Learning Thai #1: In A Bar

In the Learn-Thai-Podcast.com Instant Thai Phrases series you learn Thai phrases for certain situations that you might come across in Thailand. The lesson today is about Thai phrases that are useful when you are in a bar.

Learn-Thai-Podcast.com (LTP) has been around for four years and offers a complete online course to learn to speak, read, write and understand Thai. Even if you are not interested in learning the complete Thai language it always makes sense to speak a bit of Thai and to learn basic Thai is rather easy too.
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Had to try the take-in and giving Batin a whirl…

Coming into the last leg of a five continent, 3 week tour I find myself in KL again. I was just getting in from Vietnam and was looking for something different. I attended a VIP party full of Vietnamese models and media talent – but after talking to some euro-viet models that, with heels, were twice the height of Penfold – I deduced that I was firmly out of my league.

I bid my farewells and headed to more familiar territory.

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Mango Pool Team

Many of you may not know that the Big Mango Bar has a Pool Team in the Bangkok Pool League. Many of you could care less, but for those who care even slightly, it’s actually our fifth season playing. In the past, the accomplishments of the team were ridiculed by that ‘Mango Weekly’ guy for their embarrassing performances and records (mostly due to the fact that the ‘Mango Weekly’ guy was playing). For the first time ever though, the team is kicking some serious ass (mostly due to the fact that the ‘Mango Weekly’ guy is not playing). So, below is a proud update and a few facts about the Bangkok Pool League.

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Spas, clubs and XXXXX…

I have been having to spend an in-ordinate amount of time in Jakarta as of late. Compared to Singapore, Malaysia or Vietnam – I will take Jakarta. Most people who have not explored Jakarta probably don’t know all it has to offer – it took me a while to sort it out but it is growing on me slightly. Overall the “service” level is not what it is in Bangkok – but I think nothing can match Bangkok when it comes to service. However Jakarta has some things going for it – clubs that stay open all night, spas with a twist and lots of nationalities represented.
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A Bangkok Trip Report Part 6 by The Lurcher

Part Six: A Walk On The Mild Side

Waking up on a Monday morning is usually a grizzly affair, “They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday’s just the same.” But waking up in Bangkok on a Monday is pretty good especially when you are on holiday. There was only one maggot in the meat of my day and that was another visit to the hospital. Fuck it. Bring it on! This latter phrase must be said pugnaciously, with chin cocked, whilst standing with legs akimbo, arms outstretched as if holding a very large trout whilst simultaneously tickling the underside of said trout with twitching fingers. ‘Bring it on’ I growled, left my room repeatedly muttering my mantra to myself, passed the staring receptionists and hit the street.
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The 170 Club by 2muchfun

I had a banner week in Bangkok with the “170 Club,” which is my nickname for a coterie of exceptionally tall and sexy women who I see whenever I can — one at a time, mind you. In town for a mere 2 nights last week, I still managed to enjoy leggy pleasures of all three illustrious bodies that make up this, errr, illustrious body.

I’m not extraordinarily tall for a farang myself, a more-or-less average 186cm. But that’s enough altitude to make me tower over most Thai women. No complaint about spinners and pixies, but an occasional taller girl is a treat. It seems so many tall women one encounters fall into three categories: tall but homely; tall but katoey, and therefore not women at all; and tall but two dimensional, in the sense that they only exist in the pages of magazines or on television, or are spotted remotely in shopping malls. Therefore putting together the 170 club was a dedicated labor of love, or at least sustained lust.
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YP Diaries: 21-3-2010 to 28-3-2010 – LittleMissBigTits, Violently rimmed & Dont talk about Pattaya

Sunday – Spent all of Sunday drunk. Vertigo girl went to work, and I set about sharking on Tagged in Jakarta with double vision.

I used to date a Rangsit uni girl about 9 months ago, who was a 39 kilos nymph, with solid D-cups and a fetish for anal, and would eat Swensens 3 times a day. No joke. How she wasn’t diabetic or 90kilos is beyond me. Probably all the ass fucking now I think about it. Burns a lot of calories. She will be know as LittleMissBigTits. Well LittleMissBigTits rang out of the blue around midday, and asked if I wanted to take her to watch the Liverpool v Man Utd game in Ladprao.
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