Had to try the take-in and giving Batin a whirl…

Coming into the last leg of a five continent, 3 week tour I find myself in KL again. I was just getting in from Vietnam and was looking for something different. I attended a VIP party full of Vietnamese models and media talent – but after talking to some euro-viet models that, with heels, were twice the height of Penfold – I deduced that I was firmly out of my league.

I bid my farewells and headed to more familiar territory.

First stop was lush – another friend, big booze distributor, was having a party with a DJ flown in from the Germany. VIP tables, bottles of booze and lots of hangers on. Stayed there for a while meeting some new friends and ogling a group of uni girls, spending pops hard earned Dong, out for a Saturday night. There really are some hotties in these places but for some reason I always crash and burn. Me and the Viet girls just don’t seem to gel. However lush is a cool place and a great vibe. Lots of talent. Another SMS and found out that another crew was over at Apocalypse tearing it up. Ended the night there since I was planning on getting up early. After previously checking the models, the p4p crowd looked pretty un-appealing.

Hotel han solo style.

In the morning I headed over to just men spa for a shave, manicure, pedicure and a facial – awesome place. Great service, decent prices and just can’t be missed. No hanky-panky here. This is a real spa but for all you trolls needing some metro sexual grooming action, there are a lot of u, this is the place to go. Spend the morning there, lay down the plastic, and come out looking and feeling better.

After that over to Saigon Hotel for a rub, tug and sauna. Prices may vary – still not the best deal for basic p4p but I was being lazy. As stated before, p4p in Vietnam, when compared against Thailand is truly a letdown. So why bother?

Sing to wash some clothes and repack. Over to KL.

KL is one of those hit or miss places where a normal night of clubbing can lead to bliss, hotel spas for some decent p4p or hit the freelancer joints to see what nationality you can pick up. For sure what KL lacks in the punch it makes up for with variety.

I was in the hotel working and being a lazy sod trying to examine the game plan. I needed to be up early, was not in the mood for partying, did not feel like getting in a taxi and remembered pmmp’s core principals of good living. Order in and stay home. Hmmmm. Went surfing and found this: This link is not safe from work. Surf to the core site and be sure to download the price list/menu.

I figured I had to try it. I called. We discussed Android versus iPhone. Local versus non-local. I ordered non-local Chinese. There was some confusion on which hotel I was at and I had to go to the lobby to collect but all in all it was as easy as ordering a pizza. Package arrived. She was hot, spoke no English and was all business. I can’t say it was worth it but the experience was interesting. Skills were so-so, but the girl was so hot – however the lack of communication took its toll. Not sure I would do it again unless I was assured to get someone who might speak a little more English and had a better attitude.

Some of the menu choices do look enticing though.

Package safely returned I went to bed.

After a day of work I hooked up with some locals for some r & r. Thing I like about the Asian locals is most of them have a pretty good lifestyle. They might have their wives and girlfriends, jobs and schedules – but they usually know where to take you for some local delights. I had been hearing about Batin – which is the Malaysian versus of the nut sack rub. I am a big fan so I was excited to know that there was a spot close to where we were working.

Lavender Aroma Therapy. Look for the pink signs:

47-2, Jalan Puteri 2/1, Bandur Puteri Puchong, 47100 Selangor

03-8060 3782

There are lots of branches so do call or ask people where to get Batin. Surprisingly even some of the co-ed spas have some Batin practitioners on hand. Prices vary but basically you are paying for normal massage and then so many minutes of Batin. I took the hour and then Batin for 30. No vowels – but thanks. It was slightly different than what I had experienced in Thailand. The technique is mostly the same when it comes to the nut sack kneading, but the finish is much slower. They tend to try and milk it rather than create re-enactments of old faithful. All in all awesome service and for sure I would go again.

Batin is your friend.

There is for sure much more to KL but when in Rome…

17 thoughts on “Had to try the take-in and giving Batin a whirl…”

  1. thanks

    Vietnam is the biggest frustration in the region – the women are arguably the most attractive and least available. Everything in VN is a hassle, too, but the women are just amazing. If someone could make a business model which included even average looking babes it would be a huge success

  2. Chinese are not a good choice when in KL, most are always straight business. “Let me see the money, put it in, are you finished, now I go home” Now the locals in KL on the other hand were much more like the ever wonderful Thais, and they do speak English, rather too well sometimes.

  3. prof – totally agree. if you live there and can speak a bit of viet – I think you can do alright. the local guys also do very well and I notice that all my asian friends also do okay there. But most guys crash and burn or brag about p4p but when u see the quality they are taking home, plus paying for – you realize you are not missing much.

    the man – locals are nice. I love the chindians… and please that is what they call themselves. my friend is married to one.

    gavinmac – he claims to be sick but then last I heard he was pissed on cowboy pulling his pants down again but in general it just seems he can’t make the editing deadlines. Mostly pathetic I say but yes we all miss the YP diaries.

  4. No worse value for money proposition than the Vietnamese…although, Chinese are a close second.

  5. sexually repressed bunch of peasant cunts is my take on the chinese. all of them.
    KL talk, and no mention of the beach club??? why would anyone go anywhere else?

  6. Boy this “Mango Blog” which was so successful. so active and so interesting and informative has really fallen off in the last several months. All “products” have their life cycel and this Mango Blog is certainly in the declining aspect of that that life cycle. Is dormancy around the corner?

  7. Not sure I can agree there Midders – the stuff we’ve had this year from OnNutter, Debt Star, Hunch, Penfold (the diaries, not the cage fighting bollocks) and especially Lurcher who kept us entertained for weeks, has kept me well fed…
    WFTM’s travelogue on how to ‘not get laid’ around Asia has been a bit tedious, but you can’t win em all 😉

  8. pssshaw! if you really want action in KL i suggest you try the chow kit night “market”. it’s a great place for cheap action with the only drawback being that most of the “vendors” either have or at one point in their life had a wang. it’s also a fun place to grab some eats and watch old chinese and indian dudes barter with ladyboys.

    “you like anal?”
    “yes, i don’t have a pussy so not like you have any other options.”
    “what about your mouth?”
    “can’t tonight, i’m running low on lipstick and this color really makes my eyes pop.”

  9. Midland, that is your contribution to the blog? Either you’re close friends with the mango owners and that’s an inside joke or else you are just a douche. I’ve been to the mango bar a few times and met the mango owners and a few of the bloggers and they are good people. The blog is fun to read and I appreciate everyone’s constructive contributions to it. If you don’t like the blog don’t read it and quietly go away.

  10. My experiences in KL are limited – mainly due to having the ball & chain in tow most of the time I was there. However I did manage a business trip by myself once and booked myself at a shady hotel in PJ rather than the Hilton, on the advice of a friend who highly recommended the “health club” on the premises. It was about 8 years ago and I struggle to remember the name now, but a quick Google showed me the Crystal Crown Hotel – which bears a similar resemblance to an image in my brain – so it could be the one.

    At the health club one changes into a pair of boxers and white gown – supplied by the hotel – and then you can partake of the gym, watch a movie, or drink at the bar inside. The gym was average, and so was the bar, however the great thing was the old papasan who approaches while you are at the bar and asks if you’d like a “massage”, which of course is massage plus the works. He then asks for your preference, “Chinese, Indian, or Local?”. Being the adventurous type and being there for a couple of days, naturally I had to try them all. Once you have made your choice he goes off to arrange it all, and then calls you to a private room for your massage once ready. It is good for those who prefer a bit more discretion rather than the full on thousand eyes staring at you through the fish bowl. Apparently if once in your room you don’t like what is there, you can easily ask for a replacement, and they will rotate in another until you are happy (or until they run out of candidates I guess).

    Surprisingly the massage each time was rather good. The other services, well, who knows if it is indicative of stereotyping but the Chinese was rather clinical but seemed to warm up at the end, the local was absolutely brilliant and the Indian came in a distant third. They have a shower in the room so you can wash up afterwards.

    From memory I just paid a fee at the reception for the “massage” and any drinks when I left the club. No club charge itself as I was staying in the hotel.

  11. Gavinmac – Ask and you shall receive………….

    WFTM – Im sorry that my declining health, and the fact that I have more girls in BKK to satisfy then I have fingers & toes on my hands, interferes with your daily dose of YP in BKK, but Im trying my best. Im flying out to Jakarta tomorrow, with expensive and violent intentions, so maybe that will keep you happy 😉

  12. Excellent report thanks.The Batin info will come in use for sure. Maybe I have been lucky but I have had some excellent Chinese Girls here in the ME. Not all for sure but some very good.

    Midlands- Please retort that you were being ironic or your comments will lack credibility in the future..

  13. I never had any trouble meeting beautiful young Vietnamese women and teen girls in any and every setting in Ho Chi Minh City, conversing with them, taking them out to dinner and then spend the night with them and continue to keep in touch with them via cellphone calls, texts, emails, etc. Not once did I have to resort to finding a “Pro” in a bar or brothel to get EXTREMELY beautiful white Asian skin complected girls the 30 plus times I have visited Vietnam.

      1. Not bad Daywalker.
        What I meant was I have money in a US bank, how do I get it there? Do the banks have ATMs? Where are they? What protocols do they observe?

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