gogo tales…

There I was, having little walk around Nana on a quiet Sunday night.  Pretty Lady as per usual had given me a boner and got me in the mood for some Pretty Ladies… so a little stroll to Rainbow 4 followed.  Wanting to check out DC10 we stuck our heads in only to find it was quieter than YP’s UK underpants, so we thought we’d give it an hour before we returned.  Next stop was Rainbow to check out the view.  Some hotties for sure.
Some little urchin leaned over to me from her pole and peeled off a DC10 sticker that some scroat had stuck on my back.  Thinking that it was a nice thing for this girl to do, – not let me walking around with a sticker on my back like a loser.  Nice girl.. thanks…  I think I’ll give her a tip.  I reached into my pocket when the girl proceeded to SLAP the sticker onto my (bald) head.  And then added a few more slaps to make  sure it stuck .  And then another slap for good luck. A gaggle of laughter from all her fellow pole swingers followed with some finger pointing and maybe a reference or two about having no hair.  Maybe.
I pulled out the cash I was carrying which for some reason was over 50k .  I then pulled the sticker off my head and stuck it to the top of the 50k roll and then returned it to my pocket.  That was when she realized that her education fund was not going to be added to.  Her one act of random kindness which turned into a few acts of random piss-taking cost her (and her friends) a whole bunch of drinks, which could of turned into a barfine, then long term relationship, marriage and a nice little town house in Monaco (or Issaan).  Or maybe just a few drinks.
When I left Rainbow I headed for another bar to try work my way through the wedge in my pocket.  It would have been DC10… but

I still had adhesive stuck to my head to remind me not to.


UFC 130 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 130 Big Mango Bar Bangkok ThailandThe main event was due to be the third part of the Frankie Edgar/Gray Maynard trilogy. Edgar broke his ribs in training, and Maynard fucked his knee up somehow, and the fight got canceled. Pussies. Im actually kinda glad, as there was no way this fight was going to live up to the hype after their 2nd fight, and there was a very real chance that Maynard would take the belt, and that would be terrible for the LW division. Dude has the personality of a dog turd. Anyway, good night of fights ahead. Lets get into it.

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iParty Details

We pre-announced here: iParty – now here are the rest of the details!

Saturday night between 22:30 – 23:30 the Mango will be holding a draw for an iPad and iPod Touch.

When the 1st ticket has been drawn, the winning ticket holder will have 5 mins to claim their prize.  If the prize is not collected within 5 mins, we will draw a second ticket.  – I think you get how this works….   Once the iPad has gone, next up will be the iPod Touch.

To enter the draw, all you have to do is purchase a ‘Mango iParty Shot’  (Mango Nipple probably) for the price of 250bht.

You will then be given a ticket.  Fill in your name and keep half.  The other half of the ticket will go into the pot.

Tickets will be limited to 100 and will go on sale from Today.   If they sell like hot cakes, then we’ll keep some back for sale on Saturday.

The usual snacks will be on offer around 8pm.   Various drink offers will be available.

As a side note, the staff always work that little bit harder on Party nights. So DW will donate 10k bht to Charity (Help for Heroes) if the bell is rung for the staff 10 times.  We don’t have more than 12 staff.  Depending on what you want to buy them, a bell ringing round can cost as little as 480bht for 12 staff.

cya at the party!

Mother Penfold in Bangkok – Part 3 by Young Penfold

Part 1
Part 2

Came to my senses around 11am. Fuck, I dont remember having Doremon bed sheets. Thats right……I dont. I went back to some girls placed after Narz. Its all flooding back to me.  Checked my phone and had a message from the skank last night. In broken English it said I was a drunken prick, and she will be back from work around 6pm, so we can go for dinner together. Fuck that for a laugh. Mouth is drier than a nuns nasty, so go to the fridge for liquid refreshments. Seems like she doesnt own a fridge. Cock it. Head over to the sink, and the end of the tap looks like a crusty, scabby ghoneerhia infested bellend. Looks like Im going thirsty. What have I done to deserve this?

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The Penthouse by The Notorious BMG

My last stay in the Penthouse is one I’ll not forget for a while.  It’s at the front end of my mind when talking with friends and colleagues when they’re telling me of a girl they pulled at the local bar the other night and they got a snog.  My story of my party top trumps all their little tales.  Even if they are tired of hearing it, I am not.

It is always at the front of my mind also when I have the urge to have one off the wrist and there is nothing but my sordid memory for material…  but anyway..  All of my stays at the Penthouse have been memorable.  But the 1st time I ever stayed there will always leave a mark in my memory.

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