Vietnam Revisited – Part Three by WFTM

Sunday was the last day and I figured I would walk around and explore some more. The streets are full of hair salons and grooming places. For all of you trolls walking suk soi 4 with more ear hair than YP has pubes – might I suggest a little personal grooming. Even your p4p lovers will enjoy the fact that you had a shave. One of the cool places for this in HCMC is the HIS salon on Le Thanh Ton street – number 29 to be exact. Place is done up like an old shop and is full of charming little service girls. I had a shave but whilst they are shaving you get a little 2 person rub down. They kept encouraging me to go with the full body rub but I did not have time. My guess is some sort of rubbing and tugging happens upstairs but I doubt the full meal deal.

Speaking of full meal deals the town is littered with Health Spas and my guess is some sort of groin checks are happening but I did not have time to check it.

For lunch I met my service girl from Lush at Highland Coffee. HCMC is full of coffee shops and it seems on the weekends the hi-so white viet girls are lounging around them all day long. I must have seen 10-15 hotties I would love to jump but of course they had no interest in me whatsoever. Kind of like when YP walks into a hetero go-go bar. I am sure if one spent some time in HCMC it would not take long to start to hang with these girls. I think in general the laws of averages are much better in Thailand but the hotties in Vietnam are a thing to behold and so many of them have big tits. Kills me. Vietnam seems to win the tit wars in SEA but might tie with Indonesia. Thailand is out of the running for this game.

My date was a total bore so we went of for a foot massage. Find the chinese style ones for a good experience. Better than HK/China, they don’t break your feet, but a little less gentle than the put you-to-sleep type of foot rub in Thailand. The happy ending is a nice head shoulder rub. Good value all in all. I bid the lush girl goodbye and went to the hotel for a nap.

For the evening I wanted something a little different. Near the river, but out of district 1, you will find the yuppie/exapat don’t let the locals near me enclave of Ann Phu. I have never seen so many huge houses in one area in SEA. Huge pads but hidden among them on the river are little dead end streets tucked away with cool bars and restaurants. I chose the Deck on 38 Nguyen u Di – see website for how to get there. It was not easy but so worth it. A nice chill spot right on the river with great cocktails and food. A huge martini will set you back like 5 bucks. I ate dinner there and just hung by the river – would have been better with a date but not the p4p type. One street over, good luck finding it, is suppose to be the Zanzbar club – quite the place on fri/sat is what people say. I imagine the hip crowd but might be a nice change of pace.

I went back into town and started walking around the Le Thanh Ton area. All around this street and a few others in either direction, stick to the low numbers, there are tons of bars. Many Japanese hostess places and little watering holes with girls. My guess is there are some gems but you would have to explore.

I happened to stumble upon Smiley Bar on Thai Van Lung and realized it was on my list. Drinks are a reasonable 50k vnd and you can buy bottles. I had some 27 year old come up to me. A little chunky but a gorgeous face and fun demeanor. She told me she liked to drink hot milk. I assumed I knew what she meant and we started the negotiations. She said 700k and as much as I tried she would not come down from that. That is like 1200 baht – makes lolitas a total bargain. Generally this was my beef with Vietnam – there is no real value in it compared to Thailand. Maybe there never was but you get a sense how great Thailand is. I am sure there are HCMC regulars who will laugh at the prices or say you can do better but let’s compare. I don’t have to bargain walking into lolitas. Hell – I generally don’t even get a drink and if I paid her 1000 all in all she still takes the whole load and does not try to rifle through my wallet. Smiley was probably the better mid range hostess place in town but pales in comparison to Thailand. Also they have no real private spaces – just the pool rooms and the chairs. I think next time I will bargain to bang her on the pool table for extra effect. She was good though but they lack the extra touch of milking things to the very end. Her number btw the way is *&^.

With that I went back to my hotel to sleep. HCMC is fun but mongering is not the gem here. I think the eating, clubbing and chilling out are with the chance to throw in some action on the side. However there are other places I have yet to try, there are massage joints and I did not even crack the FL scene at all. I will be back for more but as a pure play I would not be chasing Vietnam for p4p.



1. Camargue:
For dinner. Very cool, kind of Old Colonial French feel, French/International cuisine

2. Cepage
Great for dinner, lunch and drinks. Great food, very respectable wine list, cool people. A standard with Saigon regulars.

3. Au Parc
Chilled out Cafe/Restaurant located right on a park. Great international food, casual. Great for breakfast or lunch. If you go, sit upstairs in the front near the windows.

4. The Temple Club
Great atmosphere, a favorite of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (they rode a motorbike from their hotel to here apparently), good Vietnamese cuisine. Good place for lunch or especially dinner. I’d suggest a reservation if you are thinking of going. Old style French Colonial. Directly below this restaurant is Fanny’s Ice Cream, great French ice cream parlor.

5. Hotel Restaurant and Bars
There’s the Hyatt Saigon which has a couple of good restaurants. Square One on the second floor has some very nice Asian Fusion. The Intercontinental just opened and looks quite cool though I haven’t tried it yet. Apparently there will be a Hard Rock Cafe there soon. The Sheraton has a good rooftop bar which gives one of the best views of the city. All the major hotels are basically within walking distance of each other.

6. Clubs and Bars
– Apocalypse. For good and bad, all roads lead at the end of the night to Apocalypse. One of the few bars/clubs that goes for it and keeps going for it until very late.

-Lush. Good lounge/club. Cool design, young vietnamese crowd, usually good DJ

-Go2. Same league as Apocalypse. Located in the back packer area which is open very late (most other clubs and areas have to close by 2). Lots of drunk tourists and doginess. Have a few drinks in you before you attempt this place and watch your wallet!

-Qbar. Not quite as exciting as Qbar Bangkok but a good place for drinks. Incredible location. Usually a good scene but doesn’t really get going until the weekend after 12. During the week, great place to sit outside and have a ginger mohito, watching the organized chaos of Saigon pass by.

7. Massage

Saigon Hotel on Dung Du Street (same street as sheraton)

Bong Sen Hotel on 117 Dong Khoi Street (diagonal from the corner of the Sheraton building) Bong Sen is usually a bit more full service but not FULL service.

11 thoughts on “Vietnam Revisited – Part Three by WFTM

  1. Just would like to say that I went to HCMC for the first time in 1988 while the trade embargo was in effect.. At that time the only bar/nightclub that existed was MAXIM’s Open on Friday night from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm That was it.

    after the embargo was lifted in I think it was 1994
    a few very small places openned up amonst them was Apocalypse. It was wild and a tremedous contrast from the embargo era. Many Vietnam Vets returned to VN to try and shake their demons of the war experience and they all wound up at Apocalypse and raised hell all with the ok of the VN authorities. but very little and very scarse p4p action at that time. In 1988 the p4p action was in the most obscure places on dark streets that took the courage of a battleworn Marine to venture down but there were some mongers with alcohol courage that did it. It was very eiree and scary in HCMC in 1988 with zero cars on the road and almost no lights on the streets But it was completely safe. In fact it was the safest place (at that time in 88) that I have ever been to. I hope this was on topic but your report brought back many memories and images of my many trips there during this period

  2. Needless to say Vietnam has it’s fair share of gold digging dogs and scam artists but there is that something that makes them, at least to me, stand out above all Asian women. Thanks for the time you took to share your experience there.

  3. Thanks for the tips ,im going there in march next year -got a yank friend thats defending some world title firework show,should be a lot of fun,this guy is spendind 25 mill baht in 2 nights for his shows,but will check out the bars in hcmc for sure,good work.

  4. Sounds like a different place to the hcmc I visited, or saigon, as I like to call it, for all you homesick vietnam vets. Must do more research, or at least walk past the first bar I see.

    I like the sound of some of those chilling bar/restuarants. Obviously I won’t be eating = cheating..but its good for background noise.

    No surprise to see the french making a fanny out of themselves abroad, they are so good at it at home.

  5. i enjoyed this.

    i do think there’s more explanation to this comment though:

    I must have seen 10-15 hotties I would love to jump but of course they had no interest in me whatsoever.”

    “No interest” may not be the case exactly. Don’t mean for you to go kicking yourself and I wasn’t there, BUT: in my experience in Asia, Viet girls share something with their N. Asian sisters (they have some cultural connections with the Chinese and many have Chinese blood in VN). “Good” girls do this whole “demure” act. It is considered very low and cheap for them to “make the first move.” And by “first move” i mean simply engaging in any eye contact. They are trained not to show any interest. While this doesnt mean the 15 girls you saw were interested, if they were ‘white, hiso,” etc. whatever this means in a 3rd world country, then it is possible that they would be interested, they just won’t show any signs whatsoever and you need to approach them.

    All that blather said, if you are fugly then all bets are off. But with the N. Asian and Confucian-influenced Asian cultures, looks have very little importance to all girls, including “hi so.” It’s more about money and if you can “support” them. Just look at the frog-faced “rich” guys that a lot of hot asian girls marry (eg, the entire island of singapore).

  6. The action in HCM is not obvious like it is in Bangkok. You need to hit the beauty shops in Tan Binh District because that’s where the Koreans hang out and they know what they are doing in HCM.

    There is a really great place with lots of young pretty girls on Giai Phong and another on Ba Vi which are both near Cong Hoa in Tan Binh.

    If you go there you get a great body massage with beverage of your choice and full service. The cost is 500,000 dong plus another 100,000 for downstairs. total cost is 600,000 dong and that’s the best service I’ve found in HCM.

  7. “That is like 1200 baht – makes lolitas a total bargain. Generally this was my beef with Vietnam – there is no real value in it compared to Thailand. Maybe there never was but you get a sense how great Thailand is. I am sure there are HCMC regulars who will laugh at the prices or say you can do better but let’s compare. I don’t have to bargain walking into lolitas. Hell – I generally don’t even get a drink and if I paid her 1000 all in all she still takes the whole load and does not try to rifle through my wallet.”

    Lolita’s *is* a bargain, I think. But if you’re a bit more fussy about the looks of the girl, it evens up. From 3 trips, the average HCM bargirl is much better looking than an average Thai bargirl, let alone an average Lolita’s girl. In fact, you hardly ever see any oldies or fatties in HCM bars and they also tend not to have kids. I couldn’t say the same about bj bars in Thailand. Of course, the service isn’t as good usually (in my experience anyway) and it’s not as convenient.

  8. Radicalron and I were planning a run in March and he was talking about some Island near Saigon that was like Vegas for mongers…Any one know anything about it?

  9. Travel broadens the mind … blah blah blah..
    It took me long enough to ‘Learn Thailand’ I’m not sure I want to start all over again…

  10. @ NurseRon “some Island near Saigon that was like Vegas for mongers”. Hmmm, that could be the “Philippine Islands”. I think BBB has just written a succinct precis on it somewhere 🙂

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