Vietnam Revisited – Part One by WFTM

I think the only guide to date about Vietnam on the blog is when pmmp took his one and only trip outside of suk soi 4. He went to HCMC or Saigon and did quite the detailed write-up on it. You can find that here. I was coming off a week in Jakarta, stopover in Sing and then over to HCMC, Hanoi and back to HCMC. There is other information on this blog about Hanoi as well.

Having spent some time now all over SEA it is very easy to get used to Thailand. Say what you will, people bitching about scams aside, Thailand is one of the best spots in the world for ease of living. The mongering scene is also the best bar none. About the only thing I can ding Thailand for is the lame duck government, the waning service levels and the terrible internet infrastructure. Cabs are cheap, food is great, girls are plentiful and the p4p scene, although lacking variety, is tops. That’s just the way it is.

However it is always nice to get out and see how the other half lives. Unfortunately Vietnam is part of the nation of horns alliance which means that just being in Vietnam slightly irritates me. They freaking use their horn for no apparent reason whatsoever, they seem to not respect personal space and they throw their trash around. Reminds me too much of China – but the place is fun, the food is great and there are hotties all over the place. However the attitude is tough – they just don’t seem to have that same ease of use one gets used to from Thailand and Indonesia.

For those who travel to Sing and visit the FFOW – you will have noticed many of the freelancer bars are packed with Viets. They tend to be the hottest girls in the place. Not always the best looking faces but great bodies, awesome tits and dress like sophisticated sluts. I love it but ask anyone with experience dealing with them and you mostly hear they have rotten attitudes, demand money upfront and tend to leave you wishing you had not taken them. I would say that sums up my experience with mongering in Vietnam. They are hot, but they tend to mostly let you down.

Unless someone can point me to a great place that would allow me to have an open mind and see something I have yet to see my take is Vietnam is just pretty lame for mongering. The prices are not cheap and with the Dong continuing its freefall they love to quote you in dollars and then pretend that if you do pay in Dong that you get 20k dong to a dollar. A little creative whore math that is just another part of their overall scamming culture. I must have fallen in love with many of the normal girls I saw around town but for the most part I have no interest in them.

For the one night in HCM city I went straight to bar 49 and 51. Everyone knows where they are and seem to be the go to hostess bars but after talking to some plugged in party guys who are from HCMC – they say these are the low end ones. They are right next to each other and the guys outside the door will try to drag you in – I always HATE guys on the door. Just gives you a bad feeling about the place. They are similar bars with pool tables, full of girls and the overbearing mamasans. Drinks set you back 4-5USD for either your drinks or a ladies. They play pool and bet you money they win and if they lose they get naked. Most suck at pool so I had a few of them naked. Which was fun.

I should have just left it at that but once I was drunk and saw this one girl’s perfect breasts I started thinking blowie. I think she quoted 500,000 VND or something. I went for it. She was good but during my blowie, I found her rifling through my pockets and wallet. So I had to grab her hands and keep her focused. I have been to Lolitas maybe 1000 times and I have never had a girl try to steal mid session. To me this is just the core difference between places like VN and Thailand.

Anyway she kept going and when I was about to blow she pulled off and let it go on a towel. Oh well. I zipped up and went to pay my bill. Then I noticed another 250k on the bill apart from my drinks. I was like what is this for and the mamasan said it was some lady charge. The thing I HATE about VN is when they pull this type of shit – you feel little recourse to do anything cause you fear them turning you in. I paid and left but with no plans to return. At the end of the day places like this have this we don’t care if you return attitude and it show.

I was told the better hostess bars are one step up and called 13 and smiley bar. I have yet to check them out. More on that later!

On another night I was coming back from Apocalypse Now, great club btw, and a motorcycle guy took me to some pseudo brothel. I was wound up and went for it. Kind of shady but the girls were nice. Short time was 800k including the room but the girl begged for more. She was fun and I tipped a bit but all in all you feel overcharged at every point.

There are cool places to eat and drink all over town though. One night we at Sushi-bito – 62 ngo duc ke street. A VN guy with a cool little Japanese enclave. Great food, extreme value, super saki and awesome service. This is where places like HCMC really shine in my opinion. Next door is a cool bar called Red Drum, nothing to do with the movie, that has good drinks, fun girls and good value. No take out here but a fun place to drink and hang. I have been chatting with a bartender from here but her english sucks. Cracking body though.

At the end of this series I will put in a bunch of venue notes I have gathered from others just in case people have comments or suggestions.

If people know of better hostess bars or a massage scene that really delivers I am all ears.

48 thoughts on “Vietnam Revisited – Part One by WFTM

  1. You boys that do the naughty in Laos and Vietnam are playing with fire. Maybe it’s the fear of the commies but I for one don’t want to risk it.

  2. Was in Hanoi a couple moths ago. I was not hunting, as I brung my own Thai “Sand To The Beach”
    The Horn honking is truly insane! Basically from 5am-11pm expect a constant parade of Horns. Traffic is also completely psychotic.
    Food is Excellent, and most of it a great Value.
    But scams and bill padding are everywhere. You best practice your bargaining skills before going.
    Finally, The Boat Trips on Halong Bay are an absolute Must!

  3. “….during my blowie, I found her rifling through my pockets and wallet….”

    That’s funny. I had a buddy tell me years ago about him taking some bush-bunny in the Congo from behind, and while she was bent over, she stole his wallet. She then popped off his cock and ran off into the brush. He couldn’t chase her as his strides were around his ankles…Fuck I laughed so hard…

  4. I live in Saigon, have for the last three years. Mongering sucks. Uni girls will blow you away in bed–been with my girl for a year now and it’s been a non-stop shagathon that costs me no more than dinner a few nights a week. Tagged has potential, but you have to know how to work it and how to spot the sex-machines. Those “normal” girls you see around downtown, well, you’d be surprised how much they love a giant cock. At the end of the day the city is one big hustle. But salaries for ex-pats are twice as high as in Thailand. End of story.

  5. What about the legendary ‘hot tocs’ (sp?) I’ve heard about where they’ll suck you off cheaply, saigonkid? Don’t those exist?

    Vietnam frustrates me. It could be so, so good, if they just relaxed a few things. The raw material there is better than Thailand’s. And the country is poorer. It should be better.

  6. Vietnam is poor, and because of the business boom wealth level and quality of farang in Saigon is much higher. Consequently the reputation of farang in Saigon amongst the girls isnt as bad as it is in Thailand.

    I was surprised to many white guys with the kind of good looking whores/girls that they seem to have a much harder time to get in Thailand.

    I remember going to Vietnam before Thailand and hanging with lots of really pretty white skinned girls – both whores and regular girls – and thinking that was the norm for SE Asia and Thailand would be the same thing. Lots of other white guys doing the same thing.

    I remember being shocked in Thailand at seeing so few white guys with that level of girl, and while it wasnt very hard for me in Thailand, it was definitely harder.

    The trick in Saigon is to go to the freelancer nightclubs, they are all over the place, and pick up hot hot hot freelancers.

    Saigon is undergoing a huge business boom so there is an enormous ex-pat community there just partying it up all night – lots of Koreans and Taiwanese as well, the Taiwanese are awsome to hang out with, real friendly and love to party and will hit on every girl in sight.

    I love Saigon, what a blast!

  7. @WFTM, good write up – Apocalypse Now is always a safe bet for me!

    @Bibblies – couldn’t agree with you more. Having spent the last 10 years visiting VN for work and family reasons it never ceases to amaze how much, yet so little has changed there. If they collectively all chilled out and took a deep breath it would be a much better place to visit. That said, the women are IMHO much better equipped than their thai sisters

  8. Good read..lookinf forward to the second part of this story.

    Lots of Vietnamese gals plying their trade in Wanchai..and as you mentioned, they are ALL about business. How much $$ long..and when. That really kills the enjoyment…compare that to Thai or even Flips, whose attitudes are so much better.

    But…you are correct. They are usually the best dressed (they do love their glittery cocktail dresses) with the most make-up, hard bodies and big tits.

  9. Re: the Viet über whore types in Singapore & Wan Chai, I’ve often found that beneath their glittery cocktail dresses there’s bra padding or a bad boob job, pasty skin, a hairy bush and complete lack of tone. Plus the aforementioned businesslike attitude. Give me a little brown bunny any day of the week.

  10. The only time I go for Viet is in the Macau saunas. My cash is safely locked away, the girls are wearing bikinis before you pick one, and you know exactly what your going to get when the gettin’ gets goin’.

  11. As someone who’s lived in Saigon for quite some time and visits Thailand regularly I have to agree that p4p sucks here. However Viet girls are way sexier than Thai girls. They are incredibly flirty and love sex (although it might take a few dates to get in their pants). VN is definitely better for the long term visitor and not the tourist. Just go to the clubs and meet non p4p girls – you’ll see the fun you can have.
    Someone asked about the Hot Tocs (hairdressers) so i’ll give you a run down on them now. their are 2 kinds – legit and dodgy. In the legit you will meet absolute stunners who will give you an awesome hairwash, facial and massage. its easy to get their phone numbers and take them out but they will be costly dates. On the dodgy side, there are countless hairdressers where good looking girls will give you a skilled BJ in a curtained off area for as low as $10 Take a tag team for $20.

  12. @ho chi minge (great name btw): “On the dodgy side, there are countless hairdressers where good looking girls will give you a skilled BJ in a curtained off area for as low as $10 Take a tag team for $20.”

    Thanks for that. But, crucially, *where* are they?

  13. @ho chi minge (great name btw): “On the dodgy side, there are countless hairdressers where good looking girls will give you a skilled BJ in a curtained off area for as low as $10 Take a tag team for $20.”

    If you make a statement like this then please substaciate it by giving more info as to where they are. Or dont write such rubbish

  14. Hot tocs can be found all over the city – just look for the sign and usually darkened windows. If it looks like they cut hair then its probably legit. However there are a few concentrations of these places – try Nguyen Phi Khanh Street in district 1 (just off Vo Thi Sau). This street has 4 places last time I looked. There’s also Dinh Bo Linh Street in Binh Thanh District which has more than 10 hot tocs – however i have heard that only HJ is available at some. Prices are as quoted before. There are other areas particularly in D5 and near the airport but I’m not sure of the street names.
    ‘still looking’ – is that ok for you? Or still rubbish?

  15. WFTM – no news yet on whether you have graduated to turning left as you enter the plane? …. one reassuring constant about most of these non Thailand stories is that TL reigns supreme on the P4P front … lucky for me really

  16. mf – its not that big of a deal – it is only certain hotels and there is a ton of action around

    sk – it is one big hustle. truth bro – the triple truth

    b – its not. its more expensive, less service and too much attitude. it is worse.

    dude – millions? chump dong man.

    k – u make some solid points but then move into drivel. There are NOT a ton of freelance joints but if they are – list them. There are about 3 or 4 tops. They are not hot, hot hot – it all depends on taste. There are some hotties but on the average curve not as much as thailand. not in a long shot.

    spats – an is cool but lots of competition since no where else for people to go. They have some bods in vietnam but not the faces in my opinion. Wait a few more years and all the cities will be one massive gridlock when 5% of the population convert their bikes “honda” to small cars. They have not even begun any form of mass transit so you spend half your life in a car if you are there to do business.

    indu – spot on, all eye candy – terrible delivery

    c – agreed but I found the bodies okay – just lame service and lots of biz attitude. LBFM trump attitude or hotness

    hcm – is that like saying thai girls don’t love sex? hard to buy that. u make fair points but they are not sexier in my opinion cause they are too clinical.

    great info:

    “On the dodgy side, there are countless hairdressers where good looking girls will give you a skilled BJ in a curtained off area for as low as $10 Take a tag team for $20.”

    addresses please?

    b & still looking – props

    hcm – better but street names mean nothing. numbers bro – addresses – names of places. thanks.

    doc bond – depends the airline. but yes – tough to beat the general scene in bkk. thing is – quiz most expats in HCMC or hanoi and ask where they take a break, where th booze is cheaper and where the service is better – thailand.

    rock on…

  17. biblies–the hot toc thing is really overrated, and to me sums up most of what i hate about VN–you see lots of hotties hanging out, so you go in, they slam you into a chair in a room with 50 VNese guys (who make Thai Moto-taxis look like the epitome of cleanliness and civility), then immediately pull your trousers down, nearly tear your member of as they jerk it, give you a half hearted blowie and then demand roughly forty bucks. Now if you’re the kind of monger that enjoys sub-par service and moreover haggling, and in VN even speaking the language won’t help much with that, then by all means knock yourself out. They’re waiting for you.

    Tagged is the way to go. If you can’t do that, then hang out in expat bars and look for VNese girls. But don’t pay, it’s simply not necessary. If you want to pay for play then hit Pattaya or Bangkok.

    If anyone’s really dieing to know where to hang out hit me up.

  18. ho chi minge–gotta work on the street names and intersections, how long you been here and you can’t spell street names? christ, we use the same alphabet…

  19. Have to agree on the comments about the VN birds in Singo. They’re all business, I’ve only had one take away from the towers that was viet and any fun. They’re hot but I’d prefer a flip, indo or thai any day. Just my two cents.

    @pmmp – how do I register with the blog so I can make a submission? the rego link in the nav at the top of the page is returning an error.

  20. @humant: hmmm, works for me and we’ve been getting registrations. What browser/os you using? Anyway, you can send the submission to and I will get it submitted. I can create your user too. We manage the submissions anyway so no worries.

  21. WTFM – I was actually a tourist in Saigon and planned on staying for about a week. I ended up meeting these 2 long-term Taiwanese ex-pats in Hear of Darkness, and we ended up partying it up every night for about a month, or a bit more. It was a real blast.

    This was about 2 years ago. I truly wish I could remember the names of the clubs they took me to, but I do remember they were many – maybe not more than 5, but to me thats plenty, and I always assumed there were more that we just didnt know about, we were just very happy with our 5 or so – and the girls there were super hot, or lots of them were.

    My advice to you if you ever go back is to meet some local ex-pat and have him show you around – Saigon is much less obviously user-friendly than Thailand and you might well need inside info from a local to really take advantage of it. None of this info is specially hard to come by, but you might just need a local to show you around.

    Most of the clubs we went to were dominated by the Asian ex-pats, because they form a huge segment of the business community in Saigon, but there was always a nice handful of well heeled farang who were very much loved by the girls.

    All in all a fantastic time – I must admit, though, that ultimately the constant noise and frenetic, unrelenting pace and harsh attitudes during the day drove me from Saigon, but the nightlife is much better than Thailand even if not as well organized or user friendly, because the girls are hotter, more willing, and more farang friendly, and thats what its about. Even though Thailand girls arent exactly difficult, Saigon is way better.

  22. This thread is unsettling.
    Viet girls hotter that Thais, heh?
    The nightlife is better, ehe?

    I met one yesterday night, incidentally. Minh. White skin, perfectly pretty face, except for awful teeth. Which is a shame coze she has beautifully full lips. And amazingly graceful hands.

    At first, I thought she was a “hi-so” Thai girl…

  23. Saigonkid – care to provide the correct spelling? Nguyen Phi Khanh is right at the start of Vo Thi Sau at the junction with Dinh Tien Hoang. How’s that?
    Where did you have the grubby experience you mentioned? It doesn’t match anything i’ve seen. And you said $40? Did a moto driver take you there?
    WTFM – I don’t know the numbers but they are so obvious on these streets that you can’t miss them. Better to try the ones on NPK I think – better service and cuter girls. Just make sure you choose the girl and don’t pay anything over 200,000vnd ($11).

  24. HCM – Anh oi! Chuc mung! You found someone to pay for sex in Saigon! Or maybe it’s because you’re so dep chai. As I’ve said before, and I always say, mongering in the thanh pho isn’t for me and isn’t recommended for hardly anyone. Moto driver? You mean xe om? No thanks, I drive a bike that I own, and I live in a flat that I own as well, thank you. Staying up all night and drinking overpriced fake booze at AN or in the Pham isn’t for me either cause it’s just plain boring and no matter how drunk you are the music still sucks and the ex-pats there are idiots. You’ll find me hanging out with models, singers, musicians, actors, actresses and artists in places that aren’t even on the radar. As I also said before in other posts, if you want to know where real people hang out hit me up. And if you want a glimpse of what Saigon and Viet Nam are really like hit me up, I’ll take you off the campus. If you just want to get shit faced and pay for fifteen minutes of pleasure, then you don’t need a guide, just stand on a street corner in quan mot and look lost. Like I said, they’re waiting for you and your money. May man, anh oi!

  25. @saigonkid: I’ll take you up on it, even if they won’t.

    Might pop over next month – you around?

    Hope it’s better than Angeles…

  26. pmmp–i’ll work on it, attempted it once before but then felt it was a waste of time…in the end Thailand is the place to be, but if you want it i’ll draft one

  27. k – in your opinion they are hotter and more willing – not in mine. I think indos are way more fun and easy going if we are making comparisons but I will keep exploring.

    ho chi – love your handle. I will check those streets next time

    sk – let’s get ready to rumble! 🙂

  28. sk – it would be great info – there are those of us that appreciate it. VN is fun – I just dont think p4p is nearly as good as thailand. Simple as that but I can see there is a life there that if shown around could be way fun. Problem is when you dont live there it is hard to crack it.

    fun fun

  29. Saigon Kid said: “Those “normal” girls you see around downtown, well, you’d be surprised how much they love a giant cock.”

    -I guess I’m not going to get anywhere there.

  30. saigonkid – Em oi! Khoe khong? I look forward to you enlightening me on the hidden joys of Saigon. I live out in the wilds of D10/Tan Binh so will be interesting to see if our paths have ever crossed. And yes, AN and pham ngu lao are full of retarded expats.
    I agree with you that in general that p4p is pretty woeful in Saigon and that’s why i save it for thailand. Except for the hot tocs which I’ve always enjoyed and never had a bad experience at.
    Di choi vui di!

  31. wtfm – gimme some time, work is crazy right now, but i’ll get something together for everyone, it won’t be a mongering bible but more along the lines of how to enjoy the place and escape the motorbike horns – as for your visit I’ll be in Oz as of Wednesday, then back to San Fran for the holidays. I’ll be in BKK for Feb and Chinese NY, then PP for work…In other words I’m escaping the big Thanh Pho for a much needed break. That said, I’ll send you some places and some advice. Hope we can meet up sometime. We’ve crossed paths at the Big Mango, but I made a major mistake there thanks to my love of Jim Beam and doubt I’m welcome.

  32. minge – glad you could see the humor in my reply, and also glad we agree that AN and PNL is for the Australian Foreign Legion. Let’s compare notes. I’m a D3 and Phu Nhuan man and hang with a less than average crowd.

  33. you people are unAmerican wanting to consort with Charlie.

    yous has got the yellow fever bad. you fellers hould speak english. i dont get that gook jibber jabber.

    im stickin with cowboy.

  34. I thought I was going to read something about HCM city, but this is only the ramblings of a man who apparently can’t get laid anywhere. Maybe next time stick to the stretch between Sukhumvit 3 and 5.

  35. This is great info. I’m still undecided on visiting HCMC as I’ve never been to Vietnam. Going back to BKK next week and thinking I may just stay put since it’s all so easy. On the other hand, I gotta get out and see some other SEA countries.

    What’s the turnaround time for a VN Visa for a US Passport? Any travel agent recommendations?

  36. Your right, you won’t find the agogos of Thailand or the Philippines in Ho Chi Minh City. Most of are coffee houses with short-time / ST and long-time LT, massage parlours, and discos full of freelance girls. Shares a lot of similarities with Laos.

    Be Ne Massage: I like this one. 100-120k house fee, 100-200k tip for a massage / bj bar. Same purpose as Lolita’s in Bangkok, different setup. Cross the bridge directly north of the zoo. It’s on the first block after crossing. Girls way below Lolitas though. Don’t arrive by taxi either, they’ll charge you more.

  37. vietnamese girls are the most beautiful girls in Asean,Thailand girls is black skin and dirty,vietnamese is white and soft skin,nice boob.I am enjoying them every week with only 20usd/BJ package.Actually,they don’t need forgrainer who only looking for cheap money girls,the local man often give tip money more than western Euro guys .

    • Normally I’d not let this kind of comment pollute this blog, but I feel the need to let ‘Steve’ know what I think of his idiotic comment.

      First of all, if you’re going to insult, please check your spelling. Second of all, to say that Thai women have black skin and are dirty just goes to show people that you are bitter and twisted and have obviously been rejected by (many?) a Thai girl which is why you are now in Vietnam – on what appears to be a very tight budget.

      And last…. in my opinion.. you are a wanker!

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