UFC 129 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 129 Big Mango Bar Bangkok ThailandI’ll make this quick, as I have a royal wedding to gatecrash this weekend. Biggest UFC ever! 55,000 fans. Rogers Centre. Toronto. Estimated live gate of $11m USD. That’s around 35,000,000 baht. A lot of short-times and somtam. 2 title fights, Randy Couture’s retirement fight and tonnes of potential for smashed teeth and broken noses here. Get some

George St Pierre vs Jake Shields (Welterweight Championship)

As much as the UFC hype machine is trying to sell Jake Shields up as a legitimate threat to GSPs crown, I just aint buying it. Although Shields hasn’t lost for 6 years, and is on a 15 fight win streak beating the likes of Dan Henderson, Yushin Okami, Carlos Condit, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller etc etc, he hasn’t fought anyone near GSPs level. Shields is gonna wanna take this to the mat and try and work his world class BJJ game, as his striking is total shit. Seriously, watching him throw punches and kicks are as painful as that bout of drippy-dick you caught from the 500 bahter you scraped out of the Biergarten on your first BKK trip

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Jim Beam and BBQ Party

We’ve finished with the renovations and it’s time to party!

C’mon down this Saturday Night, April 30th starting around 7pm and help us break in the new Mango with a Jim Beam and BBQ Party.

Jim Beam Big Mango Bar Bangkok Thailand



o Jim Beam Drink  69b
o Jim Beam Bottle  1299b

o Mango Nipple Shots  30b
o T-Bone Special  240b
o Burgers w/Fries  99b
o Hot Dog w/Fries  99b
o Lamb Indian Masala  150b
o BBQ Grill on the First Floor


Should be some of the bloggers hanging about, but don’t let that deter you. We will also have a BBQ grill cranking away for the first time.

Hope you can make it!

BBQ Big Mango Bar Bangkok Thailand

Straight to Pattaya/Party by The Notorious BMG

Everyone has a different theory on how parties are best put together.  I think we can all agree that the best parties are usually had out of town, away from prying eyes and certainly out of your area code.

I arrived at BKK airport around 4pm on a Saturday.  My pal was waiting at the airport.  For some reason, girls seem to worship him.  Lets call him Jesus.

The plan was to head straight to Pattaya for the night and then return to BKK the next day to meet up with my other pals/girls/work colleagues.  I allowed myself 1 night of freedom.

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Mango is Open!

Hi folks,

Well, about two months of work was crammed into 7 days and we are back open for business.

The renovations were primarily made to handle more customers comfortably, provide an even better level of service, and to improve and expand the Mango Kitchen. Hopefully you will enjoy the new changes.

Stay tuned for more announcements and pics…

Hours: 4pm to close (earlier opening hour coming soon)

Team Mango

In Da Bank by Derek Dominoes

G-Clubs, Hostess Bars, Coyote Clubs, or whatever you call them, there has always been a key element missing. This holds true for the popular clubs like Sherbert, Pent, Sky, St. Moritz, Forte, and Resort. What is this missing key element? Instant p4p.

If you look at GoGo or Beer Bars, you walk in and if the girl doesn’t think you’re a total pig, for whatever reason, you can generally agree on the type of sex you want, how long, and for how much. Done deal, off you go.

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Bangkok in a bottle, Cheers to you Dumb Ass by ROLLN

September 2001, Bangkok. I wake up severely hung over with a strange girl in my bed. It’s Ground Hog Day everyday lately, I’m convinced it’s not a bad life. While I’m pretending to not know she’s a hooker, I’m already assuming she is and I genuinely can’t understand a word she is saying, she more-less prevents me from pushing her towards and out the door. I’m feeling weak this morning so I put about 300 baht or something in her little hand and she is speechless while the door closes on her…

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