Son of Return to Vientiane by ratchada

[Father Post here: Return to Vientiane by ratchada]

Well, I have been to Laos (three days in May of this year) since my last report, but since it’s been about a year since that missive I thought I would post a sort of update.

This trip started with a flight from Bangkok to Luang Phrabang, a destination I highly recommend for those who haven’t been…basically, it’s everything it’s cracked up to be/touted as: misty, high in the mountains, quaint, almost unbelievably picturesque…and it really has not changed much since my first visit there five years ago.  I also have to say, though, on the occasion of my third visit, that if you’re an action-oriented, city rat like me, it starts to get old on the third trip.  Two days is definitely enough, and that’s what I did on this trip.  Don’t even think of going to Luang Phrabang to play…you’d do better further north in those bleak Lao cities on the China-to-Thailand truck routes, and that’s only if your idea of fun is concrete block hotels, brothels, and sharing your girls with Chinese truckers.  Not my idea of fun, that’s for fucking sure.

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The weather outside’s delightful…

For all of you freezing your ass off in other parts of the world – the weather in Bangkok has been downright AWESOME. This was snapped on Sukhumvit at around 9 in the morning – my guess is he had been there since sometime late in the night. I got up real close to make sure he was alive and he was breathing but did not budge an inch – so I figured I had rights to shoot him. Going to be a wicked hangover.

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Christmas Dinner Reminder

The Mango Team has been doing some work around the joint so thought I would post a few pics. A lot of people are not aware of our cool second floor and balcony. We have added fans, lights, and more tables/chairs on the balcony. Great smoking deck for the nicotine addicts! Inside on the second floor the pool tables have been recovered, we painted a bit and now have added the Nintendo Wii lounge!

Peace and Happy New Year!

Christmas Dinner at the Mango!

Thanksgiving is past us, save the leftovers…

Tron will be coming soon…

However it is Christmas Dinner time at the Big Mango!

Dec 25th- that would be Christmas Day!

from 1:00pm or 13:00 – whichever come first…

and until we run out!

Roast Potatoes…
Mashed Potatoes…
Baby carrots…
& Apple Pie!

All for 420 baht!

Hope to see some of you there and if not have a great holiday and stay tuned for new year’s eve announcements


No Rest For The Wicked, No Prayer For The Dying, And Positively No Respect For The Ugly by Debt Star

[Editor’s Note: The submission email from Debt Star read “I got bored this morning while drinking my $9.99 whiskey so I hammered out this little jem of a blog submission.  Enjoy, and Festive Festivus!”, so take it in that light]

I got a new job recently, so to celebrate I went out on the town in Binghamturd, NY.  I felt, and was treated, like a younger, fatter, uglier Rodney Dangerfield.  The following are my observations of partying on the US night scene…

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Thai Girls by Salty

Here are some of the more unusual Thai girls I have encountered over the last 3 years since I first came to Thailand.

First there was my first short time girl.  I picked her from the front door of some place in Nana Plaza on the second night I was here. A short time room on the 3rd floor was used and she proved to be one of the best P4P girls I have ever had. Maybe this was because she was the first and I remember her so well. There was none of the usual quickie and get out as soon as possible. She did not mind spending more time in the room and she spoke good English.  We were there for almost 2 hours.  2 pops and almost GF experience with this lovely young one. What a shame that I never got her phone number.
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Pixie’s Birthday by Ride ‘em Cowboy

I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang.

“Hey! Wazzup! It’s me. You’ll never guess where I am. I’m fresh off the plane and sitting on Soi Cowboy having my first Bangkok beer in a year. Get your ass down here now!”

It was my pal Arty, who’d obviously just flown in from a Mid-West winter in the US . I looked at my watch and scowled. It was just past five o’clock in the afternoon but I wasn’t gonna be able to get away for a couple of hours.

I told Arty that I was stuck at work, but he said “no problem”. He’d be on Cowboy all night.

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UFC 124 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 124 Big Mango Bar Bangkok ThailandUFC comes along Saturday December 11, from The Bell Centre in Montreal, and will pit Georges St Pierre vs Josh Koscheck as the 2 opposing coaches from The Ultimate Fighter series 12 season. The card on paper looks fairly good. Lets hope its not a stinker like UFC 122. My picks………

Georges St-Pierre vs Josh Koscheck (Welterweight title)

Keen as fucking mustard for this one.

Matt Hughes (x2) BJ Penn (x2) Sean Sherk, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy, Karo Parisyan, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck……. Thats a murderers row of welterweights, and GSP has ran through them all pretty handily. I see him running through Koscheck AGAIN in this one (St Pierre decisioned him at UFC 74), perhaps not as easily as before, but GSP has got Joshes number in every department

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