3rd Year Anniversary Party – 30th July!!! – UPDATE

Hey folks….  it’s now 3 years we’ve been open! To celebrate, we’re having a party. And why not.

** Update.  We have some Heineken Kegs that will give us around 140 pints @ 33bht per pint.  It would have been 20bht pints, but it wouldn’t have tied into the 3rd yr anniversary.  3 is the magic number.  Plus, we have a load of small coins we need to get rid of.

I’ve seen the list of food on offer.  The usual rice, freedom flies, chicken things, beef things and spicy things.  We scrapped the BBQ it’s too much like hard work for the chefs. – and the rice falls through the mesh.

There is a ‘shot tower’ which will be loaded with some nasty ass alcohol.  Shots will be handed out to whoever looks like they need it throughout the night.

Hope to see you there.











Excuses, excuses by Daywalker

A lot of comments triggered by Saltys post about sinsot/dowry payments. Interesting stuff indeed. Another common subject arose the other day in England when I had some workmen doing some home modifications (just bumping up security incase YP comes to visit) when one of them spotted a book on Thailand. I mentioned that I hang out here quite a bit when one mentioned he had just come back from Thailand a few weeks ago. He had met a girl who he fell in love with and was of course going to be sending money her way from the work they were doing to me. One way or another, my money always seems to filter back to bargirls? Continue reading “Excuses, excuses by Daywalker”

No turning back now! – By Salty

Oh shit.  I think I just bought the farm……
Along with various animals, a village full of related people, some farm land, a house, In-laws, Oh! Yes, and a wife.

It was songkran in her village and I had been invited to go there and stay with her family for the 3 days. Slept on the floor, used the squat toilet, showered out of a  bucket in the middle of the garden after dark, ate their food and paid for copious quantities of beer and other cheap alcohol  for the relatives who came to ogle the farang visitor. Continue reading “No turning back now! – By Salty”

Trying to be good – Pt 3 by Hutch644

Trying to be good – Pt 1
Trying to be good – Pt 2

‘Today you go back to Bangkok?’ Yes, I tell the kindly Sikh tailor who’s struck up a conversation with me in the hotel lobby. We chew over the cricket world cup – he’s a bit petty and pulls me up on the slightest points he doesn’t agree with, but nevertheless in a charming manner – the boy knows his cricket! Pete turns up and the tailor’s sidekick from Nepal wanders over. The Sikh man starts ragging on the Ruskies and tells us that this hotel gives them lowest preference when taking booking reservations. ‘I don’t often take a Russian client – they don’t act civilised’ the Sikh tells us. We laughed out loud at this. When an Indian tailor refuses your custom, it’s really not a good indictment of your nation! All I will say is – I would rather the Russians I encountered in Pattaya than the same number of my own beer-swilling countryfolk. Continue reading “Trying to be good – Pt 3 by Hutch644”

soi 4, ladyboy staffing ratios and the new and improved Big Mango – by nurseRon

* eds note… wow, nurseRon has the writing bug now!  c’mon chaps, give us your tales!  All submissions greatly received. Hutch and Salty are next in line……*

It was a lazy Thai Tuesday eve around 7ish on Soi 4. Dear and I were to meet up with an old friend later and we still had some time to kill. As we sat drinking San Mig. lights from chilled bottles, yet the contents were at best indifferent, we watched the daily coronations from from our perch in Big dogs. Having had a few laughs as the last of the super stars scurried to take their marks for this nights production of NEP. we observed the early pulls beginning to trickle out escorted by sons of Nihon, with confused expressions of conquest and overloaded fanny packs bulging from what ever the fuck those dudes are toting, we knew it was time to head in or head on….

Continue reading “soi 4, ladyboy staffing ratios and the new and improved Big Mango – by nurseRon”