UFC 112 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 112 comes along this Saturday 10th April, from Ferrari World, on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. This will be the first ever UFC event in the UAE. Will be interesting to see how the Arab crowd react, and if the Octagon girls will have to wear burkhas. We shall see…..

Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva vs. Damien Maia (Middleweight Championship Match)

For my money, Anderson Silva is the pound4pound best fighter in the world. He has crushed everyone unlucky enough to be put in his way at 185lbs and has stepped up to 205 twice, rearranging James Irvins face in a shade over a minute, and his win against Forrest Griffin, has to go down as the most humiliating domination in UFC history. His striking, head and foot movement, and ability to work the angles are unlike anything we’ve ever seen in MMA before. I always get the feeling watching his fights, that your always 2 seconds away from a ‘Holy Fuck’ moment

I cant stand Maia. His JiuJitsu is arguably the best in MMA today, but I just never get excited for his fights, as he seems too dependant on his JJ to suck the life out of fights. He has 4 submission of the night bonuses, and has wins over Chael Sonnen, Dan Miller, Nate Quarry & Jason Mcdonald.

His penultimate fight was against Nate Marquardt, where he got knocked out with 1 punch in 21 seconds. I hope to see a repeat tonight. Silva should do what he does best – use his reach, work the angles, and fracture facial bones with punches, kness and elbows. If it does go to the ground, Silva is more than capable (ask Travis Lutter & Dan Henderson) but he should avoid if possible

I can actually smell an upset here, but am gonna stick with Silva

Silva by TKO round 2-3

BJ ‘The Prodigy’ Penn vs. Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar (Lightweight Championship Match)

Penn is really looking like a beast at 155lbs now, and after this demolition, theres talk of a move up to Welterweight. Diego Sanchez was seen as his toughest test to date in his last fight, and he man-slapped him for 4 and a bit rounds, and sent him home with what looked like a horses vagina of a cut on his forehead

I really like Edgar, and its gonna be a shame watching him get his face crushed in this one. He has solid boxing, great wrestling, great cardio, and some slick jiu-jitsu. Hes got a record of 11-1, with notable wins over Tyson Griffin, Spencer Fisher, Hermes Franca & Sean Sherk. Its just hes painfully overmatched in every department. I really cant see Edgar getting out of the 2nd round here. Edgar hits hard, but Penns chin is iron, and his JJ is no match.

I see this fight going as such…… Edgar gets punched in the face a bunch of times, then gets punched some more. After the face punchings, he eats a load more punches. After the barrage of punches, he eats a shit load more, and gets knocked out. Sad, but true

Penn TKO in round 2

Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie

Matt Hughes is the most successful Welterweight in UFC history. His record is 43-7, ties Chuck Liddell for most UFC wins (16) and has defended his Welterweight belt 7 times. Its s shame hes such a smug cunt. From his interviews, to his stints on The Ultmate Fighter, to that cheesy smirk on his face, I just hate the fucker. Oh, hes also a bible basher too, which makes him ultimately more hateable. In his prime, Hughes was famed for his great wrestling and ground and pound, but hes been left behind, by the new breed of Welterweight. GSP (twice) gave him a beating, and Thiago Alves knocked his dick stiff too.

Renzo Gracie is another legend in the MMA game. Being a Gracie, his BJJ is amongst the best in the world, and has had some battles in Japan for PRIDE. His striking Isn’t too clever, so its no secret he’ll want to take this to the floor.

This is Hughes fight. Gracie cuts from 176lbs to make the 170 limit, so I see Hughes being significantly bigger by fight time. Renzo hasnt fought in a while too, and wont have an answer for Hughes wrestling

Id love to watch Hughes die a painful death in this fight, but he wont.

Hughes by decision

Terry Etim vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Im a huge Terry Etim fan. Gotta rep for the English guy on the main card. Etim reminds me of a poor mans Anderson Silva with his Muay Thai. Long lanky limbs, crisp striking, and works angles really well. Hes also got some slick submissions, and 3 submission of the night bonuses, and is 4-0 in his last 4 fights.

Rafael Dos Anjos has some good Muay Thai, and is a black belt in BJJ. Hes had a rough run in the UFC, going 2-2, although his last 2 fights have been wins. I dont fancy his chances here. Etims subs are in my opinion better, hes on a 4 fight win streak, and I much prefer his striking. Etim is going 5-0 after this one, and hopefully, will step up coinsiderably in competition

Etim TKO in 2nd

Kendall ‘Da Spyder’ Grove vs. Mark Munoz

No real interest in this fight. Dont really rate, or care for either of these fighters. If Grove uses his significant height and reach advantage, then he could do well, but if Munoz gets ahold of him and uses his wretsling, Groves in a world of hurt

Couldn’t care less who wins here….. but Ill take a punt of…… Grove

Grove by submission

In other action…. Im gonna have a punt on Phil Davis, Paul Taylor, Nick Osipczak & Mostapha Al Turk for wins.

14 thoughts on “UFC 112 Preview by Young Penfold”

  1. A fine writeup as always. I so hope something awful happens to Matt Hughes. I don’t even care if it’s in the fight, he can trip over a chair and break his arm or something. Anderson Silva is a beast. Forrest Griffin is incredibly popular in the US, I guess because we like guys who look like morons, and I was taking any bets on Griffin people would give me. I won about 20 bucks and a shot of tequila. Good times.

  2. Silva – Maia
    – if fist/knee/foot meets face, Maia will be out.
    – if somehow, Maia manages to get past the reach, gets through the sprawl/stuff, overcomes the scramble and gets the take down AND then keeps silva down, the fight could end with a slick sub, Maia has lethal subs that he can bang on super fast, just any of his no-gi sub wrestling matches.

    Result: Silva via murder.

    Penn v Edgar

    Too good in all depts, Edgar might have some ok jits but BJ’s is just on a whole other level.

    Result: Penn in the 2nd.

    Hughes v Gracie
    I am bound by Gracie BJJ to root for Master Renzo, but Hughes is just a walking talking nugget. He will grind it out to a decision, Renzo has slick subs, but Hughes is way to experienced to get caught easily in a choke (Renzo’s best subs). Could go either way and I want Renzo to win, but I can’t shake that underlying feeling that it won’t happen

    Result: Hughes by decision

  3. SJW – Agreed – Hughes is a smug fuck, and I gained great pleasure watching Thiago Alves giving him a long overdue shoeing. Just watched the weigh-ins on the UFC website, and sadly, Hughes was in good health. No broken limbs, or fatal flesh wounds sadly

    Imprint – I dont think its a case of ‘if’ fist/knee/foot meets face, but more ‘when’

    Arca – Fight time isn’t for another 10-11 hours………Plenty of time to make some free money

  4. YP – You are BK’s answer to Joe Rogan!

    Im going to have 2 go for Renzo given that he choked out Pat M in 2 mins in his last fight. How does half a mill rups sound?

  5. Bourgeoise Barry – Your seriously given Renzo a chance? More money than sense. What is 0.5million rupees? 20baht? 50baht? – You do realise that Pat Militech is about 65 years old?

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  7. Anyone who paid any bit of money or wasted their time to watch the Silva fight must be completely disgusted

  8. Silva showed what a joke this “sport” is. When UFC started it was street fighting. This was so dangerous that most local governments banned the fights and the showing of the fights. Dana White steps up and creates all these rules and then it was allowed to be conducted and shown on tv again. Over the years millions of fans buy into the nonsense saying how great it is over all other sports, blah blah. Now Silva has awakened them to what a joke it all is. This homoerotic “sport” is on level with the WWE and Hulk Hogan.

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