UFC 119 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 119 Bangkok ThailandHaven’t done one of these for ages. The reason being is…… well, I don’t know. I just haven’t. The next upcoming UFC will be September 25th, and will be coming live and direct from Indianapolis, Indiana. Look for PMMP to copy my picks, hoping that he can con newbies into thinking he knows what the fuck he’s talking about. Hes gay, and he knows nothing. Here’s how it’s gonna go down…….

Frank Mir vs Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic

This fight was originally scheduled to be ‘Lil Nogs’ older brother ‘Big Nog’ in a rematch with Mir, but Nogueira had to pull out due to a hip injury which needed surgery. My nan had a hip injury once, as she ‘had a fall’ outside the post office in The Highstreet. I doubt that happened here

There have been rumours that CroCop was going to have to pull out of the fight this week, due to a abrasion on his cornea, caused by an eye poke in sparring, but the rumours have since died down. He should just man the fuck up and get on with it. I hope he doesn’t, as I’m dying to see Mirko kick Frank’s fat fucking smug face off. Despite being 4-1 in his last 5 fights, the Croatian has looked a bit wanky really, and hasn’t exactly fought what you’d call ‘top tier’ heavyweight talent (Anthony Perosh, Mustapha Al Turk and Hong Man Fucking Choi anyone?)

It’s no secret that Mir will want to take this to the ground and look to impose his BJJ superiority, yet Mirko will want to keep it standing. Whoever can keep the fight where they want it will take this. I hate Mir’s guts, and I hope he dies, plus deep down I’m a huge CroCop fan

CroCop by TKO

Antonio Rogerio ‘Lil Nog’ Nogueira vs. Ryan ‘Darth’ Bader

Lil Nog looked like absolute shit in his last fight, which was supposed to be a ‘gimme’ match, against Jason Brilz, in which he was handed an awful decision victory. I’m gonna give Nog a mulligan on that one, as I think he underestimated Brilz, but don’t see him making the same mistake with the up-and-comer (I own a porno with the same name) in Bader.

Since winning Ultimate Fighter Season 8, Bader has gone 4-0, and been stepping up gradually in competition. His last fight saw him knock Keith Jardine out, which lets face it, isn’t too hard. Despite having very heavy hands, he’ll have a tonne more trouble putting Nog away. He’ll need to impose his will with his wrestling, but avoid getting into a boxing match, with the far superior Nogueria.

I’m really torn on this one. I hope Nog has pulled his finger out of his batty after the Brilz fight, but Bader has improved a bunch, since his UFC debut, and I suspect we’ll see him at the best hes ever been. I’m really stuck here. Fuck it. Youth and looks over age and experience

Bader by TKO

Matt Serra vs Chris ‘Lights Out’ Lytle

This fight gets my juices flowing. Both of these guys are extremely heavy hitting Welterweights and I can see someone getting removed from consciousness in this bout.

Serra is a stumpy little bastard with a short reach, so he will want to close the distance on Lytle. He has a significant advantage in the BJJ department and will be better served taking Chris down, and roughing him up on the deck. Lytle is known for standing and banging, and his career has been built on slugfest after slugfest. Hes still capable on the ground, but is way outmatched by Serra

I know I said I can see someone getting knocked out, but what the fuck do I know?

Serra by Submission

Sean Sherk vs Evan Dunham

No interest in watching T-Rex armed Sean Sherk try and box for 3 rounds. The younger and hungrier Dunham takes this one handily. Go make a sandwich or a cup of tea when this one comes on. If your watching it in a bar somewhere, better use the time to piss in the bin, ogle a barmaids tits or pick a fight with someone significantly bigger than you

Dunham by decision

In other action, look for Mitrione, Guillard  & CB Dolloway to walk away with wins.

15 thoughts on “UFC 119 Preview by Young Penfold”

  1. To set the record straight again, USA saved England’s ass in WWII. Also, head-to-head we are 8 wins for pmmp, 4 wins for lilBrockYP. Them’s is the facts. Now to take it to 10-4, I will take Mir and Lil Nog. Read. Learn.

  2. @ Dr Bond – Japan helped, a lot. But they just did what made the most sense for them, and FDR ran through the window he was hoping to see. And we’re all much better for it.

    @ YP – thanks for the commentary as always. I hope something awful happens to Mir. Like a compound fracture or an early round KO.

  3. Good to see the Penfold Preview back. As much as I’d love to see Mirko break Mir’s face, it ain’t happening. Gunning for the old school though with lil’ Nog and hoping Hunt, the greatest chin ever, has improved on his cardio but who know’s…

  4. Mirko has awesome take down defense. I hope that Frank gets tired trying to take Cro-Cop down, gases and then get’s Mirko’s meaty leg through his face.

  5. remember how much abuse Mir can take, I don’t see Cro Cop punishing him as the beast did? I’m with pmmp as much as I hate Mir also, he will drag it to the floor and make for a nasty sub…
    I’m hoping for lil Nog
    And I likes Serra, early?

  6. 1 of the more dissapointing cards of the year I thought, which was also marred by some shocking judging.

    Evan Dunham was royally robbed on that decision, however if I was the ref, Id of called the fight over when Sherk created this vagina over his right eyebrow….


    Scampering Jack – Sadly no compound fractures for Frank. Not even so much as a fucking stubbed toe. Think its time for Mirko to hang the gloves up, as he looked like shit

    8Ball – Nice parlay, did you lay down any cash?

  7. Actually Ireland saved you all in WW2.

    Hitler could never get over his love for Taoiseach/PM Eamon DeValera who had blown his jipjuice all over the Fuhrers back in many a diplomatic meeting during the 1930’s. In addition, DeValera decided to make sure Ireland remained neutral during the war having gained reconnaissance that Churchill performed a rim job on Adolf one sunny afternoon in Paris shortly before the war. Hitler lost his mind over a love that could never be and with that his mighty strategic and military skills. As we all know, he eventually ended up retreating, a broken man, and topped himself with that bird he had around for show so no one would guess he was a big bender. Don’t mind those revisionists…. this is how it happened : ‘

  8. You picked Guillard correctly. He’s maturing as we knew he would. Forget his hype, he’s a great guy . And Pat Barry’s recovery from the the breaka are going well, he’s up in Minnesota coaching. Foot is good to go, hand ok in a big glove, but not 100 percent yet. They both agreed to write cover blurbs for my new novel that comes out next year. The hero of my book is a PI who coaches and fights MMA.

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