YP Diaries: 9-10-2010 to 12-10-2010 – Not Shagging ‘The Feeder’ Continues & Fuck All Else

Saturday – Woke up with a cracking hangover and sore right hand. I can handle beer hangovers pretty well, but as soon as I throw even 1 glass of spirits into the mix, it all goes shitshaped. “Whisky and beer is a shit idea” is the expression isn’t it? Considered taking the edge off things with another beer, but dragged myself to the gym in Asok to sweat it out the hard way. Caveman style.

Came home around 2pm and had a power nap and woke up around 530 in the mood for mischief. Exchanged digits with a tart at Fat Gutz on Thong Lo a fortnight or so back, who was keen to meet up again for a few drinks of alcohol after a trip out of town. Shes not gonna win any beauty contests in this lifetime, but she looks really dirty, and studied in London for 4years, so has a perfect English sense of humor. Id even go as far to put money on the fact that she likes getting her shit poked in. Fingers crossed. Hopefully tonight will be the night.

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Fool For The Titty by Debt Star

OK guys, here’s the deal.  I promised Pmmp that I would submit an entire article devoted to the natural wonder that is the female breast.  I spent the better part of the last two weeks getting text and graphic references ready (with sources cited) for a two part submission to the Mango blog.  I even wrote the websites I got the info from to ask permission to use their content in the sub.  It was going to be a really great pair of submissions.

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Strange TV…

My new apartment has some internal bootleg cable/satellite system. It’s free. Lots of thai channels, some euro channels and a decent selection of english channels. All good.

Some times late at night a channel shows up with these hot thai girls in super skimpy outfits rolling around the house, taking a shower and well – licking water out of a dog bowl. Yes.

This girl crawled across the floor in her lingerie and lapped water out of a dog bowl.

Must be Japanese made?

Will see what happens tonight…

UFC 121 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 121 Bangkok Thailand Big Mango BarThe 2nd UFC event in a week comes along October 23, from Anaheim in California. Watch for this PPV to do over 1 million buys. You could put Brock Lesnar in the Octogan with a bear, and people will still buy it. I know Id like to see that. Although a bear has sharp claws, and with fingerless gloves, that could cause him some problems. Anyway…… predictions are as follows

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October Babies and please no more rain!


In honor of those who were born in October and to try and prevent anymore rain, even typing this will assure rain of some sort – we will have a party on Friday night the 22nd.

Tomorrow for those challenged by the calendar.

DocBond are u reading this?

From 7pm to 12am there will be 60baht pints and happy hour pricing on burgers:

Hamburger – 79 Baht
Hamburger w/FF or Chips – 119 Baht
Cheeseburger – 89 Baht
Cheeseburger w/FF or Chips – 129 Baht

Hope to see some folks there.


2010 FBT Thailand Open After Party This Sunday at 8pm

This coming weekend in Bangkok is a big one for MMA fans. First off, on October 23rd and 24th the 2010 FBT Thailand Open will be held at Lumpini Hall. For more information click on the following Poster and/or their two websites: http://www.strongvon.com/thaiopen and http://www.bjj-asia.com/.

THAILAND OPEN 2010 Bangkok Thailand

The Big Mango Bar will be hosting a huge after party for the event this Sunday night, October 24th starting at 8pm.

In addition, UFC 121 Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez is also happening this weekend. We will be airing UFC 121 around 9pm during the party. To help celebrate, we will be offering:


Happy Hour Menu

So, get out to Lumpini Hall and check out some top quality live MMA action both Saturday and Sunday, and then drop by the Mango Sunday night to meet the Thailand Open crowd, and to watch a pretty sick UFC 121 heavyweight title bout.



Before I get to the gist of post, that has no apparent purpose, I thought I would marvel at the Thai Baht.

Check that chart out. You can say what you want about I make good money so I don’t care, or I earn in Baht and this is making me rich – sure. All good points, but if you are the average punter looking for a holiday or retired in Thailand on a fixed income – this has to have an effect. No doubt in my mind. And it looks like the baht will keep climbing – especially against the US peso.

For Thais looking to go abroad this is pretty awesome stuff. Head to US, shop till u drop but if your biz is about exports, tourism or related to people coming to Thailand on biz – you are probably feeling the pinch. I would say almost as bad as similar businesses in Japan getting crunched from the ultra-strong yen.

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UFC 120 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 120 Preview Bangkok ThailandUFC 120 comes live from the o2 Arena in London this Saturday 16th October. As is the norm with the UK cards, they are given away free in America, so have less ‘star-power’ and the card is loaded with sub-par English journeymen, who have little hope of getting on a card in The States. 8 of the fights on this card contain an Englishman. Thats 5 too many if you ask me. Despite that, theres some good stylistic fights here. Lets do this.

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