August Party 27th August

Its that time of the month folks.  The time when we start hemorrhaging cheap booze and free food.

This month we are having a bit of a footy theme now the English Premiership is underway.  This is also an ideal chance to come and welcome (although many of you know him) the latest member of Team Mango.  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Jonas!

Some of you will remember him from the original Mango, some of you may remember him at the new Mango – sleeping (drunk) at the bar. Anyone that knows him though, will confirm that he is a nice guy, helpful and has been around the block a few times and has many interesting tales to tell.

Come along and say hello.  Have some cheap beer, a bit of food and watch the match.

—-Heineken/ Tiger Pint 79 baht start from 6pm and all night…

—-Local bottled beers all 65bht

—-Guiness / Corona 99bht

—-Nasty ass  free shots….( handed out once in a while during the night)

—-Some cool drinks –  special price –  starts from 8 pm..  Our Head Barman will be dealing with this.

—-Food start at 8 pm.

—-Promotion girls will be there…..erm… promoting.

I have it on good authority that some go-go fun girls will be making an appearance to welcome Jonas.

Promo Girls... doing their Promo thing.


Omni Tower – Partying by The Notorious BMG

Before I partied at the Penthouse, I found myself being Notorious in the Omni Tower.

Why would I leave soi 4 when everything I need is here?

I lived in Omni for a few years.  The doormen liked me, the receptionist fancied me, the restaurant knew what food I like and the neighbors hated me.  Many times I had an angry member of staff knocking on my door at some ridiculous time in the morning asking me to turn the music down.  I told them I had to play the music loud to drown out all the banging from next door. Besides, it’s 10am, the neighbors should be out working or doing something that old bastards do.

It was time to change party venues.  Well sort of.  As I stood outside wondering where I could host my next party, my nose started bleeding at the thought of crossing the road, let alone leaving the soi.  An about-turn left me gazing up at the Omni.  What the hell,  I’ll just rent another 2 bed corner suite on another floor for a few nights.  Easy when you think about it. Continue reading “Omni Tower – Partying by The Notorious BMG”

The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Three – by ROLLN

Part 1

Part 2

Day five, I’m still awake obviously.  The stereo is blasting at 11am; I’m DJ’ing for the whole sixth floor I think.  I can’t get any of my friends on the phone all day.  Some are too hung over and the rest know I’m on a terror and they don’t want to deal with me.  Pretty standard.  I don’t leave my room all day, the girls go fetch me food and beers.  I take some codeine and max out for hours.  Ball and Mee go back to their rooms to change and are back in less than 2 hours.  I tell them last night was awesome and we are going to do it all over again.  They all smile. Around 9pm we drop vitamin A and step up the drinking.  The girls get a delivery of vitamins, and they tear through that pretty fast.  Shower time again.  Back to the bed.  Pretty much a repeat of last night, but I’m not as fucked up so I go a lot longer, and do a lot more of the work.  I have Ball finish the job this time, she’s got real firm hips and ass.  For whatever reason they want to use condoms today, I think each one of them is a bit embarrassed about the other 2 knowing they get down raw dog and take creampies.  Kind of late for that, but sheepishly I agree to it. I recall after screwing Nan, then Mee, and then Ball, there was a condom exchange before Ball.  I’m sweating profusely.  My stamina was near fizzle and I kinda lost wood.  Ball rolls her eyes at me. “Chill out and give me 3 minutes to fucking breath”.  It took less than that with the three of them working on me and we get going again.  I told Nan in the morning, about Ball’s eye roll.  I said “I don’t really give a fuck, but one day she’s going to do that to the wrong drunk and she’s gonna get decked.  If she is your little sister, teach her…” Continue reading “The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Three – by ROLLN”

The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Two by ROLLN

eds note…  whilst some of us enjoy an iced Coffee and a good book for company, Rolln likes to roll a little different……….

Part 1


Day four, the day starts off like a repeat of day 3. I sneak a call in to wifey, all is good. But right after my call my best bud arrives from SF. He walks in my room to inspect the damage, and calls me a Peast. A Peast, what’s that? “ A Piece of shit/Beast” well that’s a new one. How about the Barron von Bar Fine, or School Bus Gus, or even Scary Gary? He says “No, You’ve used all those already, you’re a Peast”. My boy goes to get a massage and the girls and I shower. Continue reading “The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Two by ROLLN”

Taking a little walk – By Daywalker

Been back in the hood for week so thought I’d take a little stroll and remind myself why I keep coming back here.

Into Nana Plaza to do the rounds.  Billboard seems to be popular – and was in full flow.  Great line up all round.  The girls were looking fresh and punters were happy.

Dave the Rave was outside his gogos looking busy as always.  I do like the little walk around the plaza before venturing inside a gogo.  When walking with a pal, I always chose the safe line when walking past the LB’s so as not to be molested. Continue reading “Taking a little walk – By Daywalker”

Eastward, Ho! by Soi Sauce

As Bangkok matures, it’s surely inevitable that the “nightlife” will be pushed further out from the city centre. Nana really is prime real estate – if you look past the bargirls, the drug dealers, the extremely rickety pavements, the beggars, the African prostitutes and pimps, the pushy street vendors, the suddenly ubiquitous roadside dildo boutiques, the traffic and the smell. Because despite all that, it’s a mere 3 stops from Siam on the BTS, a stone’s throw from a major expressway, and will surely be as soulless as Singapore in a decade’s time – all concrete, steel, glass and money.

Nana Plaza’s lease expires at the end of next year, but the trend of recent times is that old bar areas close down – Clinton Plaza, Sukhumvit Square, Asok Plaza/Corner, Soi Zero, Sukhumvit 1 Plaza, Washington Square – with no new bar areas appearing to replace them.

Recently though, two new establishments have bucked the trend, becoming the first venues of their kind in hitherto unexplored areas. Is there life outside Soi 4? Daywalker didn’t know. So I dragged him along to find out (and to pay for the drinks).
Continue reading “Eastward, Ho! by Soi Sauce”