The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part One – by ROLLN

It’s funny how when you arrive at the Bangkok airport you think, Ehh it’s not so hot here. Before you get your ass in a taxi you are already changing your mind on that one. So, I arrive at Suvarnabumi about 12 noon. Feeling pretty damn good, on the inside I’m wearing a hard devilish grin. Oh the trouble that’s coming my way, fuck yes…

Check into my room at Le Fenix on Soi 11, why there? I have a hook up, why else? Stash some things in my safe, scatter my stuff around the closet. I take a seat at the desk, and I think, Eden? Uh I’m not sure if I want to blow all my wads right now, tonight may not be all it could be. Plus, if I start now, I just know I will end up taking 2 Kamagra’s in a 12 hour period and you know where that can take you. Pop, Ouch… Continue reading “The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part One – by ROLLN”

1st time in Thailand by snakewalk

eds note – Another 1st time reader submission!    Thanks ‘snakewalk’  ……  keep them coming chaps!

Thinking back to when I was just a teenager with bits of hair sprouting from my chin aswell as my balls, I wasn’t too interested when my parents told me they were off on vacation.  I was too busy playing Donkey Kong II and masturbating over Vanessa Paradis videos.

After a few weeks of me eating everything in the house and wearing every item of clothing that I have (and some of my sisters), their return was most welcomed.

When my folks returned home they came bearing magical gifts like designer clothing, VHS movies, huge zippo lighters, sunglasses and Bolex watches.  At 1st I thought they’d robbed a trailer park but was soon informed that all these luxury goods were picked up on their hols. Continue reading “1st time in Thailand by snakewalk”

Getting away to Koh Chang by nurseRon

– editors note.  Thanks to nurseRon for his 1st reader submission!

As I’m a bit long winded and lack a proper editor, this comprehensive piece will be presented in finger food sized chunks! If you like quiet (Betty Ford clinic kinda quiet), beautiful, semi-untamed tropical Islands with beaches and outstanding seafood, top notch accommodations at very reasonable rates, read on……

I’m  on my 5th trip to Koh Chang and continue to find it a relaxing and entertaining adventure each time.  I go because the city wears me down after a week or so. As I get older the constant bombardment of stimuli, filth and scumbags lurking around Bangkok taxes my senses so, that I need a holiday from my holiday!  If you thrive on high energy and enjoy the never ending supply of ambient noise and pollution on offer in Bangers,  this will most likely bore you to tears!   That said lets figure out how to get off the Monger district and onto my favorite little retreat… Continue reading “Getting away to Koh Chang by nurseRon”

Trying to be good – Pt2 – By Hunch

Trying to be good – Pt 1

Five days into a two-week trip and things are going quite well with my ‘good girl’ Jen. So what does any right-thinking man do next? Yep – clear-off down to Pattaya for 4 days. Jen can’t get time off work, but I still head off with Pete and his girlfriend Annie…who in her prim, cheeky manner tells us she’s up for Go-go’s and the like – even wants us to have a boys night or two. Arriving at the hotel, the spa lady calls out – ‘massage sir?’ as I pass with suitcase. I tell her ‘tomorrow or next day’, having no intention of doing so. Although somewhere, I make a mental note: mid-forties, but nice boobs, looks quite cute in her tight traditional costume…. Continue reading “Trying to be good – Pt2 – By Hunch”

UFC 131 Preview by Young Penfold

UFC 131 Preview by Young PenfoldThe 2nd UFC PPV in 3 weeks come from The Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The card on paper looks weaker than a 12 year old girls first period. Main event aside, Im really having trouble getting gee’d up for this card. That said, that wont stop me getting off my tits drunk and staying up until 5am GMT to watch it. I have a few Queen Elizabeths riding on some of the fights, so will be watching intently.

Junior Dos Santos vs Shane Carwin

This fight was set to be TUF season 13 coaches Brock Lesnar taking on JDS for the #1 contendership, but Brock went down with Diverticulitis and has had to have about 3 miles of his lower intestines cut away. Up steps Carwin. Even though it was a huge dick up the arse to lose Brock from the card, I think this is an even better main event.

Continue reading “UFC 131 Preview by Young Penfold”

Trying to be good – Part 1 by Hunch664

**Disclaimer: the account herein contains no references to ‘cream-pies’, ‘bare-backing’ or drug fuelled cold-turkeyathons in dimly lit rooms with slowly rotating fans. To this end, I, the undersigned fully realise I am a picket-fence painting pansy**

March 28th, 30,000ft, dawn over Iraq. The guy next to me is reading one of those self-improvement manuals. A bold chapter heading reads: ‘5 Habits of Successful people’. I can’t make out the list as my monocle is in the hold, but I reckon ‘Golf, Sailing, Jet-skiing, Polo and Wine-tasting’. Anyway, I’m on holiday mate – pass me the fucking Beano. Eva-Air economy-class is torture today and the movies all suck panda dick – The ‘All time Classics’ section has the Oscar-laden ‘Failure to Launch’ – surely the finest hour of those heavyweights Matthew McConaughay and Sarah-Jessica Parker? My pal Pete is in Business class, the flash prick. He comes to harass me periodically, but has to admit the stewardesses are hotter in the shit-street section. In your face, you fat-arsed Business-class schmucks….

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