3 mad nights in Jakarta… by WFTM

Last trip to the big mango was pretty hectic with the Big Mango party, the world cup stuff and just trying to get laid. With all the work I had to do get done it was just easier hitting up Angels than trying to organize hookups or barfining. Besides there are some hotties at Angels at what’s funny is to see them show up on facebook trying to pretend they are just normal party girls. Yeah right.

The highlight of the trip was watching the world cup final with the gang at Sky club. Tons of booze, hotties and a big screen but the game went on so long that by the time we wrapped up I was well – slightly intoxicated. I leave the club to see one the girls I used to hang with who got kind of pissy seeming me chatting up a new girl and getting the digits. Rather than have a faceoff out front we made for the taxi figuring I would call either of them later. Of course coming back to Suk from cambodia at 5 in the morning looking the way we did meant that we were stopped by the BIB using their magically powers of profiling to determine we were harmless. These guys need to to Tel Aviv or something for some proper training. Just pathetic.

Got back to suk and grabbed some street food. Tried to water down the booze a bit and then walked home. Faceplanted on the bed to wake up at 10 with both chicks having called most of the morning. Turns out both wanting to come over and say. Shit. As usual the booze fucks up the fucking. Thank god I had hit Angles and lolitas prior to the party! 🙂

Back to bkk soon but in the meantime had a nutty time in Jakarta. I espouse that minus the gogo bars Jakarta is every bit as good as bkk when it comes to the nightlife and there are plenty of hotties. Only YP seems to find the ugly ones.

I had met the IMOM while on a trip to KL and it was decided we would pick some weekend to get some work done and party in Jakarta. IMOM is in the inner circle with the models and pretty people so who was I to not show him around Jakarta. First night in, a thursday, we took it easy with a few drinks at Loewys. Great place for dinner and drinking. t-sat can be packed with a fun crowd. After Loewys I thought I would show IMOM something only Indonesia has. A proper strip club.

So far I have not seen any other place like it in Asia but at the Malioboro hotel and spa – around the left side is the malio club. From 9pm every night it turns into a nice pseudo Asian strip club. 5-7 girls on the stage at a time. Always strip to topless and every other round or so they get full nude. The DJs are awesome, some are girls, so the music is a fun part of it. Bottle prices are reasonable and you only pay for ladydrinks which usually come with lapdances. Grab a bottle, saddle up to the rail, order some food, let someone else pour your drinks and enjoy the show. If u get really worked up grab a dancer or one of the uzbeks hanging in the lounge for a “private sessions”. Living it.

We headed out of malio for cjs to see the uni girls working for prada bags. all good.

Fri night we took a much different path. A fashion show followed by a private after party. Full of euro mix trim and all the attitude that goes with it, but if you happen to know a few of the girls it seems the game changes a bit. BB pins were exchanged and we were off to the races. Not having a BB in Indonesia essentially means you won’t get any. Off to Potato Head for another party and a chance to talk to the sexychef. Wow. Even hotter in person. Chatted up some party girls from Bali and more pins exchanged. Then it was off to Dragonfly for a few more drinks. The fly was just not happening that night so we made it over to blowfish. IMOM got a bat call over the BB and made for the taxi stand. I was working on a girl I had met over the net and thought I was closing in on the kill. Then some bule ex bf showed up and put the kibosh on it.

I called in a pinch hitter, phone full of them now, and headed back to the saefty of the hotel. Day 1 in the can.

Day 2 started out at the SHY rooftoop. A nice place to eat dinner and ogle the beautiful people. Then a few drinks at the rooftop. Strong martinis and a live band. Fun for chilling but not for hunting. We heard there was the DJ from that 70’s show spinning at blowfish so we decided to head that way. The place was pumping and plenty of girlies. There are so many clubs in jakarta that apart from drive times you can bounce around and check them out. There are rarely any lines.

Blowfish was pumping and it was tough deciding where to focus but IMOM saw some models and went in for the kill. This tall leggy, bug breasted halfie was just stunning. Slight aussie accent but with the mix body to kill. With heels taller than most dudes – without heels certainly taller than YP. We had some drinks with here and IMOM got her pin. Then she shyed away from us cause her entourage of dudes, more chicks and the dyke lesbian in the biker kit. I should have noticed her more than but I was too buzzed to sort it all out.

It was clear the girl was not suppose to hang with us given the looks we were getting and I told IMOM rather than get our asses kick lets back off. SO we did but then he went in again to say we were leaving and to give her his regards. I guess that was the last straw cause as we walked towards the other half of the club we were stopped by one of the dude and the biker bitch. I was standing next to IMOM thinking it was going to kick off which meant I was not watching the biker cunt to realize that she was actually the paid for bodyguard. Seems the rich and lovely roll with lesbian biker cunt bodyguards since they won’t get kicked out for fighting and most people won’t punch a “girl” back. So listening to IMOM talk his way out of the mess means I missed the bitch getting ready to belt me. And sure enough next thing you know I am punched right in the side of the face and dropped my drink while falling over IMOM. Nice. Of course I wanted to trounce her but then I saw the security and more dudes coming so we high tailed it out. I was too buzzed to realize how much my face hurt.

From there we headed back to malio to finish the bottle. Mayhem ensued. IMOM grabbed 2 strippers for some upstairs fun and I worked on getting one of them back to my room. I was using my stink finger that had been under her panties to type in the number on my phone. Called and saw her phone ring. I was in. But then the phone rang for another chickie I had meant earlier and well I peeled off for the hotel. Figuring the stripper would always be there.

Grabbing breakfast in the morning with IMOM and trading war stories I noticed my face was killing me. Fuck.

Anyway. Another weekend in the can.

Off to Singapore!

12 thoughts on “3 mad nights in Jakarta… by WFTM

  1. Brother, I’m jealous. Your life sounds like a scene from the movie “Go” and Entourage all wrapped up in one. Just remember to keep your cocktail down low.

  2. Lesbians. Don’t you love them. Bull dykes want to be men & believe they are even better than men. When with a girlfriend they tool up with a strap-on. A ridiculous form of penis envy. A fact I rarely fail to mention.

    As a principal one should never offer violence to a lady. This one was no lady. She was obviously there for a confrontation & relied on your good nature. You should have calmly pointed out that if she started anything you would tear her head off & shit down her neck.

  3. I suppose this is slightly interesting, but to be honest I don’t care what you get up to in Jakarta.

    Keep your navel-gazing to yourself. Or else learn to write with a little style.

  4. bfw – totally agree

    rm – thanks. when u coming to town? we miss u.

    wombat – agreed but the decks are stacked against us in those situations and I figure even if I win – I lose. But she needs an ass kicking indeed.

    John the baptist – don’t read the posts categorized under Jakarta then. Not sure what else to say. Some of us travel and I look forward to when other people give us the details on other places. Makes going there that much better. Can’t live in bkk 24/7. Such is life.

    I am going to buy a style guide today at Asia Books – in Bkk.

  5. The only thing that will thwart the aggression of a bull dyke is a picture of Rosie O’Donell with a signature (which can be faked). Other than that, just bend over and take it like a Dee.

    Thanks again for the 4k at Sky Club. Well, 2k anyway since I split it with my g-club gfe for the night. 🙂 —

  6. Thanks WFTM – I also appreciate reports from areas other than Sukhumvit between Sois 4 and Asok with the occasional Pattaya mention.

    I keep equivocating about going to Jakarta – limited vacation time means I want to make the most of every day and I play enough “hunt and hope” in the West to want a sure thing when I’m on holiday. Though you seemed to have no trouble.

    Per Strunk & White’s “Elements of Style” when using an acronym, the first time you should present the definition in its entirety directly followed by the acronym and then just the acronym going forward. Being an iPhone user it took me a minute to figure out BB stood for BlackBerry. I am also eyeing a few other ALLCAP items trying to puzzle them but then I can be kinda dense at times.

    I wish you had mentioned prices – Jakarta doesn’t sound “economic” the way you play. I’m not a cheap bastud, just wondering if I wouldn’t blow a month’s worth of holiday lucre in a week in Jakarta.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to jot down your adventures.

  7. Pmmp – can’t believe I lost and then u turn around and fork it over to a chick

    SBDO – thx. I think some people want regional info and others don’t.

    As for style – sometimes I bang it out Gonzo style and other times it is more finely constructed. Varies by time and trip.

    Jakarta is not as good as Bkk but a fun option. U may not find it as easy or as abundant as Bkk but it is different. Good eating and clubbing. Massage joints and hotel bars are the norm but meetings girls online and in normal joints is game to.

    Prices are from 500k to 1.5 mil rupiah.

    Have also had lots of free fun


  8. tonight there a sexy dander named leni just find her if u stop by and she there until 4 am. she also dance on V2 and M-STAR & she can ++ to. G

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