Pattaya in 12: Join in on the fun

Here’s how. Daywalker and Young Penfold are doing a Pattaya in 12 run this Sunday. They will each post a writeup next week about what they did 3:00pm-5:00pm and 5:00pm-7:00pm. For instance:

DW…Sat in XXX bar and some ugly pig came and sat next to us. She has bad teeth, but we still bought her a drink.
YP…Sat in XXX bar and some stunning gorgeous chick sat next to us. Wait, I think she’s a chick?

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Just Another Sukhumvit Tale by pmmp

It was 3am and I found myself alone, walking the streets of lower Sukhumvit completely shit-faced. I know, big deal, blah blah blah, same old same old, and you know what, it really is the same old same old. So if you you’re looking for some twisted or new shit, this is not the story for you. It’s just that I haven’t written in a while and this was an experience that happened pretty recently.

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Lionel by Daywalker

There I was…. At Mango HQ sucking on a vodka. No plans for the night, just sit back and take it easy. Along side me was a guy named… well, lets call him Lionel… Lionel is a kinda regular visitor to Thailand, although from what I can gather, he doesn’t partake in all the usual debauched seedy shit that most people here dabble in. Having said that, he has taken a shine to a particular BG who caters for his every need. Personally, she is not of my taste which did make me wonder if she performed acts so unspeakable that only Austrians would appreciate.

But, that’s his choice. YP chooses Lima Brava’s…. The Heckler rejects hi-so girls… and BBB… well, I’ll leave it there.

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Sukhumvit in 4 by Daywalker

Pattaya in 12?….. no time… how about Sukhumvit in 4?

The night before the party saw me turning away 2 girls at my door.   The next day was to be a big one and I needed to save energy.  These two girls certainly would not have saving energy on their minds… or the environment.    I gave The Heckler direct instructions to step away from the girls… don’t look back.  Head for home…, do not pass Jo, do not give her 200 dollars.

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After the celebs… by WFTM

Life can be strange in Asia. One moment you could be in a hotel bar with colleagues, the next you could be in another hotel bar with some slappers and the next you could be at a VIP event with models and actresses. Problem is that I am not the kind to be able to pull models and actresses, I did try, but after being in close proximity with them for hours I was forced to resort to more normal methods for satisfaction.

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New Mango 2nd Anniversary Bash This Saturday

It’s our 2nd anniversary this coming Saturday. Want to extend a welcoming invitation to all and sundry to come down and help us celebrate. We’ll be showing our appreciation to all our patrons by putting on free grub and snacks. Plenty of eye candy should be on hand in the form of 8 Jim Beam promo girls (for those of you who showed up for the 4th of July party and want another crack at the three girls we had on hand, they should be part of the contingent). Drink specials galore in the form of 79 baht pints of Tiger and Heineken for the entirety of the evening. Our Wednesday Night Beer Lao special (65/75 a bottle reg/dark) and Friday Night San Miguel Light special (65/bottle) will be in effect all night as well. Bottles of Jim Beam Black and Russian Standard Vodka will be practically given away at 1400 baht a bottle (includes mixers). We’ll also be doing the rounds of the bar giving away Mango Nipple shots from time to time.

Hope to see everyone there!

Crossing the Line by Hunch644

EVA air – click. Doh – committed. I can’t be doing this stuff anymore. I’m an upstanding pillar of the community. Deferment of pleasure and moral rectitude are the rules I live by. Anyway, I made it past the ‘6 month mark’ in May. By mid-June, I was doing a rather nasty cold turkey – irritability, broken sleep, poor appetite, forgetting stick-hits in Morris Dances. The lowest point was joining a dating site. Even more seriously, I was not able to finance a trip. The DTs worsened and a cursory search on flights threw up extravagant fares I couldn’t possibly hope to afford, thanks to the selfish bastard Thorza, Lord of Volcanoes. In desperation, I made some creative financial adjustments (Parish funds embezzled? Moi?) and there was the merest chance I would be able to pull this off.
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Portrait of a Monger as a Young Man by Barfine Warrior

* For autistic purposes I have written this pile of crap in the third person and not to disassociate myself from my cuntish behaviour. I wrote about a recent day in P Town and not Bkk just because, like, you know like, whatever.

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a Thai girl coming down the road and this Thai girl that was coming down along the road met a nice little boy named Barfine Warrior…. She spoke to him with impeccable English and was genuinely inspiring as he lost himself in her striking, brown eyes. Her words were so tender and discerning and he realised he had a tremendous erection. He raised his cannon and bang on the kisser nailed her with a massive splurge of water. She recoiled and covered her face with her arms spluttering and shouting at him as he scampered up the road laughing like a wanker. All is fair in love and war, and never more so than in Thailand.
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