Thank You Lolita’s by pmmp

It was the beginning of an unexpected trip. I was outside of Thailand and received some bad news from home which forced me to book some quick flights back to the US. The first leg of the flight landed me in Bangkok for about 10 hours, and then it was off to the States for a little less than a week. Some folks would have just crashed in the airport, but other folks, like me, know the kind of damage that can be done here in a 10 hour period.

In my taxi to Sukhumvit, I gave The Heckler a ring. It was 6am so I knew he would be up, and up to no good. Sure enough, he and Daywalker were awaiting my arrival and still going from the night before.

I arrived at the Heckler’s Den and he and Daywalker looked like you would expect them to look. I pulled out a bottle of Vodka I bought at Duty Free and it was on. I imagine this is a typical breakfast scene at The Heckler’s, minus the CWs dancing topless or curled up in a corner with drool gluing their passed out heads to the floor.

I wasn’t looking to go nuts here given the bad news I received, and with a 17 hour flight in front of me. Some mild partying and some sex to take the edge off.

We hung for a few hours and the inevitable question was asked “Hey, what time does Lolita’s open?”. A few weeks prior, I happened to be walking by Lolita’s at around 8:30am, don’t ask me why, and I noticed that the girls were outside already putting on makeup and eating out of their strange little breakfast bowls. I always thought they opened at 10 or 11 but they seemed to have moved the hours in a bit. Sweet!

We jumped in a taxi and arrived at the soi 8 side soi palace around 9:30am. Sure enough, the place was in full swing. We greeted the crew outside and parked it in the lounge for a drink. I noticed a real cutie on the way in and was ready to pounce if the opportunity arose. Three of the outside crew came in to take our drink orders and as fate would have it, the cutie was lined up with me taking my order. I said “Wodka Coke and a drink for you too, okay?”. That’s all it took to set up a quick drink and then a trip upstairs.

There are different theories on Lolita’s girls. Some guys think that looks don’t matter. In fact, they say the more experienced, the better the sucking. They will even go so far to say that the younger they are, the less experienced, so more chance of getting a starfish blowjob. Well, for me, I like to take my chances. The younger and hotter chicks have always worked for me here, and this time it would be no different.

I was in a pretty weird state of mind at this point. I was pretty buzzed, it was 9:30 in the morning, I had a very long trip ahead of me, I had pretty heavy and sad thoughts floating around in my head, and I was sitting bare-assed on a towel getting cleaned up by a beautiful young thai girl. On top of that, Daywalker and The Heckler had followed me up with their selections and were in adjacent booths.

At this point, I yelled out “Hey, no talking, okay?”. I thought for sure there would be some sophmoronic banter, but luckily the boys were serious about getting down to business.

With all of this going on, time then stopped for the next twenty minutes or so. Behind the dark red cum stained curtain, it was just me and my girl in our own little universe. There was nothing else.

We exchanged a few words and then she began. What followed was the best blowjob of my life. It was perfect in every sense. Her technique, her smile, the build-up, and the finish. I will never forget it and I just want to say “Thank You Lolita’s”. The place delivered exactly what I needed and I am truly grateful.

My little angel cleaned me up so delicately and it was back to the lounge to wait for the boys. I thanked her and gave her an obscene tip, which brought a huge smile to her face and she quickly whispered “Please come back and see me again, okay?”. Of course, of course I would. I ordered another drink and she asked if I wanted her to stay with me. I told her it was okay for her to go outside in case more business came her way.

Daywalker and The Heckler finally made their way down and we hung out in the lounge for another drink. About five minutes later, my girl walks in with a punter attached to her arm. Score for her! Man, that was just too weird. She was taking another guy upstairs with my cum still warm in her mouth. What a bizarre and lovely little place.

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  1. A few weeks back, I was getting sucked off by some hog in Twins.. I can’t stand her so told her to fuck off. (I was being distracted by some other hogs and didn’t notice it was her lips on the old todger)

    Anyway, dejected, she walked over to another member of our group and started tonguing him!!

    Now, having been on a flight for 10 hours, dumped bag off at Mango HQ, then walk to Suk for a cab in the heat, I can’t say that it was the ‘freshest’ of smells down there. πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s been a while since I checked into this site. It’s still the good traditional family friendly site that it’s always been. Emotive, informative, thought provoking and generally educational.

    And as aluded to in this post, one must alas more often than not share the goods with other punters. I was a little disctracted, however, when my little short time pincess from Sexy Girls ago go on walking unloaded a slopy creampie on my (unusaually) latex covered member on the third or forth stroke.

    On enquiry into the origans of said slop, she replied Indian man no good, not wear condom. Ah. It all fell into place. This particular ago go was charging 200 baht entry fee and allowing Indians entry, it mattered not that they may insist on one drink between 5 of them (and five straws), becuase an entry fee was elicited in advance. And so it was that I boffed an Indian creapie.

  3. pmmp – your tale above illustrates that in ones darkest moments, one can, if open to the possibility, find salvation

  4. @PRP: Two words: Hospital Bathroom

    @bassyf: Nasty. Thanks for the comment and welcome back.

    @Hunch644: So true, so true.

  5. Hurrah! I found a free web terminal that doesn’t block the Big Mango!!11!!1!one Happy Birthday Pmmp. May the profit from your bar be inversly proportional to the number of microbes that Lolitas introduced to the business end of your businessman!

  6. Hey DS, glad to see you back online and thanks for the birthday sentiment, I think, I’m still doing the math. πŸ™‚ —

  7. pmmp … you wrote “What followed was the best blowjob of my life” – how about sharing the girl’s name and or number, so others (like me) can request her on my next visit? Thanks for sharing!

  8. @kk: Thanks mate.

    @pizzaman: Thanks, but I would think Lolita’s is more economical than street meat. If you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, it would still be about the same price. Although, if you really scrape, you can get a BBBJ in a dark corner for about 100 baht, so never mind.

    @Adriano: Sorry dude. I never share those details, and even if I did, I don’t think they have numbers. It’s not needed like it is in a gogo. As for the name, it was a pretty common name, so that’s not going to do you very good either. She had long brown hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. Does that help? πŸ™‚ —

  9. “as for the name, it was a pretty common name”

    I think it was ‘Dave’ wasn’t it?


  10. PJF –’s a chain. Only in Thailand…a Hummer chain…

    Over 1 Million served is their slogan, I believe…

  11. Although it’s a chain with the same MO, the lineup outside Pattaya’s Lolita’s has always looked pretty grim, so I’ve never tried. Besides, Pattaya’s Soi 6 is a much better option for getting off cheap. IW, their slogan could also be “One billion cocks sucked” or something about gallons of sperm something. I’m not a marketing guy, but there’s a slogan in there somewhere.

  12. It’s the McBlowJob of the sexworld.
    I use one of the chubby ones. She makes love to my cock with her lips.

  13. WTF PMMP, I remember discussing a selection of less than attractive Lolita’s girls with you after one of my forays there, and you told me how looks didn’t matter there. You seem to be contradicting yourself friend “The younger and hotter chicks have always worked for me here, and this time it would be no different.” For the record I followed your advice the next day and chose a rather plump heavily tatt’d chic and she was awesome. She was my selection for my afternoon BJ for the rest of the trip.

  14. ROLLN,

    Put Lolitas on your list of places to go. It’s awesome.

    Anyone had a chic there swallow? I haven’t? I’d pay extra to watch that novelty, but I’m a perv. What do you think would be a good rate to give her to swallow? 100 baht? And how do you say ‘swallow the load hoe’ in Thai?

  15. @Quags: I was on that page early on, about looks not mattering much, but things change. I guess it started when I got a bad BJ from an ugly gal and since then I figured that I might as well have a hottie so it’s not a double loss. The attractive and younger one’s have since pulled through. Evolution my friend, evolution. πŸ™‚ —

  16. Ahh, Lolitas. I like to think of it as the ‘fail safe’. I used to stay in a guesthouse 2min from that place and would walk pass nearly every morning. I miss that “Hello! Come inside mister!” I would get a silly smile on my face as I checked out the girls on my way to the Soi 8 Bar. The night girls are defintely better than the day ones. The last time I was in there, the girl gave me a BJ like she invented it. Every town needs a Lolitas.

    @pmmp: Oh yeah, happy birthday Big Guy. Catch up drinks due when I fly in next.

  17. Shit, didn’t know it was your birthday PMMP, I’ll bring you a bottle of your beloved aftershock next time I head in to BKK, sometime next summer πŸ™

  18. “About five minutes later, my girl walks in with a punter attached to her arm. Score for her! Man, that was just too weird….”

    What’s weird about it? I thought you were a veteran? That’s the way it works for the lookers in Lolita’s. I’ve been in a booth with one girl for 15-20 minutes and seen another have 3 different customers in the same time, one after the other. She was coming down with one when I went up, saw her come up with another as me and my girl were still getting ready and, when we’d finished, I saw her rush out of a booth with yet another different guy.

    I can’t remember who works mornings and I’m not sure of some new girls names but I’ll take a guess at it being ‘Jane’ (the thin tallish one) or Kan’s young cousin. Whose sticker name I can’t quite recall. Begins with S, I think. I’ll get it in a minute… I don’t think your girl was Cream as she’s been there a while.

  19. There’s weirder stuff going on. For example, consider that most of them are married or have boyfriends and tell their other halfs that they don’t do bjs. That they don’t know how. And it’s something that they just don’t do…

  20. I read on another site that the long-standing Lolitas in BKK is closed! Been doing searches but I can’t find any other source to confirm that idea.

    Can someone confirm or reject the idea?

    I hope it’s total bullshit!!!

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