloody,shitty pulp.

Even writing about this fight is boring me. This ones gonna be painful

Fitch by decision

Paul ‘The Headhunter’ Buentello vs. Stefan ‘Skyscraper’ Struve

This is a pretty interesting heavyweight match. Stefan Struve is a beastly 6,11″ and 240lbs, despite only being 21.  That is circus shit. He has a 18-3 record (2-1 UFC) and with 15 of his 18 wins coming by submission, he is pretty lethal on the ground, and knows exactly how to use those comically long limbs. His 1 UFC loss was a tough debut TKO loss against Junior Dos Santos, who in my eyes is the next big thing in the Heavyweight division.

Paul Buentello is an MMA vet with a career record of 24-10 who is making his second run in the UFC. His most ‘famous’ UFC moment, was getting his dick knocked stiff by Andrei Arlovski in something like 11 seconds in a Heavyweight title match back in 2005, and since then, has fought for Strikeforce & Affliction.

Much like the Mir v Kongo fight, if Buentello can keep this fight standing, then its his fight, but the moment Struve takes him down, its all over. Im torn on this one. Despite Struve being a youngster, he has a tonne of experience, so that should not be a factor against Buentello here. Struve needs to fight the smart fight, and hes walking away with the’ W’

Struve bu submission

Alan Belcher vs. Wilson Gouveia

Its hard to root for any MMA fighter, who has such an offensively hideous tattoo of Johnny Cash on his right arm. Seriously, google it, the thing is horrible. Despite that, Alan Belcher is a young capable fighter and such as Clay Guida, his 5-4 UFC record, doesnt do him much justice. I dont think Belcher will ever be in the top tier of the middleweight division, but is a good gatekeeper, with wins over fellow mid calibre talent such as Jorge Santiago, Sean Salmon, Kalib Starnes, Ed Herman and Denis Kang, and all his fights are entertaining

Gouveia is a very talented Jiu-Jitsu practioner, with heavy hands. He has a suspect chin, but Belcher doesnt hit too hard, so that shouldnt be an issue.

Both these guys have great sub skills, so I can see them cancelling each other out. If Gouveia cant catch belcher and knock him out, I see him outpointing him

Gouveia by decision

In the undercard action, I see Johny Hendricks, Rousimar Palhares and Kevin Burns picking up wins. I also hope that DeMarques Johnson gets mugged, gangraped and shot in the face on his way to the octagon in his match with Edgar Garcia

37 thoughts on “UFC 107 Preview by Young Penfold”

  1. I see you forgot to mention your new 0-4 record versus me thanks to Kimbo. No worries, always glad to pitch in. Rock the vote!

  2. zomg im gona hafta miss it again dammit. Extended family dinner, bah. More notice pls :p have fun u lucky fucks

  3. I must confess YP’s writing makes me laugh even though the subject matter holds no interest – is a Johnny Cash tattoo designed to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents? Perhaps I should get one for business meetings… when things are getting terse just roll that sleeve up and watch them recoil…

  4. “He was the first ever non-Brazilian to win the black-belt division of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship after just 3 years of training and holding a purple belt (it usually takes a decade plus to earn a black belt)”

    No, you can’t enter a black belt competition as a purple belt. He was a Black Belt, it’s just that he had literally received the black belt the week before the world championships, from his instructor.

  5. yp is comedy without even trying 🙂 yp did u realise 4-4 is the avg score of a person who knows Nothing and just makes random guesses? I.e, Me

  6. I am impressed by YP’s uncontrolled enthusiasm and complete interest in something I honesty do not give a shit about.

    The “who’s who” of the sport are a “who’s that?” to me.

    But you go you ladyboy fudge packer! You Go! Even if your success rate is right on probability, keep picking your winners.

    Passion, no matter the object, is really the object.

    Bet your ass off and then use your winnings to bang the ass off of your best ladyboy!

  7. Fair play YP.Because when you hang your arse out in any cage-d (sic) situation, you’re gonna get fcuked.

  8. YP – I’ve asked PMMP to only serve you ribena this time 😉

    @docbond – YP’s write up is almost as funny as watching the audience…well almost.

  9. You may get your wish with Frank Mir. Judging from the weigh-ins it looks like he’s been back at the buffet again.

  10. YP – Apologies, I forgot the ladyboy economics. Please forward all of the proceeds from all illicit activities to me and I will invest them wisely at Lolita’s

  11. Sanchez looked like he had been hit in the head with an axe. Thats one of the worst cuts Ive seen in MMA. Theres no more interesting fights for BJ Penn at 155lbs, but if he goes up to welterweight, hes gonna get bullied by GSOP again

    Kongo looked like shit, and now we have to endure Frank Mir bragging about how good he thinks he is. Hes a fucking twat, and a fully fit Brock Lesnar will kick him to pieces again

  12. @ YP – thanks for the link – I think I’ve been around long enough to spot a class tatt when i see one – I’m off down the Pound Shop to get some ink and needles….

  13. I thought this card was pretty lame overall and the next few aren’t promising to get any better. I’m not sure there are any interesting fights at LW, WW or MW at the moment.

  14. @Dancing Boy: You have to be kidding. I had to watch some of the fights again today. Some classic moments. BJ’s kick, you have to watch it again to appreciate it. Wicked. DaMarques Johnson’s 10 second upkick and submission after being battered, brilliant. Mir’s choke out. Florian and Guida’s bloody battle, and some of the other fights were also great. I don’t see how you could not appreciate that card yesterday, so you must just be winding us up.

  15. @Dancing Boy – I gotta agree with PmmP, I thought this one one of the best cards in a while with some great fights. You are right though about the LW,WW and MW division, with champions as totally dominant as they are, there are no worthy challengers.

    In a desperate attempt to spice things up, i could easily make the cut to LW, or bulk up to WW. Just a thought

  16. @ pmmp – I was talking about the quality of the match ups rather than the action. BJ is supremely talented but that fight was never going to be a contest.

    The last couple of years the UFC has put on stellar cards in December, I think there was some talk of the year end card being a “superbowl of mma”. This one just didn’t have any match ups that I was particularly interested in.

    I thought the fights themselves were entertaining though with some decent finishes.

  17. You perhaps have a point about there being no real challengers at the bottom 3 weights dancing boy, but I think people become ‘spoilt’ far too easily with the format of the UFC, were people can’t dodge fights.

    I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Boxing matches I’ve been really eager to see this year.

    There are sometimes more on one UFC card.

    So enjoy it while it’s here, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

  18. @Dancing Boy – The UFC has suffered a freakish list of injuries and pull-outs from fights lately. UFC 108 was due to have fights such as Anderson v. Belfort, Nogueira v. Valasquez, the rescheduled Brock v. Carwin plus Gonzaga v. Dos Stantos, but they all got scrapped/moved, so its been hard going getting decent fights together

    @Omaplata – On the point of being spoilt I kind of agree. Also theres something cool about watching guys like BJ Penn, A. Silva, Fedor and GSP in their primes. Kind of like people who were around for Ali fighting at his best, and the likes of Pele, Maradonna & George Best play football

  19. George Best played football after being kicked out of the Beatles? Cool. And Madonna too? Damn, who’s next, Ladyboy GaGa playing for Sunderland? Football is so much cooler than UFC.

  20. @ pmmp – there is nothing finer on this planet than irony being employed by Americans – makes us Brits so proud…
    What would you like us to teach y’all next?

  21. I found UFC 107 highly entertaining. YP has a keen sense for the merits of the various fighters, and insight into the backstories, so I always enjoy reading his predictions.

    Next Mango Weekly contest should be guessing the number of stitches in “Nightmare”‘s forehead! Ouch.


  22. UFC is for nancy boys. I’ll be more impressed if they were to get pissed and stuff their faces with a Doner kebab… then kick off.

    Punching someone when they are on the floor bleeding is a poor show. Unless they’re French of course. 😆

  23. @JTB – Sanchezs head looked like he’d been shanked with an ice-pick, and apparently his bottom lip was split down to his chin, kinda like a snakes tongue. There was a pic on bloodyelbow.com of his face after being stitched up. His face looked like a burst wellington. Ill try and grab the pic

    Daywalker – I dont think you could hack the UFC. Glass ashtrays are not allowed in the cage, plus, after the STARE-down (which I hear your very good at) tough words just are not enough 😉

  24. @YP: thanks, and…OUCH! He’s lucky that the split-skin on the forehead was relatively linear, that makes the stitching easier. As for the lip-mangling, I guess the “Nightmare” will be subsisting on Red Bull, pea soup and painkillers.

    I also liked the classic Stefan Struve quote: “there’s a piece of my tooth in my mouthpiece, can you remove it please?” Too bad Wes Sims is such a lousy fighter, it’s be entertaining to watch a match between those two (Sims is 6’10”, a bit shorter than Struve).


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