Part 2 of 3: Bangkok and the Curfew by ROLLN

Part 1 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Back in Bangkok and the curfew has been extended to 11 or 12pm or something by now. I take 2 of my friends and and go to Nana early. I go to Angel Witch again. Get pretty fucked up as usual. I have a chat with the Manager. After, I ask mamasan for two bi-girls down for a threesome. She points them over. I know one already as Pim from a previous encounter. I take two girls, Dun and Pim? Cant remember if Pim is the right name still. Dun is small with light hair and has a snaggle tooth. Pim, has blondish hair with braces, and fake titties. My boys grab girls too. I’m getting a bit jealous cause one of my boys gets a new hot young girl that I think has outdone my 2, but whatever.

We get supplies and everyone goes to my room. Dun wants to take me in the bathroom and fuck right now cause she wants to get home before the curfew. Lame, that wasn’t part of the deal when we left the gogo. But I take her in the bathroom, get blown and doggy her in the mirror. She puts on a pretty vocal show for everyone else in the room. We finish and I give her 1000 and she leaves. By now the other girls are down to their panties and dancing on the bed and we all party till everyone goes to there separate rooms. Making the best of the curfew..

Next night the Irishman and Croat we left in Pattaya are back in BKK. Go back to Nana pretty early. Check out rainbow 4 and again end up at Angel Witch. Dun is on my lap and I tell her I want her friend and point a new one out across the bar. Her Friend comes over, Her name is Look Nam, (baby mosquito). She’s bubbly and a little feisty and very cute. I bar fine her. Then another girl I’ve know for years, a Cambodian chic named Jane comes over, she wants to party, asks me to pay her and Dun’s bar fine and we can all go drink. I was already planning on stopping by the radio station/studio to see my Thai Friends who are doing a live show 1 night a week. I call them and say hey is it cool If I bring 7 gogo chicks with us? They say yeah no problem. Knowing that people who know my wife will be there I do it anyway. (mistake #1, not respecting the boundaries) We take them (5 from angel, 2 from Spankys) on the BTS. Since it wasn’t late yet, it was crowded and everyone is looking at us.

We get to the studio on Thong lo and when the girls see who I came to meet they freak out. Famous Thai hip-hop guys…The girls recognized there place in the Thai totem pole and all stayed out on the rear balcony. Look Nam is pounding beers like a grown man, 3 times she grabs my qrt. (we callem 22’s in the US) and says “watch I finish this” Hey give me that back!!! Then, Look Nam says to me I want you alone tonight, please don’t bring the other 2 girls back to the room with us. The girls hear this and get pissed. Dun says she was my friend but “now I want to boxing her”. Then Dun and Jane say OK, you go with her. Tomorrow we both come meet you and you don’t pay. OK, word! Everyone jumps in taxi’s to get back down to lower suk in time to get drinks from 7-11. Back to the hotel.

Everyone goes in my friends room tonight. In the room 5 dudes, five girls. Girls in there panties dancing. Look Nam spills a raspberry breezer on my boys bed. Oops sorry dude. I tell my boys I can smell her pussy from here while she is dancing on the bed. Im actually looking forward to putting my face in it, since in my experience thai girls (whores included) are pretty clean down stairs, you dont come across stinky ones too often. I think this is refreshing actually. At one point the Croat tells his girl from Spankys he changed his mind and she should go. She cries, but he smooths it out and she ends up staying and still fucking him. Get back to my room and Look Nam didn’t stop gogo dancing in the mirror for about 2 hours. I’m digging it. No shower, no condom we take care of business.

Next day, woke up and screwed look Nam again. Sent her on her way. I hung out hungover for awhile. Went to mbk food court to eat then returned to soi 11 and drank beer in the room. Dun and Jane call and say there coming over. We hang out and go meet my Japanese friend on the corner. We run into tech12 who’s going to meet a man about a dog. We sit on motor cycle taxis little street stools and drink qrts from 7 and wait for 1 connect to come through and my boys girlfriend. At one point Jane says, “your friend, your friend” I look at my Japanese American buddy and he’s got a two inch long brown soi Africa snot hanging out of his nose. I think he was feeling too good to care! But then again thai girlfriend is coming so he better sharpen up. I ask him is your girl gonna be cool i have these gogo bitches with me? Another possible connect to wifey I’m ignoring (ignoring the boundaries rule again). He says don’t worry.

So, the crew splits up, half to Soi Cowboy, the other half going into Bed Club. Then meet back up to party before curfew. Fuck (doesn’t that sound like a college dorm or some bullshit) What should I do? Cowboy or bed club, Fuck it, I take Dun and Jane back into the hotel and tell my people I will meet them later. Jane is acting shy although I’ve never hit it she’s been in the room a few times while I mashed one of her friends up. She says were just friends, “u don’t need to boom boom every lady.” I think this a bit funny, so I say its cool your about to watch again…She stood looking out the window but turns around to check out the finale. We all drink a beer and I send them on their way, I go to a friends house. Over do it a bit on enhancements, felt like i was gonna have a heart attack in the morning. Slept for 4 hours, stumbled outside hating myself and got a taxi back to soi 11.

If my memory is correct today is a Buddha holiday, no alcohol sold. I sleep till about 7pm. My friends and the girls are going to find a street bar and drink. The Croat has been holed up in his room with Soi Africa for 24 hours, I knock on the door to make sure he’s still alive. When he opens it I think I see a hoola hoop on the floor behind him! So naturally I’m curious about whats going on in here and I ask him. He says “Oh no man, that’s a toy train set from MBK”. Oh OK, that explains it.??? He looks fine, I go back to my room and I call Look Nam, she says I’ll be right there. 30 minutes later she shows up in flip flops and short shorts and pig tails looking pretty young and cute. On our way out, the security guard says she looks like she is 15 while he hands her id card back. Me and the security guard give each other a devilish smile. We go to meet my friends at Hilary bar. Play some pool, get drunk. No dance party on the bed tonight, everyone splits
up to their own rooms for some play and some decent sleep.

In the Morning, Tech calls me and asks if I wanna go to Phnom Penh for the night. I know I’m going but I decide I better check in with Wifey. It would be nice to hit Martini’s (still there?) but I decide I need to spend more time with wifey so I can get back to being a bastard in Thailand. I call her and ask if she wants to go to Cambo with us. She does, and I tell her to meet us at Suvarnabumi at 2pm. I fuck Look Nam again and tell her she has to go. I grab the Irishman and offer him a free ticket. Me, him and tech go to the airport and meet up with Techs friends, another American and an Aussie. At 2pm I call wifey and she hasn’t left Chon Buri yet. I’m pissed off, “Get here now! I cant buy your ticket without your passport.” We wait for about 1 hour, My friend is looking at me like hey if you cant go, are you still gonna buy me that ticket?? She shows up with only 5 minutes to spare. Of course the price has gone up an additional 1000 baht per ticket. Thanks for the Thai time baby…. Although I’m annoyed at her, when I see her I’m a bit stunned. She is looking hot today! I have to stop and think to myself, what the fuck am I doing with all these gogo bimbo’s, my wife is way hotter than every one of them, for real. But you know, a man wants what ever a man doesn’t have, its that simple. So I try not to think about it too much and we all get on the plane.

We arrive in Cambo. Every single Khmer dude is looking at my wife like he’s having an abduction fantasy, its a bit un-nerving. This is gonna be interesting. Me and my girl, and my friend and Techs Aussie friend get rooms by River House. Tech and his boy get rooms a block down. It’s fucking Hot, much hotter than Thailand. The Aussie makes a call for enhancements and we get beers, red bull, rolling papers and make a pharmacy run for landing gear. The party starts on my balcony and everyone is sweating like pigs. Tech and his boy go to river house to DJ. A little later we arrive at River House, We get a bottle of Vodka and finish it, get another bottle and finish that too, making quick runs back to the hotel room during the night for nose powdering. Tech gets pretty smashed and takes off his clothes in the DJ booth, then starts asking over the Mic if there are any Nigerians around, cause they need to talk. Oh boy, we should get out of here… Go back to the room again. Party for a bit then just before sunrise decide to go to Pontoon, (a disco at the river on a barge). Tech is even more wasted and he takes the small toilet trash can with him as a prop or his date I’m not sure which. You had to be there, it was pretty fucking funny. We Leave Pontoon, not sure what time it is in the morning, go to someones place and do the Happy/rave enhancements. My girl wants to go home. Back to the hotel, My room has no windows, a crappy AC and the TV only has blue screen on every channel. Wifey is asleep in seconds, I’m tripping out to blue screen and a whiney air con for hours, the whole time I can hear my rookie friend banging some Khmer chick all the way on the other side of the hotel.

I finally sleep for about 2-3 hours. I emerge for check out at 2pm. I knock on my boys door. It swings open quick, and he’s drinking a beer and is pretty drunk still/already? There’s a Khmer girl sitting on the edge of the bed naked and doesn’t bother to cover herself. Its check out time dude, lets go. I need water so I go to the 7. On the way I run into Tech and the Aussie out in the street. There really flying, taking photos, messing with street people. They kept the party going and are really on one now. We go back to Techs room and its trashed, we meet an Englishman about a dog. Plenty more to say here! but we all get to the airport finally. Get on the plane. I remember the Aussie standing up in the second row turning around and telling the whole plane that “When we crash,,”I” will die before “YOU”, yeah!!” repeat about 3 times in joyful Aussie accent… Audible gasps from everyone on the plane. Then someone wanted the whole plane to sing happy birthday to his girlfriend. oh man, get me the fuck out of here…. Arrive back in BKK less than 24hrs in cambo. Go to 711 in the airport get red bulls, call a man about a dog to meet the guys in 30 minutes. Everyone says we will meet back up in 2 hours, and keep the party going. I never make it… Get in my room and I’m out cold with wifey till the next afternoon.

After this trip for about a week each night is blurred together with alot of the same stuff. Wifey sticks around Bangkok for about a week or so. My friends leave to go back to the US. I’ve been waiting for everyone to leave so I can get really evil in my vices. I know wifey will want to go back to her mom’s house any day. I decide to go to Pattaya the following day with Tech12. When wifey gets wind of this she wants to go too. Can I handle Pattaya with the wife with me?? Looks like I’m gonna find out. I actually consider hiring security to follow me around, just in case i run into a previous encounter. Someone to keep them away from wifey, so ridiculous, who do I think I am? I gotta handle this on my own. Basically I just put trouble out of my mind. I’m up until sunrise, and then miss my ride to Pattaya, I take a taxi at 10pm. Get to P-town, shower and go to Insomnia about 1am? Get a bottle of vodka, tramadols and scorched nostrils. Wifey crashed at sun up and me and tech went to JP bar. Bit of a blur here, drank tequila, had some bar girl sticking her tongue down my throat and quoting sale prices. We left and I dropped a qrt of beer in the middle of the street, I’m smashed again.

Woke up at 7pm next day. Wifey is out with friends shopping. says she is gonna eat on walking st, and to come meet her. I drink 3 qrts and take 4 tramadols to try and bash my way through the evening hangover and leave around 9pm. I’m chain smoking and feeling pretty crazy. I decide to hit a short time on the way to meet wifey. I cut down the alley, and pass Whats UP gogo. Its too bright in there for my mood. I wanna go to Bacarra but I’m solo and they will sit me at the stage, I’m not feeling like being on display, I need a dark corner even if its only for minutes. I go into Angel Witch again. I know most of you by now are saying for gods sake man try a different spot… So, I’m in there about 2 minutes, Nooky comes up to me looking doe eyed. “Why you no meet me, first time I no work”. I lie and say “Uh Sorry but my wife showed up in Pattaya!” She understands, I get 2 shots and beers and take 4 more tramadols and say Lets go for short time. She smiles and we are off.

Across the Soi, we get a st room, boom boom boom no condom. Just after we finish, too many tramadols and alcohol hit me all at once like a truck, and i get dope sick. I cant get up or leave the room. Long story short I meet my wife about 4 hours late at Marine. She is furious and lets me have it in front of a gang of people. I’m coming up with bullshit on the spot. Her friends are looking at me Low.. I feel bad that wifey is embarrassed in front of her friends. We go back to the hotel unhappy and go to sleep.

Wake up and call wife’s lil bro to come fetch us in the car and go to Chon Buri. Stay for 4 uneventful days. Mom can tell I’m in the dog house from my wife. I don’t do such a good job of looking like I care. Last night I get drunk with lil brother, he tells me about being a sniper in the Army, and shooting from a Chinook helicopter. He then comes out with a rifle and puts it in my lap. He says its cool, pull the trigger, I say no and he insists its all good. Like a moron, I don’t pick it up or check to see if its loaded. After all there are children in the room he wouldn’t possibly hand me a loaded weapon. I pull the trigger,,,, Yep, it was loaded, BOOM!!! The gun is sitting across my lap and is facing directly out the open patio door. Lil brother starts laughing. I don’t think its very funny. Mom comes in to yell at us. Neighbor comes to yell at us. In the morning I get little bro to drop me off at suvarnabumi again. I’m off to Bangkok and get a room at Nasa Vegas. To be continued…

[Editor’s Note: Name of places and people may have been changed to protect their identities, and it would be purely coincidental if a person with the same name was employed by a place mentioned. Now carry on.]

20 thoughts on “Part 2 of 3: Bangkok and the Curfew by ROLLN”

  1. Dude these are fun to read, but I’m glad I’m not you. (And you’d probably be glad you’re not me.) Looking forward to part 3.

  2. Awesome post dude, im heading to BKK for the first time without a girl for NYE and the month after, would the mango be my best bet in looking for some lads who could give me a few pointers on the Hedonistic ways in exchange for booze?

  3. i agree with El Lobo, just wondering if its true or are you tryig to be a hero. No one in the right mind would bang a hooker with no protection.

    So whats the score here!!!

  4. Oh come on man, Its sounds practical in theory but difficult to put into practice everytime. Especially since we all know we find some that we keep around a little longer and its bound to happen anyway.

    “but what do you do with all the dogs?” -Well I eat them, Of course.

  5. You say “But you know, a man wants what ever a man doesn’t have, its that simple.”

    I disagree. I believe that “Success is gettin’ what you want; Happiness is wantin’ what you get.”

    Maybe it is the age difference . . . ? How old are you again?

  6. so you have a thai wife,and bang gogo girls without a condom?
    sounds like a stupid and dangerous practice ,one day you will find out how a pissed off thai lady gets revenge…..

  7. “What should I do? Cowboy or bed club?”

    That ain’t no choice at all. Bed club is for wankers. Rip-off, fat tourists and overpriced hookers half-pretending they’re something else.

  8. Bed club it is then.

    Just kidding. Great read. Loaded rifle was a great ice breaker at the family meet.

  9. I was worrying about your pet food costs. that makes much more sense. problem I found with local dogs, is that they taste just like chicken

  10. Great report, cant wait to get back!! Is LookNam still in Angelwitch. Batshit
    crazy…but alot of fun!!

  11. Mate – thats the high life.

    Your wife must love you mak mak to let you get away with that.

    Or maybe she doesn’t mind as she spends so much time with “Little Bro”

    Either way man…. keep livin the dream!

  12. “in my experience thai girls (whores included) are pretty clean down stairs, you dont come across stinky ones too often.”

    You know what, I had never thought of it in this way, but it was always there subconsciously, you are right!

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