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I have been having to spend an in-ordinate amount of time in Jakarta as of late. Compared to Singapore, Malaysia or Vietnam – I will take Jakarta. Most people who have not explored Jakarta probably don’t know all it has to offer – it took me a while to sort it out but it is growing on me slightly. Overall the “service” level is not what it is in Bangkok – but I think nothing can match Bangkok when it comes to service. However Jakarta has some things going for it – clubs that stay open all night, spas with a twist and lots of nationalities represented.

First off – the clubbing. Blowfish used to be one of the most happening places but a shooting a few weeks back has the place closed down.

In the Plaza Indonesia, large mall, there is Immigrant. Seems to be the happening place for the early part of your clubbing evening. Huge place, back room, decent music and lots of lookers. Just like in Bangkok – the big time money is also rolling around in these clubs but that makes the girls even more interesting. Outside the club in a Saturday night was a fairly new Ferrari, owned by a girl, all done up “Hello Kitty” style. Nuts. Immigrant is worth a peek.

After Immigrant people tend to flock to Dragonfly – a huge one floor club with some killer tunes and lots of bars. Music is house/techno and the crowd is mixed. High-rollers, freelancers and normal folk look for a stopover before the real late action. All sorts of money in here to – the older Indonesia guys love to flash the cash and party with young girls. This place was full of talent.

After Dragonfly people who are going late either go to Stadium or Kampus. Both of these places are essentially the clubs inside of larger hotel/spas complexes. This is the only way they can be open so late – they are basically hotels. Kampus appears to attract the more upscale of the late night revelers and stadium is a bit more edgy or maybe dodgy. I have yet to check them out but these 2 places are the late spots. Meaning they go all night and people come out at dawn to grab some street food before limping home.

Apart from the clubs there is the 2 busy hotel bars – one in the Mulia and one in the Sheraton. Mostly freelancers but I have met some uni girls as well looking for some Prada money. Props.

The other scene is the massage parlors. Almost resembling the large soapie complexes in Bangkok but not quite so flashy. They are usually in non-descript buildings or hotel like complexes. Usually run like hotels so the can offer rooms and “service”.

The main one in the center of town is called Fortune Spa. It is mostly a lounge, spa and karaoke place. You pay a fee to enter the place which allows you to use the gym, spa and facilities but pay extra for a massage. Massage includes a HJ that you tip for but people say you can get more. I have not been offered more but I was told by a local that you ask the mamasan up front for sull-service and you get the right girls for that. There are some real cuties here but not sure the breakdown of full versus part service. The massage is also great and the facilities are nice. A lot of locals I know go to these places to work out, get a massage/service and then hit the spa. Great value all in all.

Another spot worth noting is Sumo – but I have not been.

Locals also mention a place called Terminal Classic but I cannot find it online. They discount for each added girl you take. 🙂

Lots of folks go to Malioboro since it is in central Jakarta and gets good reviews. I figured I would try this place.

It is in a hotel like building and you get a wrist band on the way in – just like at Fortune Spa. You can use the gym, spa or hot tub. The hot tub is huge and has a stripper pole. At 6 and 8 every night they have girls come out and strip naked and dance – they also offer nude lapdances while you are in the hot tub. Weird but interesting. I was not there during these times but this has been confirmed by a few different sources.

The 2nd floor is the lounge area where the girls mingle. There is a mix of locals at different prices by the hour and a mix of different foreigners available by the hour. Prices range from about 30usd to 70usd. There are some hotties here. I went local and had to return one due to the lack of vibe but the next local I got was great. Still not as good as say a trip to Nataree but not bad at all. I have heard some great stories about the Brazilians and the Easter Euros. I have not tried them yet. 🙂

All in all Jakarta has quite the scene and a decent value for the money.


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  1. Seems you have “not tried” much of Jakarta at all. Maybe you should investigate further, then post a full report!

  2. Someone once told me that someone had told them that they heard from someone else that there might be some action in Jakarta. Stadium ‘might be dodgy’ LOL

  3. Stayed in the Mulia for 6 months in 2002, CJ’s was always good fun, freelancers aplenty but also “good girls” who got pissed off when offered taxi money in the morning. Only ever tried the massage shops outside of town normaly close to the golf courses and they always offered full service. All in all I would say that the indo girls are more enthuisiastic than their Thai counterparts and of course much more of them spoke English so easier to have fun.

  4. Isn’t Jakarta in a muslum country? Are you saying the action there is as open and non-judgmental as Bangkok? Hard to believe.

  5. yeah we were thinking either Viet Nam or Jakarta? How’s the weather in Jakarta in Aug?

  6. RR – yes. Much more to do.

    N – tons of action in Stadium.

    R – yup – the amount of good/normal girls exploring in CJs is awesome. Agreed – they are fun.

    Re-Pete – I guess you have never dated a Catholic girl? Take out the go-go and Jakarta is in some places much crazier than bkk. clubs are open all night and lots of other “looser” restrictions.

    NR – I think the weather is all about the same… for me indo is way better than ‘Nam.

    db – no buses outside mulia at 5 in the morning.

    max – yes I did

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