Hangovers and Pretty Girls by Rick Masters

I was just thinking, for a blog dedicated to Bangkok nightlife, there are remarkably few photos of girls to be seen. This post is just a picture of a bangin Thai model covered in Hang stickers. A picture I found suitable for this site since I’m smashing these like there’s no tomorrow when I’m smashing piss in Bangkok (Hang drinks – not the models, though they are on my ‘things to do list’).

Thai Hang Girls Bangkok Thailand

“Hang” for those who don’t know, is what the Thai’s call hangovers, a condition every regular on this site knows intimately. And the Thai drink “Hang” which you can find in every corner 7/11 is pitched as a hangover curer, specifically for taking after the fact to get you back in shape for that next work day or piss up session at the Mango. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: Drinking “Hang” when you are totally cunted and unable to consume another beer will revitalize you into a false sense of sobriety. You will be able to suddenly find that ‘second wind’. A new gained ability to pound booze shot for shot against even the most battle hardened tequila swilling bargirls on Soi Cowboy. I SHIT YOU NOT. I don’t know what’s in Hang that gives it these magical properties, and whatever counteracts the bodies natural defense mechanism to stop alcohol poisoning can’t be good for you in the long term. But since most of you have been on the Lecithin experiment, pop cialis like skittles or are into the party favors, I don’t think Hang is a stretch. Caveat Emptor, pal.

10 thoughts on “Hangovers and Pretty Girls by Rick Masters”

  1. Never tried it. Hang or a Hang girl unfortunately. Seems to be mostly sugar, see here. Another major ingredient is Inulin. Worth a try I guess. If it works for Rick Masters…

  2. I now have the shakes and blotches all over me. Not sure if it’s the hang or the coyote margarita. I blame the hang. Damn you Rick masters and your hokery….

  3. Spats: Your meant to drink the hang once your cunted… if you can remember to – not mix it with your margarita’s. If you can handle a Kamagra, you should be able to take a hang.

  4. There are different hangs FWIW…. One for before…. One for durring and one for after….

    Never tried any of them…. If its any conselation however i’m hungover as faak in the states right now…. Feel like a bag of piss and am about to walk across the street and pay two dollars for a cup of shit coffee….

    Faak I want a hang model!

  5. Masters your correct. Not only are there not enough pictures of girls on this blog but there is much less talk and particpation about bar girls and “good” TG’s because of the insane fixation on “lxxy bxys” on this blog. I can’t even type the name or I am contributing to this crap

  6. Hey I agree, I don’t wanta hear about some LB, or what someone did with a LB, show me the pussy, ya got it, women, real ones. With all the fantastic women in this country some micky ficker wants a LB, fuck stay home ya dumb fuck.

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