There’s no place like home… by WFTM

In not living in Bangkok anymore I have new respect for those on holiday and their desire to hit it hard and fast. Short times versus long-time, quick meals to regain sustenance and a focus on the raw statistics. It is a sprint – not a marathon. One has to totally change their game to maximize the throughput. Enuff said.

I am also gutted that tonight is the big party and I am not there. Fuck me.

I had been to Bangkok once before the malls burnt down and then was not able to come until after all the smoke had cleared – company policy. Yes folks – Thailand really effed themselves this time since many of us with real jobs were barred from any travel – personal or not to Thailand.

So I missed out on all the action but hey – such is life. I will say though that the “air” of service is back. You may not notice it if you live here but seems to me things have gotten better on that front. Immigration people were almost pleasant, airport taxis practically wanted to blow me and the girls are not negotiating that much for action. All good in the hood. Not sure how long it will last but might as well lap it up.

Day 1

I had a very short trip and needed to hit it hard. My plane landed early in the morning and I started SMS’ng during touchdown. It was 7am and I was not looking for street meat and the idea of going to the late, late after hours places sober was not enticing. I was offering 3k for short time and the meeting point was the PB hotel. SMS said room number – I called ahead to book and verify the room number – 3k – short time. I had the condoms. Took some wrangling but I had a taker and she was waiting in the lobby when I showed up. Round 1 in.

Checked out and showed up in my normal digs to face the day. Stopped by Sunrise for some tacos and then got some work in. Afternoon was going to be heading out to Nataree.

What can one say that has not already been said about Nataree massage but when you have not been there in a long while – then everything about the place just kills you. All the girls sitting around, the loud mouth papasan and the gawdy outfits on the girls behind the glass. I was getting worked up by one of the girls sitting close to our booth – I could smell her and my mind was going nuts every time she uncrossed and recrossed her legs but I wanted a Soapie. It had been a long time.

I picked the girl in the pink and we all piled in the lift. Braces, 22 and still in school – perfect. Did the slip and slide and I about lost it but saved it for the tub. Then a little too much foreplay and I told her I needed some cold water. I wanted to save it all for the bed. No BBBJ but damn she knew how to make you feel like it was. Then I turned the TV to the fishbowl channel so I could perv on the rest of the girls and rode things home to the finish. Nataree still one of the best deals in town. Round 2 over.

Then headed over to the Mango to greet the peeps, have my first drink and catch up on all the latest gossip. It was awesome to see so many familiar faces. It was a warm up to the party tonight that I won’t make. Fuck.

Later we went cruising the plaza. Let me recall where we went –

Pretty Lady – the place is not amazing but something about the mirrors, the playful girls and the no undies always makes for a good time. There are some new chicks there as well – not a bad place for a few.

Mandarin – Kicking as usual. So many girls, lots of tit and some good tunes. Still one of the better places in the plaza. Saw more than a few I wanted but I was waiting for something special.

Spankys – The shows are not amazing but there are some cuties and the atmosphere is one of the livelier ones in the plaza. The girl on the door with the Korean BF is so hot. Kills me.

I think we walked around a bit – got fondled by the trannies – always YP’s fav part of the night – but then ended up in R3. R3 used to be one of my fav gogo’s but has taken a hit over the last year or so. For some reason they are back to having some cute, young, topless girls. I pulled and used the short time room and it was awesome. I would give the number here but the heckler would get upset. Round 3 over and out.

That was it. Packed it in.

Day 2

By late morning I was on the road to make sure my motorcycle did not get lonely. I was heading out of town on Suk and out of the blue, never seen a boy in brown move that fast, I was practically running over a cop. He leapt across 3 lanes of traffic to stop me in the right most lane. Seriously – I almost killed him. Then he cleared a path for me to slide over to the side. I got off the bike and asked what the problem was. He said my bike was illegal. I said no it is not and here is all the paperwork. Then he said I did not have a license. I don’t have a Thai one but I play tourist so I use my legal international one. Next? Then he said I was not suppose to be in the right most lane on a bike? I said really – how about I needed to uturn – which is legal. He was running out of stupid things to ding me on. Figuring he practically had a heart attack in stopping me, I knew he was not going to let me off. So he just started writing a ticket with no explanation and grabbed my passport. I made the mistake of showing him it – cause usually I just show them my old california ID.

He said I could pay 2k at the station to get it back on monday. I was like look I needed to leave monday morning so I asked him how much for now. He said 1k. I said I only had 500. He said okay. Of course he didn’t think twice when I gave him 1k and asked for change. Realizing now that they only thing they do is take your ID and expect you to come to the station to pay for it – I will get some fake IDs made that I hand them and then drive off.

I finally got on the highway and flew down to bang saen. I hit the Galaxy soapie on the way in. Last time I was there I got a little uni student that loved giving BBBJ and banged me senseless for like 1800 baht- plus a tip. This time I picked something that looked good but was boring in the sack. Oh well. Win some u lose some. Round 4.

I cruised around, ate by the sea and headed back to bkk. Then went to eat dinner on cowboy and watched the zoo knowing I was on my last night. Then I headed over to lolitas for one last round since – well. Nothing in the world compares to lolitas. Then headed home to yes – work. Fuck.

Day 2 over and day 3 was work, packing and heading to the airport.

What can I say other than when it comes to p4p scene there is nothing like Thailand – nothing. Sure, other places may offer better experience day to day or something special here and there but when it comes to ease of use, price and service – Bangkok rocks. No question about it.

20 thoughts on “There’s no place like home… by WFTM

  1. No wonder I only got 8.5 minutes of your time while you were here. Nice work, except for the fact that you poached my girl in R3 πŸ™‚

  2. Question: If I meet a LB hanging around outside Nana whats the general price LT? Ive banged a couple from elsewhere but always got them free (which cant last…)and which Ill assume is due to serendipity and not my gauche philandering charm…

  3. Barfine Warrior – From someone who questioned that my stories were real, and your asking if the LBs outside Nana want paying? You obviously havent been here that long

  4. OK – Im a twat. Didn’t read your last comment properly. Kids today eh?
    I suspect a brown note would do the trick. If your feeling really cheap, wipe your arse on a 20baht note and give it to them. Its brown afterall

  5. Jeeze, I think everyone here knows that apprehensive feeling whilst drinking a beer in Cowboy on your last night in Bangkok. Depressing just thinking about it. And WFTM, real desperados go STP. Straight to plane baby.

  6. YP, I know you hit on the chubby cheeks honey, should have got some digits for later use, I think she had the better body. Will it be a score or not?

  7. So if I wiped my ass with a red note, and it turned brown, would it still be worth less?
    Funny shit Penners! And as far as Nataree goes, those that know me know. And you don’t need to ask me twice! Nice read Mr WFTM, I need to pop for the next round when we both are in town! Us Cali folk gotta stick together…cheers!!!

  8. On behalf of all Americans everywhere1; we would like to thank
    The FRENCH for putting the Statue of Liberty in the Harbor of New York
    The BRITS for putting Robert Green in the Goal in South Africa

    Jolly Good!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! 3 cheers for the 3 Lions!!!

  9. heck – it could have been longer but u have a hard time getting up in the morning or I mean waking up… πŸ™‚

    bfw – price is half what u pay the chicks – since the trannies are half a chick

    rm – so true but I had to work in the morning so it was not STP capable schedule

    nr – amen

    bfw – thing I miss the most about not being in thailand is the bum gun

    sjr – brits = english I think but hey. a tie is a tie. πŸ™‚

  10. Are midgets half price too since their only half a person? A discount for amputees? Pay nothing for girls in Rawhide? You could always just buy a hose and connect it to the bath tap in your house WFTM. Then you too could continue to enjoy that pleasant, refreshing feeling of water massaging your arsehole. I still use paper too though cause my bumgun is as weak as a post op LB’s testosterone secretion. ok ill stop shit talking

  11. @bw…”ve banged a couple from elsewhere but always got them free (which cant last…)…”..

    No, it can’t last bw..we need a new goalkeeper, and the jobs yours if you have one thumb and a minimum three toes but, as I’m sure even you know…gay behaviour in football is not tolerated..and, without wishing to ruffle anyones feathers, sticking your knob in a blokes arse is a bit bent, even if he is wearing your mums’ nightie…which is cute btw.

    So in summing up, drop the ball, or drop your shorts..the choice is yours.

  12. Really? they were all post op. Ive come across gay porn and i find it repulsive. Im sure its some “out of sight, out of mind” self deceptive mechanism that allows me to deal with bangin the odd LB. Anyways not that I need to explain myself but I bang chicks mostly. Green played fine other than that error but of course at such an elite event it is kind of unacceptable. I think that it is the english defence who will falter as without Ferdinand they are extremely weak. The usual hyperbole and delusional media hysteria will also fuck them up I imagine. btw im supporting England (and not the fuckin french) but i believe getting to the final is a little out of their reach

  13. Barfine Warrior – Apart from passing out on a ladyboy bed, and waking up being bummed in the arse, my gayest experience, was when a katoey I was seeing, asked me to bash her back doors in, while she watched a gay poop flick on Because of the vast amount of hormones she had gobbled as a young boy, she had bollocks like hamster eyes, so our balls were nowhere near touching = not gay

    The Man – Will it be a score? Does a fucking bear shit in the fucking woods? When this boy shoots, he NEVER misses, and you can take that to the bank. Less a case of ‘will’ but ‘when’

    Rope-a-Dope – Bring back Peter Shilton. Fuck, Steve Ogrizovic would do.

  14. As a newbie, I weed through all the crap but I enventually find a nut. In this nut is usually a tidbit of info that I hide until my next trip to Thailand.

  15. yp – so hamsters eyes…. or blue whale eyes in my perception = not gay. Im sooooooo overjoyed that Im not a big fat queer! yiipppppeeee for me!! Honestly though the LB’s dont really do it for me like a good rai of flange

  16. Well the blacks are takeing over Bangkok. Now getting real 3rd world. Pattaya is the place thi wont let the blacks take over there turf. The town is full of LB i think from bangkok but dont bother people unless your makeing eye contact. But the town is dead no tourest here.

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