Go Big, and then Go Home by ROLLN

Heres the background. I’m married to a Issan girl she now lives in California with me and she is a smoking 12 on a scale of 1 to 10, she’s in school and works. I travel to Thailand for work or play about 4 times a year, I speak moderate thai. I have been going to bkk since 2000 and I lived on soi 11 in 2001. This time I didnt have a legit reason to go so I told the thai wife I was going to Germany for business, why Germany, because its 6 hours behind bkk and i will remember that when I’m on the phone with her. I probably didnt need to lie, but it made things a little easier, i dont have to go visit mom, sis and all that. I’ve lived with Japanese girls, Phillipina girls and Mexican girls all of whom have left because i keep going
to Thailand.

I arrived back in Bangkok mid April about noon. Checked into a room on Soi 4. then took the nana bts to Siam and went to AIS and changed my # and SIM on my thai phone, in case wifey calls it. On the way back I hit the pharmacy, Kamagra Jellys and Tablets, some Tramadol and Xanax, Back to the room, worked out a little. Then hit Nana around 8pm had a few beers at the bars out front, then I went into Rainbow 4, Found the mark, Her name was Jane, she just quit Bacarra and came over to Rainbow, she didnt even know where the short time rooms in nana were, I had to show her. Makes you wonder why she left, drama with a customer or a boss or another Tg or just a bs story all together?? Her face wasnt as good in the lit short time room, but she was still hot, young and tiny. Finshed up, got her # and sent her on, and I went to Angelwitch. I did a ton of shots here, and watched the shows, Took a small one to the short time room and came back for more drinks. The serving staff here know me by name and after a while Mommasan asks me to pick another girl, I said you know what Im wasted, even with kamagra I dont think its happening now. She said she had just the one for me and not to worry her bj skills are widely known. Ok sounds good to me! Girl comes over. Definitely young. Then I remembered my friend took her about 3 years ago, wow thats young. We Hit the short time room and she claims she is 22, I heard this before. Wow! mamasan was right. The bj was all that, and we got down with no problems. So After that, I went over to Soi 11, I have some old friends working over there, managers and Dj’s. Afterwards went back to a friends house, drank and smoked cigs all night, woke up on the couch the next day.

I get back to the hotel after dark. I shower, eat, and I go back to Nana and go to Rainbow 1 and get a tg, go the short time room, come back and go to Angelwitch again get the one with the bj skills and go short time again. Now she tells me she’s 18, and she’s into girls. Right On! Ok, we both establish we have plans for tonight elsewhere but tomorrow night we would meet up and trawl for girls together. I go back to Soi 11, meet my friend who is DJ’ing and he tells me to go with his friends over to Kaohsan and we would meet up later. I do that and hit a club in the backpacker area of the city, did some dancing and some drinking, got some “enhancements”! Then met my British friend and we go to some after party on the other side of the river hung out until the afternoon at someones pool. Trying to get home in afternoon hungover was awful and my British friend gets us kicked out of a taxi on the way. We finally make it to his house near soi 33, and we kick it there until it gets dark, I decide I’m gonna walk home and get my blood flowing, Big mistake. So I make it to sukuhmvit, and I’m minding my bizness, and when I go to walk around the walk bridge I get mobbed by beggar kids. The ones in the front had a bunch of bags of stuff on a rope hanging from his neck, he pressed those up against me to create a barrier while the others just jumped all over me, It was over in about 4-5 seconds, and Im running after them. Yes, they got my passport and atm card and only 1000 baht. They jump on waiting motor bikes, two random thai guys in pink shirts wave down a taxi and we go after them, We catch them at the light, where I grab one of them off the bike at which point a second set on bikes rolls up and practically runs us over. Thai guys say “its over”, I realize its over, fuck it, I just got carried by children, unfucking believable… Im fit, and im covered in tats but i guess that doesnt mean shit to 10 year olds…I have to laugh at myself. Actually Im surprised this hasnt happened to me before with the shit i get into. So,I walk back to the hotel, I ask them to call the police. Oh, the police in thailand dont come to you, you got to them. Of course…I shower and go meet a thai cop I know working on soi 11, he tells me that I should say it happened on the other side of Asoke becuase it will be easier to deal with Lumpini than Thonglor police. I then go to a friends bar, they get me drunk for free and I end up back at there house, sleeping on a couch again.

The next day, an old friend arrives from Japan, he loans me $1500 US. He tells me after what just happened to my passport last night we need to go big tonight at nana or cowboy. Dude, Im trying!!! We go to Rainbow 1, get stunners and hit the short time room. After go to Angelwitch again short time some new ones. My freind makes plans to meet up with a showgirl for later or the following day. I see my young bi-sexual freind and she tells me someone just took about 10 girls for a party and she is going and we will try our plan tomorrow. Its all good. We hang out and drink and more short times, and we got to Spicy. I find a hottie, flawless body, great english. My bro gets her friend, and after a bottle of whiskey we are off to the hotel. Hot love for hours. In the morning she has to go, Im still drunk and not thinking clearly and like an amateur I offer her 1000 for the taxi. Doh! She isnt a working girl. My bad. “BA” “BA,” “get away from me…” Im surprised I havent made that mistake before either. Oh well. Would have been nice to get her # but fuck it now. If she wasnt a whore before, she is now, because she took the money and left.

Next night. an old american friend of mine who lives in bkk comes to meet us, We go to Angelwitch. The little pussy licker is there, She says she is down for tonight! We look over the picks in angelwitch and she picks a tall tattoo covered chinese/thai girl. so different from her. We ask her if she wanted to go long time with us but first go short time right now. She says yes. We go upstairs, and oh boy was it wild! Then I take both girls to rainbow4 to meet my friends, and I have a huge smile on my face. The real bisexual threesome even in bangkok can be somewhat elusive. The girls will claim they are down, but never go all the way with it. This time it was all good. In Rainbow most of the girls were a little scared off by us. The little one kept pulling girls off stage but none were down for a 4some. Oh well. At some point, the little ones attitude changes, Uh I have to go. I know this look, This is the “enhancements” wearing off and they need to get back to the room before there is a complete shutdown of politeness. Ok, I still got one. Then about 30 minutes later the same thing happens to the other one. Its not uncommon really. Then, Me and my friends go to Bossy, one friend brings a girl from Rainbow4. Some girl at the table next to us, is high out of her mind on something, pupils like baseballs and keeps saying welcome to thailand to us. She has 3 thai dudes with her who seem sober? She tells me one of them is her brother. I say to him Thai, Your sister is on something huh? He grabs me by the forearm and says your busted, I’m the cops and you just asked for something bad? I didnt ask you for shit dude. Im talking about her. So he’s got me by the arm still. I have to drop my thai friend the cops name, he drops my arm. My friends watching the whole thing are amazed and we move about 4 tables over. Meet some girls and drink more whiskey. I had already taken a 100mg kam hours before but know Im wasted, and i think i need more, so i take another one before we leave. The girl i meet at bossy claims she’s a travel agent, has glasses, the whole good girl look. ha. We get back to the hotel.

–Warning: the story gets dark here:– We go at it, no condom, I’m over erect from 2 kamagras in a short period of time. She is on top of me and we are going rough and it slips out and bam it hits her in the taint (btwn the puss and ass) hard, I hear a snap. We go back at it, Im thinking damn she is really wet, and we go longer and I think again wow she is Really Wet. A little bit longer and she says she thinks she has a problem, but its ok and just finish. I finish and throw her off and OH MY GOD theres blood everywhere and its shooting out of my cock. We are both in shock, and Im squeezing my cock and blood is spraying out with every pulse. The bed is covered, Now its all over the floor, then i get a towel and i soak that though in seconds, i get another one, and soak that in seconds too, blood is now pooling all over the floor. FUCK, Im gonna bleed to death. I call my boys room, dude come down here, now!!! He comes in and flips out and runs back to his room, his girl from rainbow4 claims to have nurse experience, ridiculas ?? He brings his girl back and a bottle whiskey. The flow is slowing down now, and I have his rainbow girl and my girl from travel agent from Bossy both squeezing my cock and trying to look down the hole for real, while my friend is telling me to chug whiskey. The bleeding stops, my friend and his girl leave, my girl stays. I wake up and my boxers are covered in blood but everything looks ok. I guess I was so hard when it slipped out and we misfired the snap sound I heard was my eurethra bursting. I decide to check out of the hotel, When the maid called the front desk you should have seen there faces… The thai girl sticks around for this, and i ask her “your not embarrassed??” she says no!! The hotel makes me pay for all the towels the sheets and the pillows. about 1500 baht. I go right to the US Embassy to pick up my emergency passport, the girl decides to go with me. Afterwards we ate I got her #, I apologised and she said mai ben lai and she left.

Ok its next day and after the embassy visit and the chick leaves. My friend picks me and my other friend up and takes me to Thai Immigration. This place irritated the shit out of me while im hungover and worried about my cock. But alas, I finish up there and the 3 of us are off to Pattaya. I’m feeling kinda bummed, this is fucked im gonna be in Pattaya and i cant fuck, thats karma. I’m scared of whats gonna happen if my dick gets hard. My homeboys tell me they will kill me themselves if they see me take a viagra. Ok, I will take it easy, but Im thinking it will be impossible in Pattaya. We go to Angelwitch, then mistys, then Lucifers, My boy pulls a girl and we were all pretty certain that her friend was her mom. Mom couldnt keep her hands off me. Finally I said i need to get out. I left and went back to the hotel alone, drunk, and went to sleep.

Next day, My boy wakes me up and says we need to get a head start today. His girlfreind just called, she is a stewardess and is coming to meet him in japan in 2 days. I relax most of the day, staying out of the sun. I cant explain a t-shirt suntan from germany in the winter. We go to the Boesche gogo about 8pm for the jacuzzi show. My friend gets a girl and says I will be back wait for me here and do not take a viagra.. He’s gone about 5 minutes, and Im barfining one with big fake tittes and slipping myself a half of a V. Me and the girl start talking, oh she’s from the same city in issan as my girl, she asks me which village and when I tell her, both her and her freinds eyes get huge, oh shit, same village. fuck, They say “whats her name?”. Hell no, forget we ever started on this subject, It was last she mentioned it to me but I heard her on the phone about it throughout the night. The fucking love to gossip, But Im not worried. So I take her short time everything worked fine, no bleeding thank god. We go back to the gogo and get my friend and my girl wants to stick around. Ok no problem. We go eat then then hit “Whats up” Gogo but my girl is the hottest one in the place, and they are trying to recruit her, they start at 15000 a month, and get to 18000 and month and she says no, and they say fuck it. we then hit marine disco, dance, get drunk go home and fuck. In the morning I feel great, Im hangover proofed by now and no more bleeding. She leaves, and me and my friend get a car back to bangkok, the other friend stays in pattaya.

Ok were back at Soi4 and I try to check into the same hotel and they say no. I should have seen that coming. I get another place just steps away. And my emergency atm card has arrived at hotel # 1, I now have cash. Im off to nana, same routine all over again, at the end of the night I long time a girl, Well i guess i did cause i cant remember. I woke up in the night to a girl saying she wants to go, I was probably snoring something who knows. I pay her 2000 and she leaves, im back asleep in seconds.

Next day, I wake up to a phone call from wifey, Why did you take $600 out of my account from a thai bank last night??? What?? I call the back they fucking sent me a card for my joint account with wifey and not my personal one. Fuck!!! Oh babe theres a thai bank across from the hotel in Berlin. And i needed money to pay my friends back. “Oh, Ok….” Shew that was close.. But now i have to use the same Atm every time. and transfer $ via the net into this account daily from other accounts. What a pain in the ass. Not to mention now im taking out alot from the ATM in case i cant get back to that specific atm. I end up spending all of it everyday.

Next day, My friend leaves, and Im alone on soi 4 again. I go back to Angelwitch and get the litte lesbian, we then go to soi cowboy to see the lesbo show at Suzy Wong. My girl makes out with half the show girls which leads directly to me. Awesome. There is a Chinese gentleman in here trying to steal my girl and she wants to move. We leave and go to Soi 11, my friends get mad at me for bringing an 18 yr old in their club so we leave, and go to straight for rainbow4, I pick out one of the blonde jap looking girls and my girl has a talk with her. She’s down for both of us longtime. We hit the hotel and it was incredible, and I slept great with the two of them.

Wake up next day, pay the rainbow4 chick 2000, my little one doenst want money, “my boyfriend now”. Yeah, ok I’ll be paying somewhere im sure.. She leaves and later i go to nana, she doesnt show up for work, i call her and shes sick. what ever I will get another one, the one from day 2 with all the tattoos. She says lets go to my brothers house and get tattoos and hang out and you can stay at my apt, no money. Ok sure. Get tattoos, and sleep in some sweat box in din daeng. I wake up in the morning, the girl is gone and someone is knocking at her door, i open it, its a thai guy and he doesnt look happy. This sucks. he comes in and we smoke cigarettes and just look at each other. My thai is not so hot one on one with a thai male, go figure. Then the girl comes with back with food, its her “business associate”, and he’s pissed at her for making him wait. Ok, i dont have a problem with that and he leaves. Me and her go to my hotel, and hang out and screw all day through the night beside food runs. I needed some downtime.

Next day, Tattoo chick is too messed up to leave my room, asks me to go pay her barfine, I say alright I’ll see you later. I go to nana pay her barfine, meet up with little lesbian. We have a full night of short-timing girls in nana. She asks me if i wanna stay at her house. Ok, fuck it. Knowing I have another girl in my hotel room I dont care if I dont come back. So its all good, hanging out with about 8 thai girl’s drinking, smoking, some sex. at around 10am I get a text message from the girl in my room. “I know where you are, i have your blackberry and Im calling your wife.” What the fuck, she jones’ing for something and decides to freak out on me? what the fuck. this has me worried. One of the other girls in the room who worked at Spankys i think says my boyfreind is american and maybe he can help you. She calls him in the US. I talk to him. “Bro can you call ATT for me and cut my service on my blackberry.” He does it right away! I feel a little better, but i know i have a mess on my hands. I then go to sleep and wake up in the evening and go back to my room with 2 girls. When we get there the drama girl is still in my room. The sim is half out of my phone. Fuck no, get the fuck out… She wont leave. I have to get security. She leaves and sends me death threats via txt messages. Claims she copied my sim. I think its a bluff, and I tell her to fuck off and say I’m showing the boss her sms. She gets real nice after that.

My second to last night, I go to nana and barfine 4 girls at once including the little lesbo, I tell 2 of them they are for a dj friend of mine. they say ok. I start talking to one of them asking her name etc, she says “are you joking you long timed me last week you cant remember me???” uh, oh wait your the girl who left in the middle of the night. She says yeah that was me. Ok Kotaht Kop!, and we all leave together, Get to the place on soi 11 and my girl cant get in, so shes out, now my friend has 2 girls and i got 1, that sucks. Then after hours of drinking and dancing, 1 of his girls gets ill from drinking and needs to go, she doesnt want money. Ok, its one on one now. We go back to his place, and we tear it up. I wake up and get back to my hotel, I have major dt’s from drinking big time, I take a xanax and call girls to my room. 4 show up, and Im sleeping and sweating bullets, and they just sponge bath me, and pack my clothes. I sleep through the night. I wake up in the morning and just little lesbo is there, we go at it, i shower and hit the airport. On ride to the airport I took the Zythromax to kill any little buggers I probably picked up. Get back to California and change the locks on the mailbox first thing, I need those bank and credit card receipts. My new passport arrives this saturday and I already have a ticket to bkk for May. I’m fucking addicted…

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  1. man , r u for real, cause if you are , well god help ur wife cause fucking u didnt mention one fucking condom in ur entire report. cheers !!!

  2. Fuck, if that is for real, that is a good effort!
    In terms of drinking and shagging….you played a blinder!
    Back in May for 2 weeks, gonna give your type of schedule a go…..

  3. I was expecting comments about the wife and condoms. I deserve that. There was condoms involved but i didnt keep to it the entire time obviously. “Curable” things have been brought home before, and it hasnt caused much of a stir in my house. Wifey is very cool and she’s been no angel in the past but you know its that out of sight out of mind asian thing that makes that possible. I try to not be entirely cold blooded about it, but the best way to get over a guilty concious is to continue with that behavior.

  4. When I first read the dark part of the story it was bad, and then had to read again while posting. Bloody effin hell. Luckily, I’m so small down there, it could never snap like that.

    On the mugging, I’ve never had that happen, but it is a vulnerable spot so check behind you as you walk up the stairs, and then make sure the bridge is clear before walking over. It’s home to some shady characters at night.

  5. *whistles* hole-eee-shit…

    I have been on some epic benders in Bangkok but I can’t top any of that shit. You sir, are a fucking warrior. I mean that literally.

  6. What’s proper response when a swarm of little kids start reaching into your pockets. Punching as many as you can in the face doesn’t seem right. Letting them rob you doesn’t seem right either. Maybe jumping and down and swingng your legs around to shake them off you/kick them a bit? I don’t know.

    Do you just grab two and bring them to the cop shop and see if the cops can get them to call their friends and get your money back in exchange for their release? I think that’s unlikely to work, too.

    How can swarming kid pickpockets be thwarted?

  7. CRAP IN A HAT! What was that? The first chapter of “Catch ‘er in the PIE”? Forget stream of consciousness, that was stream of rapaciousness with a side of UH! Do you pack your own defibrillator, just in case?

    And I don’t want to know how to avoid falling into a swarm of little thug-in-training kids, I want to know HOW TO fall into a swarm of young, firm, vacuum bj-ing, bisexual BGs!

  8. You have the constitution of a fucking tank…I think I would have keeled over dead after the week you had.

  9. I love this submission. Kinda sums up the frenetic pace of the two week getaways. The dick breaking, atm card and blackberry had me cracking up!

  10. Christ, my ticker was quivering, sending “FUCK OFF! Don’t even think about it!” messages to my brain as I read this.

  11. A good report, thanks. I guess the mugging problem can be diminished by not carrying a passport or bank card. I just carry cash. And have two spare cards cos if it isn’t street criminals relieving you of your card it might be the bastard bank cancelling you card. re the dark part: my knees were tapping together in anxiety and stress.

  12. Many thanks for this post…
    I’m yet to read it all… I’ve stopped at the “really wet” phrase…

    You’re living full speed ahead, aren’t you? Very inspiring.

    This entry is so physical, full of blood and hormones and sweat; anxiogenous and vibrant at the same time.

    Since about 2 weeks, my life in Bangers is very abstract; I’m basically living in my head, amongst statistics, politics and return on my investments. No sex, and very little food. But your post inspires me to shift gears and incorporate my living body again!

    *Scrolls back at the ‘dark part’*

  13. Used that bridge without a thought before….blimey
    Cash cash cash. Different pockets/different colours. Line your boxers’ biffin with the 1ks, you only go for those in private anyway…

  14. Concerning the young muggers. This happened at the base of the stairs where there is a pinch point in the sidewalk. The most obvious place…
    The thai cop told me I should have just started knocking them out. I said, yeah but if what if they werent robbing me, than Im fucked and rightly so! He said suit yourself and chuckled a bit. He then asked me why I wasnt carrying a weapon? I wasnt sure how to respond to that one.

    I am magnet for this shit. Last night my car gets t-boned at a light and the bitch takes off, I chase her, but decide I cant make her stop, short of another accident. I get the plate # and flag down some cops. drama drama drama. 2010 has been a roller coaster.

    Im glad some you liked the story. Now Imagine the things I left out….

  15. you never stopped in bkk.maybe you will have a rest now in california.lets you never caught anything

  16. You must be rambo takeing that snap dick and then keep boom-boom the next days dam. have to go to s-wong and get some of that little lesbo action you talk about and that snap dick will have a nasty blue coller for a long time and it happen to me could not use it for months

  17. I just had a great 4 months in the land of sin… You seem to have got the same things done in 1/10th the time. Great work!

    You could always do a follow up post with the things you’ve left out. I hope it’s not half as long as this one… Faakin champion is right!

  18. forgot to say ‘what an enjoyable read’ 🙂 Like the telegraph style. James Ellroy goes to NEP.
    On my next Bangkok visit I will attempt staying in with a pot-noodle and wanking for 10 nights straight.

  19. Ever see Chasing Amy? Shit movie, but did provide this:

    Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, a yaba gogo skank and a non-working girl who goes to Spicy, gets picked up by a farang, spends the night at his Soi 4 hotel giving him hot love for hours and takes offense when offered bt1000 in the morning are all at a 4-way intersection, and there’s another bt1000 note in the middle. They all start to go for the money at the same time. Who gets to it first?

    The yaba gogo skank, because the other 3 don’t exist.

  20. ROLLN: I’m amazed not only at your stamina but also at your ability to recall so many details about what happened last April. Did you take notes, or do you simply have a Kodak memory?

    Sorry to hear about the mugging. Did your wife see the BKK exit stamp in your new passport? I suggest that you keep the passport under lock and key (to prevent her from seeing it; not to prevent theft).

  21. Busted your banjo huh? Same thing happened to my friend in Pattaya and he’s got a Thai wife – how to you explain that to her?

    I used to think it was cool (and made me sound like a man of the world) telling people I was flying out yet again to S/E Asia. Every girls left me for the insinuation alone of heading out to party in Bangkok. I now keep a low profile and made it one of my personal rules NEVER to mention knowing ANYTHING about Thailand when chatting up girls back home.

  22. Fender: Yes I suppose its bit naive to think there is non working girls in Spicy at 4 in the morning. But Honestly I think there might be a scant few at times?? Wishfull or ego thinking, im not sure. At least we know there are girls who are not ready to accept the fact that they are in deed selling pussy.

    Ling: Actually after I submitted the post I recalled even more things, I forgot to mention I went to Akane massage just after getting my sim card, and a few other things like that. I remember these things vividly because me and my good freinds at home thrive on these stories back and fourth between our small group just like this online group. And besides I dont roll like a maniac “usually” when I home, so i need to hold on to these memories the best i can. I never take photos of these girls, I learned my lesson with that a long time ago. Concerning the passport, I told her I had to surrender the emergncy passport upon arrival in the US. I then sent it in for a replacement, when it came back with the new passport i destroyed the temp one with the thai exit stamp.

    Rick Masters: I didnt have a visable marks on me, the rupture was in the tube, (sorry for the visual) with no bruise, but wifey wanted sex the minute i walked in the door and she wanted the lights on, I know she was looking for marks. One time I took a Loofa brush and made large nail scratches I had into larger scuff abraisians and told her it was from running from the cops over something stupid with my friends. I got a called an idiot instead of an asshole. a step up… And yes mentioning anything about having Thai knowledge is a deal killer with “most” western girls and also if there are just female freinds they will never let there boy freinds travel anywhere with you alone again.

  23. I had an almost daily interaction with a little gaggle of kids at the bridge on Suk@ Asoke in front of California WOW. They used plastic bags rolled shut with air to in them (a kinda of balloon) and same tactics. Surrounding you and rubbing against your pant and waist area with the air bags while reaching through the distracting mass with the other hand aiming for pockets. I finally got to the point if any got with in 5 feet I grabbed them by the shoulders and gave em a sturdy shove…Never got anything but I was lucky?

  24. “there are girls who are not ready to accept the fact that they are in deed selling pussy.”

    well put. very true.

  25. Yeah, that about sums up the majority of every Female in Thailand. On 1 level or another, It is sold, bartered, traded, rented or gets put out for any type of lifestyle upgrade.

  26. Okay, now I’ve recovered, I have a suggestion. The Mango should host an annual “Golden Mango Awards Night”. I nominate ROLLN for the first Lifetime Achievement Award For Services To Whoremongering. I base my nomination on the following strict criteria:

    – Lied to wife, and about everything. This requires inventiveness, lightning reactions, and cast-iron consistency.
    – Money not an issue. This is a man who knows how to invest wisely and well – in whores and drink.
    – Reckless disregard for life-threatening STDs. (I also nominate him for the coveted Golden Mango Bareback Cowboy award).
    – Indiscriminate consumption of pharmaceuticals. A proud example to us all.
    – Quantity = Quality. Surely he sets some kind of record for shags per minute?
    – Injuries Suffered In Action. He BROKE HIS PENIS, people. Respect.

    And in all this, he found time to have his passport and bank cards stolen. I’m just speechless. The thought of being mugged like this brings me out in a cold sweat, but he shrugs it off like he lost his 7-Eleven till receipt.

    If anyone else would like to second my nomination for this prestigious award, or perhaps suggest your own candidate, please do.

  27. “If anyone else would like to second my nomination for this prestigious award…” EP…

    Here Here!!!!! I second!!!!!!

    Re: Lloyd, I was in Guatemala with a friend. She got jacked for everything. (Faak Xela was dangerous and damn I love Asia) trip to the US embassy and she had a new passport in less than 24 hours. Shit an officer drove it back to her from Guat City and hand delivered it. It was only good for one flight home. (IE one couldn’t keep country hoping with it)

    I have know idea about the credibility of this story but I know these passports exist and can happen quick…

    My buddy kept a blog of his antics while in Thailand if anyone cares to peruse… And provided pmmp allows this part of the submission…. http://offthedeepeast.blogspot.com


  28. ROLLN: I can see why you retain such vivid memories of your romp through Germany — oops!– I mean Thailand. And I’m glad to hear that you’ve disposed of the evidence (the temporary passport). You’ve certainly chosen an appropriate nom de guerre. Keep up the good work.

  29. Amazing. Assuming this trip took place in April LAST YEAR your ability to clearly recall the events of a drug & alcohol fuelled bender 11 months later is phenomenal.

    I am relieved you didn’t confuse events on that trip with your previous frequent stays in Bangkok or with the time you lived there.

    As for barebacking you may well deserve any consequences but I wonder if your wife does.

  30. I took this to be fiction as well. No offense. It wouldn’t be the first time someone posted a story on the internet. If it’s all true, it also wouldn’t be the first time someone thought a true story was made up. Anyway, it’s not the number or frequency of girls banged; it’s more the smaller details that didn’t jibe with me. Other than the good-girl-gone-Spicy, there was:

    The taxi catching up to the motorcycle (or, they mugged you and took off on a motorbike, but stopped at a red light)…

    The overnight-healing ruptured urethra;

    You’ve been coming to BKK for 10 years, you lived here at one point, you speak Thai, you have a Thai wife and you visit with her family on occasion, but you don’t know that asking a group of 3 Thai guys if their sister is on drugs is not a great idea…

    I got the same vibe from this reading this that I got from the Cromwell Butterfield post a long while back. I suspected that it was written by a regular or semi-regular poster under a pseudonym. It’s all just a hunch, purely conjecture, reading between the pixels something that may or may not be there.

    Anyway, pure fiction, gospel truth, or something in the middle, it’s a damn fine post and one helluvan entertaining read. Author, author.

  31. If it was written about a holiday in Rhyll, or Peebles, or Canarsie, or just about anywhere else on the planet, it would be incredible. This is Bangkok. I’ve done some things I don’t beieve here, too. Not at the frequency or intensity of Rolln’s post, but stuff I’d find hard to believe if it was some bloke in a bar telling me about it (especially if that bloke was me).
    Maybe the tale got a little longer in the telling, maybe it didn’t, but none of the events strikes me as impossible, including the snapped penis stopping bleeding. A lot of it seems like the actions of a very stupid and careless man, something Rolln maybe wouldn’t argue with. Drink and drugs make you go a little crazy.
    As to it all being (suspiciously) remembered in such detail – I could recount most of the stuff in this post after one reading. Imagine if it happened to you – how could you forget?
    It’s Bangkok. Show a little faith.

  32. SJW – sorry dude. YP is being a loser and forgot to write up his vivid commentary. I fear he is chained to a bed somewhere getting well – abused.

  33. Well a great read. I live here and this was genuine. This is the norm for the good life and i dont use the turm dark side its the bright side for us expats.One trip here and you will never be able to keep away

  34. It does seem a fantastical tale…but then again, few places on earth can lend themselves to such possibilities that make these tales plausable…Thailand is certainly one. Who knows? Who cares…a good yarn is a good yarn.

  35. Fender: Concerning details that would seem suspect:
    The catching up the light with the muggers on the bike part: Pure luck, they got blocked by bikes ahead of them for just a few seconds and that was all i needed, but it didnt help, bad luck rushes back in.

    The overnight healing of the eurethra: This one perplexes me as well. I was all ready to hit bumrungrad after the embassy but my friend offered me the ride to immigration and Pattaya. I didnt mention I had a bunch of toilet paper stuffed down my shorts all day. I have no answer for why it didnt blow again. About 3 and 4 days later i did piss some blood, but that was it. I cant beleive this whole situation happened to me either… The next day my freind says, Please tell me who Im allowed to tell this story to because I cant fucking wait.. And beleive it or not, this is not the only bloody BKK story I have but the first one where i was the bleeder. stay tuned..

    The knowing what should not be said to a Thai girls brother: Its very adept that you spotted this. This part of story is slightly changed. Why? because I wasnt asking him if his sisiter was on * I was asking him if had some more.

    Pants Elk: Thanks dude… At the award show after party I’ll barfine 2 just for you!!

  36. In a private email, Penfold tells me he’s scared to come back to the blog after Rolln’s post, which makes him look like the caring little Gay Christian outreach worker that he is.

    Rolln: please Western Union those barfines right now – the eel business is in its last legs.

    (PS – eels — legs —)

  37. I had similar experience.
    Those kids are around a stairway to Asoke Skytrain Station, next to a construction site. They tried to pickpocked me, but I wasn’t drunken and maybe they improved their skills since last year. I could get rid of those little bastards, without losing anything.
    Also, this incident with “broken cook” I had in a lighter version. I don’t like spinners or tiny girls. I like ones with fat asses and round hips. But, that one little Thai girl had a very beautiful face and I knew her from a former visit. Just her body, even everythink was very firm and in perfect shape, it doesn’t attract me sexually. Look too underdeveloped. Nevertheless I tried to have sex with her. She was ver tight and my cook not full erected. I tried to insert my cock which cost me some effort and was more painful than funny. Somehow I must have hurt my urethra, because the condom was bloody inside. Not that much blood but still scaring. I went imediatly to Bum Rungrat Hospital and thought that I might have a VD. The Doc told me I have no VD just an overstraining. So, the next 3 days I had no sex, just to heal it out. Since I had a 2 month holiday, it wasn’t such a big problem.

  38. Sounds reasonable. Like I said, none of shagging struck me as out of the realm of possibility, although 2 or 3 days at your pace would have me hooked up to an IV.

    By the same token, I’d stupefied if my junk were to heal that quick, given the length of time it usually takes anything else on me to heal. Getting old sucks ass.

    Just a theory, maybe you’re a superhero! Like the cheerleader in Heros or Bruce Willis in Unbreakable? Your superpower is the stamina and regenerative power of your johnson. Not great for fighting crime, though…

  39. Since we’re all ‘fessing up to penis injuries incurred in the line of duty, I’d like to add my own. When I was, ooh, eighteen, I was fucking my girlfriend up the bum (she was pretty extreme – liked being tied up, too – at seventeen?) and I didn’t have any lube other than spit, and I done tore my foreskin – the seam of flesh under the glans. This was more painful than you’re thinking. I pulled out, and it was like I was coming blood. You need to understand we were fucking in my bedroom, with my parents watching TV downstairs, so my yelps of pain were muted. My girlfriend wrapped her panties around my prick, I’m doubled over in pain.
    So what happened? We got dressed, burned a few matches to get rid of the smell of sex (and blood, maybe), and I worried myself sick until the next morning, when my need for a piss outweighed any other considerations. I’d stopped bleeding.

    So for our younger readers – when you’re sodomising your teenage sweetheart upstairs while mom and pop are watching teevee – lube up!

  40. Elk…just more proof that the English need to be introduced to the age old circumcision. I have a line on an excellent Moyle if you need…he’s super gentle.

  41. Factual Conqueror or Fictional Super Hero ….Either way a great read….

    Good awareness re the Asoke kids – as I am staying near there.

    Cant work out what went home more shrivelled , your baby-maker or your liver!
    If I do 1/10 of what you did in BKK I’l have a good time.


  42. Well there is a old saying why go out for hamburg when you can get steak at home and a thai Girl can never be out-smarted CULTURE. And read all the time in the news a girl will make love and when you go to sleep cut your manhood off and flush down the tolit CULTURE. WATCH OUT lose of face

  43. I stand in aww… lost for words.. im going in 3 weeks to bkk and pattaya. but no way in hell i can pull stuff like this off.

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