Low season/High season – can one really tell? by WFTM

Back to the land of smiles for a short trip but my new math is a short trip is better than no trip. I try to appease myself by saying that with the Singapore FFOW, the Jakartan hotel girls or tjoob that I don’t miss Thailand much. Well – no matter where I go or what I experience there is no denying that Thailand has the most bang for the buck. Of course if you are on a fixed income and get paid in the US peso – I feel for you. The strength of the baht against the US peso is stunning and basically means a massive income haircut over the past 5 years. I would proffer this is affecting how busy Thailand is, not, more than people let on. The currency stuff around Thailand is baffling.

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Sukhumvit Spotlight Issue 3: All-you-can-eat Buffets for every day of the week by Spotlight Guy

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to clean his plate and go back for more, and then do it again, and maybe again, then you’ll certainly be interested in knowing about the all-you-can-eat options around Bangkok.  Just to make sure that you can fill your tummy every day, I’ve prepared a list of buffets that will  allow you to sample a little of everything, then sample it again, each and every day of the week.

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UFC 119 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 119 Bangkok ThailandHaven’t done one of these for ages. The reason being is…… well, I don’t know. I just haven’t. The next upcoming UFC will be September 25th, and will be coming live and direct from Indianapolis, Indiana. Look for PMMP to copy my picks, hoping that he can con newbies into thinking he knows what the fuck he’s talking about. Hes gay, and he knows nothing. Here’s how it’s gonna go down…….

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Sukhumvit Spotlight Issue 2: BBQ in BKK by Spotlight Guy

[Editor’s Note: A special thanks to ROFL for his comment in Issue 1 about Thong Lo/Ekkamai. You can read the comment here]

This week’s volume of Sukhumvit Spotlight focuses on getting your teeth into some delicious barbeque.  Along with pizza and breakfast, barbeque is a food that divides opinions when it comes to deciding what makes a good barbeque, a bad barbeque or a great barbeque. Rather than engage in the debate, the Spotlight will simply try to feature a half dozen or so places around Bangkok that offer something special in the way of barbeque, then invite you to try them all and decide for yourself which one is the best.

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Farewell and Adieu Party September 25th

Farewell and Adieu PartyCome on down to the Mango this Saturday night the 25th and join us in bidding farewell and adieu to our night Manager Nigel. He is moving on to other opportunities and we are throwing a little bash to thank him for his service since we opened the new Mango a few years back. If you don’t know who Nigel is, that’s okay, you can still enjoy the specials:

o  20b Pints of Tiger and Heineken 8:00pm – 9:00pm
o  Free Snacks 8:00pm – 10:00pm

o  San Miguel Light 65b All Night
o  Jim Beam Bottle plus Mixers 1400b
o  Mango Nipple Shots 40b

Hope you can make it out. Cheers!

Pong Update by pmmp

Had a few newbies in tow this past Saturday night and after a successful night on Friday in Nana, I figured it was a good time to show them Patpong. They of course heard all about Patpong. The Ping Pong shows, the pussy smoke-blowers, and the mysterious sex shows done by the most exotic Thai women performing acts that could never be repeated and that would leave indelible erotic images in their minds that they could treasure for the rest of their lives.

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The Cigarette Police by OpaqueKnight

Cigarette Butt on Sidewalk Bangkok ThailandIf you’re a smoker, you may need to be careful about where you toss your fag butts in Bangkok. The Bangkok Post weekend magazine, called Spectrum, published an investigative article recently about a group of uniformed officers called the “Thetsakij”, and dubbed them the cigarette police. (www.bangkokpost.com/news/investigation/193476/bangkok-cigarette-police)

Basically these guys are stationed around Bangkok and their job is to fine people for littering. The maximum fine is 2,000 baht. Probably most people would agree that stopping littering is an admirable goal, but the article indicates that the Thtsakij may not be doing the job properly. The original article has this to say:

Commonly known as the “cigarette police”, the BMA’s inspectors, known in Thai as thetsakij, appear to ignore most of the city’s litterbugs – a look down any of Bangkok’s main roads will reveal piles of garbage – and only catch foreign tourists who drop cigarette butts…. In fact, the author of this story had a brush with the thetsakij outside Banjasiri Park – one of the many downtown areas they operate in – which could only be described as an act of intimidation and harassment…. What the Spectrum team witnessed during their investigation appeared to be more of a money-making enterprise than law enforcement.  It should also be pointed out that the Spectrum team didn’t see a single Thai person being apprehended for littering, only foreigners.

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Sukhumvit Spotlight Issue 1: Random Spotlights by Spotlight Guy

The Sukhumvit Spotlight will be a regular feature which “shines a spotlight” on randomly selected businesses, events and people around Bangkok.  It will offer a brief, concise look at a small slice of what is available to the tourists and residents of Bangkok. For this initial issue of the Sukhumvit Spotlight we’ll present the spotlighted places in the order they are found as you travel west to east (from lower Sukhumvit to upper Sukhumvit), starting at Soi 4 and running out to Ekkamai.

Soi 4
Spotlight Hotel of the Week – The Dawin
Located on Sukhumvit Soi 4, the Dawin is a fairly new hotel offering high quality accommodation at  very moderate prices.  Ranging in price from 1,580 baht to 2,380 baht per night, you get contemporary design, intimate ambiance and modern functionality at this hotel, which is in easy walking distance to the nightlife of Sukhumvit and Nana BTS station.  There is free Wi-Fi, a rooftop swimming pool and an outdoor patio café. According to friends who recently stayed there, it is a very nice hotel and it seems to be among the best hotel deals in Bangkok at the moment.

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Colombia by Scampering Jack Wilshere

Colombian Bubble Butt on Beach I spent a little over a week in Colombia recently, mostly for work. Believe it or not there are now funds catering to large pools of  investment capital that are working over previously ignored parts of South America for investment opportunities. Fun fact about Colombia–as part of the ‘war on drugs’ Bush II created the ‘Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act’ which gives Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia some pretty sweet deals on trade with the US (there is a longstanding comprehensive free trade agreement between the US and Colombia that Colombia has ratified and the US has not). Fun fact #2 about Colombia–thanks to Hugo Chavez scaring/pissing off the entire oil industry in Venezuela the majors are now sniffing around Colombia as a more or less decent place to do business. As on oil industry guy said to me over beers in the hotel lounge, ‘It seems like every time you bring a new geologist down to Bolivia or Chile they find something. Cali is a short flight from Houston and the Colombians act like they want our money. Seems to me like that’s worth a look or two.’