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Many of you may not know that the Big Mango Bar has a Pool Team in the Bangkok Pool League. Many of you could care less, but for those who care even slightly, it’s actually our fifth season playing. In the past, the accomplishments of the team were ridiculed by that ‘Mango Weekly’ guy for their embarrassing performances and records (mostly due to the fact that the ‘Mango Weekly’ guy was playing). For the first time ever though, the team is kicking some serious ass (mostly due to the fact that the ‘Mango Weekly’ guy is not playing). So, below is a proud update and a few facts about the Bangkok Pool League.

Bangkok Pool League

When we opened the first edition of the Mango, we were approached by the volunteer head of the league, Mark. A retired US dude, Mark was and still is extremely passionate about the league. He really gets nothing out of it, except maybe a complimentary drink here or there, so his hard work and dedication is more about his enjoyment of creating and maintaining such a cool and successful league. There were of course many others involved along the way, but we’ve mostly dealt with Mark, and it always been a pleasure. One helluva guy basically.

You can check out the extremely well-maintained website of the league at There you will see an 8-ball (42 bars) and a 9-ball (40 bars) league. Some bars have multiple teams, but overall there are a ton of bars participating.

The basic principles of the league are to create business and awareness for the bars, meet new people, play some fairly competitive pool, and have a good time. The league consists of bars only. Bars playing other bars. One week you play at your bar, the next week you hit the road and play a bar in your division. Players are customers of the bars and staff, and they are generally treated with some free goodies when they play.

The league is broken into divisions, and the teams in that division play each other. They try and group the better teams together, so our past performances are helping us reap some benefits now by being in a less competitive division. The division itself is not bad, it’s just that it gets really good as you get to higher divisions. Last year they had weeks where we played teams in other divisions for fun and not record. We got slaughtered. The level of play is almost professional. You certainly wouldn’t want to bet these players anyway.

The teams have four players each. Each player plays two best of three matches with two different players on the other team. Best of eight matches gets the victory. Individual and team stats are tracked and rewarded at the end. There are rules, and some people do take it serious, but mostly it’s just good competitive fun.

I forget the current cost to join the league, but it’s around 2000 baht, which is mostly used to cover administrative expenses and to sponsor a big party/tournament at the end where pretty nifty trophies are handed out to the top teams and players. The Mango came in second last year and received a stylish little glass trophy that we proudly display by the first floor pool table. That was our first trophy ever from the league, but we’re expecting number two this year (man, I hope I don’t jinx the guys).

Many thanks to Mark and the other volunteers for keeping up the great work. Check the website for bars you visit to see if you want to play or watch at those bars. If you’re into pool and meeting new people, this may be your thing.

Mango Pool Team

Entering this year, the guys were hungry. Fear them:

Mango Sharks

We finished second place last year, just falling short of first by a bogus call or two along the way. I know, excuses, excuses. This year we vowed to better organize from the beginning and have a consistent team roster. We will allow anybody to play, provided they kick ass, but we try to stay with a core group so that week-to-week we have a team that we know will show up and is really into it. In the past, we had to throw teams together last minute and ended up in the cellar or close to it.

This year though, we finally got our act together and the team is rocking. We are 7-0 with 7 to play (website is behind a few weeks since they don’t update the site until they have all the scoresheets, which sometimes takes a week or two). The team is on a roll and it will hopefully continue on for the second half.

Congrats to the team! If you’re ever in the bar and want to see future matches, just ask one of the staff and they’ll let you know when the next one is.Β  You can also check the Bangkok Pool League schedule. We will provide updates to this post as the season progresses.


41 thoughts on “Mango Pool Team”

  1. I thought some of the girls on staff at the Mango kicked regular Butt at the pool tables there,is there not but one chick in the team?

  2. Howdy Khunkunta. Good to hear from you. The girls on staff do play. The customers get priority and when there aren’t enough to play, then Mango staff plays. Even one of our Cooks played last year.

  3. Well, I was ready to fear them… then I noticed they were posing with what looks like an over-sized box of kleenex or maybe it’s just a box with a ribbon on it – either way… ooooh scary !!!

  4. @DocBond, that was an A4 sheet with our 16-0 victory win but the writing didnt show up.
    When you come back over i will put you up against the players for a game ok ?

  5. πŸ™‚
    OK N – but no wearing that scary forehead tattoo to try and pysche me out…..

  6. Hi Pmmp,i’m always lingering around here somewhere,just biding my time in wait of my return.

  7. @KK the cook is way better at cooking than pool πŸ˜‰
    @pmmp, the team was definitely better looking last year
    @db, I’m hiding my facial tatt’s with my new mop!

  8. @pool man: Congrats on having your own cue. I have one too, but it doesn’t help unfortunately. It’s not really a sign up and play thing though. We have a team this year and if they ever run short, we will call on customers that have expressed interest in playing. If you go in one night, you can discuss with the Manager. Cheers!

  9. Can’t wait to see your shaggy locks Spats !!!
    Pool man – I had my own cue once but I got into an argument with Penfold. On the upside, I never get backaches.

  10. @Footballer > Stevie is our Number 2 Player in the team and he is now Ranked #3 out of 460 players in the whole Pool League I am Ranked #17. After week 7 with 7 more weeks to play we are now on top of the League with 12 points 5 points above the Second Place Team. Come on Mango Sharks !

  11. I heard that Stevie guy has a sore back from carrying the team week in week out…..Number 2 player my ***!

  12. Mango Sharks v Silver Dollar @ The Big Mango Monday Night feel free to come and support our team Starts @ 8pm second floor.

  13. Mango v Oasis 2 Monday 10th May @ The Big Mango all welcome to come watch and enjoy.

    Current status in league week 8 3rd May @ 12 points top of the division.

  14. Mango Team beat Oasis 7-1 Monday Night
    Next Monday we play Target Bar @ the Big Mango all welcome to support us.
    Only 4 more weeks to go getting tense !

  15. Tonight we play Target Bar @ the Big Mango all welcome to support us.
    Hopefully they turn up many roads closed by the army now.

  16. Last night The Mango Pool Team won 5-3 against Mash Bar Soi 22 were very tense matches but we managed to get 2 more points for the team now still #1 in the league woo hoo.

  17. Sunday night we play Target Bar @ the Big Mango 7pm this is our game we couldnt play 2 weeks ago and we rescheduled due to the demos.
    Monday night we have Hideaway Bar @ the Mango 8pm start. Feel free to come and support us on both these evenings
    And with only 1 more game left on the 7 June to the end of the season its looking good for the Mango Sharks.
    Woo Hoo.

  18. Yes i see # 6 Player in Bangkok League out of 576 players catching you up Stevie Boy lol.
    Tonight i am going to be on form @ the Mango we play Hideaway Bar tonight 8pm start all welcome to support us and Me lol.

  19. We are preparing for it, cant wait to pick up the trophy on 19 June hope the presentation is not put forward to another day.

  20. Only if I have time to spare after gals, photography, family and inane banter with you chaps….

  21. Well, I’m in tomorrow night – jet-lagged – so if I also tie one arm behind my back and wear an eye-patch… that should make it a fair contest πŸ™‚

  22. Mango play Sports Corner soi 20 tonight @8pm a win will be good but we dont need it now >>>>> Go Mango <<<<<.

  23. Last Game of the season Mango win 7-1 tonight big party in celebration on 19 June we number 1 big trophy go Blue team Woo Hoo

  24. Mango win the pool league and we are going to have a party on Sat 19th June at the Mango.
    More details soon.

  25. Team Mango win the first Pool Game of the Season 5-3 against Sportsman Bar from Soi 22 at mango HQ woo hoo well done Guys.

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