Catching up…

Been out for a while so trying to catch up and hit a few spots.

Quick reminder: Big party this Friday night – Feb 4. DWIII. Stay tuned for more details.

First off the plan was to grab some food – headed to Patpong soi 2 – whipped past the star of light, the place frightens me, and headed to Le Bouchon – best french food in town. Crazy spot, good people watching and an amazing menu. Being in Singapore now I am seriously impressed with the value for an amazing meal like that. Stuffed – we headed to Bada Bing to unwind a bit before trekking further – we were just too full to move far.

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Cactus John’s Killing Fields by On Nutter

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Like when Cactus John went to his butcher’s to collect his order of pork ribs for one of his Tuesday food specials at the Soi Cowboy bar. Each portion was far too big, but John simply shrugged and decided to add 50 baht to his normal price of 200 in order to compensate for his investment in the huge slabs of protein.

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Sukhumvit Spotlight Issue 7: Another Random Spotlight Blog by Spotlight Guy

Over the Christmas and New Year period I was out around Sukhumvit a bit and thought it might be worth throwing out a few comments and tips about the places I visited.


The first place I want to mention is in Thong Lo and it’s called Iron Faries.  I went there on the recommendation of a friend who said that it was  a unique environment and that it had some of the best live music he’d heard in Bangkok, decent service and a bit of food.  A couple of friends came along with me and we found Iron Faries on Soi Thong Lo (also known as Sukhumvit 55).

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Dying in Bangkok by Opaque Knight

An expat I met a couple of times here in Bangkok died recently.  I learned about  it through my friend, Angelo, who had introduced me to him a couple of years ago when he was still alive.

His death wasn’t unexpected; he had been sick for a while.  But it seems that he left his life in a bit of disarray.

He was married to a Thai woman.  She woke up one morning to find herself in bed with a corpse.  Unsure what to do, she called Angelo, who was probably his closest friend in Thailand.  Angelo told me the story a couple of days later.

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Tales of the Pic – NYE

New Year’s Eve was pretty nutty but seemed somewhat tamer than years past. Maybe it was just me though. I was only in the lower Suk area and most things stayed open for as long as people were around. Sukhumvit road, miracle mile, was jammed, nana liquid went to the wee hours of the morning, cowboy rocked most of the night and narc was going till sun up.

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Tales of the Pic

I don’t get landlords, I could give u more details about what I mean, but I think some of it is so obvious. Either raising rent so high to push people out or not working with bar owners to try and keep a place going. The short time rooms, the old mango home, are closed again and now most of the upper floor in Nana. Carousel the latest victim – probably all somewhat connected:

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