Vietnam Revisited – Part Two by WFTM

After HCMC city I had to do some days in Hanoi. Hanoi has very little to offer the monger but is a fun town for eating and hanging out. I did manage to try Boss at the Fortuna Hotel – the one KTV place that everyone seems to talk about. My suggestion is to stay at the hotel if you want to try this place since it would save you some coin. I went in at 7:30pm or so and the place was full of girls. Tons of lookers and lots of sexy outfits. The place is hardcore about charging for things though and it not good value for the money but seems to offer the most available girls in town.

They charge you 30USD for the girl to sit with you – I think that is the whole night. I guess you could just roll in and pick and go upstairs or book a karaoke room. I finally picked a little stunner and we had a few drinks – the freaking mamasan always lays on a drink without asking. I hate that shit. I decided I needed a nice short time so went for the room. You pay 50 for the room and that can be charged. From reading online I was under the assumption it was then like another 50 to the girl. However when I was up in the room she started asking for 80. I was like no way babe but let’s see the action first. She went from being fun and cuddly to all biz. Just like the way they operate in Sing.

Someone teaches them this and they all think this is good biz but it sucks.

We argued for a bit which takes most of the fun out of it but she was smart enough to get undressed in front of me while asking for money. I said I would go 60usd but pay in Dong. Of course then there math skills kick in and they start with the assumption that you get 20k per dollar. Please. You don’t even get 18k per dollar unless you go black market. The girl had a cracking body though and started undressing me. Unlike Thailand they seem to not be so focused on the cheesy shower, towel, and bed routine and the undressing game was getting me going. So we get to business and for the most part all is good. I am on top and doing my thing when like straight out the UFC comes the flip over move and now I am on the bottom. If this was meant to make for fun bed games then cool but it suddenly felt like a fake finish maneuver. Penfold – that would be FFM. Whilst on top she goes into full Jap mode and starts bucking and screaming like I was hung like BBB – which I was told by Penfold that I am not. Not sure how he knows but go figure. The Jap wail is totally ruining my mode and then suddenly she pretends to climax, hops off, grabs the condom and darts for the bathroom.

She comes back and says okay one finish. Happy – Happy. U pay me now.

Fuck off. I was like listen Bitch. This is not some porn but if it were the climax is usually the money shot. Between me, you and the rubber – nothing happened down there. So yeah – you can guess it. She went on to explain that one shot or one time is short time. If I want more then I need to pay more. This shit rarely, if ever, has ever happened to me in Thailand. If it did I would feel very comfortable with calling up the mamasan or the papasan and having at it. Or I would just throw her out but either way I would contest it. At this point I wanted out – sex was beyond interesting now. I told her that I did not finish and would not dream of paying for another round. She then said I needed to now pay her like 1.5vnd cause I was taking to long. Mercenary. Honestly – they are just not worth it since they don’t deliver. Hot bodies aside these girls, on the p4p side, just have the worst attitudes going. I tossed her a blue note – 500k and left.

The way it works at Fortuna is you pay for the room and they give you a key. You go to the room and wait for the girl who gets dressed into normal clothing when she comes to see you. Which is kind of fun but not that is matters now. There is no check out process so there was nothing I needed to do other than to get out of dodge. I was assuming she may have called down but I was willing to give it a go. I took the lift to the 2nd floor and then went to the banquet area and out a side door. Bypassing the front area and the basement club.

Fuck Fortuna and Boss. Lots of eye candy but total lack of delivery. I will gesture that maybe you meet the right girl and things go good. Then you have her number and you hook up with her later but I think the assumption is the chances of this are low.

That’s it for Hanoi and back to my original premise – there is no point chasing p4p in this town.

Back to HCMC for 2 more nights.

I went back to my sushi joint cause when alone I enjoy places I know with people I know. The owner was there again and we shared some sake. His service girls are all young, cute and shy. I love it. The cool thing was another regular came in and happened to know a lot of the joints. It seems there are small numbered bars all over town with mostly the same deal. He says some are good and some suck. The trick is finding the good ones who are not trying to scam you and want repeat customers. There in lies my premise since in places like Thailand you normally can assume decent service and can weed out the bad places over time. In Vietnam assume most suck and you do your research to find the gems. I am doing that research for you. I take Paypal BTW.

So near ngo duc ke from the Dong Khoi cross street. Look around for bar 29. Fun girls, decent prices and on site service. They keep a bowl of condoms on the counter and you grab a girl and go. Almost like self service lolitas. I guess all sorts of action goes on upstairs and literally guys would walk in, grab a condom and pair off with a girl or two. I did not partake but had fun with a little 18 yo. buying drinks here gets plenty of fondling and joint hands on service. Good value.

Back on Le Than Ton street towards the low numbers you will find places like Bin Bin and Bar 13. Also like 29. Playful girls, take out, on site service and decent prices. Here I was offered to take 2 girls back who promised to be very good at delivering a 3 some. I was tempted but still had plans to cruise around.

I was staying at the Spring Hotel on Le Than Ton and I think as long as you pre pay for double occupancy they let you bring back. Special nod to the hotel. When I checked in the guy who delivered my bags offered to deliver a girl for massage to my room for 15usd or 300kvnd. I took him up on it for the blog’s sake and she arrived 30 mins later. Not a looker but a huge rack and nice. 24 years old. Decent massage and 300k more for the finish. She offered full service but I couldn’t be bothered.

Near Bin Bin there seems to be like 2-3 other small hostess bars so exploring is needed.

One street over and to the right ngay than I think the street is you will find Lush. Or ask for it. Big club full of viets, expats and tons of hot service girls. Not a freelancer scene but a normal club. They had some good tunes and the drinks were around 85k per. I chatted up a waitress and you can buy them drinks. I bought her 2 and bagged a number. Lunch is today. Little cutey with funky hair and good English. Might make HCMC a little more bearable.

There are some massage joints which I will put in the appendix.

Last night ahead…

5 thoughts on “Vietnam Revisited – Part Two by WFTM

  1. Great write up. Only a veteran monger could have stood up to the scamming whore at Fortuna and been smart enough to take a side exit to avoid the mamasan onset. Nice.

  2. you’d think with their currency named Dong they’d be more accommodating hosts towards those who wish to spend time with their nubile young females. then again, the world is not perfect.

  3. The chicks that work Nana Plaza are just as rotten these days.
    They chased me out of there 4 years ago.
    Cost the owners a small fortune I may add.
    O well.

  4. mf – it could have been ugly but i went for it

    sweatyshinybitsofbackwater – the world is not perfect indeed

    bw – yeah. since you quit spending in nana the place is practically going out of business

  5. I’m confused, WTFM. You didn’t finish, she pretended to finish and jumped off and demanded payment? When you hadn’t finished?

    Yep, a lot of their attitudes do suck. Which is a great pity, considering a lot of them have really big tits…

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