FRIDAY August 27, 2010

Due to the elections on Sunday there will be no booze Saturday night. So we had to move the party. Due to the change we will extend the time…

4 hours of the best prices in town!

SATURDAY August 28, 2010

Any excuse for a party right?

We will kick off from 7:30pm – 11:30pm

The specials are:

  • 50 baht Tiger Pints
  • 60 baht Heineken Pints
  • 50 baht vodka/cokes
  • Free snacks

If you can spot PMMP you will get a free shot.

If you know what the hell the photo is to the left please leave the answer in the comments for everyone else to see and be amazed.

CYA on Saturday!

14 thoughts on “FRIDAY! FRIDAY FRIDAY! – PMMP’s Bday Bash”

  1. Who cares what they are there for, they have cloths on and they are round eyes.
    They look 50ish.

  2. Well Spatts, if that were YP and I in Iron Bar, that would be about right, as all the girl in there were pretty fucking gorgeous.

    Unlike the LB bars we went in.

  3. The Man – you’ve been in Thailand too long if you are beginning to say ‘cloths’
    Huge rush of guilt that I can’t be there for this – pmmp’s been such a right-on chap I would wish I could be there buying him a few (beers not trollops – I’m not THAT fond of him).
    Have yourself a fab birthday Pmmp – forgive my absence – but I think I know how it will go – drink drink and more drink until Penners drops his cacks then everyone feels a bit queasy – yeah?

  4. Looks like shannen doherty…

    I wont be there but happy birfday to pmmp…

    I’m thinking about coming to town in November… I’ll buy you a beer then!


  5. The girls are 70’s sitcom sweethearts, Laverne and Shirley. What’s my reward?

  6. Just about to catch a flight, and you changed the date. Happy birthday baldy head man. Till next time.

  7. You need an announce list. I always learn about the parties a day late 😛

    Hope you had fun without me, bitches 🙂

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