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Life can be strange in Asia. One moment you could be in a hotel bar with colleagues, the next you could be in another hotel bar with some slappers and the next you could be at a VIP event with models and actresses. Problem is that I am not the kind to be able to pull models and actresses, I did try, but after being in close proximity with them for hours I was forced to resort to more normal methods for satisfaction.

I am a fan of Indonesia and learning to enjoy the differences it has to Thailand. It is not as good as Bangkok in some ways but yet better in other ways. It can’t replace Thailand but if you happen to go to Indonesia you should have more fun than YP does but maybe that ain’t saying much.

The massage scene is where most of the p4p fun happens so this last trip I toured around a little bit more. I tend to hit Fortuna for a nice rub and tug. The massage is good, the prices are good and the girls are fun. Your mileage may vary but there are people who claim to get much more than a tug.

In the same vein as Fortuna is the Delta message chain. Another decent rub and tug joint popular with the locals. I have not been yet but you can see them around town.

This last time we stopped in at a place I had heard about but had yet to explore since it is across town from where I normally stay. The Classic Hotel looks like a normal old school, badly decorated hotel but in the basement has a big spa. There is the normal “pay as you go in” type of service for spa, gym, lounge with a basic rub and tug. There are also full service girls of various nationalities. You can pay one price on the way out for the full meal deal. Starts from around 500,000 inr on up for the locals and 1 mil on up for the non locals. I saw uzbeks, russians, colombians and so on. This seems to be the norm in the big spa hotels. I think they allow the girls to stay as visiting hotel service staff but the only thing they service is me. It was kind of late and I was not seeing anything special and the pushy mamasan was killing me so I went with the normal massage service. Fun girl with some extras. I think classic in the late afternoon with more selection would be a good economical choice but the place is a little rundown.

The last place we tried, besides the tried and trusted Malioboro, was the much raved about Alexis. When it comes to style and size this has to be the biggest in Jakarta. A multi-story joint with club, lounge, karaoke, spa, and rooftop chill place with the hookers. Top floor is sick. A big lounge with all sorts of girls hanging out. Indos, thai, chinese, latam and eastern europe. Varies day by day and the pricing varies as well. The indos were not the hotties here – I would say the Chinese were but the prices are up there from like 1.5 mil on up but once again cheaper than flying to China?

You can lounge around in your robe Hugh Hefner style while buying drinks for the chickies. Then if you choose so the girl gets into a bikini and can frolic with you at the pool or sauna. Then you head to the “rooms” to discuss whether BRIC should be BRICi – before heading to the spa to chill. The model looks pretty appealing but the prices are up there. I plan on going back during less peak times to explore China a little bit more. I also here the club can get nutty late at night.

Back to trolling the net for the Indo celeb videos…


9 thoughts on “After the celebs… by WFTM

  1. “to discuss whether BRIC should be BRICi”

    If this is the type of conversation you’re having with the ladies of the night I’m going long Indo!

  2. China, while a lot of fun, requires a bit different set of skills. Hard to really enjoy all that China has to offer if you cant speak Chinese.

  3. nades – u would be amazed

    frith – thx

    indu – not going to china. couldn’t be bothered trying to dodge the spitballs.

    going to explore the alexis “version” of china


  4. WTFM – Dunno where yo get the idea I didn’t enjoy Jakarta. Between the 18yr old Jap student, Barcelonas very own ‘Vanessa’ @ Marliboro, the balding skaghead in the toilet @ Blok M, and the insane 3some in The Oakwood, I had a really good time.

    The ‘quality’ of nightlife is far better in JKT, but on the whole, those higher quality venues,are frequented by an alarmingly high number of dumpy slappers with teeth like they’ve been chewing rocks

  5. Lets face it… YP can enjoy himself on his own in a cubicle in the mens changing room at the gym/swimming pool.

  6. Daywalker – and I do, on an all too regular basis. I wonder who was cutting eye-holes in he shower curtains

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