Thank You Lolita’s by pmmp

It was the beginning of an unexpected trip. I was outside of Thailand and received some bad news from home which forced me to book some quick flights back to the US. The first leg of the flight landed me in Bangkok for about 10 hours, and then it was off to the States for a little less than a week. Some folks would have just crashed in the airport, but other folks, like me, know the kind of damage that can be done here in a 10 hour period.

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FRIDAY August 27, 2010

Due to the elections on Sunday there will be no booze Saturday night. So we had to move the party. Due to the change we will extend the time…

4 hours of the best prices in town!

SATURDAY August 28, 2010

Any excuse for a party right?

We will kick off from 7:30pm – 11:30pm

The specials are:

  • 50 baht Tiger Pints
  • 60 baht Heineken Pints
  • 50 baht vodka/cokes
  • Free snacks

If you can spot PMMP you will get a free shot.

If you know what the hell the photo is to the left please leave the answer in the comments for everyone else to see and be amazed.

CYA on Saturday!

Hangovers and Pretty Girls by Rick Masters

I was just thinking, for a blog dedicated to Bangkok nightlife, there are remarkably few photos of girls to be seen. This post is just a picture of a bangin Thai model covered in Hang stickers. A picture I found suitable for this site since I’m smashing these like there’s no tomorrow when I’m smashing piss in Bangkok (Hang drinks – not the models, though they are on my ‘things to do list’).

Thai Hang Girls Bangkok Thailand

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Part 2 of 3: Bangkok and the Curfew by ROLLN

Part 1 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Back in Bangkok and the curfew has been extended to 11 or 12pm or something by now. I take 2 of my friends and and go to Nana early. I go to Angel Witch again. Get pretty fucked up as usual. I have a chat with the Manager. After, I ask mamasan for two bi-girls down for a threesome. She points them over. I know one already as Pim from a previous encounter. I take two girls, Dun and Pim? Cant remember if Pim is the right name still. Dun is small with light hair and has a snaggle tooth. Pim, has blondish hair with braces, and fake titties. My boys grab girls too. I’m getting a bit jealous cause one of my boys gets a new hot young girl that I think has outdone my 2, but whatever.

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Pattaya in 12: Join in on the fun: The Follow-Up by Daywalker

“Put your seatbelt on Penfold, and tick off ‘steal a cab’….and tell me, which way to Bangkok”……..

12 Hours earlier…..

We planned the Pattaya trip last week…. Many ‘contributors’ helped come with some tasks that would see us busy for the day (see here).  It was a tight schedule.  Well, tighter than YP’s ring, but that isn’t saying much.

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Part 1 of 3: Anticipation and Frustrations by ROLLN

I had to go to Vegas for 4 days before i departed for BKK. I packed all my shit and had it ready to go to because I was leaving for Bangkok the same day I return from Vegas. The first 3 days in Vegas were spent mostly on business, I didn’t gamble this time as I’ve learned I’m a sore loser, maybe next time. The last night I took my mom who lives in Vegas out to dinner at Dinero’s restaurant in the Hardrock casino and drank a bottle of wine and after wards put mom in a taxi and went back in the casino looking for trouble.

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Back to Bkk… by WFTM

So the party on Saturday night was awesome. Thanks to the folks that made it happen – u know who u r. I got in pretty late and missed the peak but from the scraps that I saw – everyone was a having a great time and the YING factor was high. I have to admit that the YING quality was above average and a very fun crowd. Bummed I was not there earlier.

Thanks to the folks who made it out and stay tuned for the next one!

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3 mad nights in Jakarta… by WFTM

Last trip to the big mango was pretty hectic with the Big Mango party, the world cup stuff and just trying to get laid. With all the work I had to do get done it was just easier hitting up Angels than trying to organize hookups or barfining. Besides there are some hotties at Angels at what’s funny is to see them show up on facebook trying to pretend they are just normal party girls. Yeah right.

The highlight of the trip was watching the world cup final with the gang at Sky club. Tons of booze, hotties and a big screen but the game went on so long that by the time we wrapped up I was well – slightly intoxicated. I leave the club to see one the girls I used to hang with who got kind of pissy seeming me chatting up a new girl and getting the digits. Rather than have a faceoff out front we made for the taxi figuring I would call either of them later. Of course coming back to Suk from cambodia at 5 in the morning looking the way we did meant that we were stopped by the BIB using their magically powers of profiling to determine we were harmless. These guys need to to Tel Aviv or something for some proper training. Just pathetic.

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