Mother Penfold in Bangkok – Part 1 by Young Penfold

Friday – My mom lands tomorrow. Holy fuck. My arsehole is making fucking buttons by now. I must be on my best behavior, and be in the straightest of minds tomorrow or else im getting my dick knocked in the dirt.

Arose before midday, had a shower and even brushed my teeth for once. I must be fucking nervous. All was going according to plan, until Riodon messages me, inviting me for a 4pm post work sherbert at BigDogs. Cunt. This wont end well. Turn up at Big Dogs at 4:30 and watch the freaks and geeks roll into the plaza, while drinking in moderation. Moderation my arse. Stumble out at 9pm totally cunted. Really should of had lunch. Mother doesnt land til 4pm 2moro, so if I turn-in at 930 and swallow a few Xanax, Ill be golden come touchdown. Plan.

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Short, Sweet & Sleepless by ROLLN

I realize some of you don’t seem to believe at least parts of my stories. I find that odd, given my perception on what kind of guy ends up reading this blog. I suppose that’s my own misconception of things around me. And obviously the way I carry myself. The reality is I do alot of it on purpose and against better judgment, especially my constant trials in the Rx Olympics. I am addicted to chaos among other things and I live alot of my life in anticipation of telling a good story and I enjoy shocking others and being shocked by own experiences. Its a bad habit that has led to a career. I don’t have to make shit up, there is plenty still left unsaid. I want to read stories like the ones I write. Is it showing off? Of course it is but just basic primal male shit especially when females are involved. And of course paying for puss is no call for pimpdom. The crazy reputation in my true identity precedes me and for those who still are unconvinced, its all good Im cool with that. You can either not read or just use it as fictional entertainment value. Up to you, as they say.

So then,, My latest foray to the LOS, was short, sweet, and sleepless.

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10 things I hate about Bangkok Part 8 by On Nutter

DROWNING PRACTICE: Each day at 7am, I am woken by what sounds like a helicopter crashing into my condo’s swimming pool. Looking out of my bedroom window, I see eight brown limbs thrashing about in the water while achieving virtually no forward motion. Two of my Thai neighbours are taking a morning swim. Any Bangkok visitor will be aware of the problem of zombie-walking Thais blocking the pavements, which has been addressed elsewhere in this series, but the locals’ swimming deficiencies have to be seen to be believed. While they expend little energy while walking, Thais strain every sinew in the pool. Sadly, the result is the same – forward movement so tiny that it is barely perceptible. I don’t know if Thailand has a national swimming team, but I am prepared to bet it never wins any medals. Experts predict that Bangkok will be underwater within about 20 years. There should be quite a market for rowing boats.

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