Strikeforce Preview: Fedor vs Werdum by Young Penfold

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabricio Werdum

Werdum is probably the most accomplished grappler/submission fighter in MMA today. Hes a 2 time ADCC world heavyweight champion, amongst a whole host of other BJJ acolades. None of that is gonna help him from getting his shit wrecked by the worlds best fighter. Fabricio could take a fucking baseball bat, a knife and a Bengal tiger in the cage with him, and it wouldnt stop him from getting steamrolled.

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My ‘nowhere near as interesting as YP’s diary’ diary – Part 2 by doctorbond

I know nothing – Spats denied he was organising a gogo tour and left after a few pints to go to his needlepoint class. On Nutter polished off my food and YP visited the toilet promising a photo of his stool but came back without one, explaining that it was a runny mess – disappointment swept round the bar. Some wanky world cup team I don’t care about was playing another wanky world cup team that I don’t care about. Brief excitement when a spot of spur of the moment counter-top dancing was started by a couple of the girls – one of them, who shall remain nameless is hotter than heat!

The latest UFC dvd was started. Yawned, and leaving the ‘boys’ to their gay-fest I said my goodbyes to Pmmp who was flying out the next day and headed back home.
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After 2 Years Away – A Return To BKK by 689kmtoBKK

[Editors note: A first-time contribution from 689kmtoBKK – welcome to the blog! To anyone else interested in contributing, instructions are here…]


Although I don’t quite have the writing skills of Young Penfold, and
certainly not his wide taste in all things carnal, I’ll give this shot.

Having recently moved to Thailand I had to make the trek up to Bangkok to
renew both my passports, catch up with a few mates and tie in some business
meetings, so I could write the whole thing off.
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Learning Thai #3: Football Slang

Most likely you know by now what a Vuvuzela is (and maybe hate it!). The world cup in South Africa is going on right now and you are probably meeting with your friends on a regular basis to cheer for your favorite team. If you are in Thailand you also can’t escape the world cup and you see the games on pretty much every TV wherever you go.
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My ‘nowhere near as interesting as YP’s diary’ diary – Part 1 by doctorbond

Off the plane and into the bar (what do you mean, what bar?) Great to see all the reprobates again and got up to date with what everyone was doing.

Me: so what are you guys up to then……
Guys: blah blah blah
Me: so, pretty much the same as you were doing the last time I was here
Guys: yup – what you up to?
Me: the same…
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Mango Pool Team First Place Party

Big Mango Bar Pool Team Bangkok Thailand
Mango Sharks

The mad bastards did it! First Place for the first time in five attempts. Congrats team!

C’mon down this Saturday Night, June 19th to help celebrate with:

40 Baht Pints (2 kegs)
Free Snacks 9-11

The Team will be on hand signing autographs and taking more publicity shots. Well, not really, but they will be there if you want to have a game with them.

Cheers and great job team!

YP in Jakarta – The rest of Day 2 and Day 3

After the traumatic incident in the M Blok toilet with the balding smackhead, BB suggested a change of pace. It was welcomed

BATS @ Shangri-La Hotel – Much like Red Square, this place had a swish decor, good music, Oliver Reid approved pours, but was a very weak crowd. Number-crunching looking types in suits, Arabs, and a lot of unappealing hookers. There was one lady-of-the-night who was passable, so we called her over for a drink. Tight body. Full head of hair. No visible signs of heroin withdrawal. A vast Improvement on the last girl. Possible score. Until she smiled. Deary me. No score. Looked like she had swallowed a fucking grenade. A truly horrendous set of gnashers. Pounded 2 Vodka Cranberrys each, gave her a whisky n coke, and the number of a decent dentist, made our excuses and left
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