A Bangkok Trip Report Part 5 by The Lurcher

Saturday & Sunday: The Weakened.

It is great to wake up on holiday in Bangkok especially on Saturday. It is the start of the weekend. Well it is the start of the weekend in most parts of the world except where I live and work: The great sandpit, where Saturday is the first day of the Islamic working week and Wednesday is the start of the weekend which just does not feel right. The weather looked cool in streets outside.  I decided to go for a walkabout down Sukhumvit.

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Dave’s Dog Yuan Yuan Throws him a 45th Birthday Bash

There will be a birthday party this Saturday Night at the Mango. A pretty modest affair. We have some newcomers to the Mango that will be sponsoring a keg of Tiger Pints at 20 baht each. The Tiger Keg is about 30 Pints so essentially a round or two of 20 baht Pints for everyone interested. You may get a free Mango Nipple Shot as well, if we have the nipples in stock.

Dave’s dog Yuan Yuan is picking up the tab and wanted us to post a picture of him with his Master:

Yuan Yuan and Dave

Should be a fun event so come on down if you’re in the neighborhood.


…and from the party, Yuan Yuan would have been so proud of Dave who was sporting the latest in Thai Airways Pajama Wear.

Dave's Pajama Party

Making the most of 3 nights… by WFTM

There just is not enough time no matter how many days you have. In my head i have a list of stuff – get laid, eat good, drink, ride the bike, see friends, shag new girls, shag the gf and get laid. Maybe I mentioned that one already. I pretty much have given up on getting laid in Singapore since it is pretty simple that when doing the math – the returns are not there. I have a lame ass dates that I try to end quickly by slashing my wrists and complaining that the amount of blood seeping out might force me to go to the hospital. Thus ending the date. One of my friends in Singapore has taken the tact of only meeting girls for a drink and if things are cool staying on and if not having one or two and calling it a night. 4 floors is just too pricey and frankly I see hotter girls cruising the shops in Orchard anyway. As is the case though when one is not trying things happen. Got an SMS recently in Sing from a friend who said it was raining and could she come over. She was cute, willing, and 16 years younger than me. Cha Ching.
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