Don’t Play me like Dat – Part 2 by Hunch644

Part 1

Next day, I meet good-girl and her friend at Victory Monument. It’s weird sitting next to her in the mini-van on the way to Ayutthaya as we try to make face-to-face small talk after nearly a year, despite the personal info we’ve exchanged in emails etc. But good weird. A scorching day in Ayutthaya, spectacular sights (goes without saying – but do go there if you ain’t been and like history n stuff). Issan lunch, worst toilets I’ve seen in the world, more temples, nearly pass-out from heat-stroke, mini-van back to VM by sundown. All polite, an occasional hand on my knee. The minivan was good to see and know about – I think it was less than 100Baht each way. Apparently you just work your way round Victory Monument asking minivan drivers for your destination – good to know in such times. (I only include this info for the benefit of others not in the know….)

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Ladies 8 Ball Pool Tourney…

Just so you don’t lose track – the Thanksgiving info is HERE….

After Thursday and your fill of Turkey – we are going to have a Ladies 8 Ball Tourney with prizes.

All the info is below but if you have any questions or comment please call or leave comments on the post – just click on the image for a larger version:

More details and tourney rules:

At 3:00pm we will commence the draw for our first Big Mango Bar Thanksgiving Ladies Pool Tournament. Posters are already out and about for this fun event with cash prizes being awarded to the top four girls and a playing cue for the winner.

Practice can take place beforehand and once the draw is done and the cries of ‘I do not want to play her, she is too good’ finish we will commence.

8 Ball is the game of choice, played to ball in hand rules (one shot from anywhere on the table after a foul). The tournament will be held on our three tables so expect a lot of competition and friendly rivalry.

The event is double elimination, meaning that a player gets at least two chances to advance. The competition splits into a winners and losers side with the winner of each side playing in the big final. Each match will be a ‘best of’ rack style with the numbers determined on the day, once we have had a chance to evaluate the number of participants.

To reserve your place and take part in this fun day at Big Mango Bar, you will need to part with 250 baht and make an effort to wear something white, red or of course North American.

Each player can help themselves to our buffet and some complimentary ‘tower’ drinks which will either help or hinder the quality of play.

If you wish to take part or suggest a friend then please contact the bar via the numbers on our poster or via this webpage or facebook page (Big Mango Bar Bangkok)

Any male players wishing to attend can of course do so, if only to have a letch and learn a trick or two from some of Bangkok’s fine female hustlers. Live sport will also be shown during the evening.

We all look forward to seeing you at Big Mango Bar.


Gobble Gobble 2010

Thursday 25th November 2010

Keeping up tradition of course, the fourth Thursday of the eleventh month sees Big Mango Bar hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner. You do not have to be North American to join in the feast, but it may of course help.

All you need is 390 baht, some extra cash for drinks and if the interest is there, we will run a few games of Killer Pool to help digest the food and of course win or lose money for some.

Our set menu for the afternoon is Turkey, Mash, Roast Potatoes, Ham, Gravy, Mushrooms, Stuffing, Peas, Carrots, Bread Roll, Cranberry and for the finale, some Apple Pie.

Bangkok Thailand Big Mango Bar Thanksgiving

To avoid disappointment, please get to Big Mango Bar at 15.00pm or shortly after as once the Turkey is all finished we will stop serving and get drinking.

UFC 123 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 123 Preview Big Mango Bar Blog Bangkok Thailand[Bar Note: ***The Big Mango Bar will be opening at 9am to show this live****]

Although I didn’t do a write-up for it, I went 5-1 on my last UFC112 predictions, which kind of redeems me for my latest shit run of picks. Anyway, This Sunday, UFC 123 comes along, with a monster card, which is going down in Detroit somewhere. Read. Enjoy. Learn

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs. Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida

Loving this fight. Both these former LHW champions fighters are coming off a high-profile loss, and a convincing win will thrust them right into getting their heads kicked in by Shogun again. Believe. There’s a tonne of variables in this fight. How will Machida rebound after getting KTFO’d last time out by Shogun? A lot of fighters after suffering their first KO loss, never come back the same fighter. Also, does Rampage give a fuck anymore? Hes always been a bit of a lazy bastard, and it seems like his head is more focused on acting, rather then getting shinned in the mouth for a living

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Ten Pieces of Advice for Men Visiting Thailand for the First Time By Werewolf

A recent comment by ROLLN made me think about the advice I generally give to friends who come to Thailand for the first time.  What do people need to know if they are coming to Bangkok?

So I have made a list of ten critical pieces of advice.

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Fool For The Titty Part 2 – Just Boobs by Debt Star

Debt Star sent in a zip of about 30 or so boob shots as a follow-up to his Fool For The Titty post. He also sent the following:

Tell the good members of The Mango blog that I have decided to concentrate on improving my writing.  And by ‘improving’ I mean shutting the f*ck up and showing nothing but pics of titties.

I picked 10 of them and here they are:

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Sukhumvit Soi 3/1, Shark Bar and Suthisan Road by Tusk

Just wanted to give a bit of a report on some places I’ve visited this week.

Last night I was at the tailor shop getting a fitting on some new slacks and I met my TG there.  We were both pretty hungry so after the fitting we headed to Soi 3/1 figuring we’d experiment with some Middle Eastern food, which neither of us was familiar with.  I’d never even been on this soi before.

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Economics 101, tipping bargirls and the power of a free market economy by Tusk

I think back to my university days and Business 101.  My instructor introduced us to the concept of supply and demand, which was supposed to be the basic driver of our capitalist economy, and talked about ideas like informed markets and rational decisions.  This was hardly a new concept to me, of course.  My father was a right-wing, old-school, free-market capitalist who had taught me about the beauty of supply and demand from my days in the cradle.

For all that my old man admired the beauty of supply and demand theory, some other people see flaws in it.

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Condom anyone?

Usually when the police drop by the bar it is not for delivering goodies – but a month or so back the police dropped by to deliver some condoms. U know – the kind u slide your ice cold beer into…

Have u seen these people – if so. Well – let’s hope they are not part of your girlfriend’s family!