I could not score with three bargirls in my bed in Bangkok by On Nutter

Reading this site on a regular basis, one could be forgiven for getting the wholly misleading impression that it is easy to have regular sex with lots of attractive partners in Bangkok.

While that may be true for the likes of Young Penfold as he fights off the advances of university totty in between getting buggered by shemales in the toilets at Obsession at Nana Plaza, the reality for more senior mongers can be rather different.
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YP Diaries: 17-5-2010 to 21-5-2010 – Operation Hard-Body, Curfews & The Worlds Worst Excuse

Monday – Got the ‘worrying mother’ SMS today. The images of burning buildings, and people getting shot in the head had sent her into a panic. Mothers are great, in that they always have golden advice in times of need. “You stay away from the riot areas” she said. You see? Priceless that was. Had she not passed on that nugget of wisdom, fuck knows where Id be now. Splattered over Rama 4 I guess
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Solving the Curfew Problem

With an 8pm curfew announced last night, and today’s announcement of a further three nights of 9pm curfew, it’s a trying time for those who like to spend their evenings drinking and talking shit in the Mango.

In times like these, sometimes great sacrifices are required. So our suggestion is to instead spend your daytimes drinking and talking shit in the Mango. If you start early enough, 9pm will begin to seem like a reasonable bedtime!

The Big Mango Bar will be open 10am – 7pm (allowing staff and customers two hours to get home safely) during curfew days, with Happy Hour pricing available all day long. The kitchen will be closed today (Thursday), but there’s plenty of Thai food available nearby, and we hope to have the kitchen back open again for tomorrow. See you there!

Team Mango

Distraction by Tim from Oakland

I have always wondered whether there is any place on earth like Thailand. And needless to say, what I really mean is “is there anywhere on Earth where you can get as much cheap and plentiful pussy as in Thailand?” But I have to report to my fellow sex-starved brothers that as a result of a brief foray into the enemy camp – there certainly is. However, as will soon become evident, the land of the enemy still does not compare to the Land of The Smile. And despite the wonderful distraction, I still remain an ardent Thaiophile but I am mighty glad that I have found a wonderful distraction for when time and money preclude visits to Thailand. Let me also add, for the sake of my non-Thaiophile brothers, that I love Thailand because of the women – I like women who are – and I mean really like – slim, petite and brown.
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A Bangkok Trip Report Part 7 by The Lurcher

(The Bangkok Trip Report series by The Lurcher  is available here)

Part 7: Coming Tuesday I feel better…..

I awoke pain free feeling well rested, glad of my sensible decision not to go for a 2am walkabout. I frequently end up in the pleasurably disreputable street bar outside the Golden Bar usually until the sun rises faster than I am able. I used to think the hospitality of the service staff and their impressive alacrity in providing me with a chair was due to my age and infirmity but now I think it might be the material inducement of a commission. Anyway I have also found, that after all night, street drinking sessions I inevitably end up in an unsuitable liaison, which if not dangerous is definitely dodgy. But now it was time for elevenses so I decided to check out a few massage parlours on Soi 4 whilst simultaneously looking for a food source. I hit the street.
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Tea Bagging for Weight Loss by Bangkok PT

Editor’s Note: We received this email from Bangkok PT with the subject line “Please link my crappy blog or Ill never buy another big mango burger”.

So here is a link to his “crappy blog” 😉


A friend of mine from Australia attended a boot camp where the instructor got them to perform tea bagging as an exercise , I thought to myself now that’s the kind of boot camp I want to attend , I just hope it has an even ratio of men and women.
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