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[Editor’s Note: I (pmmp) met MrDreamTransport at a recent Mango Party. He sent in the submission a week ago but I haven’t heard from him recently (probably on holiday). However, wanted to publish as it’s a different kind of post that hopefully folks will enjoy. He may not be too responsive to comments though if you have any.]

“8’s Company” The Thai version of 3’s company, starring myself and the family.

I guess an introduction is in order first, to give you a little bit of background about me, so you can follow my stories a bit easier. I’m a 30yo semi-retired American, who owns a taxi company in Bangkok with my Thai wife. (shameless plug time) We do airport and hotel pick ups, custom tours, and transportation around all of Thailand, as well as Sak Yant tattoo tours, and trips into Cambodia and Laos for visa runs.

I’ve been living in Thailand for a year-and-a-half now, some of the time spent in Pattaya, some spent in Issan, but mostly just Bangkok. I had never really done the real touristy famous parts of BKK, like Nana Plaza, Patpong, Soi Cowboy, but have seen everything there is to see in Pattaya. Where we reside in BKK, is not so much a tourist friendly part of the city. It’s literally so scarce on farang, that even I point and stare when I see another one of us in a store. It does take some getting used to living in what I like to call “Thai Bangkok”. You will not find any farang restaurants other than fast food, you will not have many people that can communicate with you unless you speak Thai, and furthermore, you are looked at lustfully by almost all women, and despisingly by most Thai men. We are beautiful to Thais, especially very white individuals. I guess I can safely say we are kind of looked at like supermodels, or at least local movie stars.

Anyways, I have a 2-story house/condo with our offices downstairs and living room, along with 1br, and 2br’s upstairs. Seems big for a Thai home right? WRONG!!! To understand why, you need to know the living arrangements here. My wife, our son, my mother and father-in-law, my brother-in-law, his wife and baby daughter, and myself all live together here. Many people will help out their wife’s families by giving them a bit of money every month, I don’t believe in that. I had seen the shack that her parents, brother and wife and baby were living in, and it was smaller than my single bedroom alone, yet they were still happy and never complained.

When my brother in law, started working with my wife, I thought it was only right that I take my wife’s family and move them into a decent home, as our son stayed with them when me and my wife were busy with the taxi company, and for our son, and my brothers baby to live in those conditions, was not right in my heart. When we were moving everything out of their old house, we trashed a closet armoire when we seen near a dozen baby rats and mice run inside as we tried to move it. You wonder why ladies here want to stay so long with a foreigner, why they don’t want to go home, and why they all work, this is exactly why. The daughters just want more for their children and families.

Back to my family for the time being now. Me and my wife have of course the master room here, my parents have the large open room upstairs, although they’ve changed to the downstairs room because of the new UBC they just got down there lol. Our son stays with us most nights me and wife are home together, as my wife often works very hectic hours the little guy (7yrs. old) relishes the chance to sleep with us and get the attention. On the same token, me and my wife don’t have the opportunity to have sex as much as we would like, as I am usually sleeping when she is home, and she is either out working when I am awake, or she is sleeping at home. So having our son come in and rush to see mom first as soon as she gets here, while me and mom have other ideas in mind, poses a bit of a problem sometimes. Luckily its mom and dad to the rescue!!! They know when we call them in here to take our son to sleep in their room, me and my wife want to have an hour or 2 of alone time. Alright I’ll be honest, 15-20 minutes of alone time if its a good night for me. What do you guys expect, not having sex in sometimes as much as a week, you see how long you last!!

Now with my Thai family here, they are very humble, and came from a poor family. When I bought our refrigerator for our house, our microwave and aircon, my mother in law started crying. This was a really big deal to her, very few family members had fridges, but none of them had ever gotten a brand new one. Buying a few lounge chairs for the living room and couch, dad has HIS chair now, just like my dad did, and my grandpa did, and I think most men do. This was the first time he ever had living room furniture, instead of just sitting on the rice grass woven mats. I could go on and on with the things new to most of them, water heater (yes we still have the 55 gallon bucket in the shower room with the bucket, “Issan style shower”. A kitchen set that has a sink, cooktop and storage area, this is luxury for my family. When you really think about it, compared to what most of us are used to, these people that live in the majority in Thailand, know nothing of the comforts we do of home. Home to most Thais, is just where they sleep and stay when not working, it doesn’t hold the same emotion for them. They watch us on tv all the time, and we all have cars, houses, and just buy things whenever we want, is it any wonder they want what we have, and some of them despise us?

Now I never had any intention of getting anything from my wife’s parents, as I just wanted them to be happy and have a decent home, as we were able to get one for the same price as an apartment, so while I cover all the bills here with my wife, except for their new USB downstairs lol, the family still takes care of all the food, all the cooking, cleaning, and STILL go out and work as street vendors 6 days a week. My brother-in-law, he works for me as a driver in BKK, so that was not only my way of ensuring he was contributing and taking care of his family and child, but also making sure he stays out of trouble.So despite most peoples thinking, that Thais just want us to send them money so they can sit around all day and not have to work, you have no idea how most Thai people really live. Add to their regular jobs, even if professionals, police, military, or fairly well off, ALL OF THEM from the country, will return home to help for harvest and planting times for rice.

Now living with 7 Thais, 3 women, 2 men, a child and a baby, can be more than a handful in any situation, but here it is at very least a test of patience and understanding. My bedroom, is kind of like my office/sanctuary, so if I take off up here, while everyone else is downstairs, they know to leave me alone and let me relax or work. Every so often when they pop upstairs, they will open the door to see if everything is alright in my room, or just to plain see what’s going on. That I don’t mind so much as its kind of like they just want to make sure I am alright. What I don’t like, is when they bring my 9 month old niece, lay her down next to my laptop while I’m online, or just leave her on my bed and walk away and leave her here lol. Because it then turns into my son jumping on the bed, the baby trying to type or chew on my laptop, and my 2 dogs chasing all of them around the room. So much for relaxing lol.

When it comes to eating, I never have to worry about cooking, as my sis in law, or wife always cook every night, sometimes pops does, and they always come and grab me, so we can eat together. I don’t really have any family left back home, so its nice to see them want me to come down and eat with them. Rarely, I will grab my father, and brother-in-law and his wife, and take them shopping at Carrefour or Big C. We just buy basic stuff, sodas, maybe a meal or 2, baby food, and I will usually grab something sweet, like a small cake. Our last trip a few days ago, I bought 2 cakes. I didn’t eat dinner with everyone as I was busy at the time, so when I came down the first night, first cake gone. I figured, they probably just left the 2nd one for me, after all these were for everyone. What pissed me off, was the next day I was hungry looking for anything to eat, and the 2nd cake was gone now? My wife was out of town during that time, so it wasn’t her, I guess maybe someone was just too hungry to bother leaving me a piece of my own 2 cakes I bought. Turns out cake #2 was the brothers wife. So since then, we have had some special request beverages for customers coming in, so I made sure to point out the drinks, and say, not for mama, not for papa, only for farang!!! They got a laugh out of this, but I still will kill them, as these were some very hard to find items I had to get.

My sister-in-law works with mom and dad, so her baby stays with the babysitter. If her husband, or mom or dad, or my wife have the day off, then we just watch the baby our self. When everyone comes home, they are cleaning up, taking showers, and cooking usually. The baby then, might as well be alone in the house. If I had 1 baht for every time I grabbed a knife or something dangerous from the baby, grabbed her before she touched the cooktop, picked her up before she started walking away, or just plain typing with one hand, while fending her off with the other, I would be a very rich man. Its kind of like everyone standing in a line, someone says go to the store, then tells the next person in line, and the next, and next, until the last person realized they have to go, that’s about the same kind of mentality when it comes to stopping the baby from doing something she shouldn’t.

Overall, its pretty safe to say, that the stories you hear that Thai families are very close, are absolutely true. The myth that all Thais are lazy and money-hungry has been busted. The myth that we will never be truly accepted by Thais, from what I have seen is not true, but those will likely be stories for another day.

And in true business man fashion, (shameless plug time again) if anyone ever needs a ride while in Thailand, or ever wants to do some really cool and off the beaten track kind of tours of the real Thailand, give me an email and I will be happy to take care of you at some of the best prices in the land.

My contact information:

Stay Tuned for episode #2 of “8’s Company”, where we talk about my transition into the Thai lifestyle and my unique Buddhist experiences, along with any new or funny stories that come up along the way.

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  1. I kept waiting for this:

    “So, one night I was alone and jerking of to internet porn, and in pops my sister in law. She see’s what I was doing, and instead of turning around and heading out the door, she says “Can I help you with that”. So of course I oblige and we quickly move to the bed where she proceeds to give me a BBBJ. After a bit i kneel down and start eating her golden pot. Just as she is about to cum, i feel a slight tickle on my exposed asshole. I turn around and much to my surprise I see my mother-in-law with her face burried deep in my asshole. If that wasn’t shocking enough, her husband was right behind her with a huge grin on his face and says “Now son, you know in Thailand, a family that stays together, lays together”

    …or something like that.

  2. or perhaps something like this from the Phuket Gazette

    Canine caper leaves cleric in coma

    PITSANULOKE: An errant monk was caught in a compromising position on November 5 after he suffered a stroke while having sex with a temple dog behind Sam Toei Temple in Wat Thong District.

    Villagers were drawn to the scene by the howls of protest from the dog, which the monk had lashed to a tree.

    After seeing the monk in flagrante delicto with the heavily pregnant Thai Bangkaew dog, villagers called the police.

    By the time officers arrived on the scene, the excitement had obviously been too much for the 65-year-old monk to take.

    He was found lying unconscious next to the animal. A bottle of dishwashing liquid was found next to the monk, presumably for use as a makeshift lubricant.

    Rescuers rushed the monk to hospital, where he remains in a coma. Doctors said he had suffered a stroke and are not sure if he will survive.

    The cleric was identified in Thailand’s best-selling daily newspaper as Phrapan Chitutasaro,

    The abbot of Wat Sam Toei, Phramali Dhamachantho, said Phrapan had been at the temple for only a few days.

    Temple authorities were preparing to ask him to leave because he had refused to provide references from his former temple.

    Police did not say what Phrapan would be charged with if he regains consciousness.


  3. “My brother-in-law, he works for me as a driver in BKK, so that was not only my way of ensuring he was contributing and taking care of his family and child, but also making sure he stays out of trouble.”

    Or maybe it is their way of making sure you stay out of trouble.

  4. It’s the first time I read a post without an ego. Not intended to impress the good life in Thailand. As I see it the main point is the balance you found, a combination of employment and family life. But it exists in every country for all who want it and understand it requires thinking in particular of balancing all the components including the extended family

  5. “you are looked at lustfully by almost all women, and despisingly by most Thai men.”


  6. So thats honestly your life?

    I would sooner be dead, and I pretty much imagine thats what your wife would be thinking most of the time. I like the term “I’m a 30yo semi-retired American”, in other words your highly likely an idiot who left the US on some form of redundancy or pension believing you could make a living in Thailand with “sweet f’ all” but have ended up like most Thai expats, living like soi dogs but believing your making some Thai families life better because now you have applicances. Your wifes family has gone from a life free of utility bills and the requirements to constantly pay bills to being slaves to the “Elites”, but are living like Chinese immigrants used too, 10 to a room and everything shared.

    Bring on tighter immigration controls for Thailand, some people just need to be sent back home!

  7. Sounds like cash is just a little tight, or surely you would live in a bigger place. If you really have no ego, I guess you can be happy living like this, at least while you are young. But I would say for most farangs, a life style comparable to that in the west, whilst hopefully cheaper, has to be the ultimate goal. Unless you are one of life’s eternal hippies – not many of those around.

    Does sound like you have found a gem or a women though, I guess staying away form the farang areas has its upsides.

  8. I thought the story was going to end with the ‘brother in law’ being the wife’s husband.

    We’ve all heard stories like that, no?

  9. This was pretty much a piece on just candid life here on the average. Did I have the nice apartments in Patts, of course, in BKK when I first moved her, you bet. We wanted to stay close to where mom, dad, and sis all worked. At the same time staying close to our son’s school. The size of our place, is about the same as a 2500sq.ft. house. Room isn’t so much the issue, its more about how closely everyone keeps to each other.

    In a situation like this, I think if I had a 10k sq.ft. house, everyone would spend most of their time right in the same room together. Its hard to make people that don’t have Thai-inlaws living with them, understand that this is pretty common for near any Thai family. If it were all Thais and I was not in the picture, then there would likely be 12 or 13 people living here, as they have in some of the shops around us.

    Of course everyone can say what they want, I think everyone is entitled to their opinions, no matter how derogatory or insulting. As I am sure I will likely respond in a similar fashion to some of those same peoples postings. I think it aggravates some people to a degree, that a 30yo is able to do the same thing that most people have to wait till 60+ to do, not riding the back of the ss system, rather on their own dime.

    I could have chosen a completely different path here. I could have chosen to live in the heart of the mongering scene, and just partied the rest of my life. Doing that for a few months, just really got old for me. As much as I didn’t really want to start another business, just sitting around all the time made me flat out bored. I enjoy always having something to do, something to keep me busy, rather than just surfing the net, or just going to parties every night. Some people are just built differently is all I can say, I choose to still work, thats my choice and I see nothing wrong with it.

    I know many people come here to Thailand just to monger, or came her initially with those intentions or profiting from it. At first, I thought I would be single for the rest of my life here. Everyone knows thats been married and divorced and married however many times after that, knows you don’t really make the choice to kind of fall for someone, it just happens. I’m just happy that I found someone that still wanted to work, rather than sit at home and have me send a salary to her bank account every month.

    We all come here for different reasons. Many people think they will be the knight in shining armor. Some people have the exact opposite life in mind. After living both sides of that coin, I am happy with the one I have chosen. I don’t judge people for making different choices than me, after all, without the people that came here for all the ladies, that would effect my business quite a bit, as thats about 50% of the overall tourism coming in that I have seen.

    This post, is an attempt to show people the other side of the looking glass. Its not flashy, it doesn’t talk about how many bg’s I pulled from whatever bar, it doesn’t talk about how much money I spent on this or I flew first class on that airline. This is simply showing what choosing, and I do emphasize the word choosing, to live on the Thai side of the looking glass compared to the farang side. Some people are set in their ways, as they’ve done the whole kids, x-wives, and retirement thing, so they choose to be alone, or at least alone with their lady. I am still a young guy. I’ve never had the kids before, never had the whole married lifestyle before, so this is all new to me, I don’t think it matters what country I would be in, it would still all be new to me.

    I have chosen to find a balance, between what I need and want to make me and my wife happy, while still allowing there to be some room to take care of the family to a small degree. To have all the luxuries I would anywhere else (while I had to actually bring them in, as opposed to renting or buying a place already stocked with them.), and make the family happy at the same time, I am happy with these arrangements. I never would have thought that choosing to live a middle-class lifestyle in Thailand, would have angered so many people lol. There was a time, where I would have instead talked about the 3 ladies I pulled for the night, or the video I shot, but thats just kind of old for me too.

    Maybe in the future, I will come to get bored with my wife, and submit more of those kinds of stories, hell, as I get comfortable with posting on the site here, I might go back into some of those stories for fun lol. But as I said, I have chosen this kind of lifestyle right now and am happy with it. I don’t have family anywhere else, so I enjoy a family that is this close, as my family when they were around, was never anything like our family is now. There are tons of things that went into my factoring and choosing of this life, but ultimately, the only person my living arrangements effects outside my family here is me. I have just chosen to give you a look inside this kind of family structure, not to condemn anyone or the sort.

    I have been on a multitude of websites and forums and boards over the years, so an insult here by someone I take with a grain of salt. This is just the side of Bangkok and Thailand, most people that do not live her, seldom if ever get the chance to see. I wanted to share that with the people I thought might appreciate it.

  10. And yes, there are their upsides to living in Thai BKK. If I was single still, I would be having a field day here with the ladies. Looking at all the 20yo ladies going and coming from school in the high heels and full make up with the uniforms on, is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

    If you need to have proper Western food, if you need to have other foreigners around to talk to all the time, then it would be a rather boring place for someone.

  11. Lloyd wrote to MrDreamTransport: your highly likely an idiot who left the US on some form of redundancy or pension believing you could make a living in Thailand with “sweet f’ all” but have ended up like most Thai expats, living like soi dogs but believing your making some Thai families life better because now you have applicances.

    Err…. he’s also creating wealth; the guy’s running with his wife their own business.

  12. a nice change of pace. i see you’ve been living in thailand for a year and a half, but your son is 7 years old. did you two live together in the US as well? was it difficult to get her to come back to Thailand, or was it her idea? sorry, i’m assuming your son is not actually her son from a previous relationship.

  13. Yes, this article is a nice change of pace. Nice to hear about someone who is living a normal life and is happy. Even many of the people knee deep in hookers and boozed out of their heads every night aren’t very happy people.

    @Lloyd: Not sure where your comment was coming from. Surely if immigration was going to crack down they would do it on the near endless supply of farangs who are living on the edge here. Teachers, freelance (IT, translators, whatever), etc. making 30,000 baht per month.

  14. Great read, I really enjoyed it. I was going to try and post before all the haters jumped in. Glad some respected people on here welcomed your submission. Man, it is your life and you are happy. I am happy for you. Thai lifestyle isn’t really that much different than others once you sample it. A lot of people who don’t like it are really old, and tender.

    Don’t let the haters like Lloyd bother you. Everyone on here is handsome and rich, as a matter of fact the HBO series Entourage is based on actual members of this forum. No Shit.
    (Actually, I think if we all posed for a group photo, it would look like a Dungeons and Dragons convention circa 1983.)

    I mean really, would you even speak to someone named Lloyd? If I were introduced to someone like this, I would immediately pretend I don’t speak English.

    You have a good life, live it well.

  15. @Lloyd – I agreed with your “I’d sooner be dead” introductory statement. That was a fair comment. You could have followed it up with a reasonable question like “How can a guy smart enough to semi-retire at 30 be so foolish to get sucked into this hellish living arrangement?” People might have chuckled at that. Instead, you went right to mean personal insults about the author. That’s where you lost the moderates who might have otherwise agreed with a better constructed “anti Thai in-law” argument.

    @generous sponsor — I think “his” son is the wife’s son from a prior relationship. Note that he refers to his wife’s brother as “his” brother. Also, he’s from the Southern/Midwestern United States. Possibly as far north as Indiana, but more likely Kentucky/Tennesee/Missouri. We know this because he says “I seen mice” instead of “I saw mice” (hillbilly speak), and he uses the phrase “in my heart.” (crazy Baptist speak). No Americans from the Northeast or the West coast even have a heart.

    Anyway, there are no Thai chicks hanging around in the Southern/Midwestern United States. (I’ve looked). So it’s unlikely he met her at age 22, had a son in the U.S., then semi-retired by 29 and moved to Thailand with her and the kid.

    Moreover, Americans who have kids at age 23 don’t semi-retire at 29 and move the kid to Thailand. Kids are a drain on a man’s finances, energies, and creativity. If you have a kid at 23, early retirment is off the table unless you hit the lottery.

    But guys WITHOUT kids can save money, semi-retire, move to Thailand, and fall for the first Thai woman they meet and end up supporting her and her kid and her extended family.

  16. Nice post, have saved the contact details and we will look you up when in BKK next April.
    Better to support your company that take pot luck!

  17. Wow! great post, well expressed giving some unique insight. Very surprised that the post received so many almost sick comments attacking this guy personally. occasionally I will repond attacking a posting but usually to politics or perversion such as I phukets remarks. I really liked the posting and to me it elevated this blog if only for a moment

    @gavimac= “a wise man you” great observations on your part

  18. Nice post……
    Interesting and a nice change from some of the boring adolescent Bullshit that appears……………
    @ Lloyd………….
    Piss off Sad Lad!

  19. Great story, hope you are a different mr dream transport from the one who gets such a bad rap from a number of the Pattaya based boards. Apparently some american guy with a good line in bull shit started telling people he owned a taxi company, when in fact he was just a part time booking agent working on commission for the real Thai owner. The story goes he was banned from one forum and according to another, said mr BS lives in a fantasy world of his own creation…..Maybe the Ghost has heard about it?

  20. Come on lloyd ,give us a herotic run down of your satisfied life,we are all dying to know……………………….not.

    MR Dream Transport,well done ,ill contact you re some interesting places you might know,when i can escape this island.
    cheers ,

  21. Refreshing story, I enjoyed it, well written. MrDreamTransport, you sound like an interesting guy to talk to. Might catch you at a future Mango party.

  22. Couldn’t live like that for sure. For me, living in Bangkok is all about living better than back home, paying no taxes, and enjoying the fruit of the land.

  23. Mr Dream transport,

    Thanks for sharing your story- sounds pretty interesting. My wife and I live together in a 2BR condo- her mom has a small house (father ran away after she was born) and she’s an only child. She has an aunt in Nontaburi who never married and is childless.

    They come to visit from time to time. If we had a bigger place I’m sure they would live here and that would be a lot to deal with. I mean, they are nice and I will care for them but you’ve got to have some privacy man! No children yet so life is still carefree.


  24. Sorry, one question.

    With your taxi company, how many cars do you have?

    And what level of take home profit can you expect per month? 70K THB a month or much more than this?

    Always wanted to know- I’m running a business here for venture capitalists that’s pulling in 20 million baht profit a month at present- I helped to build it up in the last year but unfortunately I’m not an owner, just a hired hand.


  25. Just couldn’t get into it, there is more than enough folksy pap on TV that I don’t care to watch. When I started reading, I got the feeling that I was back in the US listening to all of that idle sop that Americans think is interesting like family, kids, where they went to dinner or lunch, what little Johnny did or is doing, just nothing I want to hear. For sure, not how I want to live.

  26. Kind of interesting. I don’t think anyone here is jealous of you. Living with a wife and a ton of in-laws in close proximity is monger kryptonite.

    This sentence just doesn’t work:

    “..and furthermore, you are looked at lustfully by almost all women, and despisingly by most Thai men. We are beautiful to Thais, especially very white individuals. I guess I can safely say we are kind of looked at like supermodels, or at least local movie stars.”

    If you’ve lived here for any period of time you would surely know that’s not the reality. Well, at least I’d hope you would…

  27. This is awesome. We’re about the same age and I have to be honest – I wouldn’t choose the kind of life you live, but it’s awesome to see things from your perspective. Good luck with the missus and the business. I’ll look your cab company up next time I’m on Bangkok.

  28. Great article. Thanks for writing this and look forward to some more.

    Have to admit I’d rather staple my eyelids to the floor than live that kind of lifestyle but different strokes and all that. Sounds like it really suits you and that is understandable.

  29. Off topic: What happened to SSB? I havent seen him around here for quite a while. Married? Lost his hands? Detox-Clinic in Chiang Mai?

  30. Good story and I’m definitely interested to read more. Your happy thats all that matters and big deal about the negative comments. Their opinions and they own it.

  31. I wish you all the very best and hope you cab co is a success, and will definitely use it, you deserve to make a success of this.

    Now I may be wrong, because all there is to go on here is your submission. But you paint a picture that suggests a certain dissatisfaction with your living arrangements. You describe a lack of personal privacy, a lack of freedom to choose when to have sex, a level of disrespect that some of your house guests show towards you by eating your food and so on. When I read this submission I get the sense that you want to change some things, that this Thai way of life is not entirely to your liking. Maybe you are financially secure to the point where you can dictate how you living arrangements and life in Thailand will develop. And, if you are, my money is that you will make some changes that allow you to have more control over your day-to-day life. On the other hand, if you are as much a part of this economic enterprise as your wife and her family because your finances dictate you must be, then circumstances may be forcing your hand here. There seems to be a hell of a lot to be proud of in your life in LOS. But I gotta say, I sense you may not be being entirely honest with yourself and/or the readers here.

    I guess my point is that if you are genuinely semi retired, because you can afford to be, the submission does not quite add up. lloyd is getting a lot of stick here, and to be fair his choice of language leaves a lot to be desired. But I can sympathise with his frustration here. I feel kinda duped!!! That we are not getting the full story.

  32. ” a business here for venture capitalists that’s pulling in 20 million baht profit a month at present-”

    Holy crap! Now that’s serious money! In the entertainment industry?

  33. Nice to see a different view of life here. Completely different to many of the readers I suspect and if you’re happy all power to you!

  34. Good write up. You are living the life the over-50 hump back bar stool losers dream to live. It seems a rather mundane if not lower end existance to me, but it is a far sight better than the lonely existance the pre-flying club geezer set live.

  35. Americans are gloomy:

    “61% feel that America is in a state of decline.”

    And they’re right to be.

    So if a youngish American guy is able to build a future for himself here in Thailand, — a country that will certainly benefit from China’s impressive rise, — while the West is obviously declining, — culturally, demographically, economically, etc.c — I feel very happy for him.

    I mean — if a guy feels he’s basically monogamous, a potential family-man — he might be happy surrounded by a loving and close Thai family, and running his own business, even if promiscuity and a radically different political framework can make it difficult at times.

  36. The business I run is related to electronics & computer hardware- I wish it was in the entertainment industry.

    It took lots and lots of work to get the business to this level of profitability. And constant vigilance is required to maintain performance.

    It wouldn’t make for much of a post though, pretty boring as there is no mongering or ladyboy stories involved. That’s why I’m a reader of TFS2M and not a prolific author unlike YP who seems to get raped by ladyboys every fortnight.


  37. Thought this was a well written piece and makes a nice change of pace. Have to agree with some of the issues raised by others though. That comment about white people being regarded as supermodels seemed like a smoking gun of naivety. I don’t think we rank on the Thai hierarchy of attractiveness at all – we’re just an oddity. I also have issues when any 30 year old claims to be “semi” retired.

    @ Jeezo – If you’re running the company and its venture capital backed you should have a management equity plan. Obviously I don’t know your situation but that’s a fairly standard practice.

  38. MrDreamTransport — At times around here, it seems like its all about trying to be the “Hunter S. of Bangkok”. Thankfully, you have not made that attempt.

    This was a smooth read. Good on ya’. Stay focussed and keep yer’ guns up.

  39. Mr DreamTransport, enjoyed the read. Interesting how much your life has changed since meeting you the first time in Pattaya 18 months ago. Another side of life in Thailand, looking forward to future installments.

  40. Dancing Boy,

    Normally you’d think so but in this case there is no equity plan. There is a payout depending on the value the company is sold for but this has not been fully settled.

    It’s basic salary and short term bonus with this company, these private equity guys (Hong Kong based bur from US investment banks) are pretty stingy.


  41. Interesting that some people can find it funny when a blog post or comment denogrates or belittles Thai, or other Asian, women for working as prostitutes (whatever you want to call them is ‘up to you’) and the lifestyles they live, yet when someone posts a similar comment with an opposing bias its ‘unacceptable’, or written by a moron.

    There is no such thing as “semi” retired, its a fallacy, you are either “retired” or not, it isn’t even in Wikipedia! Semi: ‘Semi- is a Latin prefix to a verb, noun, or adjective meaning “half”. Some compounds formed with it are often abbreviated to simply “semi” in appropriate contexts…

    As for my own life, like most of the readers here I have made my mistakes in Thailand and am learning as I go along, what I certainly won’t do is create an imaginary term to describe my lifestyle or financial arangement.

  42. “Semi-retired” is a commonly used phrase and it’s meaning is understood by all who read it (with evidently one exception)
    Thanks for the clarification on what ‘semi’ means – I’m sure most of the readership were clueless on that one.
    Obviously then – semi-detached, semi-breve, semi-circle, semi-colon, semi-conductor, semi-detached, semi-final, semi-skilled, semi-tone and semi-tropical are all fallacies…
    I guess you are either semi-precious or you’re not. eh Lloyd?

  43. Valid points from the doctor..allbeit 3 months ago. Who, after all, has not sat with a semi-on watching betty boo cartoon reruns? Exactly.

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