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Apart from the novel about AC – there is not much info on this blog for Manila, PH. If one goes to AC there is only one thing to do and it aint work. You cannot even remotely fake it. AC is all about the puss and that’s it. I guess the eating as well but I generally don’t go to a destination just for the food. Point is if you say you are going to AC everyone assumes you a seeking p4p. No drama but it needs to be said but many people have to go to Manila and that is not a bad thing but you have to know where to go.

The place largely breaks down to these groups go-gos, freelance, massage/karaoke, online and clubs. As always please chime in to correct the details, or augment them or criticize. Let it be said – Manila is not Bangkok and never will be so get that out of your mind from the get go. It looks slummier and one would think it might be cheaper than Bangkok but it is not. Also – the taxi drivers suck. Best to know about how much you expect to pay or negotiate it upfront. They may start to use the meter but about 5 mins in they shut it off and then start quoting ridiculous prices. Reminds me of KL – I hate it.

Go-go bars:

There are 2 areas with go-gos. Most people only go to P. Burgos street. This is like 2 streets full of bars, go-gos and massage joints. Frankly other than Davinos which has Russian strippers – I find no reason to go to Burgos. In my opinion the drinking is not cheap, the girls are not that hot and the service is generally crappy. There are a few exceptions but even the notable exceptions are lacking on some nights with talent. Feel free to browse but if you are making any comparisons to BKK get ready for a major letdown. Pushy mamasans, no nudity and frankly not that many hotties. The music is good but in general the music across PH is better anyway. Clubs and so on included.

About the only reason to go to Burgos is this place:

The other area with go-gos is EDSA complex. A small nana plaza like setup but there are only 5-6 bars but in general for go-gos I think they are better than burgos. Prettier girls, the go-gos are nice, less touts and the prices seem better. Drinks are cheaper and the barfine is like 1500 pesos and then anywhere from 1500-3000 pesos for the girl. About 3-4k baht though. Considering one can go to Cowboy and pay bar of like 600 baht and the girl 2000 baht – you can see that BKK is cheaper and higher quality.


There are 2 major freelance places that I know of. If there are others please add them in the comments. The most famous is probably LA Cafe in Ermita district. Like a big 2 story pub/bar with tons of girls, food and dance music. The downstairs is free and girls are not hassled for drinks. THe upstairs they charge 100 pesos to everyone. The idea is the better girls who have some coin or upstairs – this is what people say but I did not see much of a difference. The upstairs has a band which for me means to avoid it. There are a lot of girls and the model is like the beergarden in BKK – just walk around and pick one. It runs like 1500-2000 pesos for st/lt. Probably the cheapest of the options but frankly I did not see much worth going after but the average flip does not get my motor running and LA Cafe is not full of above average girls. However it is a scene and worth checking out.

The other spot is Havana Cafe which is across from the New World Makait hotel. It is in Greenbelt – a major shopping mall. As a sidenote cruising Greenbelt is fun and there are a lot of middle/upper class flips running around. To find Havana Cahe either go to the hotel and walk across or go to Greenbelt. Everyone knows where it is. Situated in a large outdoor area next to Starbucks there is outdoor seating and an indoor spot with a band and dance floor. The places stays open until 2am or 3am on some nights. It is a big FL meatmarket but the quality is better given the setting and the prices at the Cafe. Even if you are not pulling it is a fun place to people watch. You will see many mixed race flips here and they are fun to talk to. Met a girl who looked columbian, spoke 3 languages, could dance like shakira and was only asking about 2000 pesos. You won’t find this quality in Burgos or LA Cafe. The food and drinks are okay as well.


Just like in Thailand the locals won’t be found at Burgos, EDSA or the freelancer places. You will see them at Davinos in Burgos due to the Russian girls but the locals are not into the local dark skin girls – so just like BKK the locals are in the Karaoke joints or Massage places. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Fusion massage is a normal oil type of place with HJ. Specializes in 2 girls. I had fun here.

Wilderness is okay – I think none of the massage/soapie places hold a candle to BKK but this is cheaper and has a better selection of talent than the go-gos. There are tons of KTV places that have massage and I am sure some real lookers.

As an FYI there are ways to get the models that fool around for money. This will set you back about 15-20k pesos. Still looking into this.

In general I don’t like Karaoke but the one thing that is nice about Karaoke in Manila is all the girls love to sing, they wear lingerie if you pay extra and tend to get very frisky. This place is one example: You get a room, pick some girls, pay to get them in see through nighties, buy drinks and watch them sing whilst you play with them. Just about anything goes with money and the quality is high. Some of the youngest, sexiest girls I remember in p4p in manila came from the karaoke joints.


The girls are all online in PH. So get on Date in Asia or Tagged and work it. Easy to find girls willing to meet up.


Throughout Quezon City, The Fort area and Makati there are clubs. Tabu in Makati is cool and Tuesday nights is model night. The Embassy in the Fort is cool but I have not been and people talk about Jills as well. There are tons of clubs so best to ask around for what which is happening. Dress up a bit for the clubs or expect to be totally ignored.

In general Manila is no Bkk but nothing is. However it can be a fun time if you get stuck there but not sure I would make a trip to Manila over Bkk if I was just into the p4p.


ps. As a sidenote there is supposedly some apartment/dormitory scene that people talk about but I have not seen. The taxis and a few reputable flips I know talk about it. But it is a place you go and talk to a manager who knows which girls are on the game and you choose to meet them in a hotel. Sounds a tad shady but he said there are some FL uni types. Hmmmm.

In Burgos a few times we would see an absolute stunner cruising with her pimp it would seem but was not sure the process and I don’t like pimps.

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  1. You left the “t” out of nutshell, butt I’m not a verry good spelller either.
    I had a coule of Flip gfs in Cali but swore off Phillipinas because of all the trauma and drama. Nonstop soap opera. My buddies all the same kind of experiences. Anybody else have that?
    A very pretty go-go girl from Makaiti contacted me two years ago when I used to have a profile on a dating site–she seemed to be looking for something real, but I never made it over there.
    My question is, is it really worth going to Manilla for p2p? The girls are more expensive, generally not as pretty, etc etc. Is it purely just a visa run destination, otherwise, skip it?
    Thanks for the informative write up, you gots me thinkun….

  2. Phillipinas can look unbelievably sensationally *hot* until they start having babies (which is why they look unbelievably sensationally *hot* – it’s not to please you) and then you only get to fuck them once a year until they get too fat and hairy even for that. By that time her mother’s moved in and the place stinks of baby shit and there’s no room on the couch and the plasma TV you bought is always showing some moronic Phillipina soap opera and you wondered why the hell you ever got a bone for her in the first place.

    Live the dream!

  3. Dear Mr Elk,

    Thank you for your application for the post of Chief Executive Officer of the Philippines Tourist Authority.
    I am sorry to inform you that you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. We shall of course keep your details on file for future reference.

    Yours sincerely,

    Hu Kan Feckoff

  4. A small nutshell.

    You left out one important fact. Manila is dangerous. Don’t wander as you might in Bangkok. Makati, is much safer but still, danger lurks for the drunk and unaware.

  5. The dorm/apartment girl thing is real. University students from the Provinces paying their way and expenses will do p4p. A flip or some taxi drivers can put you on to it. They take you to the apartment where the girls live and those that need money come out of their rooms and you pick one. All act very shy and in fact are. Good stuff

    Cannot over stress the comments of Mr. Peanut MANILA IS FLAT OUT DANGEROUS. I have seen many handguns in scary peoples hands. Many metal detectors just to go into a bar. Heed this warning from Mr. Peanut

  6. Oh! forgot to comment that there are many freebies to be had if you have time or are a repeat visitor by trolling the malls. Greenbelt mentioned by the poster is one of them. The action here is that they will speak to you and you can invite to dinner. They always bring a chaparone. Then another dinner same chaperone. And so on until one time the chaparone doesn’t come and that is the time and ok for them to stay all night for cab fare and room service only

  7. Yes, Manila is dangerous, dirty and not cheaper than Bangkok. Also no Nana Plaza, no Soi Cowboy, no elephants and mostly hairy girls. Leave Manila to the pros, will ya? Never ever go there. For your own well-being. Thanks.

  8. But you can have blowjobs and shags in the bars of P. Burgos, and the layout of many of the bars renders them much more interactive generally – for general fun, japery and tomfoolery – than their Bangkok equivalents. And I also tend to think that despite the higher cost in PB there’s a better (ahem) bang for your buck from Filipinas.

  9. I hear flip pussy tastes like Jollibee crispy chicken because the girls eat so much of the stuff.

    “AC is all about the puss and that’s it. I guess the eating as well but I generally don’t go to a destination just for the food. ”

    When people in the Philippines talk about going out for a nice meal, they’re talking about Jollibee.

  10. Nice post, but there is another kind of p4p on the Menue. There are house where one can rent girls for long time. Don’t remember the name of the roads, but it’s close to Makati. It’s similar to Chiang Mai, you enter a big room and girls come in to choose. I think the prices were about 2000 pesos or so. I didn’t took a girl from there, because the quality (look) was always average and the few better looking ones, didn’t looked very enthusiastic.
    I think that the girls in P. Burgos /Makati are much hotter than the girls in EDSA. The EDSA girls are mostly the usual child molester fodder, similar to Nana and Soi Cowboy. The girls in P. Burgos are taller, curvy, leggy and often mixed blooded. Some bars have model like stunners (for example Jooles). I never barfined a girl there, because of one reason. The barfine is just ridiculous. It’s ranges from 2000 to 3500 Pesos and the girls ask the same amount for LT. So, 7000 Pesos for a LT is just over the top.To wait until the bar close might be possible, but they close a 4 am and that is a bit, too late.
    So, if you like to see beautiful feminine girls than Makati is the right place. If you are looking for slender, child like girls than Bangkok is the better place, imho.

  11. thanks for the comments folks.

    soi4rulz: I have heard the drama comment from others but I have no experience in it. But I would agree that if solely for p4p bkk offers a much fuller range of services, better prices and a safer town to roll around in.

    rr – yup – the catholic church had their way with Philippines. sad but true.

    pe – they do some to be chunkier than their thai sisters.

    peanut – maybe it is but I dont think overly so and not in a way you are freaking out about but you probably need to be aware of things and dont go where you are not familiar. however I do feel like I have to watch my back in manila more than bkk and the taxis totally suck in manila.

    8 ball – that is good to know. is there a specific on to go? going through a chaperoned dinner, then another and paying everyone to take them around is not exactly free is it? 😉

    comb – sure but it is not like you walk i a get one. You have to build up a rep, bu drinks and tip mamasans for cover. So for a pure BJ – lolitas would seem the better deal but yet I noticed you can fool around a bit more but I would rather have hotter girls and some nudity.

    b – it tastes like chicken adobo to be precise.

    jt – where is that house? first I have heard of it but most interested. I don’t know. I tool a friend to both and in general we would say bkk go-go girls are much hotter. EDSA had some cuties and so did burgos but brugos is just too damn expensive to be fun. I dont any REAL models are in any of these places – maybe the FL spots but not the go-gos. We looked all night for those mix girls but in general saw dark, overweight girls with mostly annoying accents. The hottest things we saw were street walking, in havana or at karaoke places. I think burgo has gone down quite a bit from my past trips 4-5 years ago where I thought there were some stunners but the rise of jollibee has solved that problem. I think check out both places since that is like saying cowboy is better than nana – which on any given night would be tough to say.

    I think the FL scene and possibly the apartment scene offeres the cuties that have no already moved online.

  12. Havana Cafe definitely has some hotties. Ive only been once (also in Makati) but did not feel the danger at all. Granted I did notice the many signs that say “check your firearms at the door” – but Makati area I felt very safe walking around. I love the colombian/spanish looking meztisa types. So hot.

  13. WFTM, if you say you didn’t saw pretty girls in Makati GoGos, than the place must be gone downhill, since I were there last time (about 2 years ago).
    I would consider myself as very picky and it’s very seldom that I see a girl I like in Nana or Cowboy. Definatly no 9 or 10 rated ones.
    In Makati (Burgos) I saw some whose I would rated as 9. Though I always wonder how this places work. The barfines are just ridiculous high, so that I seldom saw that a girl gets barfined.
    Maybe that is the reason why the bars made profit. Guys goes in just for the drinks and the show. Since there are lot of pretty ones there will be enough customer.
    On the other hand side, where is the profit for the girls? Maybe they are just happy with the salary and lady drinks.
    So, if EDSA is now equal or even better than Burgos, than either EDSA improved or Burgos went down.
    I found the girls in EDSA in average less attractive than NANA or Cowboy.

  14. I don’t know why people always compare between Manila and BKK. Every 2 months i visit BKK and been working before in Manila as well. I think people used to say that.. not all girls are hot in Manila simply because you don’t know where exactly you wanna go. In Manila as far as i remember they are by level class. If you want to go to the cheapest bar and cheap go go’s well what do you expect from that? Of course there are only few hottie babes you can find. However, if you try to visit Makati, ortigas, greenbelt, the fort and some other places in Q.C am sure you don’t wanna leave that place anymore. About BKK, i don’t think so i can compare those infrastructure better than Manila. I stayed in BKK one month for every two months for business purposes. Indeed, i don’t find Thai girls are hot and sexy. Most of them are slim and skinny which foreign people they’re sexy and hot. Most thai girls has flat nose and their body are not proportion. Most girls wear sexy clothes because Thailand are more fashionable. They are some filipinos who are fashionable too but not as vulgar as thai girls. Indeed this has something to do with their religion being a catholic. Thailand is Buddhist. I been to Koh Samui and met so many friends from US, scotland, england, canada and germany. They are between the age of 26 to 34 years old. Most of them are professional. We stayed in the same resort in chaweng noi for two months. Almost everyday we do bar hopping since we don’t want to stuck up inside our rooms and do nothing. Am not saying that thai girls are ugly but honestly they aren’t hot as what people used to comment in some website. We always talking about girls not to take advantage or hire them for a night but we all wondering why ‘Lady Boy’s in thailand looks more hot than thai girls. Sometimes its very pitiful to look at to those thai girls running after with those “farang”. We met a good thai girl once time. We asked so many question about their cultures we didn’t expect that Love and Money to them must be balance. Anyway, i like thailand but what i like most is Manila. It’s so easy to communicate with people. in Thailand it’s so hard for us to comprehend each other. I guess thailand for me is a place wherein you can meet people from different countries and make good friends. BKK can’t never be compare to manila. Philippines has Manila, cebu, and davao city which i can say are more developed compare to BKK. Thailand has BKK only… other provinces is just a spot to see and experience. The only thing that makes foreign amaze about thailand is just those temples.. About the beach, not all since most of them compare with cebu and boracay, camiguin and other parts of the philippines. I guess BKK and Manila is completely different. It depends in the eye of beholder if what they prefer. Always remember that no two individuals are the same we have our own opinion. Anyway, like me I don’t appreciate Thai foods I can only count what kind of Thai foods i want to eat..So, its up to you to judge if you visit this two country.

  15. If U have a Solid Connection or contact in Manila or sum1 who knows his ways around as per the Bars n Stuff,U’ll have the time of your life 100% guaranteed,i used to spend recklessly when i first arrived but now with 1,500 – 2,000k,the kinda girls i could get,I can’t tell ya how spanking hot they look u’ll just have to see for urself,but there are just too many places around that folks don’t get too familiar with and are not really popular but have some of the best girls to offer….Trust me i’m retired but every now n then i get to unwine a lil…

  16. N i’m not refering to Street girls u just don’t have to project urself as sum1 who’s loaded with the Stash or some kinda foreigner who’s all about the papers….I’ll go check my self out one of em days if Work

  17. manila is a far cry from bkk, it is much more discreet. nevertheless, if you know your way around it is fun and about the same price in bkk huay kwang soapie and ST in nana (rainbow 1 is my fav hehe). filipino-chinese crowd is one segment of the whoring market here, mostly they have the same preference with japs. i was born and raised in manila and a whore enthusiast so lemme know, i’ll email you the whole nine yards hehe. my group usually goes to bkk and pattaya once every two yrs since 2004 for a shag and we like thai cuz they call u honey or dahling hehe… nway there is one place here in manila, its a tire shop showroom building but when you go further up the building 2 fish bowl appears, upscale like da lord group and based from my previous work im acquainted with some pimps that supply uni girls for hundred bucks upwards… never been to mango bar though since i feel im too old or young im 30 btw hehe

    • hamlek,

      Too young? I was 30 when I 1st went into the Mango all them years ago. YP is younger than you. Most of our girls are younger than you.

      It doesn’t matter what age you are. I am sure your money works the same as us old duffers!

  18. @WFTM & others:
    Some of you have any experience with dating girls via those sites mentioned in the article? I feel a bit of a reserve here, just assuming that almost all of the women on these sites just want to find a ‘good (Western) husband’… ie financial security for them (and their families!). If you see what they search… for instance ‘age’ is almost never a point (between 18 en 80 is perfect?!)

    ps I came on this blog by coincidence, but I have to say it feels good to read certain posts and find out that there are more people with the same/similar thoughts about girls in BKK and stuff.
    I travel a lot (always on my own, it’s the best) and meet fellow travellers all the time, but sometimes and especially in BKK (where I spent about 6 weeks in total up to now; third visit coming up in December) you feel like alone on this planet after another crazy and/or weird ‘experience’ with a Thai girl. Also of course because of the fact that you don’t/can’t tell these stories to just anyone…

  19. @Hamlek, would like to know more about the fish bowl massage pearl ours you mentioned.


    My email is the same with my above name at

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